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Tonight with Roger Johnson. And Ranvir Singh. Our top story.


Only a matter of time before someone dies. Cocklers are warned


not to go out to sea after a major rescue operation off the Lancashire


coast. We are in Lytham to ask whether fisherman will heed the


warnings. Also tonight. The parents of a teenage swine flu


victim urge others to make sure they are vaccinated.


Given a Royal seal of approval. Burnley's Weavers' Triangle gets


another visit from Prince Charles. I will report a more come as to why


there is no love lost between the local council and this statue.


And Much Ado About Nothing, or All's Well That Ends Well? Why a


Hollywood film is forcing a pub in Southport to lose its name for a


day. Cocklers are being warned not to


venture out into the Ribble Estuary after a major rescue operation


there last night. Coastguards say weather conditions are not suitable


for cockling and stress it is only a matter of time before someone is


killed. But despite their concerns, they have no power to stop


fishermen going out to sea. Our chief correspondent has spent the


day in Lytham. Was it business as usual despite last night's drama?


Very much so. These vehicles belonged to cockler Blue Square


Premier -- Copper Clubs. These are rich harvesting sites. People are


wanting to bring in these cockles. Last night a major search and


rescue operation after six cocklers got into difficulty.


Are they satisfied there is nobody else left their? The police


helicopter was involved in last night's operation. Six had got into


difficulties off the coast of Lancashire. They had difficulties


getting back to shore. The today, there was no shortage of cocklers


going out to harvest the coastline. What has happened is a Klondike


operation that has grown up as people realise there is money to be


made. More people are getting involved and it is difficult to


regulate. Their destination is five miles off the coast of Lytham.


Cockle reserves there are said to be worth millions. It open to


fishing in September. Even at low tide you need a boat to access the


cockle beds. They will use something like this one and sail


out to the cockle beds. They will gather the cockles and when the


tide comes back in, it floats the vessel and they get back in and


sail back to shore. At least, that is the theory. The local lifeboat


has been called out nine times since the beginning of September to


deal with Cockers who have got into difficulties. The if they continue,


there will be a fatality at some stage, yes. All the beach today,


the Fisheries and conservation agency warned them not to set out


because of difficult weather conditions. By do not have powers


to stop them going and behaving in an unsafe manner. I am concerned


about what has happened. What we do? Go home. Would you go home?


I am thinking of going out today. The weather is said to be good


later on which is when it counts. So some say the time has come for


tighter controls on the activities. This evening, the local MP is due


to meet with the fisheries minister to discuss what can be done. He


says everybody wants to avoid a disaster similar to that that


happened in Morecambe Bay seven years ago. The terrible tragedy up


there. Prince Charles was back in Burnley


today to check up on the Weavers' Triangle restoration project. His


Royal Highness, a lover of architecture, wants to make sure


the historic industrial area remains intact. The Prince's visit


came on the day a report revealed that his charities have done more


for Burnley than any others. That is since the 2001 riots. A prince


Charles is no stranger to Burnley. He has visited four times in the


past six years. Weavers' Triangle is a project close to his heart.


His campaign is to use restoration projects to restore pride in local


areas. We are bringing back some of these great buildings. You can


convert them to residential, mixed use. We have done it quite a lot


with old mill buildings. Weavers' Triangle was once the heart of the


textile industry in Burnley. For these apprentices the old building


is giving them a chance to learn something new. It is important.


keeps trades going. Not a lot of people do this work any more. We


need these trades to keep going. Burnley council has put millions of


pounds into the area. But when the pomp and ceremony has been put away,


will it make a difference? I am glad it has been spent here. It is


positive. It does not make any difference. Everything will be the


same in Burnley. Will people from Burnley have enough money to enjoy


the good life here? Give that was not the case, we would have got it


wrong. We are changing the area to have leisure, cinemas, restaurants


and places to drink. If that is not attractive to people in Burnley we


have got it wrong. transformation of Weavers' Triangle


is due to finish in 2013. More news from around the region. A


man has begun legal proceedings against Furness General Hospital


after the death of his wife and baby son there three years ago.


Carl Hendrickson is suing the Trust for damages, accusing the hospital


of negligence. The maternity unit has been the subject of a number of


damning reports from regulators and police are investigating the deaths


of several babies and mothers. A man is in hospital after being


shot twice early this morning in Liverpool. The 22-year-old was


targeted on Pennard Avenue in Huyton. Police are investigating


CCTV. Faults on a set of points that


caused the Grayrigg train crash started developing at least ten


days before the accident, an inquest has been told. Today the


jury was given detailed analysis of the cause of the derailment, in


which 84-year-old Margaret Masson died. The government is considering


introducing a so-called Clare's Law after a campaign by the family of a


murdered Salford woman. Clare Wood was strangled by ex-boyfriend


George Appleton. She did not know he had a history of domestic


violence. Under Clare's Law, people would be able to find out whether


new partners have a violent past. Staff at a doctors' surgery in


Wirral have been operating out of car boots after being locked out.


It's all because of a row over rent. The GPs say they are being asked


for more than two and a half times what they previously paid. The


landlord says the rent rise is fair. There were many patients at


Sandstone Medical Centre in West Kirby, but no doctor in the house.


The first I heard was when I turned up. I had an appointment this


morning. Where do you go? You want your own doctor. Wirral Primary


Care Trust staff outside, directing patients elsewhere and a taxi


service to ferry them. Landlord Wayne Roberts says he has not been


The trust made good case for the doctors. His actions are


unreasonable. There is no need to go down this route. It has an


impact on patients. And how the practice can deliver its services.


Patient records are still inside the building. As the row continues,


patients are asking questions about confidentiality. I had a referral


to a consultant to said he would write to my GP. I am anxious about


the fact that my letter might be in there. When the solicitor said


records are locked away. The trust says that if they are not handed


over soon, it will have to consider options.


Five Conservative MPs from the region rebelled against the


Government in last night's vote about whether to hold a referendum


on our membership of the European Union. Although the Government


defeated the motion and a referendum won't now be held, the


man behind the debate, Bury North MP David Nuttall, told me earlier


EU membership is an issue we should all care about. When you ask people


an open question, very few people mentioned the issue of Europe. But


it affect so many things. I made a reference yesterday in my speech to


the fact that the European Working Time Directive, it was one of the


reasons behind the changes in the maternity services in the North


West. My constituency, it is leading to the closure of the


maternity department. When the prime minister says he wants


fundamental reform and Europe, and yet he will bring in a three-line


whip to defeat the motion, do you trust in? A of course I trust the


Prime Minister. I hope this motion will strengthen his arm in


negotiations that he will have to have in future with European


partners. If we could have a referendum on the issue, that would


further strengthen his arm. It will not happen now. The motion last


night was defeated by a large margin, which is not surprising


considering all three of the major parties were imposing a three-line


whip against it. But by a -- by a large majority, most British people


would like a national referendum on our relationship with the European


Union. In the 36 years since the last referendum, not a single power


has been repatriated from Brussels. The parents of a 17-year-old girl


who died from swine flu are urging anyone eligible for a flu jab this


winter to make sure they get one. Olivia Clee-Barnett from Wirral


died in January. She did have mild asthma, but wasn't in what is


called an at-risk group. Her parents say they want to do all


they can to prevent other families going through what they have. We'll


hear from Olivia's parents in a moment. First where are we up to


with the flu vaccination programme? It is still early on. It only


started at the beginning of October. But, so far, almost 45% of people


over 65 have had the jab. You'll know if you need it by the way


because your doctor will already have been in touch. What's worrying


health bosses though is this figure, less than 25% of those under 65 and


in an at risk group have been for THEIR vaccination. It's that group


that is always the hardest to persuade into their doctors.


Olivia's parents hope that by speaking out about losing their


daughter they might be able to change that.


17 years old and with so much ahead of her. Olivia wanted to become a


teacher. One thing we all miss is how she used to come home from


school and just shine a light into our life. Olivia had mild asthma


but was not in an at risk group and did not have the flu jab. When she


fell ill with swine flu, she contracted another infection and


her body could not fight both at once. Now, her parents had this


message. If you are at risk, get the flu jab. If you are in doubt,


seek medical advice. That would be her wish. Just because she is not


here physically does not mean she cannot put the message through to


as many people and she can. Maybe she might save some lives.


Hopefully, other people will not have to go through what our family


has gone through this year. parents say they do not believe


there are enough warnings about what a danger flew can be. One


group that the condition is dangerous for his pregnant woman.


That's why midwives at Tameside Hospital are making sure anyone who


comes in to see them is offered the flu jab there and then. It means


they don't need to go to their GP for it but can get protected while


they are in hospital. Still to come in North West Tonight.


Celebrating the achievements of George Daniels. One of the greatest


watchmakers of all time. And Much Ado About Nothing? Or


All's Well That Ends Well? Why a Hollywood film is forcing a pub in


Southport to lose its name for a day. There's a statue in Morecambe


of Venus and Cupid, the ancient symbols of love. But it's feeling


particularly unloved at the moment and may even be about to disappear.


The local council is refusing to pay the sculptor who created it ten


thousand pounds to keep it on the sea front. This is the other statue


in Morecambe. Along the seafront from Eric, Venus and Cupid. She is


the guardian of those who work on the sea. We located it here to


watch over fishermen and everybody who works here. Shane Johnstone


created it and still owns it. After putting it here with the council's


blessing, he wants the council to buy it from him. The T-shirt is


part of the campaign. The town council house money to spend this


year and does not fancy handing over �10,000 to Shane Johnstone.


There can Saul is under pressure to -- the council is under pressure


with funding. The town council wants the community to benefit on


what it agrees to spend the money on. It is popular, but is it worth


the money? Probably not. You could spend it elsewhere. �10,000 is


�10,000. Too much? Yes. I put it here at my own expense. Local


people asked me to do it. They said it ought to be here. The are artist


has set a date for the removal of the statue. It will go on February


14th, St Valentine's Day. Bolton has been specially chosen for a


brand new TV experiment. An experiment to harness the punter


power of Bolton's combined wallets. Here's the deal. Boltonians buy one


thousand TVs every week. But what if those thousand customers came


together to buy in bulk? Programme makers say the potential savings


are enormous. Another quiet day at this


barbershop. Just one customer in this morning. I have been here 17


years and it has not been so quiet. Money is tight for everybody.


tight as it has ever been. overnight, this appeared on the


barbershop building. A film crew is offering to help during the


economic squeeze. They are making a programme called Bulk Buy Britain.


If I bought a television, I would play -- pay one price. If I got a


hundred people working together, you were getting cheaper. I need


people to get involved. A good idea but they need Bolton to


jump on board to tell the team what they want to bulk buy. Justine


macro will do the deal. I aim for a 50% discount. But more people who


sign up, the more discount I can negotiate. In it is a nice TV


format. But can it work when the production team Leeds? Over to


Manchester Business School. Somebody has to do the buying and


selling and take the cash to the bank. That is not the job of the


consumer. Back at the barber shop, the Barber is not convinced.


would have to have the money. If you have not got it, you cannot do


the buying. The programme will be on Channel 4 in the new year.


A bit of off the pitch football news now and Manchester United


tickets assigned to manager Sir Alex Ferguson ended up in the hands


of ticket touts. Sir Alex, who is not suspected of any wrongdoing,


was named in a court case involving four men convicted of distributing


unauthorised tickets. On the field, United are in Carling Cup action at


Aldershot tonight just two days after that 6-1 humiliation against


Manchester City and their League Two opponents are raring to go.


am looking forward to the challenge. I want more of this. I am sure we


will be nervous. I will make sure that by a portrait calmness to the


players and we enjoyed the occasion. We will have everything from the


games on tomorrow's programme. Blackburn Rovers boss Steve Kean


has distanced himself from speculation that the former England


manager Sven-Goran Eriksson has been lined up to become Director of


Football at Ewood Park. Sven left Leicester yesterday and there were


rumours he'd been spotted at Rovers. I do not know anything about that.


We already have a person who is sports director. I have not been


told there would be a change in that capacity. He is as one of the


greatest watchmakers of all time. Dr George Daniels from the Isle of


Man made 37 watches in his career and no two were ever the same. He


died on Friday at the age of 85. He was one of the few people in the


world to be able to make a watch completely by hand, and his


mechanical design is hailed as the greatest achievement in horology


for 200 years. We look back at an extraordinary career.


Tiny components and minute detail and extreme concentration that went


into every watch. He was one of the few people in the world who could


make a watch by hand. When I am satisfied I have the best


performance out of it, it can go. His greatest invention was


developed in the 1970s from mechanical watches. It is being


hailed as the most important horror logical development in 200 years.


He was the only one left still making watches like this. His


invention was something new. Roger Smith met George for the first time


when he was 18. Such was George Daniels' status in the watchmaking


world, Roger moved to the Isle of Man to study under him. He made


hand-made individual watches. One watch per year. As an 18-year-old I


was bowled over and awestruck. I knew my career was mapped out from


that point. I want to make English watches the most superior, which


they always were. We have achieved that again. A genius. �145,000.


Friends, Romans, Viewers. Lend me your ears. One of the hundreds of


phrases in English coined by William Shakespeare. Except it


wasn't Shakespeare who wrote Julius Caesar. Or MacBeth. Or Hamlet. At


least that's the claim of a new film about the Bard. That's not "as


they like it" at The Shakespeare pub in Southport. In fact it's lost


its name for a day in protest. Andy Gill hath this report.


Is your named James? Actors at the Shakespeare Theatre pub. They


perform plays by Shakespeare, or not by him if the new film is to be


believed. Anonymous is based on the idea that the plays could not have


possibly been written by a lowly grammar-school boy from three


Midlands. It must have been a tough, specifically the Earl of Oxford.


The conspiracy theory has been going on since I was doing A-levels


in the 1970s. It is a Hollywood blockbuster with great actors.


covered up the pub has signed as part of the campaign. Imagine a


world without Shakespeare. But one says that the idea the Earl of


Oxford wrote them is a tale told by an idiot. What is in a name? The


Earl of Oxford died in 1600 and four -- 1604. That means some plays


were written after the death of the Earl of Oxford. But the film people


will not worry about this. All good publicity -- all publicity is good


publicity. Something that Shakespeare did not say.


They have been arguing about whether Shakespeare wrote these


plays for hundreds of years and I do not think it will settle it. We


can move on to the weather. I am can move on to the weather. I am


interested in the Isle of Man particularly!


I think the Isle of Man will have one or two showers and many of us


will have showers tonight. Today, it has not been too bad. The Isle


of Man did catch showers but for most of ours it has been a dry day


with decent breaks in the cloud cover. Temperatures were not


wonderful. Over the next couple of hours, the showers will move in.


Some of these will end up being heavy. They will not make it


everywhere. They will move back to the coast and breaks will develop


in the cloud cover. Where there are breaks, the temperature could be as


low as four degrees. That is in rural areas. In towns and cities,


down to seven degrees and along the coast, nine degrees. Tomorrow, some


of the showers will still be around in the morning. The showers will


move north during the day. The sunshine will then come through.


Quite a few hours of sunshine. Showers developing in the afternoon.


Temperatures not so good. Up to 13 Temperatures not so good. Up to 13


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