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Good evening. Welcome to NorthWest Tonight with Roger Johnson and


Ranvir Singh. Our top story: Hillsborough apology - James


Murdoch tells MPs he is sorry about the Sun's coverage of the disaster.


I am aware of the concerns and a heart that it cost and it is


something that I am very sorry for. The family of one victim tell us it


is not enough. Also in the programme: Renewable


energy, but at what cost? Concern over these plans for a new biomass


plant. Could this and other north-west


sides be under threat? Ryan Giggs and David Beckham could be in


action at Old Trafford. And celebrating the great British


pie - the museum recognising this region's role in a culinary classic.


The search for new sources of energy. Across the region, plans


are being developed to build biomass fuel plants, which would


burn natural waste to create electricity. Tonight, Greater


Manchester could move a step closer to its first plant. Trafford


Council is meeting to decide whether to give the go ahead for a


site near Barton Bridge in Davyhulme.


It's a simple idea - to use waste wood to provide heat that would


generate enough electricity to fuel almost 40,000 homes a year.


Supporters say it will fuel the short and the long-term economy.


Reliable sources of energy are important for driving the economy.


Companies need energy and has plans start to close the fact we have a


good reliable source of local energy will be a good thing.


Biofuel makes up parts of government plans for sustainable


energy targets for 2020. Here in the north west, as well as the


proposed site at Barton, there are also developments in planning


stages at Roosecote in Cumbria, and at the Port of Liverpool. There is


already an existing biofuel site at Fiddlers Ferry in Warrington, and


approval has recently been granted for a site at Ince in Cheshire. If


this site is developed there are benefits to the local economy, but


with truth -- 200,000 tons of fuel being burnt every year there are


those who have major concerns about the health of local people. Around


5,000 people have signed a petition raising serious concerns about the


impact of increased air pollution. We feel it is the wrong plant in


the wrong in area using the wrong technology. We feel it will create


pollution problems and be harmful to people's health. It is not using


the best available technology. Holding, who own the site, dispute


that. They say their views are supported by the Environment Agency


and the Health Protection Agency. Tonight, it will be up to Trafford


Council to decide. In the days following the


Hillsborough disaster, the Sun caused revulsion by claiming that


Liverpool fans had been stealing from and urinating on the victims.


The story was utterly untrue. Rupert Murdoch today apologised on


behalf of the paper. The family of one Hillsborough victim says it is


not good enough. It was not the trees and the Sun


has never been forgiven by many in Liverpool. Giving evidence about


the phone hacking scandal, News International's executive chairman


James Murdoch it issued this apology. I would like to admire


fuel -- admired apology to the wrong coverage of that affair and


at that voice to successive editors of the Sun. They have apologised.


96 Liverpool fans were crushed in overs -- overcrowding. This man was


only 19 and that his first away game. His father today welcomed the


apology but once News International to go further. Where did they get


their information from? Where did the so-called editor of get has


information? What source was effect? Who said Margaret Thatcher


that information? The apology comes after the Home Secretary agreed to


hand over as many as 300,000 documents of the 1989 disaster to


an independent panel. He left here full of the joys of spring and that


was the last we saw of him. We miss him dreadfully.


Police and Border Agency officials on Merseyside raided a cash and


carry warehouse in Liverpool today. They were looking for illegal


immigrants. In the end they found just two. The media had been


invited along, but the Border Agency denied it was an attempt to


counter recent negative publicity. Police and immigration officials


make a mid morning call on a cash and carry warehouse just outside


Liverpool City Centre. They are looking for illegal immigrants


believed to be working inside. did you enter the UK? The There is


confusion at first as they try to establish who works here and who is


simply shopping here. We're going to start exporting stuff upstairs.


What happens to those found to be here illegally? They will be


interviewed and if they are found to be here illegally they will be


detained and removed back to their country of origin. The duty manager


appears to be remarkably relaxed about all this. As far as we know,


there is nobody illegal here. We ask for passports. Why are they


picking on you? No idea. They probably had a tip-off. The raid


comes during a turbulent time for the Border Agency as its former


boss argues with the Home Secretary about who sanctioned controversial


loosening of border controls. The fact that the media were invited


may lead some to conclude that the Border Agency were looking for


positive publicity, but we insist this has been many months in the


planning. -- they insist. In fact they found only two illegal


immigrants during this raid. But officials say this is just part of


a wider and continuing operation to ensure people who should not be


here are not allowed to stay here. A Merseyside man has been found


guilty of taking part in an international gun running operation.


31-year-old Steven Cardwell from Aintree acted as a middleman


between former US Marine Neil Greenoe and criminal gangs in the


UK. Liverpool Crown Court heard how 63 pistols were smuggled into the


country, some of which have been used in shootings in Liverpool and


Greater Manchester. Three people from Blackpool have


appeared before magistrates charged with sexually abusing children over


21 years. Jenny Winchcombe and Michloss Ledniczky will now appear


at Winchester Crown court on 25th They have been charged with


indecent assault and child neglect. Fishery Officers stopped a group of


alleged cockle pickers on the Southport side of the Ribble


estuary this morning. A boat, quad bike and cockle fishing tools were


recovered. The cockle beds there have been closed down due to


serious concerns for the safety of some cockle pickers. People


ignoring the rules face a fine of up to �50,000.


It is the big Christmas lights switch on in Chester and Manchester


tonight. Last night X- Factor runner up Rebecca Ferguson turned


on Liverpool's lights in front of hundreds of people.


Conservationists fear plans to protect marine habitats along the


North West coastline could be under threat. More than 100 marine


conservation zones were initially drawn-up around the UK. But the


North West Wildlife Trust says it has been told the Government will


give only 30 or so the go ahead. And the Trust believes that some of


our region's protected areas now look set to be scrapped.


The Sefton coastline. Its exposed peat and clay beds are home to


burrowing clams, crabs and mussels. Plans were submitted to protect


this as a marine conservation zone, one of six in the North West.


Others were proposed around Walney in Cumbria, the Lune and Wyre


Estuaries, the Ribble Estuary and the Fylde coast in Lancashire, and


by Hilbre Island in Merseyside. But conservationists say they are now


in jeopardy. We have a range of habitats in the north-west and that


is really important we cover and protect all of these different


types of habitats. If only a fraction of these are designated it


will not provide enough protection. For The MP for Barrow, John


Woodcock, says he has been told the Walney zone will get the go ahead.


But he is angry that others in the North West won't. It is not be daft


to say that there could only going to be 30 and name some of them and


not others. The areas that are going to lose out have to know as


soon as possible so they can make a proper case. Marine life like these


strange sea pens, and the exotic sounding burrowing brittle stars,


can be found in the proposed sites across our region. Here on the


Sefton Coast, the clay and peat beds are archaeologically important.


Human and animal footprints dating back to the Stone Age are preserved


within them. The government will announce which zones have been


successful on Monday. Conservationists say they will


fight for those north west sites that miss out.


A train is on fire at Manchester Piccadilly on platform 14. It is


thought that oil caught fire in the engine. There are no reports of any


injuries. The fire service and at the scene. We will perhaps be


speaking to a reporter at the station if there is any more news.


Probably lots of disruption for people trying to get home.


The Still to come: Could Becks be back? The British Olympic football


team will kick off its campaign in Manchester.


I am at an exhibition to find out why something as little as this pie


is such a large part of the north- west's history. When thieves stole


two bronze plaques from a war memorial in the Cheshire village of


Willaston, the crime shocked the community. Replacements are planned,


but they won't be ready for this year's remembrance commemorations.


So, children from Willaston Church of England Primary School have


stepped in to make sure the names of fallen will be displayed on the


war memorial this Sunday. The veteran who went to war for


freedom, and the children who enjoy it. They have been working hard to


make sure the fallen from both World Wars are remembered on the


village memorial. It is quite upsetting because it is quite hard


to believe that people would do that to get money. Everyone knows


each other and it means a lot to our village. We have booked amazing


efforts to do this. Year Six's work recreating the names of the


servicemen will be attached to the currently bare memorial on Sunday.


The way the buckled down to this job is amazing. It has raised


awareness of the history and the facts and I have seen it grow over


the last few weeks. There were two bronze plaques commemorating the


men who fell in two world wars. Offers of financial help are coming


in from around the world to help with the 7000 pound cost of


replacement. We have had lots of people wanting to give. Someone


from Portugal for example. With the schoolchildren coming through with


this black, it is built -- brilliant. A 52 year-old man is


expected to stand trial next month charged with assisting in the


removal or disposal of stolen property. It is hoped the


replacement plaques will be installed in time for next year's


remembrance commemorations. There is a train on fire at


Manchester Piccadilly. Our reporter is there. The first thing to say is


that there are no reports of any injuries from this incident at


Piccadilly station. However, a large part of the station is sealed


off by police and the fire service are here. The incident began around


6pm when it is reported that hydraulic oil in the engine of a


train standing at platform 14 caught fire. There are no reports


of any injuries. We do not know if any passengers were on the train at


the time. By the time the fire service got there they say there


was no-one on the train and they now have 13 firefighters, some of


them wearing breathing apparatus, tackling the blaze on the train.


There are police guarding the idea of platforms 13 and 14, which users


will no is quite a distance from their main concourse. There are


scores of people being herded into the main concourse and being told


to wait there and a platform 13 and 14 are safe to use. I think that


will be some time and there will be a lot of disruption to services.


A run down youth centre in Norris Green on Merseyside gets a �1


million makeover tonight thanks to Children In Need and TV series DIY


SOS. The team only have nine days to complete the big build with help


from locals. So how do they get on? Are there any spanners in the


works? Tonight on DIY SOS, Nick Knowles


brings his usual builder banter to Merseyside. Welcome to a very


special DIY SOS. We're about to attend a built that is 10 times


bigger than anything we have done before. We are going to have so


much today -- to do it is going to be phenomenal. We are very excited.


I am scared to go out because of the gangs. People getting shot and


that. You're frightened? Yes. building an opportunity. What is


involved in this million-pound built? We're putting into mezzanine


floors, rewiring, the plumbing and proving the whole building. They


will be a new entrance hall at the front. All this in nine days a week


in hand it back on the 10th. All for free. Nothing can go wrong!


sound to person came yesterday and he did not feel confident. He has


rang me this morning and said he cannot do it. What happens next?


You will have to wait and see. You can see how the team get along


on BBC One at 9pm tonight. It is Children In Need next Friday. Lots


of fun things happening! Are you planning a trip to the


capital for the London games next summer? Well, thanks to an


announcement today, you won't need to travel to London to see British


competitors going for gold at the Olympics in 2012. That is because


the British men's football team will play their opening match at


Old Trafford in July next year. Ticket sales have been slow for the


Olympic football tournament, so will this be the catalyst for fans


in the region to embrace the Games? It has hosted World Cups and


Champions League finals, not to mention 75,000 fans every second


weekend. But next July will be a first for Old Trafford. It will


host the British Olympic football team's first match of the games.


Football has proved the hardest to sell. Organisers will be hoping


they will drum up plenty more interest than shift some of the 1.5


million remaining tickets when they go on sale later this month. You do


not know who you're going to be buying a ticket for so it is a


difficult sale. Most of the other tickets have gone. A football


ticket is an affordable option. Four people in Manchester, it is on


the doorstep and there are a lot of people -- tickets left to be sold.


Olympic organisers revealed today that the team will play at the


Theatre of Dreams on the 26th of July. In all, Old Trafford will


host nine matches including a men's and women's semi final. It will be


wonderful to have events we can go to. Wonderful to generate money for


the local economy. I cannot wait! David Beckham wants to be a part of


it. We all do about it. If it happens, I will be honoured.


team will be coached by former Manchester City boss Stuart Pearce.


And Pearce hinted Ryan Giggs could be considered for selection. It may


be a long shot, but if those two make the team at least they will


feel at home in that opening game. That guarantees a full house!


70-year-old Dario Gradi has stepped down as Crewe's Manager to


concentrate on developing the club's youth academy. His players


were booed-off the pitch when they lost 3-0 to Torquay at the weekend.


Gradi's two spells as Manager spanned 28 years and 1,353 games.


Former Burnley player Steve Davis, who was Gradi's Assistant, has


replaced him. In television timing is everything.


But little did Manchester documentary maker Mike Todd realise


how poignant the timing of his film about Smokin' Joe Frazier would be.


The heavyweight boxing legend died on Tuesday, the very day he was


meant to bewatching the premiere of the film made about his life. Thank


you for coming in. It was tragically sad that he was not able


to attend the premiere. It was a sad and strange time. I spoke to


his manager the night before and we heard in the morning. I walk to the


news like everyone else. His manager still attended the premiere.


The news broke and it was massive and the United States. You spend a


lot of time with him. You have spent years in the making of this


documentary. Just over three years. What was he like? It is a rare


thing to get that close to a legend. We were lucky to get close to him


in that period. We were making a film about his gym in Philadelphia,


which closed, which was very sad. Did you know he was poorly? We knew


he was not well, but I only found out two weeks ago that he had


cancer. We were lucky that he came to a preview screening we had in


May. He has seen the film. Did he like it? Yes. A lot of talk this


week about him, because he had the epic fades, about him feeling


better perhaps he was in Muhammad Ali's shadow. Did you sense that he


felt like that? He was trapped in the rivalry. His life was more than


just the rivalry. He wanted to be seen outside of the legend of those


the contests. That is why we focused on the work he did in


Philadelphia. Was he as sharp? What was his conversation like? He was


quite a thought for man. He was never as articulate as Muhammad Ali.


He left a very full and fascinating life. He came to this country and


it speaking engagements at dinners and things. Do you sense that he


was well respected here? We filmed with him on a tour of the UK and


the reaction he courts, he has a global icon, it is sad. What was it


like at the Premier? When the news broke it was all over the


international press. People were queueing around the block. It was


amazing. It is being released next year. It should be out the end of


this year. We have a US distributor and it is likely to be broadcast


early next year. Thank you for coming in.


Many people would not think that the humble pie would deserve an


exhibition dedicated to its beauty. Most people do not live in this


part of the world because there is nothing humble about the Great


North and pie. They have been part of our heritage for centuries and


now you can learn about it at the Manchester Museum. There is flash


photography in this report. The prices may have changed over


the years, but the popularity of the pie in the north-west is


constant. We have got the lushest countryside ever, so we have got


the best sheep, the lushest lamb, beef, that you can get. That is


what makes a good North and pie. This exhibition at their Museum of


Science and Industry in Manchester celebrates the Six hundredth


anniversary. Look no further than Wigan for how important the prying


is. Wigan is the Paris eating capital. It started and the sheikhs


in the minds the miners went back and it was referred to as eating


humble pie. It is something we're proud of. They have been found that


the Pie eating championships at this bar. In 2000 to nine,


finalists claimed the wrong kind of pie had been used. It is not


without controversy, because in St Helens they think they can make a


better one. What makes a good pie? Dead meat. If the pastry is soft.


- good meat. Whichever type you Prevert, the pylons large as one of


the north-west? Favourite foods. You're not going to see much change


over the weather in the next 12 - 24 hours, but things start get


better towards the weekend. The temperatures are not going to drop


too much. It is looking good. Tonight will be staying mild.


Acklam soft blue sky and sunshine every now and again. For most of us,


it is the same story with a lot of cloud cover and a tiny spot of


drizzle here and there. There might be a break every now and then but


that should not amount to much. Overnight temperatures are good.


Long clear spells. Tomorrow morning, there will be a lot of cloud cover.


A tiny spot of drizzle, but through the morning we will see a break


developing. That will not last for too long because we have the next


weather system coming to us by teatime tomorrow. It will clued-up


as they go through the afternoon. The remote -- actually spread


across the region. The breeze is from the south-east.


Nothing will dampen the enthusiasm of Radio Lancashire's presenters,


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