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Good evening. Rebecca Leighton, the nurse accused


them clear of the saline murders has been sacked.


And the murder on Merseyside. dad is not talking to me. What has


The nurse suspended after being accused of contaminating saline has


today been sacked. She was clear of the murder charges


but remained suspended. Our correspondent is that the hospital


now. It was always going to be difficult


for Rebecca Leyton to return to work given all what has happened.


We know she wanted to. She had worked there for some time. She was


charged in July. She spent six weeks in prison before all charges


were dropped. There still remain the allegation that she had stolen


trucks. -- tribes. The hospital wanted to carry out


its own investigation. They have concluded that they will sack her.


The police have released an update on what has been happening at


Stepping Hill hospital. That is right. The state there were


19 patience contaminated with poisoned saline. Of those three of


them died. Six months on police say they cannot prove a link between


their deaths and the contaminated saline although they say tests are


still ongoing. Now they say they are in the second phase of their


investigation. The say they remain determined to find out who is


behind the poisoning of the patients here at Stepping Hill


hospital. That aura of a Merseyside newsagent


where a shop worker was killed says he cannot understand why anyone


would want to harm the man. The man was stabbed in the neck on Tuesday.


He was working in the UK to support a wife and children back home. His


employer says he finds it impossible to break the news to his


son. Three days after the murder


forensic investigators are still at the scene. On Tuesday night a


stocky man and a dark tracksuit came in and attacked their victim.


Police have yet to release the name of the victim. He was working in


the UK to support his family back in Sri Lanka. On Sunday he sent


home �1,000. His eldest son spoke to me. He


wanted to know why his father was not talking to him. My dad promised


to send the Tories, he said. I told him that he is sick. -- send toys.


Earlier Dr Welhengama told me how hard the victor had worked. He was


charming and innocent. He was courteous and polite. Police say


they're keeping an open mind about whether this was a racially


motivated killing, but nothing was taken in the incident and they


understand that the CCTV images show the assailant in the nuclear


costing his victim and pitching against the counter and stabbing


him once before leaving. Police have released an image of a


Ford Transit van seen near the shop. The driver of a dark Vauxhall Astra


has now come forward and provided detectives with information.


Deeply distressing to see that. Elsewhere in the news today - A


bridegroom has admitted setting fire to his wedding venue. The


blaze at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire caused millions of pounds


worth of damage in June. Today at Chester Crown Court Max Kay from


Liverpool pleaded guilty to arson and recklessly endangering life.


He'll be sentenced in February. Retailers in Preston saw an


estimated �500,000 increase in sales thanks to Wednesday's strikes.


rally and thousands more took the day off in protest. Nearly 20,000


extra people visited The St George's Centre. And shoppers were


up by a third in the rest of the city centre.


Anti-social behaviour can make people's lives a misery. Dealing


with it was a top priority for the Blair government. Anti-social


behaviour orders - or ASBOs - were thought to be the solution. But


critics said they were too harsh and failed to tackle the long term


problems. But in an exclusive interview for


the North West Politics Show the former Home Secretary and MP for


Blackburn, Jack Straw, has criticised the fall in the number


of ASBOs being imposed. Here's our political editor Arif Ansari.


Crocks of - a part of Liverpool with an ongoing battle against


crime and anti-social behaviour. This man looked there after


returning from working abroad. He was subjected to intimidation.


There was no quality of life. You do not know what the next attack is


coming from. I became suicidal. is not just this man has a problems.


This house is up for sale because the people who owned it could not


take anti-social behaviour any more and mood doubt. Liverpool city


council insists it is getting on top of the problem.


When new legislation comes and people are enthusiastic about it.


Others are sceptical. Former Labour Home Secretary Jack Straw and MP


for Blackburn, it says the current Home Secretary is wrong to review


the current system. If the powers are taken away residence will break


up the wall with the police and the local authority. The so-called


party of law and order has taken away the powers. Jack Straw's


concern fewer ASBOs have been handed out. Two years ago there


were just 291 handed out. In a But perhaps it works in this case.


Four years ago this woman was named and shamed and given at ASBO.


People were glaring at me. I knew why they were glaring at me. They


had seen my picture. It was published everywhere. All over the


newspapers. I could not deny it. For some people may say that bad


ASBO is a badge of honour. It was not like that for you? It was not.


If I had to go back and change all that I would. There are people


deeply hostile to ASBOs, but Jack Straw warns of they are abolished


there will be many victims left feeling let down and angry.


We are joined in the studio by Bill Pitt who pioneered the introduction


of ASBOs. Art ASBOs feeling? What is feeling is the absence of a


commitment by it organisations to use them quickly, properly, and to


see them for what they are. Some people say they're too bureaucratic.


The issue is not about being bureaucratic. The issue is about


that people are not looking at the harm that is being experienced by


some very vulnerable people and the community. Anti-social behaviour


orders, used properly, at a significant tool. They are one


example of what you can do. One of the criticisms is that they are her


seen by some anti-social individuals as a badge of honour.


am interested in that as a way of describing them. If you are a


perpetrator of harm in a community and you are restrained, we have


just got with one of our clients in the Lake District at ASBO against a


juvenile who was terrorising other people in the street, he is not now


allows speedy any of those things. He is not allowed to associate with


some of the individuals. It is effectively a force. The police to


100 % on board. That is not a badge of honour. The fact that he cannot


do what he was able to be before is not a badge of honour. In Abu


sentence, the Labour Party, Jack Straw, criticised the Coalition as


letting the slip, but this happen before. It did happen before. Jack


Straw is being at bit disingenuous. There was at taking their eye off


the ball. That was a sad thing. The consequence for people has been


that many people have had to live in fear up when in the use of these


orders would have made sure that they were safe. We have to leave it


there. Thank you. Fascinating stuff. We


will be looking in greater detail at that issue and showing more of


the interview with Jack Straw on The Politics Show on Sunday at


midday. There has been a lot of reaction


There's been lots of reaction to our series this week about the


shale gas industry. With plans well advanced for a huge shale gas


drilling programme on the Fylde coast, we sent Peter Marshall over


to the United States to see what the impact's been there.


For the people of Bradford County, Pennsylavania, the drilling - or


fracking - as its called has meant a major boost to their economy but


also raised serious environmental concerns. So what do the those


living on the Fylde make of the American experience. Nina Warhurst


went to find out. Bradford County Pennsylvania. And


Bradford Lancashire. One is transformed by fracking. In the


other it is a matter of time. Watching the Bradford county


experience they would welcome economic boost but worry about what


may come yet. Short term it looks good but long term it is scary. We


do not know the effect long term. Have we been told the truth long


term? Do we know the truth on term? It is not now. It is later on that


we are concerned about. The company wanting to develop in Lancashire


says there is no credible evidence of negative impact from fracking


that the economic impact at indisputable.


2000 jobs immediately. What is your prediction in the long term?


could see 10,000 or 15,000 jobs within 15 years. For some that


seems far away and Tess Gill is are I had never seen, for example, the


pipeline across the countryside and it seemed that they were - in the


place to get this in place. representative from the competition


for fracking in Lancashire told us that regulations are much tighter


here and that the environment will Whatever the differences in how


fracking might happen here, there is no doubt that it would change


the face of the Fylde for ever. Hundreds of years ago, the people


of West Lancashire reclaimed the marshes inland from Southport to


create fertile farmland. To prevent it becoming flooded again, the


Environment Agency pumps millions of gallons of water into the sea


every year. As you might expect, it is an expensive business, and for


the first time, the agency is considering making the farmers


themselves share the cost, as Stuart Flinders report, they say


they can't and won't pay. Jim Goulding's family has farmed this


demand for generations. His great- grandfather helped dig the stitches


that train the excess water to an environment danger agency pumping


station a few miles away. From here, the water is sent out into the


report St. This costs the agency �700,000 a year and it is


considering making farmers share the cost. We recognise this is an


important area, it is one of the best agricultural lands in the


region. Elsewhere in the country, businesses to make a contribution


to land drainage which benefits their businesses. So they are


getting something out of this and therefore they should pay something


towards it? It is part of the discussions going forward.


agency has decided to turn off the pumps in south Cumbria. Local


people may have to pay extra council tax to pay for an


alternative system. Denning of the Proms is not an option here. They


did not pump the land, and there would have local people unable to


be employed. We have come next door to give you some idea of what this


area must have looked like before they started to reclaim the land


for farming in the 17th century. All this water is great for wild


fowl, but not good if you are trying to grow vegetables. The


Environment Agency says no decision will be made until 2013.


Sport, and Tony is here. Let's start with Blackburn Rovers. A


torrid time on the pitch and now the council has waded in. Yes,


seven points from 13 games, Blackburn Rovers. Now the leader of


the council has written a letter to the club's Indian owners asking for


a meeting. The Venkeys have been criticised by groups who claim it


is not clear who is actually in charge of the club's day-to-day


business. They also criticised a lack of to medication between the


Venkeys and the local community. The council leader says the council


-- club's problems could affect the committee. They have not responded


to her letter, and she is not happy. I just want some answers. I have


had no response, and we need to shame them into responding. Let us


know what is happening, let us know the plans. Give the fans some hope.


Or make alternative arrangements because we cannot go on like this.


Do you mean leave the club? Absolutely. So, the Venkeys don't


talk to the family -- council or the fans. And like a dog with a


bone and they have not answered my calls. They have not responded to


the council either, and they say all they want to do is mediate


between the owners of the club and the people of Blackburn. Feelings


are still running high in the town. Tomorrow, Rovers fans are due to


stage another protest at Ewood Park during and after the crucial match


against Swansea. At the Reebok Stadium, the Bolton


manager Owen Coyles is under increasing pressure after seeing


his side fall into the drop zone. Things could get even worse for him


tomorrow because Wanderers are away to high-flying Spurs.


It is five! I was here a few weeks ago just after Bolton thrashed


Stoke City 5-0, and supporters were talking about that as being a real


turning point. It has not worked out that way, so let's find out


what they think about the current situation. We have just got used to


losing. We just need a bit of a spur on. They need to do more. They


need to get more money. If you have got championship players you will


end up in the championship. don't think the players are good


enough? Know. I think he is a good manager. We had first got to hang


on in there. The statistics did make for easier reading. In 13


Premier League matches, they have lost 10 and won just three. They


have scored 19 goals, and conceded 31. The most in the top division.


We need to turn that around. There is no better feeling in football


when you win them and earned them. Tomorrow, they are playing a Spurs


side to have won nine out of their last 10 league matches.


Do you feel under pressure? Only the pressure I put myself under.


They improved no end this -- last year, and we want to continue that


improvements. That is my focus. Like supporters, he knows his side


needs to rediscover that winning formula sooner rather than later.


Preston North End are searching for a new chairman now that Maurice


Lindsay has stood down due to ill health. The 70-year-old was


appointed last year after the club was taken over. He was involved in


the decision to sack then manager Darren Fergusson. PNE are now 14th


in the one. -- League One. It is a mint weekend for two boxers


called Murray. They are both fighting for world titles, one in


America, and the other in Germany. They are not related, but brother,


do they have the same aim! Two boxers, two world title shots,


one surname. It is live shaven -- life changing. This is what I have


always dreamed of. Tonight, Martin will be fighting Felix just five


days before another big date, his wedding. We are flying to the


Caribbean and getting married over there. I am worried about a black


tie for the wedding pictures. I have got tablets to help the


bruising. I am looking forward to it. Tomorrow, lightweight John is


looking forward to fighting Brandon at the Madison Square Garden in New


York. It is what I have always dreamed of. I have been dreaming of


this day since I was a little boy and it is finally here, and now the


hard work and dedication has paid off. After losing for the first


time in his last fight, he has decided less fast food is the fast-


track to a world title. When I should have been going for runs, I


was going too fast food outlets. I needed a good kick up the backside


and this has given me a good chance to look at myself and correct my


life. Both men are underdogs, but these to share something other than


their surname - the bottle to be world champions.


Finally, good luck to Fleetwood Town. They are hoping for a giant


killing in the FA Cup tonight. They are taking on Yeovil who were two


divisions above them. Town are in good form and have just gone top of


the Blue Square Premier League. Good luck to them.


Now, we are in Salford Quays, as if you had not guessed! All through


this week we have been looking at the history of the area that is now


our new home. Tonight, Abbie Jones completes our


story. Let's join her outside on the piazza. We have had a history


lesson and we have also looked at how we have got to this shiny


modern development you can see sparkling around me tonight. But


what to local people, the people of Salford, think this regeneration


means to them? What do they think People visit the keys from around


the world. 25,000 jobs have been created here, but do people down


the road in Salford use it? Do they feel connected? It was like us and


them, even though there was the same road, they were the posh


people with money. That's what we all thought. At Salford Lads and


Girls Club, there are mixed views. There's a lot of people I know of


who never got a job there. There is some shopping there, which is great.


It is pretty good. This year, for the second year


running, the Lowry was named Greater Manchester's most popular


tourist attraction. It has been adamant it wants local people to


use it, too, so it has given away thousands of free and discounted


tickets to Salford residents. Schools across Salford and the


north-west now visit and study the keys. The council is adamant money


generated here will be spent across the city. So, did Lisa changed her


mind? We have done a survey on the estate were asking whether the job


opportunities lie. Quite a lot of people said Morrisons because it is


easy. They think they will get a job there because a lot of them


have not got qualifications. A few set media city because there would


be more opportunities. There is no reason why people from the local


committee it should not be here working on the local side and


driving it forward over the next few years. A century after the dogs


first opened, the keys is thriving again. Only 10% has been built so


far. The hope is it will grow to wars and with Salford and its


residents. -- towards.


Everyone behind the keys things it is important to remember its


heritage to combine the old within you. The dockers who crafted to all


those decades ago would find it amazing to know that the Larry


behind we will be hosting the Royal Variety Performance on Monday. That


is a treat to look forward to. We will not mention it again now!


Let's have a look at the weekend I just want to look one more time


at the view from our window. It is absolutely stunning. Through the


night tonight, your picture is at showery and cool. Temperatures


today reached nine degrees Celsius as an absolute maximum. Over the


next couple of days they do gradually start to fall, and it


really does feel like winter. We had the best of the are the first


thing in the morning, and there are more to come as you go through the


next couple of hours. Most of the region looks dry, but there is more


rain waiting in the Irish Sea. That bridges across the region in the


next couple of hours. Behind it, this is where the showers really


start to dig in. They will turn up just about anywhere. The rain is


associated with a weather front, but that is the last one we see


through the weekend, so you would think it would be plain sailing.


But the north-westerly wind will be picking up showers all the time.


Last night we were down to zero and there was a frost for some parts.


Tonight, because of the cloud cover the temperatures will stay up. On


Saturday, not a huge amount of sunshine on that match. It will pop


up every now and then, but the dominant feature will be patchy


cloud and those showers which will turn up absolutely anywhere. Quite


a strong wind, gusting to 45 miles per hour from time to time. I think


the wind and showers will take the edge of the temperatures. Sunday,


no great shakes either. Monday, down to four degrees Celsius.


We like to have our finger on the pulse, but you are going one-star


better than us if you have heard of this lady from Toxteth. She got to


sing at the White House when they switch on the Christmas lights last


She has just been nominated for two grannies. Hopefully we will catch


up with their when she comes back for Christmas. How has she gone


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