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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Ranvir Singh and Tony


Livesey. Our top story: Changes at the top - new board


members are imposed on the region's most beleaguered heath Trusts - but


the man who runs it stays. We'll be asking what today's


announcements means for the staff and patients of the Morecambe Bay


NHS Trust. Also tonight:


All change to proposed cuts in special needs - the Salford leader


orders a review of plans to reduce support for deaf children and the


elderly disabled in the city. No sign of Lord Sugar - but


apprentices are making a comeback and giving hope to the longterm


unemployed. Boardwalk Empire - we meet the


family who loved Blackpool's North Pier so much they bought it.


And the Diamond Queen - we remember when the newly crowned Elizabeth


visited the North West and we hear And of course we've got all the


sport with Richard. Yes we'll hear from Steven Gerrard


on Luis Suarez who could be back for Liverpool tonight, Wayne Rooney


on David de Gea and after all the games that bit the dust because of


the bad weather, are artificial pitches the future?


And we've had loads of emails on your memories of the Queen, which


we'll read at the end of the programme.


They've been given warning after warning, chance after chance to


turn things around but tonight the people who run the troubled trust


with hospitals in Lancaster and South Cumbria have been told they


alone cannot be trusted to make things better. Monitor - one of the


NHS regulators - has announced that they are appointing new people to


the trust's board - the chief executive though keeps his job.


Tonight the hospital trust has apologised to anyone who has


suffered as a result of their recent failings. Our health


correspondent Laura Yates is here now.


Make no mistake, this is the latest in a long line of stories about


this trust and is hugely significant. It is effectively


saying, we do not trust you to run this hospital alone. You need help


and now. They are putting in place an interim chair to oversee the


board. This is Sir David Henshall, former chair of NHS north-west. He


will join the trust along with a number of others to work alongside


cheap Dat -- chief executive Tony Halsall, who has refused to step


down. This now looks at the trust is in special measures. It is a


welcome and extreme over what -- intervention. For months now, this


trust has been under close scrutiny. First, its maternity services were


investigated and told to improve by many different bodies following an


inquest into the death of an infant. Then it's an -- its appointments


system. 19,000 appointments Mr because of a faulty computer. Most


recently, accident and emergency services, too few nurses on duty.


Now it says monitor, at the trust board must be strengthened. Here is


what patients we have spoken to think. I had my head down here are


a little while ago. I had a pacemaker and I have no complaints.


I have no complaints with the appointment system. In December, my


husband came to accident and emergency and she was treated OK,


shall I say, but I was not totally happy how you were sent home.


hospital trust has told us to night that they welcomed the appointments.


They say they have been working hard to improve over the last few


months that have to night apologised to anyone who has


suffered as a result of their recent failings.


Salford Council is to postpone controversial plans to reduce


support services for deaf children and close day centres for the


elderly. The council leader says its because he's been listening to


those who criticised the changes. His political opponents insist he


had more selfish motive for backtracking. Our Chief Reporter,


Dave Guest has the story. Cutting support for deaf children


and closing day centres for elderly people, proposals that were never


likely to be crowd-pleasers. A suggestion to reduce the number of


support teachers were youngsters that he AMOS From to 3,000 people


to sign up protest petition. They would struggle with work at school


because they did not have that back-up support. Plans to close


three day centres for the elder because an outcry. -- it was


somewhere be met friends and it is hard to make friends. Now the


leader of Salford Council has announced a rethink. In regard to


these issues, I think it would be a nice idea to bring parents and as


well as members to go through the issue at to see if we can move


forward with a series of recommendations as to how to move


the money most effectively. In respect of day centres, and have


asked officers to Galway and have a look at how we can best use those


buildings. For now, there will be no change for the teaching


provision for deaf children and the day centres that was that at --


that where sentenced have won a reprieve. The leader says he has


listened to people, but his opponents have think -- think he


has another motive. The Lib Dems say it is because he is running for


mayor this spring. It will not be for the well-being of people


concerned, it will be to protect his own back. In the run-up to May,


I have the responsibility of still continuing to help run the city.


Are they going to say this about every single decision I make from


now until May? Meanwhile, service users at the centre of all this


will have to wait to see what the long-term future holds.


And we will be looking at this issue over the next couple of


weeks.We'd like to hear from you if you have a child with a disability


whose support is under threat or has been reduced because of budget


cuts. Send your details to us here at [email protected]


Police say they hunting a gang of teenagers who attacked a bus in


Salford, smashing a window and terrifying passengers. A missile


was thrown through the window and the bus was left stranded as one of


the youths pressed the bus's emergency stop button.


The publishers of the Farmers' Guardian - which is produced in


Preston - have sold the title as part of a �10 million deal. 57


people are employed at the paper and its sister title the Dairy


Farmer. The new owners - Briefing Media - say they intend to invest


in the titles. A witness in the Rhys Jones murder


inquiry has been given �80,000 in compensation after his identity was


revealed by Merseyside Police. The man gave information to the police


following the 11-year-old's murder in August 2007, on the basis he


would not be identified. But his name was passed to solicitors


acting for the gang who stood trial over the killing.


Ten workers have been taken to hospital after a chemical spillage


at the Royal Seaforth Container Base on Merseyside. Three


ambulances were called to the docks at about twenty past two this


afternoon when people began feeling ill after inhaling chemical fumes.


None of the casualties is thought to be seriously affected.


With youth unemployment at record levels, it was hoped the


Apprenticeship scheme would provide real job opportunities to those who


need it most. But is it failing 16 to 24 year olds? The majority of


placements end up with over 25s. So is public money well spent? Or


should it be directed elsewhere? Here's our economics correspondent


Jayne Barrett. Darren is used to driving something


else. But for today, it is something a little bigger. After


two years out of work he finally got an apprenticeship here at this


training academy. How is it going? Great. I would like to progress


into other things, not just driving. Apprenticeships are not new, but


there is a renewed interest in them. 25% of employers offer


apprenticeships here, the national average is 17%. Two-thirds of


apprenticeships I filled by the over 20 fives. Stop arts get full


funding for Darren's training because he is under 25, but that


drops significantly for the over 20 fives. Even with the cash incentive,


they still prefer older trainees. The work ethic is not quite there.


That is something that we need to train them to get them to


understand. Here at this, they took on apprenticeships it --


apprenticeships into their sixties. Why should Government money be


spent on this age group? shouldn't it? I have had a very


successful career. Jaguar to contact more than 1000 last year,


the Cork and Manchester 11 under. The Government can only hope that


the scheme will start to have more of an impact on those who need it


most. At a time when pubs are closing


hand over fist, when the economy is showing precious few signs of any


serious growth, you might conclude the last few years have been a bad


time to run a brewery. Well, think again. The Lancaster Brewery


started life as a tiny micro brewery just seven years ago. Today


it's officially opened a brand new, expanded operation. And its beers


are being enjoyed by drinkers around the world. Peter Marshall


reports. Theirs is a different view on what


most would say have been tough economic times. Is there no


recession? We have not really seen it. Three friends launched at the


Manchester -- Lancaster a brewery in 2005. It was then cast as a


micro-brewery. Now, in a new custom-built premises, they will


rue 35,000 pints of Castile every week. How has it thrive to when the


pub and drink sector has suffered? * up blaming other people. Stop


blaming the Government. Stop blaming the smoking ban. Found the


Lord that we have one, can you imagine going back to that? There


are too many excuses. The plan now is to kick -- is not to kickback


and dressed, what they are hoping to do is double the amount they are


currently producing. They have just signed a deal to export have a


million bottles of beer for to the United States. The cast brand is


already drunk in 42 United States, as well as Fen Road -- Finland,


Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania. is one thing to go into a pub down


the road and see a beer, to think it is several miles -- several


thousand miles away and people are enjoying it, it is a great credit


to the team. From Mike origins, it is now classed as a regional brewer.


Six s in it strained economic times. Still to come: 23 G or not three g,


will be looked at the question of artificial pictures.


And the romantic tale behind the restoration of one of Blackpool's


main attractions. One couple's love story turns full circle.


Sport now. A huge match tonight. There are a lot of column inches


about the match tonight. Yes. The Uruguayan is up for


selection after his two-match ban. You would expect him to feature,


even though manager Kenny Dalglish has refused to say one way or


another. If and when he does, Steven Gerrard says it will be a


big boost. He has been missed, so the lads are looking forward to


welcoming him back. Hopefully he can help us put on to achieve the


things that we set out to achieve. I'm sure you will.


It is very foggy and Anfield tonight. There is no word weather


of the kick-off will be in doubt. Definitely worth checking the


latest news. We will have full commentary if it goes ahead.


Liverpool fans can start looking forward to Manchester to knighted


at the weekend. United fans will still be talking about the game


last night. What a game it was. Three all. On a


sour note, of Rio Ferdinand was booed by its sections of the home


crowd. John Terry is being tried for allegedly abusing his brother.


Those two dropped points now mean that Manchester City and a couple


clear at the top. 10 minutes after half-time, United looked dead and


buried. It was a sense of, let us get out of here. At full-time, the


men looked back on and never-say- die come back, which keeps their


title challenge very much alive and kicking. You need character to win


leagues. Most players in their it deserve everything beget. After


having one penalty shout waved away, they were then awarded to. Both


were converted by Wayne Rainey. The rest then it made it that pressure


tell. A. They hung on to, thanks to a couple be excellent saves. I have


seen him training. I think you would be one of the best. With


Leeds United to chasing city at the top after a good loser breezed past


Fulham in snowstorm conditions. They scored three without reply. A


comprehensive win and the only real Holloway rejected the offer for


Matt Phillips before he scored twice against Cardiff on Saturday.


Kevin Phillips scored an equaliser. The Seasiders are now in fourth


place. Burnley are still in touch with the play-off places after a


brilliant goal from Jay Rodriguez made it 1-1 against Peterborough.


There was not a single lead one or two game that beat the bad weather.


The reduced fixtures or let -- fixture list has added weight to


calls for artificial pitches. Widnes Vikings have become one of


the first team so to install a synthetic pitch. Stuart has gone to


weight up the arguments. -- to weigh up the arguments.


Some clubs experimented with plastic pitches before they were


banned. Now artificial pitches are back on the agenda.


Friday was Widnes' big night but it only went ahead because a big


investment in a new 3G i-pitch. It cost �500,000. We feel's Richie


Mathers said it cost him the skin on his knees. He tweeted his


picture and called the picture atrocious. There were a couple of


grazed knees and elbows. The conditions were not ideally suited


to playing the sport that we play. Not only was Friday paused --


Friday's match able to go ahead, but two further games and training


sessions took place on the pitch at the weekend. It will be in use


every day this week. That is attractive to a club like a kitten


-- Accrington Stanley, who are keen to install an artificial pitch.


have to look at the commercial benefits. If it helps Accrington


stay in the Football League and progress it has to be worth looking


at. We consider ourselves pioneers it, in that sense. -- pioneers, in


that sense. This is the best grass pitch on the day, every day of the


year. Traditionalists say that rugby


league should be played on real grass. But more may take a look at


artificial pitches if the weather continues this way.


You can see an in-depth report on efforts to cope with the winter


weather and artificial pitches on Late Kick Off tonight. Immediately


after that is the Superleague Show. It features action from all five


north-west clubs, including the return of Widnes to Super League


and Salford's first game in their new stadium. He was on to his agent


straight away. Why is the show not Salford and Widnes both lost at the


weekend, as did... Saints fought back against the London Broncos to


come out on top by 34-24. Last season's Grand Final runners-up ran


in five tries to overpower the Broncos.


Thank you, Richard. Peter Sedgwick loves the North Pier


at Blackpool. It has so many happy memories for him and his family


that, when it came up for sale, what did he do? He bought it.


Now his family is promising to restore the Victorian pier to its


original splendour. She is the grand old lady of


Blackpool - the town's oldest and longest pier, built three decades


before the tower and stretching elegantly a third of a mile into


the Irish Sea. In the early years, hundreds of thousands strolled the


decks. It was seen as an upper- class then you where ladies and


gentlemen could walk on water without getting seasick. -- and


upper class venue. Now there are new owners on the block. Meet the


Sedgwicks - a family committed to restoring the pier to its former


glory. For Father Peter, the purchase was a simple fulfilment of


a promise made 40 years ago. proposed to my wife on this pier.


We always used to come on the pier, and we love it, you know, it has


been something special to us. I said, I will buy you this pier


wounded. So the opportunity came along and, fate, I don't know.


The family will now have to pump millions of pounds into the pier


for it to survive into the 21st century. That includes a facelift


for the theatre and a brand new tram. We want to make North Pier


the place to come and the place to be, and we need to do a lot of


engineering work on her. We have the experts to do it. I would


always like to think that, in time, people will turn round and say,


when the Sedgwicks got hold of the pier, the really turned it round.


That would be a nice thing, maybe put it on my grave. What are you on


about, grave? You're going off the end of the pier! That is what they


It is such a romantic story, isn't it? There is more on those plans on


tonight's Inside Out at 7:30pm. I do not know whether the cranky as


well make an appearance. They were good. Bucks fizz were there as well.


The Earl and Countess of Wessex and in Lancaster's -- Lancashire as


part of a to have -- a two-day visit to celebrate the Queen's


Diamond Jubilee. To mark the occasion, British Pathe have made


pictures available of royal visits to the north-west. Kate Simms


reports on royal tours past and present.


A fitting a cape -- location for today's royal visit. The Earl of


Wessex was in blackbirds are officially open the time's new you


saw, much to the delight of these youngsters. It is great to have


been come to Blackburn. Having someone like that opening it for us,


that is pretty exciting. The Prince looked relaxed despite the


attention, but he is following the well-trodden path laid by his


mother. Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh leave Bolton


Town Hall. 1954 and the Queen visits Bolton and Bury. Her Majesty


then acknowledges the crowd's greeting. Before taking a tour of


the lilac cotton mill at Shaw. In 1957, it was the turn of Wallasey


and Chester. The Queen presented a military colours and went on to


open the County Hall. She was given a silver cigarette box, a gift from


the council. She returned with the Duke of Edinburgh and Earl Louis


Mountbatten to launch the Oriana or at Barrow ship run. In 1961 the


crowds turned out in Manchester as the Queen opened the new law courts


at Crown Square in Manchester. Down the road in modern-day


Chadderton, they were celebrating the Queen again today on this, her


accession Day. She has carried out her high sense of duty with great


big name -- dignity, stead fast resolve... And back in Blackburn,


it seems the royal visit has generated new royal fervour. It was


an honour. It is warming up to be a diamond


gear. Almost as good as your Brian Cox


impression! Whatever you feel about the snow,


it doesn't half make the region look absolutely beautiful. Look at


this shot. The Hall of the north- west looks absolutely stunning. I


am showing you these images to but are you up because we keep the same


theme this week. It will be mostly dry, fairly cloudy, but it will be


very, very cold. The temperatures rose nicely today with a bit of


sunshine. Most places are dry overnight. Snow could freeze


overnight tonight, so why is could be a problem over the tops of the


Pennines. For most of us, it is another dry night. The temperatures


are the big story again. The best place to be is the Isle of Man,


surrounded by all that water, staying a little less cold than


everyone else. Even along the coast it will be down below zero. You


will notice a little fog and mist. I think that will be around through


the rush-hour tomorrow but I do not think it will linger through the


day. The best of the sunshine will be in parts of Cumbria and


Lancashire. By late morning, the cloud has started to roll back in.


The afternoon looks fairly grey. If you have had the time -- a


temperature of minus seven-over night it will take some time to


recover. The best you can expect is four or five Celsius.


Let's talk about the Queen, we asked for your memories. Rita says,


when I was eight years old I was in hospital and my classmates wrote


letters telling me that the King had died. I still have them and the


contents are now a bit of history. Karen says, my daughter and I saw


the Queen. We saw all of the police motorbikes. She waved to my


daughter. Mike says that when he was given an


MBE, the Queen asked if it was a difficult job. She said, town-


planning and Liverpool must be a difficult task. I bit my tongue and


gave a glib response. I really wanted to say, to something right,


madam. We must just mentioned something


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