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Good evening. Welcome to NorthWest Tonight with


Roger Johnson. And Ranvir Singh.


Our top story: An 18-year-old is arrested on


suspicion of murder following the fire which killed four people in


Lancashire. It has emerged that the blaze


started in a wardrobe in the bungalow in Freckleton.


Drilling for gas - scientists say the process of fracturing rock is


unlikely to cause pollution. The high price of success - why top


sports people say pressure is leading to a rise in depression.


all got too much and I broke down on me dad. I never expected it.


One of the world's greatest Two of our sides go head-to-head in


a big final. Another big night for Manchester


City. Can Liverpool begin the process tonne of knocking them out


Detectives investigating a house fire in Lancashire which killed


four siblings have arrested an 18- year-old on suspicion of murder.


Reece Smith, his twin sisters Holly and Ella, and two-year-old Jordan


all died. The fire began in an attic bedroom at their home in


Freckleton on Saturday night. Naomi Cornwell is at the scene now. Naomi,


what have police said about this arrest today? The teenager who has


been arrested is 18 years old. He is from nearby and that tonight he


has been questioned on suspicion of the murder of 19-year-old Reece


Smith, his four-year-old twin stars and their youngest sibling. All


four died in an attic bedroom of the house behind me late on


Saturday night. All four, we now know, died as a result of breathing


in smoke. There have been reports suggesting that Reece Smith may


have been overcome by the smoke as he tried to rescue his younger sib


siblings and their mother was led from the house by firefighters that


night. We know that family and friends gathered here earlier that


evening to celebrate her birthday. Police have not named the teenager


who has been arrested today, but they have said he is not a member


of the family. The death of the four children was


shocking enough, people have been rather taken aback by the latest


twist today. What else have the police had to say about how the


fire started? Well, previously firefighters had


indicated that the suggestions were from forensics at the scene that


the fire had begun in or close to a wardrobe in an attic bedroom shared


by the three youngest children and today police confirmed. They know


the fire began inside that wardrobe. What is more, they say it has


become clear that was not an accident.


Everybody is shocked. This is a tragic incident, but the fact that


it could be caused deliberately or recklessly is a shock to them and


we give them all the support we can. It is my job to piece together what


happened and if there is criminality culpability to find out


who is responsible for it. Detectives say a number of people


were in the house at the time and they are still in the process of


interviewing all of those people to try to find out exactly what


happened here. Geologists have moved to allay


fears that the controversial process of drilling for shale gas


in Lancashire could cause pollution of water supplies. The British


Geological Survey says any risks associated with so-called


"fracking" appear low. But opponents living on the Fylde Coast


say they're not convinced and want it banned pending a full


investigation into environmental Since it started here, fracking has


attracted controversy. It involves injecting millions of gallons of


water, sand and some chemicals into the ground to free natural gas


trapped in shale rock. Last November, campaigners stormed a


drilling rig near Southport in protest. Part of the reason it is


controversial is the experience of of people in America, where some


claim it contaminated water supplies with methane. Now a


spokesman for the British geological survey says most


geologists are convinced it is unlikely that contamination would


occur. Sheer distance helps with groundwater, 40 to 50 meters deep,


while fracking occurs one to two miles down.


Jon Bailey lives close to sites sites prepared for fracking.


It was unlikely there would be no earth tremors, but there are two.


What would happen when there are 00 drills in operation -- 800 drills


in operation. We are concerned. Cuadrilla Resources suspended


drilling since the Earth quaction last year. -- earthquakes last year.


Cuadrilla say they are waiting for the go-ahead from Government before


they resume fracking. They say they welcome the comments from the


British geological survey. It is positive. They have looked at it


from a different aspect and arrived at the same conclusion so very


positive for the industry. Geologists say it is important


seismic activity is monitored The Government says there will be


enough money to extend high-speed to the north-west. The Transport


Minister, Norman Baker, was in Manchester earlier pledging


commitment to the second phase of HS2 due to be completed in 2033.


The �33 billion is a cushion for unanticipated excesses that come


through. I'm confident we will come in on budget or under budget.


December's severe weather saw a 75% boost in air freight to the Isle of


Man. Storms meant boats were unable to sail from the mainland leaving


some shops with empty shelves. The lack of ferry crossings means air


passenger numbers are up by 8,000 compared with December 2010.


A familiar family of a nurse in Lancashire who was stabbed to death


by an ex-partner while he was on bail have been told there will be a


change in the law. Jane Cluft was murdered as she walked home from


work. Her family say he should never have been allowed to walk


free. Jane lived in fear. Her ex-partner,


Jonathan Vass was on bail, charged with raping her. He went on to


murder Jane as she walked through the car park of Blackpool Victoria


Hospital. I feel that Jane would be alive


today if they had the right to appeal against the bail decision.


That decision to grant Jonathan Vass's bail cost Jane her life.


Statistics show between 50 and 60 people a year are being killed by


people who are out on bail for violent offences and it is just too


many. In 2009 the judge granted Jonathan


Vass bail. A the time the office representing judges said there was


no evidence presented that Jonathan Vass was likely to commit further


offences. Jane's family has managed to get a review of the law.


Jane was living in fear and she documented how much fear she lived


in. She documented that Jonathan Vass would kill her and you know,


that came true. She was right and yet the victim had no say


whatsoever within that bail decision. So this is why the


amendment is so important. Today, the Prime Minister, David


Cameron, expressed support for Jane's family.


Our sympathies go out to the family who suffered so appallingly. I


accept and the Government accepts, there should be a right of appeal


against crown court decisions allowing bail.


Jonathan Vass is serving a life sentence for Jane's family, finally


An American who supplied guns to the region's criminal underworld is


beginning a 10 year jail term. Steven Greenoe bought weapons in


the States then smuggled them into the UK via Manchester Airport.


Several were used in crimes here. He was caught following a joint


operation between British and American police, but not before he


managed to get more than 60 guns into the UK. He he described


himself as a security expert who protected the rich and famous,


including Madonna, but Steven Greenoe was a gun runner. He was


very much a Walter Mitty character. An American citizen who was


residing in this country. Greenoe bought guns in America


before smuggling them into the UK. He flew into Manchester Airport.


Those firearms have been used in fatal shootings. They have been


used in shootings where people have been injured. Stephen Cardwell was


the conduit through which Greenoe's weapons found buyers. Steven


Greenoe passed through the arrivalshall on several occasions


between February and July 2010. In all on his visits, he brought in


over 0 60 weaponsment we are told airport security has never been


tighter, so how was Greenoe able to transport his cargo through here


without being challenged. Security is a process that you go through


when you are leaving an apport rather than when you are arriving


into an airport. The guns should have been picked up by the


departure airport. Security staff once spotted guns in his luggage,


but he convinced them they were non firing.


The worrying feature of the case is over 50 of the weapons he brought


Still to come on North West Tonight:


The highs and lows of sport. Why top athletes could be more


prone to depression. And Titian on tour. One of the world's greatest


The idea of having directly elected mayors to run local councils has


been around for a while, but there are still none in the North West.


That might be about to change because Salford is holding a


referendum on the issue later this month. But what's the difference


between a council leader and a We are holding a referendum to deal


with the mayoral issue. So not everyone in Salford is


interested, but whoever does vote later this month will decide how


everyone else votes in future and these campaigners want a mayor.


the moment the current leader is only chosen by the ruling group.


What we want is the 16,000 voters - - 168 ,000 of Salford City to


choose a leader. Mayors are directly elected by


voters, not councillors, they are more powerful because it is more


difficult to block their decisions and they are in power for four


years whether they remain popular or not. The referendum is costing


the council about �200,000 and the existing leader says it is not


required. The fact that more people are come to go live in Salford, I


think we have achieved all that under the current system and I'm


suspicious, even though it would be nice if it was me of concentrating


all the powers in one person. But that's for voters to decide.


It is democratic because it leaves it up to the public who decide who


they want as a mayor. I think the councillors should know


who is the best person for the job really.


People will be watching this result with interest because in May, there


will be referendums in another eleven cities including Manchester


and Liverpool. Whatever happens here will give us an indication of


Clearly it was rain in Salford today!


He was dodging the rain drops! They were two of the most


successful sports stars in the region but behind their public


personas Andrew Flintoff and Ricky Hatton suffered huge lows. Both


have spoken honestly about them. Andrew Flintoff reveals his


problems and interviews the former World Boxing Champion about his


struggles in a documentary on BBC One tonight. Stuart Pollitt reports.


Their careers brought them success, wealth and adulation, but they


brought a down side for Andrew Flintoff and Ricky Hatton.


You experience some unbelievable highs and dramatic lows. You never


think the world could turn into depression.


The lowest point was during England's Ashes defeat.


We lost the Ashes, it was in Melbourneks and Christmas is meant


to be great, your family are over and it all got too much, I broke


down on me dad. I broke down. I was on the field and I just had


thoughts of retiring all the time. I just wasn't enjoying it.


I took me gloves off and I sat down on the steps of the ring and I put


a towel over my head and I started sobbing.


For scat For Hatton it was defeat that triggered it. You are under so


so much pressure, but realising me days were numbered and I had to


retire and it was a gradual process. It is estimated one in ten


sportsmen suffer a form of depression, but away from sport,


the figures are starker. One in four people will suffer from some


form of mental illness during their lives.


It can be triggered by different things. For me, it was probably the


cricket, but for other people, it is different.


The sportsmen hope by sharing their stories, it will encourage others


And you can catch that documentary on BBC One tonight at 10.45. With


us now is Elaine Dickson from the mental health charity Mind. Hello.


Hello. There they talked about external


pressure, expectations, the end of a career, what am I going to do


next as triggers, but is depression sometimes just in the brain? Is it


the right neurons aren't firing and a tablet will help? For a lot of


people an antidepressant can make a big difference, but we have got to


recognise the impact of lifestyle events such as unemployment,


redundancy, grief, that kind of thing.


Stewart, said within the broader population, it is more common than


amongst top sports people who get headlines for it. Is there a stigma


attached to it where people don't like to admit to it and talk about


it? The Time To Change Campaign has been good in trying to reduce the


stigma that's been attached to. That has encouraged people to talk


about it, not just celeb celebrities, but everybody as well.


It is interesting hearing those celebrities talk about it, you look


at it from the outside, great families and millions in the bank


and travelled the world. Is it my life to the outsiders looks perfect,


but I can't enjoy it? It is more difficult for the people at the top


of a sporting profession to admit to having a problem like depression.


As you say, everyone thinks they should be happy, they have loads of


money. It is a life we all dream of? But they are humans like the


rest of us and experience divorce, bereavement that we all do and they


are under pressure to succeed as well.


The first step to getting help, whoever you are, is to talk? Yes,


definitely. I mean our advice from Manchester MIND would be to talk to


somebody about it, talk to your family and friends about it and if


necessary, go and visit your doctor. Superb. I wish I had more time.


Thank you for coming in. Sport now, and Tony's at the Etihad


Stadium for the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final between


Manchester City and Liverpool. It is no doubt getting exciting.


Yes, lots and reds and blues. Both sets of players arrived a few


minutes ago and and it will be a spicy affair bearing in mind


Roberto Mancini's comments about the Luis Suarez affair. I'll be


telling you about those in a moment, News from Everton who play at Spurs


tonight in the Premier League. go if you love the club, Bill.


You saddled us with debt. Tension in the blue half of


Merseyside. Tension in the red half because they are at Manchester City


tonight for the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final. Eight days


ago, Liverpool were beaten 3-0 by Manchester City. It will be tougher


for City tonight. Not least because they have lost The Toure brothers


Yaya and Kolo are away at the Africa Cup of Nations, they're also


without their captain Vincent Kompany, who's banned for four


matches. Mancini talked about the racism affair. He says Liverpool's


Suarez should've quickly apologised to Patrice Evra. On the pitch you


can do something that you don't want to do because you are nervous


or you don't think on the pitch, but I don't know. I don't think


this. He said it was a mistake for


Liverpool to wear those T-shirts. Lots of talking points around this


game. Tonight, a number of players are


doubtful. How much sympathy do you have with Mancini? If you lose your


best players, it is difficult. He has a big enough squad to come out


and give Liverpool a game. That squad will be tested. Vincen


will be a big miss because he is a leader as well as his game.


important is this competition to Manchester City because they are


out of the Champions League and out of FA Cup? Yes, it is very


important. A trip to Wembley and you are into Europe. You know if


you win it and you know you have got the likes of facing Cardiff or


Crystal Palace. Kenny Dalglish never won this as a manager. Gerard


is playing tonne. Liverpool -- tonight.


It will be a test with Gerard back. I thought they played good football.


Tonight, you know, it will be difficult and I think there will


only be a goal either way in it. Thank you very much indeed.


If you want to watch the game tonight, it is live on BBC One.


There is a Match Of The Day special. If you want to listen to the game,


there is full match commentary on There is lots going on in the worth


west for football. A gymnast from Cost bee is hoping


for -- Crosby is hoping for a medal. Dan Purvis was the all-round top


scorer after performing on six pieces of apparatus at The O2. Team


GB just needed to finish in the top four, but Dan's points mean they


finished first. You may remember Amir Khan's


controversial defeat to Lamont Peterson. Well, the International


Boxing Federation now says Mustafa Ameen is not one of their officials.


He works for their Education Trust. The admission could strengthen


Amir's attempts to overturn the result. It would have been easier


if Amir knocked him out in the first place. Neither of these teams


can get knocked out tonne, it is the first leg of the Carling Cup.


If Liverpool get a great result and make it tough for Manchester City,


they started the season dreaming of winning four. If they go out of


this, they go down to won. A sobering thought.


We have had an e-mail for you. It is from Biker Nigel, it says,


"Could you wish Tony a happy birthday?". I tell you what, I


don't look bad for 60, do I? I have got half me own teeth if that


helps! Thank you Tony, have a lovely


birthday. Now a story about nudity, violence


and death. Not the usual stuff you expect towards the end of North


West Tonight, but we do have a good reason for bringing it you. All of


the above feature in one of the world's greatest Old Masters


paintings, and it's going on display in Liverpool this week.


It's a picture by the 16th century Venetian artist, Titian. Andy Gill


has been to the Walker Art Gallery for a look. A young prince chances


on the Roman goddess of hunting, Diana as she Bates after a hard day


in the field. Diana is not impressed and a nasty end awaits


the young man. This is the picture that's on display at the Walker Art


Gallery. Experts say it is an important work of art painted by


Titian. Titian is known for his energetic,


loose brush work, but his colours and particularly evident in this


painting are the the variety of reds that especialises in and also


a fascination with use for paint to create reflections. You have got


reflections in the stream and this fantastic crystal vase in the


centre which is reflecting light. It is one of a series of paintings,


a later work not on display here, shows him being torn into a stag


and being torn apart by his own dogs. The Duke of Sutherland let it


go for �1 million which is about a third of what it would have fetched


if it had gone to auction. You can see the painting at the


Good evening. Well, if you are looking forward to


a change in the weather, I think this forecast will suit you. High


pressure pushes its way in for the first time this winter so we will


see a difference in this this weather.


Dry and fine, but coldment if you have been driving on the motorways,


you will notice they had signs up saying strong winds were forecast.


The Met Office issued a warning for strong winds. For the rest of us,


yes it will be breezy. Now you are looking at a lot of cloud through


the night tonight and more of that dull, damp and drizzly weather


pushing in. The further north you are, the more of that you will see.


It becomes widespread as we head towards the early hours of the


morning. In term of your temperatures, your final mild night,


8 to 10 Celsius again. First thing tomorrow, there will be a lot of


cloud cover and the remnants of this weather front allowing drizzly


rain. The the changing wind direction will push that weather


out of the way and look at the bright weather starting to work its


way in. Late morning in parts of the Isle of Man and Cumbria and and


every else sees it coming in. Temperatures falling from 11


Celsius to 6 or 7 Celsius and you will notice the drop!


What? 6 or 7 Celsius. The sunshine will match your


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