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Good evening. Our top story: That Catherine the Great crowd pleaser.


Liverpool turns out to welcome the Duchess of Cambridge.


She made the solo Valentines visit to the city and one little boy got


the scoop ahead of the media. Also tonight: Long-distance love,


the woman who has to do a 340 mile trip to visit her autistic son.


And worldwide success with its Facebook challengers. Wasting all


that money on games, it is not very good. And the taste of love. The


factory where the sweet romance We will be hearing from some of you


about those games on Facebook and what you think about them.


First, a court has been hearing how a deaf girl allegedly beaten and


abused at a house in Salford from the age of 10 was stabbed with a


kitchen knife. In her early twenties now, she was brought to


the UK from Pakistan and claimed she was locked in a dark cellar


every night for nearly a decade. In Es and Tallat Ashar deny false


improvement, human trafficking, sexual offences and benefit fraud.


-- Ilyas. The third day of the trial and they


watched a police interview of the woman. Speaking through an


interpreter, she describes her routine where she lived with 66


year-old Tallat Ashar and her husband, Ilyas. She was forced to


wash, cook and clean and tell her ankles were sore, she said. Mrs


Asher would tell her to get up and carry on cleaning. She said Mrs


Asher was cutting onions in the kitchen when he smiled at the girl.


She smiled back but this made her mad and she stabbed the girl in the


abdomen with a knife. It was three days before she was taken to the


doctor for feeling unwell but she wasn't a showman or told about the


in jury. -- injury. She was forced to sleep in a locked a seller here


and during the night, she said she had to bang on their door to go to


the toilet and would be pushed back downstairs afterwards. She says she


was raped by a Ilyas and sexually assaulted by his wife. The case is


being translated into Urdu for the couple.


Next, making your debut in a major away fixture can be a daunting


prospect but the woman who used to be Kate Middleton, now Catherine,


the Duchess of Cambridge, left the city as a win as crowds turned out


to welcome her on her first solo engagement.


A royal observers say she carried out the visit in some style. With


Prince William away on duty in the Falklands, was left to an eight


year-old boy to present the Duchess with a Valentine's Day red roses.


Kate may have gone but the bunting here remains. A reminder of a


special day here Liverpool. It is difficult to believe that this was


just her first major solo outing, such was her ease. Royal visits are


always carefully planned but today, she overran at every single point


because she stopped to speak to so many people. By the time she left


Alder Hey, she was over an hour late but she left behind many happy


faces. A Valentine's gift for the gestures.


Red roses from one of her many admirers. She was friendly, nice


and beautiful. It was here that she began her day out in Liverpool. It


is an alcohol-free bar helping people recover from their


conditions from drink and drugs. is amazing. I am so proud. My


children are so proud this morning. They are so excited. It is like a


dream come true. I am pinching myself because it is unbelievable.


It was then on to Alder Hey Hospital and the warmest of


welcomes. Patients braved the cold and there were many more are


arriving and the Duchess spoke to as many as she could. Really


excited because it is a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to see Kate


Middleton. Ishi very beautiful? It was up to Amy, treated at Alder


Hey, to welcome her officially. More flowers and a curtsy. She was


very pretty and she was very nice. On one of the cancer wards, more


presence and cards for Kate. Tell me about meeting Kate. It was a bit


nerve-racking but it was really nice talking to her. She has had a


rough year so it gives us a boost. She sat down and spoke to every


child on the ward. Boucher as beautiful as you thought she was


going to be? -- were she as beautiful? No, she was more


beautiful. Elliott also got a scoop of his own because he told me the


Duchess of Cambridge told me of the -- told him the name of the dark


that they had got each other for Christmas. He kept his lips sealed!


How fabulous. Parents in south Cumbria are


joining forces to get a better deal for their autistic youngsters. They


say the county has a lack of provision that is suitable for


children with autism. One woman has had to put her child


into residential care 150 miles from home because there's nothing


suitable to where she lives that is nearer.


When he was born, Robert appeared to be a normal, healthy child. It


wasn't long before his mum realised there was something wrong. He was a


very difficult baby. Robert was diagnosed with autism. I was told


that it would be unlikely that there would be able to meet


Robert's needs at home. Now Robert lives in South Yorkshire, 150 miles


from his family. His mum says, such is the shortage of provision for


autistic children in Cumbria, Yorkshire was the closest place to


offer suitable, supported accommodation. Sam is also autistic.


He has 24 hours are bought at a Home Office home in Barrow, not far


from his dad. His dad had to think creatively to arrange all of this.


It required that I set up what is in effect a care agency with one


single client. I now have a team of seven full-time staff who support


his needs vary radically -- adequately. It was my choice to do


it this way. He is close to home, surrounded by his friends and


family. Robert's mum has joined forces with other parents to see if


there is a way of pooling resources to create their own tailor-made


facility for autistic young adults in south Cumbria. I know he is not


going to be a lawyer but I still have aspirations for him. Cumbria


County Council said they had made significant investment in provision


for autistic people in recent years, including opening a residential


In other news, drug dealer has been jailed for life for murdering and


burying the body of a boxer from Wirral. The body of 31 year-old


Brett, was found at a body -- at a farm. He had been shot, burnt and


buried. Thomas Haigh was found guilty at Truro Crown Court and


will serve that five years. Again of these have been caught on


CCTV smashing their way into the back room of a luck -- off-licence.


They used a lump hammer to make a hole in the wall and then climbed


through but said the alarm of a soul ran away empty handed.


The funeral of the four siblings who died in a house fire in


Freckleton will take place on Thursday. 19 year-old Reece Smith,


his four year old twin sisters, Holly and Ella, and two year-old


brother, Jordan, died when a fire started at their bungalow last


month. Retailers in part of the main


shopping street in the Isle of Man's capital have set up an action


group to encourage more investors. Many shops in Douglas have shut


down and the ones left say they are being neglected.


Phase halls in the pavement out there, the drains dip in the middle.


-- There is holes in the pavement. They seemed to look after the


English multiples rather than the local people. Jaguar Land Rover has


announced a an increase in profits following the rise in sales of


their Evoque model. 32,000 were sold in the last quarter of 2011, a


32% rise. China is the biggest market for Jaguar and Rover cars.


For this order by definition is a tough fighter, expected to be brave


in the face of the enemy. -- a soldier. An increasing number of


men and women are suffering the effects of war when they are back


at home and some say they can't cope at all.


Post-traumatic stress disorder means solders can't talk about


their memories and some will even try to kill themselves. As a film


is released, Peter Coulter went to meet when you -- went to meet one


young man who can't talk about what he has witnessed.


For life as a soldier is tough. full-scale invasion of Iraq is


Eddie Edwards served in the Army for 11 years. In Iraq, he lost a


number of his close friends. The horrific images of war still haunt


him. Back home in Preston, he found it hard to adjust to everyday life.


I was beginning to get very anxious very quickly, argumentative,


violent, I didn't want to be around people, I wanted to lock myself


away. I couldn't handle crowds, talking to people I didn't know, I


wanted to be on my own. Although he was suffering, his family was also


struggling to cope with his condition. When I first had my son,


it was difficult. He then tried to commit suicide. I had to keep


strong and I did keep strong and kept him going there since I have


had Poppy, I have got depression now. In the north-west, combat


stress is treating 520 solders. They say on average, it takes a


veteran 13 years to seek help. A new film hopes to break their


stigma. The one thing I found interesting


was sold his didn't want to get help. That is why it has become


such an epidemic. The soldier training works against a soldier


getting help. Eddie's family hoped the film will encourage others to


Still to come on North West Tonight, It's That man Again, Carlos Tevez


is back on Manchester City soil, but he just cannot help getting


into trouble with the boss. And it is written on their hearts,


the couples grew could not help fall in love across the production


line. I love that story! Now love it or


hate it, Facebook has quickly become the world's largest online


social networking site. If you are not on it, you probably know


someone who is. This is our Page. Thousands of you look at it and it


is a great way for us to talk to you about the stories we are


covering and for you to tell us what you think of them. We will be


reading some of your comments on this story in a few moments. Of


course, businesses know Facebook is a great way to interact with people


and make money. And gaming companies have been getting in on


the act. One company in Cheshire has made millions in the last two


years. It says shops old gaming offers a sense of committee. But


some people say face begins can be particularly addictive. -- face but


games. Just two decades ago, this was


gaming. One player, a fixed computer screen. Now you can play


on your phone, iPad, laptop, anywhere, against anyone. You end


up copying her friends and it is just a community side of it. It is


more social. And it's not just teenagers who play - women in their


30s are this Wilmslow games company's biggest users. We found


one of our players like to escape from the world. And you were the


master of your own destiny. It is very much about growing and making


things. Gourmet Ranch is Paul Gouge's great gaming success story,


played only through Facebook. Players farm virtual vegetables and


animals on their ranch, then cook and sell them. It's free to play,


but Paul's company makes its money by charging real cash to unlock


things like ingredients. It's cooked up huge profits. 600,000


people now play the game a month, generating �7 million. Paul himself


was a millionnaire before the age of 30. The key, he says, is


Facebook. Gamers used to play against a computer or one or two


friends. With social games on Facebook, you play against defence.


It does not matter where in the world your friends are. I'm in


Australia. This is a new frontier for gaming and Facebook represents


an exciting platform. You have the opportunity to target your product


to be people like it most. But for some gamers, it can be hard to walk


away. I think people can get addicted to them. Kids wasting all


the money on games on social media. But Playdemic's story has impressed


many, including MP Ed Vaizey, shown around today. The great thing is


that even from an office in Wilmslow, you can reach the world.


It is a tough business. And literally the world is your oyster.


A philosophy this company has embraced. Have you ever played?


No, I am working too hard. This is our Facebook pace. If you have your


comments. It takes me three hours to feed my fish on Happy Aquarium.


Angela says, diamond - can get very addictive. Sue says, I used to play


a lot but I block most of them now. You are going without sleep because


you do not want to miss out on a fire sale. Gareth says he blocks


everything. I love Bejewelled Blitz, the only problem is it is so


addictive but I do not have a clue why. If I play just before bedtime,


I cannot move for exploding bright coloured gems and my head. Jonas


says, I used to play Farmville, but blocked it because it was taking


over all of my time. It started getting silly so I cancelled it. I


now block all game requests. Michael says, I would rather read a


book. Any time for any more? One more. Phase begins are not games,


they are distractions. -- face that games. Alexander says, I do not use


any apps, they are a nuisance. I never cook and anything, I just do


what I need to do on it. Ireland had to school there. -- I learned


to scroll. Now, he's assured of a warm welcome,


but not necessarily a friendly one. Carlos Tevez arrived back in


England this afternoon, three months after flying home to


Argentina without Manchester City's permission. City manager Roberto


Mancini had said in September that the striker would never play for


the club again after accusing him of refusing to come on as a


substitute. Before he flew back, Tevez claimed his boss had "treated


him like a dog". Andy Johnson reports.


A police guard was perhaps not the welcome he would have wanted.


Carlos Tevez may have little time to sleep off the jetlag - he's


still got to face his manager. There had be some signs his


relationship with the man has -- the manager has been flowing out,


whether that is the case today after his comments and a television


interview is another matter. They treated me in a way that no players


deserves. It worries me that my image in the press is bad


everywhere, in England, in Argentina, as far away as China.


the same interview, Tevez claimed his manager "treated him like a


dog" after Roberto Mancini accused his striker of refusing to come on


as a sub in the Champions League tie against Bayern Munich last


September. When that happened, Mancini claimed Tevez would never


play for City again. The following day, he was suspended. In October,


he was fined for breach of contract and in early November, he left for


Argentina without permission. Just before Christmas, Tevez was fined


�1.2 million for gross misconduct, and possible moves to AC, Inter


Milan or PSG all fell through before January's transfer window


Carlos Tevez is expected to report to City's training ground at


Carrington for fitness tests while the rest of the squad fly out to


face Porto in the Europa League on Thursday. Whether he ever plays for


the first team again is anyone's guess. Hours sucking you about what


kind of welcome use of. Manchester City fans, most that I have spoken


to just want him to apologise. They think he has disrespected the club


ban unless he makes an apology, I think he has to say sorry, he has


to, to say sorry to the fans. He has just got to start, I am sure we


will be covering up for the next three months.


Next, it's Valentine's Day, so we thought we'd head to what we think


is the North West's most romantic place to work. Almost a quarter of


the 550 staff at the Swizzels Matlow factory in Derbyshire are in


loved-up couples, and many of them met on the site. It does of course


produce the nation's most romantic sweet, Love Hearts, and Nina


Warhurst went to see if she'd have any joy on the conveyer belt of


Their eyes met across the conveyer belt as they were packing sweets.


We would send them down the line on the machine we will working on,


little messages. Be My Boy. It was there for both of us. Robert and


Amanda are not the only ones - this Valentine's Day, there are 61


loved-up couples working at this one factory and 30 of them are


married. Sweet or what? The company moved here from the East End of


London during the Blitz and since then generations of families have


worked here. Some say it is that sense of history that adds to the


romance. Let's face it, it is not the uniforms. My family has worked


here for generations. My aunties and uncles. How do you keep a


dramatic when you were to get the? We have been married for 29 years.


We know enough about each other by now. I would not do without her. I


would be lost without her. C, who said manufactured love cannot last?


If you are feeling lonely this Valentine's Day, now you know


exactly where to send your CV. The only thing I would say is if


you can fall in love with someone wearing hairnet, it must be love.


Now, just before we get to the weather, just say a quick sorry to


those people who featured in our story about the royal visit in


Liverpool today. We had a few gremlins in the system and be used


the wrong title for some of them. Sorry about that. Let's go to die


and now. If I had a Love Heart, and now. If I had a Love Heart,


which one would be? Get on with it? Something like that!


If you live along the coast, one of the main features of the weather


today has been the wind. We have some shots at Blackpool, north


westerly wind means the conditions have been quite stormy. The wind


has been over 30 mph at times. Yes, not particularly pretty pictures.


If you live along the coast, I think your pictures will be very


similar tomorrow. The conditions are hardly changing. The wind has


been quite gusty today but another problem has been this cloud cover.


If you were lucky, you may have seen 20 minutes of sunshine every


now and then. That has perked up the day. But the temperatures


compared to what we have Liss time last week, Severn's rates for most


people. During the night, the cloud cover stays with us. I think if you


get a break, it will be around the eastern parts of Lancashire. Around


coastal areas as we head to the early hours of the morning. The


brakes are not very prolonged. They will not be that widespread. Almost


blanket cloud cover so temperatures will hover around three in towns


and cities. Along the coast, around six Celsius on the Isle of Man. The


conditions are hardly different to today on Wednesday. Some cloud


cover. It will pray from time to time. The sun is up earlier and


earlier. A parts of Cumbria and eastern parts of Lancashire, that


is what the best of the cloud breaks will be. The cloud tense to


feed into parts of Merseyside through to parts of Greater


Manchester, in two parts of Cheshire. That wind through the


day-to-day, over 30 mph in gusts. That will be the same story


tomorrow. It will feel fairly raw. Inland, you will still see winds up


to about 50 mph. So it is not feeling wonderful. Temperatures at


degree or so higher than today. Probably around nine or ten Celsius.


Tomorrow night, we hang onto all of that cloud cover but between World


War II and seven degrees. Going into a Thursday, we are looking at


the north-westerly wind continuing. A portion of the day will be dry.


One or two outbreaks of drizzly rain. By the time they get to


Friday with that weather front, and outbreaks of rain from time to time.


For the weekend, they conditions cool back off again. And at least


it did not rain for the royal visit. it did not rain for the royal visit.


She looked amazing. Before we go, we have had an e-mail from Caitlin


and her mother who were in the crowd to welcome the royal visitor


at they have some pictures they to it. Lovely. She is there, chatting


to people. Caitlin says they had a fantastic time. And she thanked the


hospital staff for handing of blankets for the children who were


waiting in the cold. It looked like a brilliant day.


She was not even posing, that is wonderful. But she is away from her


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