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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson and


Annabel Tiffin. Our top story... Go back to the drawing board.


Liverpool is warned it may lose its World Heritage Status if this


development goes ahead. We will ask where this leaves the city's


ambitious waterfront development plans. Also tonight...


The deepening debt crisis. The firms flourishing as many of us pay


to try to dig ourselves out. them all up, I was shocked.


Absolute shock, horror. A sixth victim is named. Police


believe Jack Beeley may have died naturally, although he was a


poisoning victim at Stepping Hill Hospital


And join me in Buxton to see why the council is in a lather over


Also tonight, with just 185 days to go to London 2012, you can't help


noticing the publicity surrounding the games. The modern games are


much more than sport. They promises millions to the host city and


hopefully the host country. Later tonight, we are asking what is in


it for us? That is our question for you tonight. Do you think we will


benefit? Do you work for a company who is doing work for the games? Or


just tell us your Olympic memories. Contact us in the usual ways.


Liverpool's world famous waterfront found itself at the centre of a


worldwide row today. UNESCO, the body which bestow World Heritage


Status, said the city was in danger of losing theirs because of a �5.5


billion planning application. It urged the council and developers to


rethink plans that could bring the city tens of thousands of jobs. At


stake is that much-cherished World Heritage Status. Arif Ansari is in


Liverpool tonight and joins us live. This is the most famous part of the


Liverpool waterfront. The World Heritage site stretches all the way


down the river to North Liverpool. It is that entire stretch which is


also the subject of his planned regeneration, which UNESCO does not


like, it has reservations about how it will change the river front.


What comes fast, economy or history?


It is mind-boggling, the plan to redevelop the waterfront. Peel


Holdings wants to build offices, apartments and hotels, offering


perhaps 40,000 jobs, but it too costly for some. I suppose this is


about jobs, development, something Liverpool needs? White would you


want to build Milton Keynes on this one will Heritage site? We have to


get away from the notion that we need to create jobs. We need


sustainable jobs by respecting the past. The United Nations grants the


waterfront World Heritage Status, but warmth that could be damaged


with deterioration or architectural coherence and loss of historical


and cultural significance. That is the hotel, the buildings


occupying... The leader of the council does not want to lose their


status or the prospect of regeneration. You can compromise


too far. This has to be a balance and I believe that UNESCO and Peel


Holdings and the council and planning authorities can work


together to reach a compromise. city council will soon judge this


planning application. Liverpool City Council will have to


decide that planning application pretty soon, in February, but these


buildings behind me were built to reflect Liverpool's International


economic power. Now perhaps some fear of those may have to give


weight as Liverpool plans its next stage of expansion. Thank you.


This is the week when most of us rue the shopping we did over


Christmas. It is the week the credit card bills come in. And for


an increasing amount of people here in the North West, they are the


final straw. Here are some sobering One person is declared insolvent or


bankrupt every 60 seconds, every working day in the UK. We have the


second-highest level of household debt in the world. The Consumer


Credit Counselling Service reckons households in Crewe have the


highest level of personal debt outside of London. Across the


country, 10 million people struggled to manage their debts


last year. Despite that, only 1.54 million people sought help. So what


help is out there? And, when it comes to someone managing your


Debt might be rising. The business of debt is booming too. And argue


worried about debts? But she due p to manage your debt? For Steve,


realising he had a debt problem was the hardest part. Getting into debt


had been easy. It was very easy, before you know what. Then you are


in too much debt, been shocked when you add it all up. A �47,000 debt


on top of his mortgage. He turned to the paid-for-advice sector.


Within weeks, he was on top of his problem. The responsibility came at


a price, which was up to �90 per month. This company in Stockport is


one of many charging for debt. -- debt advice. Business is booming.


They took on 50 staff this month. They will take on 100 next month.


There was a 21% increase of calls in December and this week will be


their busiest. They believe the sector is doing so well because the


free sector cannot cope with demand. Why should people in financial


problems pay for debt advice when plenty out there is free? Some of


the clients that I've spoken to who've been to the free sector say


that they've had to wait some period of time before they can seek


advice. And when they did, they didn't get the help they were


hoping for. They had to write to creditors themselves. Eileen Devany


has offered free debt relief worth half a million pounds in the last


six months. Citizens' Advice do not have the big marketing budgets of


big companies. They do offer the same advice. And they say more.


can apply for a remedy to have the debt wiped off. The private sector


won't do that, because they base their charges on how much debt


you're in in the first place. where to turn? Steve eventually


called a free provider for advice. With their help, he set up a plan


of his own. The �90 fees now went straight towards clearing the debt.


You don't think you should pay for it? Absolutely not. You can do it.


How is life now? Brilliant. We are in control of our money. Tomorrow,


we will hear from borrowers hit by high cost loans. The high cost


lenders hit by loan sharks. And the councils trying to fight back.


We were asking for your comments about the Olympics, but we have


some e-mails coming in on that about whether there will be a


legacy, but also a number of people commenting about debt. You can get


in touch if you believe we should cover a story in relation to that.


Yes, using the normal ways. Now for other news across the region. New


figures show that more than 700 hospital patients in Wirral have


waited a year or more for operations and treatment. That is


the second longest wait in the country. The trust which runs


Arrowe Park and Clatterbridge hospitals submitted the figures to


the Department of Health. But it now says they are incorrect.


Following a review, it is believed that number is far fewer. We have


got that down to 50 patients, so the key message will be that the


figures submitted repressed -- misrepresented this situation for


our Hospital. It is how we have used the computer system to record


a complicated pathway. The funeral took place today of


Harry Tomlinson. He was one of the last surviving crew members of the


famous wartime ship HMS Kelly. The 91-year-old from Bispham was


onboard the ship, captained by Lord Mountbatten, when it was sunk in


1941. The crews' exploits, including an incident when she


survived being torpedoed in 1940, inspired the Noel Coward film In


Which We Serve. We were frightened for our lives and for freedom. --


we were fighting. Some dark times, but also wonderful things done,


great courage, and we must not forget that and remember that we


have this freedom because of what people had done it then. -- done


then. A man from Wirral, who forced young


teenage girls in America to send him images of themselves via the


internet, has been jailed for six years. Jonathan Murphy, who's 35


and from Rock Ferry, admitted blackmail and downloading and


distributing indecent images. Liverpool Crown Court heard that


police found more than 2,000 images on his computer.


A couple from Lancashire have been fined for letting their house fall


into a state of filth and disrepair. Neighbours had repeatedly


complained about the state of Francis Roland Walsh and Catherine


Pammanter's home in Thornton Cleveleys. Public health officers


from Wyre Council who inspected the house described the smell as


unbearable. Stepping Hill Hospital moved to


reassure patients and their families today after a sixth death


was announced in connection with the investigation into contaminated


saline. 73-year-old Jack Beeley died on Friday from what police


believe were natural causes. However, they say he remains part


of their investigation, because it is believed he had been poisoned


last summer by contaminated saline. He is now among three patients who


have died recently, but who it is believed survived poisoning through


the saline. Kate Simms is here to Stepping Hill Hospital has been the


focus of public and media attention ever since news of the saline


contamination broke last summer. Police believe 21 people were given


the contaminated saline between June and July last year. To date,


six of those people have died. The latest of those is 73-year-old Jack


Beeley from Heaton Norris. He died on Friday. Today, his family paid


this tribute to him. They said... But police and the hospital are now


making a distinction between the deaths of Tracy Arden, Arnold


Lancaster and Derek Weaver. They all died last summer. And those of


Bill Dickson, Linda McDonagh and now Jack Beeley, who all died


within the past few weeks. It is highly likely that these later


It is important to differentiate between the three patients who died


shortly after being poisoned with contaminated saline last summer.


And the subsequent deaths. Those The hospital says extra security


measures remain in place on site. Police say they are being helped by


a team of highly experienced experts to carry out comprehensive


testing to establish the precise cause of death for all of the


victims. Meanwhile, a male nurse, Victorino Chua, remains on police


bail after being questioned on suspicion of three counts of murder


and 18 counts of grievous bodily Still to come on North West


Tonight... Trying to untangle a bureaucratic matter of knots over


knots. Why does it matter? I will explain later.


And getting in a bit of a lather. Why Buxton's town councillors want


a new soap scrubbed out. It was years in the making. But


when civil servants finally drew up the details of a speed limit for


Windermere, they made one crucial mistake. They decided it should be


measured in miles per hour. The Lakeland authorities presumed it


was to be in knots, or nautical miles per hour, which are slightly


faster. One attempt to sort it out failed. Now they are trying again.


The speed limit on Windermere was set following a long and


controversial public inquiry, meaning vessels cannot trouble off


10, but tend what? It was agreed it should be ten miles per Alloa, 10


statute miles pub hour. But what was being enforced his 10 nautical


miles per hour. It was a mix up and no one spotted it. What is the


difference? 10 statute miles is how you would major a car on the road.


10 nautical miles is for boats. There is a difference. 10 knots is


1.5 miles an hour faster than 10 statute miles per hour. At


difference of 1.5 miles per hour may not seem much, but it means a


lot for those using Windermere. This water scare is travelling at


10 knots, -- this water scare is troubling. You can find it


difficult to learn how to water-ski at the wrong speed. This woman is


travelling at ten miles per hour, her sister vessel is travelling at


10 knots, which puts her ahead. miles per hour is slower than 10


knots. We would have to adapt if the change went ahead. The park


authority tried to clear things up asking for the 10 knots to be


endorsed, but that was refused. The Prince of the Lake District a post


at St it could have undermined the speed limit altogether. -- opposed


it. Now the two sides have worked out their differences and the


authority is going to attempt again to persuade the Secretary of State,


but it still has to go out to public consultation. Watch this


I think there would be a relevant - - it would be irrelevant what


speedboat was going up. Lots of e- mails about the Olympics, what do


you think we will get out of it in the North West. Not long before the


Olympics begin, 185 days, many of us are looking forward to it but


most of the events take place in London. The organisers say there is


something for all of us outside the capital and they call it the


Olympic legacy. It is a term that has been used a lot since London


won the bid to stage the game. Stuart fenders has been finding out


exactly what that means and asked the question, what is in it for us?


The King's Speech, the last time the Olympics came to London. The


top end was of strength, skill and excellence. Modern Games organisers


help justify the vast expense, emphasising legacy. What do they


mean when they talk about legacy? You can measure the legacy for the


2002 Commonwealth Games in terms of bricks-and-mortar, new sports


facilities for Manchester, including a new stadium for


Manchester City. But London 2012, what is in it for us? The bricks-


and-mortar legacy may be elsewhere, but the organisers say businesses


across the country have benefited from contracts to help build


facilities. The Government says a raise profile for London could be


good for us in other ways. I wonder to be a big tourism legacy. A want


the world to know that the North West is the home of popular culture,


with Liverpool having more number ones than any other city in Britain,


the 50th anniversary of the Beatles, a greater concentration of museums


than anywhere outside London, and the most extraordinary countryside.


The former athlete Diane Modahl from Manchester knows what it takes


to reach the Olympics. She is now trying to show other children from


Manchester the way. She fears the economic climate may limit their


ambitions. At the end of the Olympics, there will be lots of


kids going, I would like to do that. Will they be somewhere for them to


go? That is the real challenge. They probably is not going to be a


real place for them all to go. When we won the bid, we were in a


different climate economically. Our expectations were very high. And so,


even though the climate has changed, our expectations have not changed.


There is no shortage of enthusiasm here. It is great. Do when could


you be there? I would love to be there the next one coming.


2016? I would say so. If the Games could build on that enthusiasm,


that would not be a bad legacy at all.


Don't forget, we would love to hear what you have to say about this.


Apparently, lots of businesses across the country will be putting


in television sets in their offices so people don't miss the action. If


your company is doing that, let us know.


Some sports news now away from the Olympics, Northwich Victoria have


been granted a stay of execution and will be able to continue


playing at their Victoria Stadium until the end of the season. Last


week, the side faced eviction from their ground after it was bought by


the neighbouring chemical commonly Thor Specialities UK. -- chemical


company. Agreement has been reached which means the Vics will continue


to play there until April. Manchester City say they are


reluctant to appeal after the FA charge Mario Balotelli with violent


conduct. He appeared to stamp on the head of the Spurs midfielder


Scott Parker at the weekend. Balotelli could be banned for four


matches. City have disputed the claim, Howard Webb and the referee


did not see the incident. I think the referee could see it. Like I


saw a live, I have looked at different angles today, from wide


angles were other people have seen it live and not reacted to it. Not


one of the Tottenham players or staff reacted to it life. The


referee did not react to it live. When you slow it down, that is


where the reactions come. Rochdale's new manager John, has


told us what they can avoid relegation. They are currently


second bottom in League 1. Common at his assistant have moved from


Accrington Stanley and they say they are looking forward to a new


challenge. It is a bigger club than Accrington. It is possibly -- they


have possibly some better players. We believe it is our remit and our


It is not often we get a soap on BBC One at this time, but here is


one with a difference. When Neil Scowcroft wanted to market his own


brand of perfumes, he called them Buxton Spa after his home town. But


he has run into trouble with the local council who say they have the


rights to the name already. They have started selling Buxton Spa


soap in their own shop, saying Neil's claims to use the name as


well just won't wash. Soap and water go together,


especially when it is spa water. But in Buxton, there is a row


babbling about who has the right to use the name Buxton Spa. Here's a


sample of my perfume. Neil scam croft has been making his own soap


for the past year, but when he tried to sell it at a council-run


craft fair, he was told the name is a registered trade mark. Owned by


the council. The council could have come to the original, and I could


have provided what they are now supplying. I don't think they


should be getting into the business of soaps and perfumes. The council


said it did not want to be interviewed because of impending


legal action but it confirmed ban last December, it started marketing


its own range of candles and soaps and its -- from its own shop at the


Pavilion Gardens under the brand name but some sparkle stop in a


statement, the council said the plan reflects Buxton's status as a


But just what is in a name? Can you claim it as your own? As by is a


spa and Buxton is a spa. Therefore there must be an argument that that


were at his descriptive, therefore there is a possibility that if


challenged, this trademark might be held to be invalid. He it looked


like there may be more twists and turns ahead in this particular soap.


Sweet-smelling and frequent, Sweet-smelling and frequent,


hearers Diane with the weather. -- fragrant.


Good evening. What a rotten day we have had. So much cloud and damp,


miserable weather. Tomorrow is not that much better. It looks like


being cloudy, damp, it will be very mild, which is the saving grace.


But fairly windy today. In terms of mild weather, tonight, eight


Celsius. Normally you would expect that during daylight hours. There


is a change ahead, by the time we get through to Friday night, at


temperatures into minus figures. Today today, you know what we had.


The Rayner was so fine, the radar picture cannot always pick it up. -


- the rain was so fine. More to come tonight. There is more waiting


out to the Irish Sea. It drags in more rain through the Night tonight.


It is cloudy, it is overcast and dull. Visibility is so poor out and


about, particularly over the high levels. If you are driving on the


motorways, there is so much spray around, you visibility is a


shortened, conditions are not ideal. The only positive thing is the


temperatures were really good, seven or eight everywhere. On


Wednesday morning, all of the cloud cover will be around. If there is


any room at all for a break, it will be over parts of Merseyside


and Cheshire. There will be just a glimpse of sunshine there. That


will be very short-lived. A lot of cloud cover there. It looks like


being largely dry, but the computer cannot really pick up a fine rain.


Particularly over the tops of the Pennines, visibility will be poor.


Tomorrow night, another area of rain working its way wants the sun


has gone down. It will be slightly better than it was through the day


today. But what you will notice is the wind is picking up. Picking up


in the early hours of the morning and it will be fairly gusty. Around


coasts and hills, it could be touching gale-force for awhile.


Temperatures, look at that, between nine and 11 Celsius. Things will


start to change as we head through the next couple of days. At the


moment, we are at the mercy of these weather fronts. Friday and


Saturday, an area of high pressure working its way in. It may push the


by the funds out of the way but it changes the wind direction.


Temperatures start falling away. There could therefore be some snow


There could therefore be some snow over the hills.


Exciting times! Way asked you at the start of the


programme whether you thought there would be a legacy from the Olympics.


Lots of people getting in touch. Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed.


Simon Hale runs a local football club and says the simple answer is


No, London will keep all the profits. Why should I get excited


or help them? Colin also thinks there will be no North West legacy,


he says what London wants, London gets and it will be the same again.


Mandy Richardson in Buxton is looking forward to the Olympics


because she has tickets for the archery. She says it will be an


amazing experience, creating much needed income not just a London bus


for the rest of the UK. Justine Kennedy in Liverpool says


people from this region perhaps cannot afford to go and cannot


appreciate the millions that have been spent on the games. A Ryan


says, it is not every day you get to be involved in such a huge event


in your home country. It is definitely something to be proud of.


Last Ellis cannot see how the North West will benefit and wonders where


the profits, if there are any, will actually go.


A couple of others. John says, in the North West, we already suffer


from the Olympics, although large infrastructure projects have been


cancelled so money can does it. Thank you for all of those. I am


looking forward to it. I wish we had got tickets.


The least popular events, the dressage and the synchronised


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