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A million more seats for rail passengers but commuters see it is


not enough to end the problem of overcrowding. Also tonight, claims


that this woman's son developed a barrier sleep disorder as a result


of a flu vaccine. Charged with trying to blackmail Call Lane


Relief -- calling Rennie, two men call in charge -- two men go on


trial in Manchester. Also tonight, a warning of wintry weather on the


way. We have wet weather on the way before that. The Met Office have


issued a weather warning for that. After midnight the rain should


gradually start to die out and will be replaced by a wintry conditions,


we have another warning about that. Full details and the end of the


programme. Squashed in like sardines with no room to move and


no chance of a seat. Commuters on our region's trains have had to put


up with chronic overcrowding, especially at rush-hour, for years.


Today, 50 extra carriages were added to trains on some of the


busiest routes across the north- west, to try to combat the problem.


Northern Rail says the move will provide more than 1 million extra


seats for passengers every year. But many commuters we spoke to says


it does not go far enough. For many commuters, this is the reality of


rush-hour. Crammed into carriages, too many passengers for seats.


spent too many times pressed against other people stood up on


the trains. It is not pleasant when it is particularly crowded,


especially if it is really warm. Manchester last year, passengers


stood on 33% of rush-hour teatime services. In Liverpool, it was 27%.


This morning, Northern Rail added 50 extra carriages to its network.


Six trains in the morning and five in the evening and afternoon will


have over 4000 more seats. Among them, the 7: 13 from Leeds. But


there were still people standing when it arrived at Manchester


Victoria. For many, the carriages were not enough. This morning... I


would say at the weekends on a Saturday night they could put more


on. We went for the 8: 20 train and the lowest it about three minutes


before it was due to set off because they could not get any more


people on it. They turned about 50 people a week. Of course we would


like to deploy more but to increase our fleet by 50 carriages is a


major step forward. When Northern Rail to Colin be Ritz there -- took


on the routes they did not expect a 40% increase in passenger numbers.


Faced with such a jump in rail users, campaigners argue adding 50


carriages is a drop in the ocean. But Northern Rail says it's a move


in the right direction in tackling scenes like this. We are joined now


by a campaigner. You must hear all the time about people having


carriage doors shut on them. We do indeed. In if you had a blank


cheque tomorrow morning and you could provide the right number of


seats, what would you do? It was estimated back in 2006 that 180 new


carriages were needed. How many seats is that each day? Do not ask


me that! There are opportunities with electrification. This is one


of the things we have heard in the Government budget? They are going


to electrify Manchester to Leeds which is brilliant news but with


that electrification process will come a load of surplus carriages


and we are asking for those carriages to stay in the north-west


and be used. People are not saying they won't fancy new trains but


anything that they can use they want to use it. People cannot get


on the train in the morning. Drink companies did not anticipate the


40% increase in demand. I wonder why that is. -- train companies.


The anticipated an increase in demand but I don't think anybody


expected D X potential growth that we have had since the 19 nineties.


What we do not want to do is go back to what we had in the 70s when


people were either priced off the real or for stock of the railways


back onto the roads again. obviously feel positive about what


has happened today but it is not enough in itself. We will Cottier


again. Thank you very much, see you soon. We've had a big response from


many of you on this story today. Many nominating the most


overcrowded route via Twitter, possibly from commuters on board


one of the region's trains. Lady Littleton says the Manchester


Airport to Barrow-in-Furness route often has only three carriages and


is almost always overcrowded. Tom Elliot tweeted to say, without a


doubt, the Manchester to Clitheroe route. I get on at Bolton and quite


frankly it's a severe health hazard. Ben Blackman writes, easy. Ormskirk


to Preston. One line, one carriage. Always standing room only in


morning and evening. Is there any other one carriage service? And


James Athie jokes that the Wigan to Manchester Victoria Line is such as


squash that it should be sponsored by John West. What were you going


to say? Some of those routes will be sorted out by the


electrification of the Manchester to Preston and Blackpool but the


one that comes in to Victoria, the announcement as part of the


northern hub solution will join up Victoria with Piccadilly which is


more good news. Thank you, that will hopefully cheer someone up.


The mother of a seven year-old from Liverpool who was struck down with


a rare sleeping disorder says she believes her son's illness could be


linked to a vaccination he was given for swine flu. Pauline


Carlton says her son was given Pandemrix several months after


researchers in Finland found a 12 fold increase in cases of a rare


condition called narcolepsy. The injection is no longer in use but


Pauline says it should have been withdrawn sooner. This woman had


her whole family vaccinated against swine flu but within weeks of the


jab her son developed narcolepsy. He also developed a apoplexy which


makes his muscles collapse if he laughs work gets excited. He used


to do the most humorous and silly things to make me laugh. Now he


cannot. The vaccine was given to almost one million children in the


UK. Only seven children have been reported to have developed


narcolepsy here but it has been reported from Finland that the


injection may have had something to do with his illness. Before 2010 we


have had one child less than nine years of age diagnosed, that was in


2003. Now already in June I had five. Around 70 more cases of child


narcolepsy then came to light so in the middle of 2010 Finland with


true Pandemrix and alerted the regulator and the British


Government. This woman is upset that she was not told of these


concerns before she allowed her son to be given Pandemrix. It has left


my child with a disability for the rest of his life. The manufacturers


of the vaccine do not think there is a link between Pandemrix and


narcolepsy. Patient safety is of the utmost importance to us. You


would not pick out a drug or leave it out there if we thought there


was a health issue. The watchdog says a similar risk of narcolepsy


has not yet been confirmed in countries other than Finland and


Sweden. But this woman believes many other families in the UK could


be suffering in ignorance and silence. And there's more on that


story in tonight's Inside Out at 7:30 on BBC One. A man appeared in


court today, charged with the murder of his landlady and her


mother in Southport. The bodies of Angela Holgate, who was 54, and 75-


year-old Alice Huyton were found at Mrs Holgate's home last weekend.


51-year-old Barry Morrow was remanded in custody and will appear


before Liverpool Crown Court on Wednesday. The MP Tim Farron has


written to the South Cumbrian coroner - to find out if the


removal of coronary services at Westmorland General Hospital has


lead to an increase in death rates. The Coronary Care Unit was


relocated to Lancaster Royal Infirmary two years ago. Artwork by


prisoners on the Isle of Man has gone on display in a museum. Castle


Rushen, a former prison, has been decorated for Christmas. It


includes festive paintings and children's games made by inmates. A


third of the prisoners have taken part in arts and craft classes. A


man from Blackburn who was jailed for killing his wife and dumping


her body in a French fleet has told a court in France that he had no


reason to kill her. He is being tried for the third time for


manslaughter. He has always claimed his wife's death was an accident.


He appeared remarkably calm in court facing trial for the third


time. He is taking a big gamble. Under French law, if you appeal and


lose, you're sentence is substantially increased. He was


found guilty for manslaughter the first time, if found guilty of


murder this time he will face a new jail term of 30 years compared to


the 12 he is currently serving. His wife's body was found in a car at


the bottom of a lake near their home two years after she went


missing. He has always claimed she must have driven into the lake by


accident after a night of heavy drinking. His brother believes in


his innocence. The stress levels are unbelievable. We have had that


since the year 2000 when it happened. The family of the dead


women say they simply want a verdict that will allow them to get


on with their lives. We feel our lives have been put on hold for the


last 11 years waiting for the finish of this terrible story.


police officer for Lancashire has come here for the trial. He will


give evidence in relation to the investigation into the woman's


death. My brave handsome soldier boy, fearless in everything. A


tribute from the mother of at Liverpool soldier who was buried


today. He was killed by an improvised bomb in Afghanistan last


month. Our Merseyside reporter was where everyone was paying respect


to end today. The cortege of the Lance Corporal arrived. His coffin


was taken inside the cathedral. Attribute was read on behalf of the


family. He was a huge character. A daredevil and nothing stopped him


achieving his goals. He was 25 and from the Dingle area of Liverpool.


He was killed by a roadside bomb last month. It was his second tour


of duty and he also served in Iraq. The priest spoke for his mother


during the service. You had so many scrapes and cruises when you were


little because you were such a daredevil, nothing stop you, just


like now, you grew up to be a brave big man. That is why you became a


soldier, fearless in everything you He was buried in a private ceremony


later. As the cortege left, mourners broke into spontaneous


applause. Still to come on the programme: Why


it all went so wrong at the weekend for Amir Khan.


Another contender was knocked out but for Marcus Collins, coming


second could yet be a key factor. A couple tried to blackmail Colleen


Rooney after getting hold of her camera which contained hundreds of


family photographs. Steven Malcolm and Jennifer Green are said to have


demanded �5000 for the return of the pictures. They were arrested


following an undercover police operation and are now on trial at


Manchester Crown Court where we can join our chief reporter Dave Guest.


Explain to us how Colleen Rooney appeared to have become separated


from her phone? It was made in last year when she had gone to watch a


concert in Manchester. The party had a private box at the Arena but


some time during the evening, she and the camera became separated.


She later reported it as stolen. Nearly three months passed and then


there was a telephone call to the Old Trafford ground and a man said


he had the camera and a memory card containing 400 pictures and he was


willing to return it for a price of �1000. Club officials got involved


and and announced to the black pillar,, so, too, did the police.


What are the prosecution have to say about the people on trial


today? The two people in the dock here in court Ark Steven Malcolm


and Jennifer Green. They are said to be too out of three people


involved in hatching this plot. The third person being Jennifer Green's


partner. He admitted blackmail previously. The two in the dock


deny those charges but in court today, it was said that Steven


Malcolm accepts it was he who went to that meeting that the undercover


police officer. Do we expect Colleen Rooney to give evidence?


she will not appear in court. Today, the officer gave his evidence from


behind a screen and he will continue giving his evidence


tomorrow. Richard is here with the sport and


we were hoping to be talking about another impressive win for Amir


Khan but it all went rather wrong, didn't it? It did. Amir lost both


of his world-title belts after controversial defeat to Lamont


Peterson in the American's home city of Washington. Amir and his


camp are furious about the refereeing in particular, this is


what they're talking about. He twice had a point taken away for


what the referee judged to be persistent holding down and pushing


and those two points were the difference. On top of that were


complaints about the scorecard. One of the judges gave him a card which


appeared to show he had initially given a round to Amir before


scribbling it out and giving it the other way. Probably just a slip of


the pencil. Having said all that, some of the boxing correspondents


who were at the fight had told me that in their view, a Amir's


approach was at least partly to blame. Here is what the man himself


had to say. I want a rematch straight away. I want my two titles


back. We know who won that fight and I am sure everyone knows who


won that fight. What is next for Amir Khan?


A rematch. He has tweeted today saying it is 99% certain. I was in


touch with his dad over the weekend who says he has no doubt this a


setback. Amir reckons it puts him back a year. He was hoping to fight


the man regarded as the best fighter in the world, Floyd


Mayweather who beat Ricky Hatton of course in 2012. It won't be


possible until 2013 now at least. A rematch which will probably happen


in March in Las Vegas is on the cards.


Football - as Manchester City prepare for tonight's huge game at


Stamford Bridge, Mario Balotelli is in trouble again. He has been


accused of breaking a curfew imposed by Roberto Mancini after


being spotted in a Manchester restaurant after midnight on


Saturday and could face disciplinary action. City have


rejected an offer from AC Milan to take Carlos Tevez on loan. It is


reported there could soon be a bid from Paris St Germain. City are


unbeaten in the League but know Chelsea will provide a real


challenge. Chelsea have proved in the last


three or four weeks that they are a fantastic team. They have important


players with experience and everything.


Full commentary on that match on BBC Radio Manchester at 8pm.


From the top of the table, let's look now at the three North West


teams stuck in the relegation zone. A win for Wigan boosted their boss


Roberto Martinez but pressure is growing on the Bolton and Blackburn


managers after they both lost at the weekend.


They have been on the slide for some time. Now Bolton have,


according to the table at least, reached the bottom. Owen Coyle's


popularity among supporters seemed to be dwindling. There is


separately at turning tide as far as the Bolton fans are concerned.


There are those that believe the chairman is a big fan of all and


and he might retain him even if they were to go down in two The


Championship. How much time has Steve Kean got to stop Blackburn


going the same way? Things looked promising at Sunderland until two


late goals did for Rovers. Today the club's owners denied newspaper


reports that Blackburn's financial future is at risk. Wigan's Premier


League future is still at risk despite a big win at West Brom.


They remain in the bottom three but goals from Victor Moses and Jordi


Gomez moved them above their North West rivals. A bad week but a good


weekend for Manchester United. Two goals for Nani and two more for


Wayne Rooney closed the gap on City to two points. Part of our nature


is that we recover well. In the Football League, Blackpool were


disappointed to only leave Southampton with a point. After the


Saints keeper let this shot slip through his fingers, the Seasiders


let two points slip through theirs when Rickie Lambert levelled late


on. The less said about League One, the better. Only Preston picked up


a point and they didn't manage a goal. Accrington were our only


winners in League Two. A pair of carbon-copy goals at AFC Wimbledon


enough to give them a first away win of the season.


Finally, a bad case of mistaken Sir Chris Hoy has apparently been


wrongly targeted on Twitter by Spurs fans, angry at referee Chris


foyer. He made several controversial decisions but poor


Chris Hoy has been taking it. He was so close but at the last


minute, Marcus Collins was pipped to the post for the X Factor title.


The 23 year-old hairdresser from Crosby was beaten by a girl group,


Little Mix, for the prize of a recording contract last night. It


is the third time a Merseysider has been runner-up but on Merseyside


today, his supporters said they couldn't be prouder and the winner


does not necessarily take it all. The winner of the X Factor 2011


is... Little next! Marcus Collins was never favourite to win the X


Factor, they had been high hopes for his success this year. The


auditions and to Liverpool for the first time and found three solo


contestants. It was Marcus Collins who made it to the final. He went


back to his school, I hero last week but although he didn't take


the title, his supporters here say he is a winner in their eyes.


genuine disappointment but we are all proud of him. He has been a


fantastic role model to the school and we're so proud of what he has


achieved. Perhaps missing out on the X Factor title isn't such a bad


thing. In the past three years, it is the runners up a have had the


biggest album sales. Last year it was one direction and last night's


Rebecca Ferguson. Ray quint is another runner up from Liverpool


who now has a successful singing and acting career. It is no big


deal coming second at all. I have had five years of good work and I'm


still working so on the show, when you don't win, there is less


pressure. There are reports today that there Gary Barlow wants to


help him get a recording. This expert disagrees. He is an


entertainer, he can entertain. you think he can say goodbye to his


hairdressing career? I think so. Here's to Marcus Collins cutting it


in his next career! I have been humming that song all


day. A look now at the weather There are only three presents


underneath history! It is Monday and we have a matter


of this weather warning for every single day this week. I am afraid


the conditions are far from ideal. It has been fairly ghastly today.


Up to 45 miles an hour and this is the biggest story. We have a band


of rain that will push its way in over the next couple of hours. This


blanket of rain will be around until midnight tonight and then


after that, the picture will start to change again and by the time we


get to eat too am in the morning, the remote gradually start to die


away. The Met Office have issued another warning that once the rain


clears, we will be looking at wintry conditions piling in. As we


head towards the early hours of the morning, some snow but not


exclusively in the highest parts. We have winds with snow included.


Temperatures will fall along the coast and then tomorrow, not a


pretty picture. You can see the wintry showers and a south-westerly


wind. Definitely falling as snow in higher parts. But for parts of


Lancaster and Cumbria, the snow could be at low levels as well.


Anywhere to the south of the rebels stands a better chance of missing


the shires but it will be too close to call. It's just stay, they could


be some snow from time to time in your area. In terms of temperatures,


it wasn't wonderful today but with that went, it will feel rock out


and about. Looking and feeling country.


Don't trip on those presence! We were joking about mistaken


identities. There is a man called Roger Johnson who plays for Wolves


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