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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight. Our top story...


This grandmother dies after saline poisoning at Stockport's Stepping


Hill Hospital. The death toll now rises to five.


We are live at the hospital. Also in the programme... Under the knife


again. Relief as Vanessa's ruptured implant is finally removed. You can


see it is all in bits. The original shell has disintegrated. That is


shocking! $$NEWLINEJail for the poppy appeal thief who stole


collection boxes on Remembrance day. Mario's latest misdemeanour. City


and United win but should Balotelli have seen red?


And monkey business. The gorilla pregnancy test that is not to be


A fifth patient who was treated with contaminated saline at


Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport has died. She is 60-year-old Linda


McDonagh, who was a mother and grandmother. Linda was one of a


number of patients given the saline between June and July last summer.


Kate Simms is at Stepping Hill Hospital now. What more do we know


about the woman who died? Linda McDonagh died in the early hours of


last Saturday morning, 14th January. She was 60 years old and lived


locally. She leaves behind both her parents, husband, three children


and two grandchildren. Her family paid tribute to heart.


A loving daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. Linda McDonagh's death


has left a huge hole in her family. She was depressed mother anyone


could hope for, putting everyone first, kind and caring. Very gentle.


Very gentle and got on with life in a graceful manner. Linda had motor


neurone disease. It attacked her muscles and meant she could not


speak, drink or eat. Last June, she went to Stepping Hill Hospital with


pneumonia. She had been coping well. But one night, doctors noticed


something strange. Her blood levels were Bury low. The saline back was


changed. And glucose. That brought levels back-up and doctors remarked


that it was strange. And it should not have happened. Police believe


Linda was one of 20 people at Stepping Hill given contaminated


saline. Four other people believed to have been poisoned in the same


way have already died. 44-year-old Tracy Arden. 71-year-old Arnold


Lancaster. 83-year-old Derek Weaver. All of them died last summer. A few


weeks ago, 82-year-old Bill Dickson passed away. Linda McDonagh died


last week after a second bout of pneumonia left her able to breathe


only on a ventilator. She and her family decided to turn the machine


off. They do not believe the saline contamination caused her death.


might have made her weaker, but she was going to die anyway. It was


just a matter of time. Last year, police charged nurse Rebecca


Leighton in relation to the contamination. All charges were


later dropped. Male nurse, Victorino Chua, remains on police


bail after being questioned on suspicion of murder and GBH.


Meanwhile, officers say they are now carrying out tests to establish


exactly how Linda McDonagh died. You get a sense of just how vast


and complicated this investigation has become for police, particularly


because of their health problems that people like Linda McDonagh at.


Today, Linda McDonagh's family bank this that at this hospital, saying


the treatment from the NHS was second to none. Back to the studio.


Next tonight. One Lancashire woman's remarkable story after she


had to have her ruptured PIP breast implants replaced. Vanessa Halstead


has told North West Tonight she was left in excruciating pain after one


disintegrated inside her. The controversial implants have been


back in the headlines again. Women who have had them staged a protest


outside the private clinic Surgicare in Manchester. The


French-made implants were filled with the wrong kind of silicon. And


these women want them replaced for free. They put this in my body. I


did not ask them to put this into my body. I wante it removed and


replaced. We should not have to replace them. We need to have to go


through surgery again. At a cost to ourselves again unless these are


remove. I will be a different woman. I am having them removed. My health


is more important than what my body looks like. 300,000 PIP implants


In this country, it is estimated 40,000 women have had them. The


government has pledged to pay for the 3000 women who had them fitted


on the NHS, but no more. Vanessa Halstead had to have hers replaced


after one ruptured. This report It is a day that Vanessa has waited


four long months for. The operation to remove a faulty implant for her


body. Vanessa, a promotions model, had PIP implants put in in 2004.


Last October, the pain began. was excruciating. Once its that it,


everything was triggered off by a run. -- once it started.


ultrasound showed one of Vanessa's implants had ruptured inside her.


She went back to the company who had fitted them, Surgicare in


Manchester. She said she was told she would need to pay full price


all over again. Something they have refused to comment on. Angry,


disappointed, let down. Where do I go next? There was just not enough


support. Finally, on the recommendation of a friend, she has


come to a private clinic in Preston. Under local anaesthetic, she will


be awake for the entire procedure. The operation will last less than


an hour and a half. The clinic is not making a profit. It is only


covering its costs. Something private surgeons across the country


have been asked to consider doing by the British Association of


Plastic Surgeons. The it is out. Slowly and carefully, the ruptured


implant is removed. Broken into piece after piece, it is stained a


bright yellow. The Shell feels brutal, like an eggshell. That


should have come out in one piece? Yes, many others would do that. The


Once removed, both implants are replaced and the operation is


quickly over. This is the implant from the right breast. There is no


reason why one would rupture and one would not. The capsule I am


holding now, of the PIP implied, it is poor quality than what we


consider good standard. Any minor trauma to the chess -- chest, such


as playing sport, may lead to rupture. And just minutes later,


Vanessa comes face-to-face with what was inside her. That is


shocking. Which is why I want to know why Vanessa was so determined


to replace her implants. I went up quite a few sizes, so my skin was


stretched, I would feel funny or look up normal. I know these


implants will be fine. Vanessa has now set up a website offering


advice and support to other women like her.


That is quite astonishing to see that. We are joined by Kevin


Hancock, a consultant plastic surgeon based in Liverpool. The


government says there is no increased chance of rupture with


PIP implants. But anyone watching that would worry. People will be


and rightly sold. It is difficult to get figures on all of this, but


those who have seen patients with PIP implants think the rupture rate


is higher than we would expect with normal implants. Do you think that


cowboy plastic surgeons have used these? The majority have been put


in by commercial cosmetic clinics. In those clinics, the surgeon has


little say over what implant is used, very much told by what will


be used by the clinic. What is highlight is how commonplace,


almost trivialised, invasive surgery has become, advertised next


to any other product. That is right, which is why the Association of


Plastic Surgeons has called for a ban on this sort of advertising,


putting it in the same bracket as tobacco and other banks. -- things.


What is the advice to women? I have seen a large number of patients


with this problem. One difficulty is getting information. A lot of


doctors are not aware of these problems and a lot of private


clinics have refused to talk to patients, some even charging


patients for any sort of information. The main thing at the


moment is that these ladies should not panic, this is not a life and


death emergency and we had some time to consider what is going on


and make the right decision. But ladies do need to be seen by a


plastic surgeon and assessed and quite a few of them will also need


some sort of scan to see whether the implant has ruptured. Thank you


poor that information. Kevin Hancock, based in Liverpool.


Some other news this evening. It is thought a terror suspect who fled


Manchester for Pakistan has been killed by US forces. Aslam Awan was


part of a group that trained in the Lake District and tried to lure


muslims to Pakistan to fight jihad. US officials say he was killed by a


drone missile attack on the country's border with Afghanistan.


Liverpool City Council leaders want a club that hosted the British


National Party's annual conference to have its licence revoked. There


were protests outside the Cricketers Arms in Wavertree last


October after the venue was hired out to the far right wing political


party. The club's owners say they have done nothing wrong and they


are being supported by a local BNP representative.


Back to the top story and police have confirmed that they are


investigating a sex dead at Stepping Hill hospital. -- sixth


death. Yes, police have confirmed another person given saline has


died. The man was 75 and died on Friday. Police are stressing that


it is likely that the man, along with the Linda McDonagh, that we


heard about earlier, and Bill Dickson will have died from natural


causes. It cannot be said for certain, but tests are being


carried out to establish the cause of death.


Thank you. A prolific thief who stole charity


collection boxes across Cheshire has been sentenced to eight months


in jail. Bradley Higham even stole one Poppy Appeal tin on Remembrance


Day itself. It was while the town of Frodsham was mourning its war


dead. Today, a judge told him he had sunk extremely low and had


little if any conscience at all. We have had clearly some problems


there. We will try to get back to that shortly.


Still to come... Penalty punch-up. The Bury players booked for this


We apologise for the technical A man who was jailed in Thailand


for smuggling in ecstasy tablets, has returned to Britain to serve


the rest of his sentence. Michael Connell from Bury was 19 at the


time of his arrest. He's served eight of his 20-year sentence in


the notorious "Bangkok Hilton jail". He now must serve at least half of


his remaining sentence before being eligible for parole. His father


Derek says he's suffered enough. Bang Kwang Prison, all the Bangkok


Hilton as it is more commonly known, has been home to Michael for many


years. I knew what was going to happen to me. Anywhere in the world


if you get caught importing drugs, you go to prison. His sentence was


reduced, but he still has a 12 years left to serve. He will now


have to spend at least six years in a British prison before being


eligible for parole. His father Derek says he has suffered the


consequences of his crime and has learnt his lesson. Michael


committed a crime, he admitted he committed a crime, he has never


denied it. He said he was stupid, you wished he had never done it. He


has done years now so he has done long enough. Derek is writing to


the Ministry of Justice asking them to look at Michael's case.


And you can see more on that on tonight's Inside Out North West, on


Rigid is here for the sport. The Manchester club's one against


London, but Mr Balotelli has grabbed all the headlines.


Even though it City beat Spurs and United got the better of Arsenal,


everyone is talking about Mario Balotelli and that challenge. Let's


have a look at it. The striker is involved in a clash. He Clatter it


-- he catches the midfielder as he spins around. But did he mean this?


Some observers say you cannot tell, although the Spurs manager Harry


Redknapp has called on the FA to take action.


Will they? I don't know. We were hoping for an


update today, but that has not come. They will only take action if the


referee says he did not see it. We are still waiting for the details


of his report, and indeed whether there is reference to a clash


involving another player. Either way, city of three points clear of


United he kept up the pressure. United he kept up the pressure.


It was an evening when one of the league's meanest backlines became


rather generous. Shocking defending by Liverpool. Kenny Dalglish has


warned he'll get rid of some Liverpool players unless they


improve their attitude. We have got to look at ourselves. But don't


forget Bolton. Out of the bottom three thanks to a terrific team


effort. Two scrappy goals saw Everton and Blackburn share the


points at Goodison Park. The intervention of David Goodwillie's


chest not enough to keep Rovers out of the bottom three.


And despite a dazzling goal from Hugo Rodallega Wigan now sit three


points adrift at the bottom. In the Championship, two late goals


put Blackpool one place and one point outside the play-offs. Steven


Schumacher scored twice as Bury beat Yeovil. But the main talking


point was his row with teammate Giles Coke over who should take


this penalty. It lasted more than a minute. Both were booked for


fighting. But Schumacher won out in the end. He scored and today Coke


apologised. Someone else with a fight on his


hands is Preston's new manager Graham Westley. High fives on the


way to the dugout but his first game ended in a 2-0 defeat.


Dagenham keeper Chris Lewington's probably still got his head under


the pillow after this howler at Crewe. Although like all keepers he


blames the pitch. That was one of four Alex goals as they climbed


And you can see more on Crewe in tonight's Late Kick Off when you


can also hear a very candid interview with Preston's chairman,


Peter Ridsdale. He says PNE's high- earning players will have to go as


the club tries to balance its books. The owner Trevor Hemmings is no


longer prepared to subsidise PNE to the tune of �750,000 a month. Don't


miss that outspoken interview on Late Kick Off on BBC 1 at 11:05pm


tonight. It is the presenter of that?


I don't know, but some guy! Accrington Stanley boss John


Coleman has agreed personal terms to become the new manager at


Rochdale. Coleman, who's been at the Crown Ground for thirteen


seasons, leaves Accrington in tenth place for a team fighting to avoid


relegation. The two clubs are The British pole vault record was


splashed over the weekend by this woman. Polly put in a height of


four metres 87 in France. Only one ever woman has ever gone higher


indoors. The number of different skills


involved in doing an activity like that.


Just carrying it expand it is incredible.


Thank you very much. Back to the story week started to


Time after time, caught on CCTV, Bradley Higham stole money destined


for the needy. Money donated by the public, raised by hardworking


volunteers and through fundraising events. Poppy appeal tins for the


British Legion were a particular target. Not only do our volunteers


put a lot of effort into May: Things happen in the short period


it happens every year, but ultimately those who would have


benefited from the generous nature of the public will now not do so


because of the actions of one person.


Today was the fifth time Higham appeared in court to be sentenced


for stealing charity boxes. He began his latest stealing spree on


6th November, taking a hospice collection box from a fish and chip


collection box from a fish and chip shop in Warrington. The next day he


shop in Warrington. The next day he shop in Warrington. The next day he


shop in Warrington. The next day he shop in Warrington. The next day he


stole a poppy tin from a spar shop in Grappenhall. On the 8th, he


stole from a Travelodge in Chester. And on the 11th of November -


Armistice Day itself - he stole a poppy tin from a bank in Frodsham.


The judge said at a time the population was thinking about those


who had gone before it, you would stealing money donated by the


public -- public. You have sunk below, it shows you have little if


no conscience at all. His crimes were despicable. It shows complete


disrespect to people out in war zones at the moment and previously,


and also those who have given their lives defending our country.


The court has now granted police powers to enforce an anti-social


behaviour order, banning Higham from Frodsham and Helsby when he's


released from jail. Police say they can only hope that when Higham does


leave prison, he won't go back to what the judge called his


despicable ways. It seems there's truth in the old


saying all that glitters isn't gold. How do we know? Well proof lies in


the gorilla house at Blackpool Zoo. Staff there have employed a novel


approach to working out why one of its female primates isn't getting


pregnant. And the technique is producing some sparkling results.


Peter Marshall explains. Njema is a girl gorilla, who should


be getting pregnant. They are very endangered animals in the wild soap


trying to breed them is very important. However, despite being


on very friendly terms with a silverback, there's no sign of


impending offspring. To find out why they need to test her droppings


for clues. But how do you spot and separate her droppings from all the


other primate poo? You need something to make a movement stand


out from the crowd. First, they tried food colouring


but it did not show up. Then they tried sweetcorn, but the guerrillas


found it second time around if you know what I mean. Then came the


idea of glitter. There's a nursery on site, with a


steady supply of child-friendly glitter, add that to a daily dose


of yoghurt and Bob's your uncle. Droppings that dazzle. They get


beat litter around their legs which is quite amusing, but dated to it


quite easily, they have not been many issues. Easy, unless the


cameras are there. It's OK. eventually - success. Good girl.


You want something natural that is not going to cause any issues to


the animal. The worst thing to do what -- would be to give them


something that would harm them potentially.


They can now send the right samples for laboratory tests without the


stress of separating Njema from the rest of her band or whoop. It'll


reveal any hormonal problems - which can then be treated - and the


patter of little gorilla pads - may not be far away.


Let's hope it is a happy ending! One of the most important


collections of Turner watercolours has gone on displays. The Alps --


the expedition the event is being William Turner was regarded as a


maverick in his day. The elevated landscape art rivalled historic


painting. He moved watercolour away from the washed-out and almost


insipid to the vibrant and colourful art form we know today.


The word genius gets over-used, but turning really was someone who took


the media to heights that no one else or since has ever taken it.


This collection is said to be the most important private holding of


British 18th and nineteenth-century watercolours. We are very much in


his debt, the fact that the collection has not been sold off or


separated, and for the beauty and condition of the collection. He


rarely showed it and he's up -- he took great care of it. Today the


colours are as true as the day they were painted. These locals, who


were there for the exhibition's opening day, attended today. It is


just wonderful to be here and see him in all his glory, his glorious


watercolours. It is fantastic for our local gallery to bring us


together. The collection, which includes work from many of Turner's


contemporaries, is on show until 14th April.


I wonder if they have any of those There is a lot of blue and white on


this chart am afraid. There could be snow in the forecast tonight. It


will be very cold before midnight, and there will be snow on the


highest peaks. With that in mind, the Met Office have issued a


warning that there will be snow and it could cause problems tomorrow


morning. It is definitely a night of two Haase. The first part is


clear before midnight and that is when temperatures will be as low


as-two. The second half sees more cloud as well as this band of rain.


There could be ice on untreated surfaces for a while, but the


biggest problem will be as it moves in and bumps into the cold air. It


will form sleet and snow. They could be problems for drivers in


the morning, any writs over the tops of the Pennines and such


places could see snow on the ground. Temperatures rise in the early


hours of the morning, but that snow warnings stays in place during the


rush-hour. But wherever you are, there is a lot of rain first thing.


That does not want to go anywhere. It is a slow-moving weather front


bumping up against the Pennines. After lunch, the back edge cups


into the Isle of Man. But you can see another area of rain is waiting


for Tuesday night. Another one on Wednesday and with that in mind,


the Met Office are warning they could be localised flooding in some


places. Greater Manchester could see a lot of rain. But temperatures


rise nicely with highs over nine or 10 degrees.


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