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The Southport paedophile finally jailed after being tracked across


the world for years. He is the first person ever to be


extradited from China to the UK. Parents are worried about support


for their deaf children in schools. I have help with my maths group and


my reading. A meeting the neighbours - the


live-in job with a little less conversation but a lot of wildlife.


Will Manchester beat London in the big Premiership showdown?


And waiting for hours in the rain for Simon Cowell to turn up wearing


sunglasses. He is among the celebrities looking for talent in


Salford. He can be nasty and I can A sex offender from Merseyside is


behind bars tonight after becoming the first person to be extradited


from China to the United Kingdom. The judge at Liverpool Crown Court


this afternoon described David Price as a very dangerous


individual. He admitted making and distributing


indecent images of children. One was younger than six. But he


skipped bail nearly nine years ago and went on the run. Andy Gill now


explains how the police tracked him down.


David Price's crimes began in 1990. He was jailed for four years for


gross indecency with a young girl. He worked in the construction


industry and travelled all over the world. He was married and had


children. After his initial conviction, he next appeared on the


police radar in 2003. That May, priced offered -- Price offered to


supply images over the internet to a police officer posing as a sex


offender in Colorado. He offered to take into the United Arab Emirates


to abuse children. Police in Merseyside found hundreds of


indecent images of children. He took the photographs in Dubai,


telling bigger roles' mother that she could only make money by


allowing him to abuse her daughters. He took images of children and sold


them around the world. Price was charged but absconded


that October. First he flew from Manchester to India. In 2004,


police tracked him in Kenya and Tanzania. They think he mayor have


committed more offences there. -- he may have. Merseyside police


alerted the Chinese authorities when he travelled to Hubei Province.


The Crown Prosecution Service played for the American police


officer who first spotted Price's online activity to fly from


Colorado to the magistrates' court here. He gave evidence and that


allowed Merseyside Police to apply for an international arrest warrant.


There is no extradition treaty between China and here, but the


Chinese acted on the arrest warrant and handed Price over late last


year. The world has become a smaller place, and that includes


criminal justice. We will pursue people around the world. Price was


jailed for seven years, with another eight months for skipping


bail. The judge said he was wicked and depraved.


Next, the parents of deaf children in Salford say their youngsters


could be left isolated in the classroom if plans to reassign


specialist teachers go ahead. The council says it is trying to make


better use of its staff. The parents say it will mean that their


hearing impaired youngsters are robbed of the vital support they


need. Here is David Guest. Ethan is a bright and confident


six-year-old. He has moderate hearing loss but attends a


mainstream school with support from a specialist teacher. She helps me


in my groups, like in my electricity group, my maths group


and my reading. She also goes into the classroom and works with the


other children in the class to help Ethan in that environment.


Salford Council is considering changes to its provision for


children like Ethan, which could mean that he gets less specialist


support in the classroom. It would have a huge impact. He would


struggle with the work they are doing at school because he would


not have that back-up support. The British Deaf Association say


this is not an issue confined to Salford. They say there has been a


reduction in the number of teachers by the death across the country,


and they fear that deaf children could be marginalised in the


classroom. The council says that is not about cuts, it is about big


beat -- making better use of specialist teachers by reassigning


their specialisms. We are looking at other areas of the service where


children have special needs and we perhaps need to put more effort


into those. The Autistic Society for Greater


Manchester says that children with Asperger's syndrome find it


especially hard to find teaching support. They need the support to


help them in later life. Should that come at the expense of other


children with special needs? Definitely not.


Ethan and his mum will have to wait until later in the year until they


discover whether he will lose some of his support.


He seems like a happy little chap, doesn't he? Lots of you have been


debating this on our Facebook page. Harmony Woodhouse told us: Natalie


She thinks the proposals are unbelievable. Helen Jones does not


agree, arguing that she believes that placing children in mainstream


Thank you for all of your responses. Police have apologised to the


family of the Southport Women murdered by her husband just weeks


after she had complained to them that he was harassing her. Kate


Mott's call was logged by Merseyside police as "adults


quarrelling over divorce". In fact, her husband could have faced arrest


for breaching a court order set up to protect her. The Independent


Police Commission said there were failings at every stage of the case.


Cull, a nurse, was found dead in her car off a country road in


Scarisbrick near Southport in 20th January 10. She had been strangled


by her husband, who then tried to make it look like a car crash. He


even made an emergency call to try to cover his tracks. The car was


not there. Brent Mott is serving life for


murder. She had obtained an non- molestation order to stop her from


harming her. Any breach would be an arrestable offence. She complained


to police about a breach but they failed to log details of the call


properly, failed to deploy a police officer, wrongly decided there was


no power of arrest and failed to check Brent Mott's history on the


police come -- police computer. Police actually do have policies to


deal with incidents of this nature. One would hope this is an isolated


incident and that lessons can be learned. The force has acknowledged


failings and says that a senior officer has met and apologised to


the family. It said it is reviewing its domestic abuse policy and has


strengthened the way it deals with such cases. I think in


circumstances like this where someone has lost their life, sorry


is never enough. I am very pleased that Merseyside police have offered


that apology. Elsewhere in news from the north-


west, tributes have been paid to our former mountain rescue worker


who has died in an accident in California. Michael Machell died at


cascade faults in Lake Tahoe on Saturday. He attended 170 incidents


with the Langdale and Ambleside mountain rescue team.


An inspection has found a special unit for women with mental health


problems at a jail in Cheshire to be wholly unsuitable. The Chief


Inspector for Prisons says the prison is improving but, despite


the best efforts of staff, services were stretched. The unit may now be


updated or replace. Rail users in Burnley are plot are


-- -- are welcoming plans to update -- upgrade to a station in the 10th.


Journey times to Manchester will be cut in half.


A man has been jailed for setting a BBC Radio Manchester radio car on


fire during last summer's disturbances in Salford. The 23-


year-old was sentenced to five-and- a-half years at Manchester Crown


Court. Speculation is growing that there


could be a directly elected Mayor in Liverpool, without asking the


voters if they want one in the first place. The vote is due to


take place in May, but could be cancelled.


The issue of Mayors is becoming a hot topic. What is going on here?


This is all about how to run a city. At the moment, people elect a


councillor and the councillors elect a leader. Here in Liverpool,


there is going to be a referendum on the issue of whether to change


to a Mayor or not in May. That is a decision made by the Government.


There at -- there is speculation that the City Council may be


swinging round, saying, yes, we will change the system and perhaps


do it without a referendum. I think that all the parties are being


pushed down the route to been forced to say where they stand.


Labour is essentially saying that, if it comes with extra powers and


perhaps extra money, they would be much more keen on the idea.


A week from today, I think, the people of Salford will be telling


the rest of us whether they want an elected Mayor or not.


That is not a referendum that is being forced upon them by the


Governor Michael the council, it is simply that 5% of the electorate


there decided that they wanted a river -- a referendum. So they will


get a vote. That takes place on Thursday. It is not clear how many


people will be bothered to vote, but it will be an important


decision that has been taken. The crucial difference is that, in


Salford, voters will take the decision. Here in Liverpool, it


could be the voters or simply the council. What it depends on here is


for the Government to make a decision on what those extra powers


could be and when they tell them, before the council decides where it


stands. Thank you. Could Salford be getting


its own Boris Johnson? There is more about that on the


Sunday Politics this weekend. The Mansfield has had a Mayor for a


decade. Could Salford following their footsteps? Find out on Sunday.


It is not the usual job advert. Working in a word observatory. It


will not be everybody's cup of tea, but a handful of people have


applied for one of the most isolated jobs are out there, one a


tiny island off the Isle of Man. It is so far away from the hustle


and bustle that 50 % of the population leaving would mean you


would be on your own. It is our own private island. If you like birds


and wildlife, you cannot be being on here. It is the perfect breeding


ground for seals. It is around 400 metres off the


south coast of the Isle of Man. You could walk there in a matter of


minutes, but the sea causes a huge problem. The strong wind create a


massive barrier to even get there, so the inhabitants can be cut off


for weeks on end. At the same time, that isolation makes it the perfect


place for a bird sanctuary. We have just passed 600 birds ringed. We do


not catch every the hour that passes through. You would have to


rely on a welter water if you love you, ate hardly Ehlich ate -- well


for water, hardly any electricity. It is quiet, you are left your own


devices. I love it here. Despite the lack of human life, there is


plenty of wildlife. Few cities honour their war dead


like Liverpool. Inside the town hall, an entire room is a memorial


to those killed in the First World War. One wall is a list of all


those who died. For decades, many names have been missing. Only now


has the council been able to put things right.


Marie Dean and her children have come from Oxfordshire to see


justice done. Two relatives died in the Great War. They went their


separate ways and eventually it went off to France to fight and die


within a year of each other. They fought for our country and saved


our country. If they are not honour, it is like they did nothing. In the


1920s, the country promised never to forget its war dead. A room in


the town hall was dedicated to their memory. 13,000 enlisted, but


many others were forgotten. Some people died after the war,


were not included in the figures. There was a whole host of reasons.


What we did at that time was tried to get as many as possible and


subsequently have tried to include every person we can. Even a century


on, new names are coming to light. Today, 21 names were added to the


list. This is my great uncle, he was from Liverpool and was in the


Royal Welch Fusiliers. He was sadly killed in 1917. -- Welsh. 150 names


have been added since the 1920s. The council will continue to add


names to ensure all of them are honoured.


It is a wonderful tribute. Richard has joined us. Now the sport.


Developing news at Northwich Victoria but not what the fans


might want to hear. Bad news for the club. The company that owns the


ground has said Northwich Victoria will not be allowed to play any


more games there. The club had been hoping for a compromise to at least


play there until the end of the season. The chairman gave us this


reaction. It is devastating for the fans and the clubs. The club is 130


years old. The fans have been so bothered by this. They are homeless.


What do they do now? It looks as though the ground, built about six


years ago for a cost of �4 million, will be demolished. The club have


been told without a stadium it is ridiculous, they have been told


they can keep the floodlights and the pitch. They will be trying to


mount a legal challenge. If it is often said London has the lion's


share of wealth, but when it comes to football the situation is


reversed. Manchester City and Manchester


United could have a monopoly on the trophies. Tottenham Hotspur will


arrive at the Etihad Stadium and Manchester United will play Arsenal.


London is calling, but is anyone The last time this quartet clashed,


it was Manchester 13, London 3. But the challenge from the capital has


not gone away. Tottenham Hotspur are a very strong team. They are


good players. For me they are one of the best teams. I would not want


to go there and sit back. We have people that can hurt them. I will


take the game to them. Spurs are a good team. No doubt about it. Here,


we should be them. Are you worried about the challenge from London?


There are lots of trains to It was painful to be there at the


time, but I fear nothing. We have survived big disappointments.


years ago, when it was combustible, Roy Keane having a love match in


the tunnel. It has not been like that for three years. Argue worried


about the challenge from London? think challenge is more from


Manchester. Manchester, definitely. I think Manchester United are more


consistent. If results end up the way of Manchester, this could be


the weekend where the title race goes from a tale of two laxities,


to a tale of one city. -- two cities. Amir Khan says Lamont


Peterson is running scared of a rematch. Earlier this week, the


Bolton boxer withdrew his appeal to the IBF after his controversial


points that the in Washington. He said the hearing would not have


been fair. The WBA has ordered a rematch, but speaking exclusively


to the BBC, he says Lamont Peterson is not keen to face him again.


will not win the next fight. We offered him a great fight, the most


money he will ever make. 50 % is a great result. This is not an offer


I would make with anyone. If I was him I would take the fight. Rugby


Union, and a very disappointing night for Sale Sharks. They were


knocked out of the Amlin Cup by a Brive. Three penalties and a dry


made the final score 19 to nine. We have been following the progress


of some of our Olympic hopefuls over the last few months. We have a


programme on Sunday looking at Beth Tweddle and Jennifer Pinches.


Natasha Jonas will also be featured along with Stephen Mason. It is on


BBC One at Sunday 5:00pm. Beth They waited in the freezing rain


for nearly three hours, a crowd of hundreds of. They were roadside the


Lowry in Salford, getting a glimpse of one of the most influential


figures in television. After a red carpet parade of A-list celebrities,


they were rewarded with some moments in the presence of Simon


Cowell. Even the biting cold it could not dampen the excitement,


with Ant and Dec arriving. Thank goodness he is back. Then the new


line-up of judges. He can be nasty and I can be nice. Not happy about


the weather, but it is good to be back in Manchester. The audience is


so friendly. With the contestants for the competition kept inside the


theatre, it was left for the stars to drum up excitement.


The BBC had been wonderful but I am very ambitious and I want to try


new things. Was a personal call from Simon Cowell? Not personal


call. He does not have my mobile number. Last to arrive, complete


with sunglasses, the top of the bill. This is a show where the


creator and judges are more important than that contestants. It


is an event where members of the audience believe they can have a


This is a very northern shore. -- show. I always had that feeling


about it. A lot of variety audience historically come from the North of


England, it feels right to be a peer. We never did get to see the


show, but I believe the man sat That was nice. Now the weather. It


That was nice. Now the weather. It is certainly not the weather for


sunglasses. They did not take heed of the weather forecast. We have


interesting weather coming for the next 24 hours. Remember back on


Monday we had temperatures of four Celsius. It was bright and crisp.


Tomorrow it will be 10 Celsius. It has been all about his huge band of


rain that has plagued us. Many places have looked dry over the


last couple of hours, but do not like and be fooled by it. More rain


will become heavy. It will break up and become more like showers. It


will become drier in most areas. You will notice the weather will be


very mild. Temperatures of around eight Celsius. Some places did not


even get to four. There are some spot of drizzly rain. As the


morning goes on, that will move away and the cloud cover will then


and break. There will be enough sunshine to make a difference. You


will notice cost of went up to 50 mph. -- gusts of wind. The


temperatures of 10 Celsius will be early in the day, as the sun comes


out, temperatures will fall away. These will be around nine degrees.


I he ended the day it will be seven. We have a weather front that will


bother us on Saturday night. It will bring some rain in. As it


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