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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight. Our top story: Police say


proving that those who died at Stepping Hill were killed may be


impossible. By can assure people we will do everything we can to find


out what happened. -- I can assure. The would be Facebook rioters are


told their sentences will be upheld. And a tragedy waiting to happen.


Cocklers are warned not to brave the sands after lifeboats sent to


rescue vessels caught up in stormy And The Stone Roses come out of


The man in charge of the investigation into the poisoning of


three people at a Stockport hospital says they may never be


able to charge anyone with murder. Tracey Arden, Arnold Lancaster and


Alfred Weaver all died at Stepping Hill Hospital in the summer.


Yesterday police confirmed that 17 people, including the three people


who died, were poisoned by contaminated saline solution at the


hospital and they are still looking into a further nine cases. Our


health correspondent reports. It is the most complex of


investigations. Huge in numbers and scale and complicated by


painstaking medical and forensic detail. It is these three faces at


the centre of this story. The deaths of Tracey Arden, Alfred


Weaver and Arnold Lancaster are still being investigated. Police


know they were given saline contaminated with insulin. But what


they say they may never know is whether that caused or contributed


to their deaths. When people are in hospital they have a variety of


medical conditions. The difficulty is differentiating between was the


cause of the deaths and illnesses and then breaking that down to see


if there is any connection with the contamination. What if you cannot


prove a link between saline and the deaths? That while that will


preclude prosecution for homicide, what it will not preclude is


prosecution for contamination offences. It was those sort of


offences that nurse Rebecca Leighton was charged with back in


July. But six weeks later all charges were dropped and Rebecca


Leighton was released from prison. Do you regret arresting Rebecca


Leighton so early? No, not at all, the arrest took


place with the appropriate level of evidence. It is important that when


an opportunity takes place you take steps because if it had progressed


and Rebecca Leighton was the person responsible and she remains in the


pool of people we are looking at because she is one of the 700


people that we take the step to prevent any further harm.


police investigation spans a six week period in a busy hospital. So


far detectives have interviewed almost 500 people. And they have


more than 1,600 exhibits or pieces of evidence to look at.


You set your parameters as wide as possible to capture all the


incidents that may have taken place all the people who had contact in


that environment then we will start to funnel down to the individuals


you have had more access more motive we will funnel that down and


re-interview people and sift through that information again.


It might be that we never get to that outcome that we are looking


for but I can assure people we will do everything we can to make sure


we do not miss the opportunities because the victims who have been


contaminated deserve that justice. And getting there, he says could


take months, even years. A very complex case and they have many


experts working with them. Who are they? And also interestingly


predict future behaviour of the person who has done this. They are


also working with someone from the nursing and midwifery council They


are helping the police make sense of the huge amount of medical notes


and records they're having to go through. Then there is a


toxicologist who we understand is one of the country's best. And of


course a pathologist as well. Not only might these experts prove


crucial in helping the police find out who has done this, it is the


toxicologist and pathologist who hold the key to proving what effect


the contaminated saline had on the three people who died.


Two men from Cheshire who were jailed for inciting disorder on


Facebook during the summer riots have had their appeals rejected.


The Court of Appeal also dismissed the appeals of three other men


jailed for burglary offences. But the judge did halve the sentences


of another three. Today legal reform groups said too much


emphasis was being put on the need to give out deterrent sentences.


August 8th this year, and riots were flaring up across the UK.


Jordan Blackshaw was at home in Northwich. That night, he created a


face that page that urged people to meet here, behind the McDonald's,


at 1 o'clock the and the next day. He added a message of encouragement.


Meanwhile, in Warrington, Perry John Sutcliffe created a Facebook


page called Warrington Riots, naming a time and place people


should meet. Both pages were intercepted by police. No disorder


occurred as a result. Both men received four year


sentences which they appealed. had hoped that although he did not


expect it to be reduced to a non- custodial sentence that it would be


reduced. But in Northwich today, the scene of one of the would be


riots, few had any sympathy for Blackshaw or Sutcliffe. There was


no need for an attempt to start a riot. I would definitely jailed


them. Six others from the North West jailed at Manchester Crown


Court during the riots also appealed against their sentences


last month Hassan Halloway, Enrico Vanasco and Michael Gillespie-


Doyle were all jailed for burglary offences. Lawyers argued their


sentences were manifestly excessive. Today their appeals too were


dismissed. But in the cases of three other men


jailed for handling offences, the Court of Appeal today halved their


The concern we have is that by demonstrating the need for


deterrence that the Court of Appeal is taking the wrong approach. The


evidence suggests that deterrent affecting in sentencing is minimal


at best and it is unlikely to deter future people from committing


crimes. There is a mini goldrush on the


Lancashire coast at the moment. Hundreds of fishermen gather every


day to dig out cockles from a newly opened bed near Lytham. But, seven


years on from the Morecambe Bay disaster, there are fears there


could be another tragedy. Fisheries chiefs in the region say


inexperienced fishermen in unsafe boats are putting themselves and


others at risk. Last night lifeboats were called for the fifth


time in a few weeks. Let's join our reporter.


Just behind me is a cockle bed that was only opened at the beginning of


next month and is said to contain 2000 tonnes of its valuable copper


just there for the taking. There are no shortage -- there is no


shortage of takers but some of those who are trying to take the


cockles have been risking their lives.


There is no shortage of those keen to harvest this lucrative crop.


This is not surprising when you consider that they have been


getting up to �1,200 per tonne for the cockles gathered here. But some


people are putting their lives at risk in trying to reap the harvest.


The tides here are treacherous and unforgiving of the unwary. Life


boats have been launched half a dozen times in the last three weeks


to save people who have gotten in trouble. The last incident was just


yesterday. The engine was not working on the boat and they had no


way to communicate. They were not properly equipped for the


conditions out there. He should have a means of communications at


the very least a mobile phone were radio. A local fisherman says that


many of those arriving here do not have enough experience. Some of the


lads have been coming across from the Southport side and it is a long


way back if the weather changes. I fear those men could be in trouble.


Wouldn't you have thought that people would have learned from the


disaster? People have very short memories. They will take risks.


They lifeboat crew hope that people will take notice of the warnings to


avoid further call-outs. Perhaps, even, a major tragedy.


There was a meeting today to discuss the situation. The Health


and Safety Executive was looking into making sure that these vessels


are seaworthy and are not unreliable. They want to prevent a


disaster like the one at Morecambe Bay from happening again. A former


star of the soap opera Brookside allegedly lured a man to his debt


according to a chord. He is accused of ferrying a nightclub bar man to


a shooting. Continuing strong winds have been


causing disruption in Cumbria. Railway lines between Barrow and


Grange over Sands were closed overnight after trees were blown


onto the line. In Barrow a wall collapsed onto three cars and a van,


with initial fears someone could have been trapped. We will have a


full weather forecast coming up shortly.


Celebrations took place at BAE Systems in Warton today to mark the


Tornado jet clocking up a million flying hours. BAE workers in


started, have played a key role in the RAF's Tornado programme. The


House of Commons has been the scene of many historic moments, but there


can not have been few occasions that the House of Commons was as


emotional as it was during the Hillsborough debate. In a moment we


will hear from someone who was at the game at the time but now we


will hear a flavour of the speeches which underline how upsetting it


was for the families and politicians. The tragic nature of


their debts was exasperated -- exasperated by what happened next.


A co-ordinated campaign began to shift the blame and look for


scapegoats. I was sat in our front room with my dad and I can still


see the look on his face now. He knew what was happening. Football


fans all over Britain near. They were watching on TV, listening on


radios, thousands and thousands were gripped with horror as the


bodies were pulled out. I remember simply going back to the box and


sitting there with directors and crying. What else can you do? This


was a disaster in my football ground. 96 people died before our


eyes. Parliament has never recorded their names in Hansard for


posterity but they can at least put one wrong right today. Alfred


Anderson, 62. Coral Ashcroft, 19. James Aspinall, 18. Mark his ball,


One of the key people in the debate was the MP for Liverpool Walton,


Steve Rotheram. He has been a powerful campaigner for full


disclosure of all documents relating to Hillsborough. A little


earlier I asked him for his reaction to last night's events.


Was one of last night was one of those occasions that will -- last


night was one of those occasions that will put forward the case for


the truth. Theresa May is the Home Secretary of responsible for that


and she has agreed to release all of the documentation related to


A I you confident that means the battle for the truth is all but


one? Certainly, we know that this is the end of this particular


chapter and the independent panel report, hopefully in May or June


next year, will be the truth as far as anybody can pull together an


accurate picture now that this suite of documents will be released.


This has been a personal crusade for you and started back in 1989,


you were a supporter at Hillsborough all that day. I was,


one of the lucky ones. I had swapped my ticket and was in the


stand behind that end and watched as young children were dragged from


the terrace, some of them not surviving. And the names of all 96


who died were read out by you last night, an unusual thing to happen.


Why did you feel that was so important? It was one of those


decisions that I agonised over, I have wanted to make certain I did


justice to the families. I was not certain that a House of Commons and


the Chamber was the appropriate forum to read out all 96 lives, but


I decided on Sunday night that I thought it would be a poignant


tribute and that is why I did it. I think most people respected that.


It is 22 years now. Does it live with you every day? Yes. Not to the


extent that the 96 families up to. It was not just the deaths of their


loved ones, but it cover up by the establishment and anger pipa --


anger felt try to get sued and justice -- truth and justice.


you. Still to come tonight... United and


City fight for their first wins in the Champions League. We are live


at Eastlands. And surely every Liverpool fan's


schoolboy dream. Steven Gerrard and Kenny Dalglish play themselves on


More about that later. It is less than a year to the Olympics. But if


they are taking place in London, why should we in the North West


care? In the first of a series of reports, former swimmer, Steve


Parry, has been speaking to those closest to him, and the cycling


legend, to gauge opinion. We all know what the Olympics look


like, what the Olympics sound like. But what will be Games you like to


us in the North West? -- what will be Games feel like? Chris Boardman


should know, a gold medal whose -- a gold medallist who has been at


every games since 1988. We it is such an incredible brand. People


know what Olympic gold medal means. It penetrates the whole world. For


the first time, it will be outside your door. Not everyone is into


sport. Take by parents, who would have no idea what is happening in


football, Formula One or Rugby. But after watching the in Sydney, the


Olympics are different. It brings people together. It has to be. It


is so exciting. You get caught up in it. I think people are very slow


to start with, but has momentum increases, the enjoy it. Chris has


had critics in all sevens -- all seven of his Games, but feels the


feel-good factor of Olympics will bring us over. In it involves


people than ever before. You have a personal investment. It is a memory


people will keep forever. Canada hosted the Olympic Games in 2010,


and so be sure that 96% of the 35 million population rated the games


as good for the country. If my mother gets her way, their approval


rate for London will be back her. We will be running around the


garden. Gardner Olympics? But we do. I give them a medal.


No wonder he is so nice, with lovely parents. The gardener


Olympics, about my level. Did you get tickets? I didn't. Did you?


did not. Moving on to football. It is a huge


night in the Champions' League. Manchester City and Manchester


United are both desperate to get their first wins in the competition


tonight. United are in Romania for their third match in Group C. In


Group B, Manchester City host Spanish side Villareal at the


Etihad Stadium. That is where we can now join Ian Haslam.


A massive sense of anticipation here. Already that unique


atmosphere building. I am told by Manchester City this game is not a


sell-out, although they are expecting it to be fairly full.


Kick-off is at 7:45pm, as it is in Romania were Manchester United are


also in action. Sir Alex Ferguson and Roberto Mancini spoke last


night. We hear from both men now. City might be topping the Premier


League table. But so far, it has been a different story in Europe. A


draw and a defeat means they have yet tomade their mark in the


competition. Naive is a word that has been levelled at them. I think


we need to learn, because it is the second game we have played in the


Champions' League. But I think we need only one victory. Mancini's


side are five points behind group A leaders Bayern Munich. And three


behind Napoli in second. A City victory could change everything.


need all our supporters. It will be very important. We have a chance, I


think. Manchester United are up against Romanian champions Otelul


Galati. Their entire squad cost less than Wayne Rooney's monthly


wage packet. And their home ground does not meet UEFA standards.


Tonight's game takes place at Bucharest's national arena.


We have to progress, are without question. We have a good idea how


to play the game tomorrow. A win could be enough to move so Alex


Ferguson's side top of Group C, ahead of Sunday's Manchester derby.


If post Champions' League fatigue is to be an issue in the Premier


League, it will be the same for both sides. City are in the same


position anyway. Fitness wise, they should not have a problem in terms


of recovery. Whatever team I pick tomorrow, a lot will play on Sunday.


United's opponents are nicknamed the steelworkers. They might just


change that to the miracle workers if they get a result tonight.


Excitement is building behind us. Real optimism that Manchester


United get a first ever victory. You can listen on BBC Radio


Manchester and we have reviews of all matches from 6:30pm tomorrow.


Thank you. City hoping to win the Champions' League for the first


time. A new film, set around Liverpool's 2005 Champions League


final against AC Milan, premiered at the weekend, as Tinseltown came


to Merseyside. Manager Kenny Dalglish appears in Will, about a


boy who runs a way to Istanbul to watch the game. Steven Gerrard and


Jamie Carragher also make an appearance. But did they make it to


the red carpet? Dozens lining the red carpet, not


for Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, but because Kenny Dalglish was on his


way. We might not be in Los Angeles, but anyone who remembers the 2005


Champions League final, it is the sort of story Hollywood films are


made of. The Champions League final! Will


follows the story of a young boy desperate to be part of the magic


in is that bill. -- Istanbul. That Liverpool comeback was the perfect


match to reflect his of -- reflect his adventure and not bad for one


Liverpool fan. Today is a massive. The experience of making the film


was amazing. But it watching football is -- watching footballers


acting is not your thing, look away now. Well, is that you? Kenny


Dalglish! A 01, that is the way now. Making it look easy, but how does


standing in front of a camera compare with that and she --


compare with the touchline? One way his comfort zone, and it is


something else. It was good fun. The people I've worked with were


good. The ease Liverpool fans and probably most Hollywood producers


will be pleased to know that any will not give up his day job just


yet. I think he is loving his new


starring role. He is, isn't he? for a well-told story. Once you


were great friends. But you fell out in a big way. Years later,


there is a chance of getting back together. What do you do?


Manchester band, The Stone Roses, have announced their reunion. But


15 years after falling apart, can it ever be the same?


Manchester! 1989. The Empress Ballroom,


Blackpool. Three months after their debut album, The Stone Roses have


arrived. Seven years later, they have gone. An acrimonious break-up


makes today's announcement a bit of a surprise. The band is getting


back together for shows in Manchester's Heaton Park next


summer before hitting the road. much new stuff can we expect?


how can they forget all the bitterness that forced them apart


in the first place? And let us face it, they are not the first to


break-up and make-up. It is never the band that used to be, so there


is massive nostalgia and let us satisfy the bank manager. Cream did


a reunion in 2005 at the Royal Albert Hall. It -- these weird beat


-- you cannot quite recapture it. We have all tried to go back. How


many are buyers do not want to see class mates again? Years later, we


cannot wait to get back to this school reunion. Pupils from


Withington Girls School in the Seventies reunited this summer.


Aren't there are people you do not want to see again? Those sort of


things tend to fade away. We have not had any arguments and yet.


now, all is sweetness and light with The Stone Roses. The plan is


to take on the world. Let's hope they do not end up taking on each


other. I would not count on it. I think


the bank manager is smiling. Brings back memories. Nothing wrong with


The weather has been extremely windy. Even central Manchester had


winds of 45 miles an hour and showers piling in all the way


through. A similar story through the night and parts of tomorrow.


Showers coming in right the way through the North West. Fairly


widespread up until about midnight, places inland then becoming drier


and clearer. And pretty low temperatures. Along the coast,


where the showers keep on coming, around six or seven. Cool Abbey we


are waking up tomorrow. Tomorrow or was a complete North-South divide.


The North part of the region seeing the best weather. A cloudy start


for all of us, and a showery start. Showers dying away from parts of


Cumbria, Lancashire. Further south, into parts of Merseyside and


Greater Manchester, showers keep on coming. All cheering up towards


teatime and temperatures 10 Celsius. As queues as cities. -- as good as


it is. Come back for a reunion. We due at they go to a school reunion?


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