26/12/2011 North West Tonight


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Good evening. Police in Salford have appealed to the community to


help solve the murder of a university student who was shot


dead early this morning. The 23 year-old had been visiting the area


for the festive season. Detectives say he was killed in an unprovoked


attack. Naomi Cornwell is at Swinton Police Station.


What more do we know about the victim?


Police haven't named the date and yet, but we know that he was 23


years old and from India. We believe he was studying at


Lancaster University. He had been on a short break to the Manchester


area, staying in a hotel nearby. Him and a group of Indian students


were walking along the lane behind me when they were approached by two


men who were on the other side of the road. There was no argument,


say the police, only a few words were exchanged between the groups.


But one of the men pulled out a handgun and shot the man at close


range. What have the police said about the killer? They described


the gunman as being white, in his mid-twenties and of slim build,


wearing a great Cup. The man with him was more heavily built and


wearing a black jacket. I need them to come forward and so render


themselves to justice. We will find them, I am particularly interested


in the man who was with him. He should come forward and say what is


going on. They are obviously extremely violent and the sooner we


bring them to justice, the better. Police say there is no indication


that this was a racially motivated attack, that they had no indication


of any motive at the moment. They have said they will be stepping up


patrols in the area in the next few days.


Thank you. A man's being questioned by police


after a house was badly damaged by fire and explosion at Huyton on


Merseyside yesterday. Nearby homes were evacuated after the blast


early on Christmas morning. The man who was arrested is in hospital


with burns. No-one else was hurt. A search is continuing for an 84-


year-old woman who disappeared from her home in Cheshire over Christmas.


Magdalana Whittaker, who's said to be very hard-of-hearing, was


reported missing by a friend in Congleton on Christmas Eve.


Thousands of people went to the Boxing Day sales in the North West,


in the hope of grabbing a bargain, some queuing from the early hours


of this morning. 120,000 were expected through the doors of both


the Trafford Centre and Liverpool One shopping centre today. I came


here at 4am. I came at 5:30am. It was worth it, I got a few bargains.


Digby percent of everything, I was pleased. -- 50 %.


Football, and Manchester United had an emphatic 5-0 win over Wigan at


Old Trafford, but Manchester City remain top of the premier league on


goal difference, after a goal-less draw at West Brom. Liverpool were


held to a 1-1 draw by Blackburn whilst Bolton lost 2-0 at home to


Newcastle. Everton and Sunderland Tranmere's game was called off


after strong winds blew off the roof at the park. There is no date


It has been windy this afternoon with doubled figure temperatures.


We will hang on to them for one more day and then for the rest of


the week, they will dip down to single figures and the winds will


pick up. This evening will remain fairly windy. That will remain


until the early period. Rain will drop in by dawn. A mild night.


Temperatures still holding on to high single figures. Tomorrow looks


like another mild date. A damp start across Cumbria, Lancashire


and the Isle of Man. The rain will ease away by the afternoon.


Elsewhere, breaks in the cloud allowing some bright spells to come


through. Breezy, hopefully less windy in many places, and then for


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