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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight. Our top story: I eight


years on, I really thought it would be easier to deal with but it is


not. The widower's eight year wait.


Vinny Derrick's White talks of her devastation after his body is


finally found. All so, the child shot by Gaddafi's


sniper for giving water to a rebel, and the Preston medical team


helping him recover. The bird's eye view of the �50


billion scheme you might not know about.


It is a gardener's world. Clitheroe's answer to a young Percy


Thrower. And the basket case, who left


�21,000 in cash on this couple's doorstep in Lytham St Anne's?


She waited eight long years the foreword of her missing husband.


Now Vicki Derrick says she can finally lay him to rest and say


goodbye properly. Vinny Derrick disappeared after a night out in


Manchester in August 2003. His remains were found just two days


ago. His heartbroken wife says now her worst fears have finally been


confirmed the passage of time has not made any easier to bear. As our


chief reporter explains, there are still many questions to be answered


in the case. Vicki Derrick's face said it all.


After eight years, she finally had been used she both longed for and


dreaded. She discovered the fate of her husband, Vinny. The human


remains discovered on this piece of land on Wednesday were the remains


of the man she had last seen in 2003. I always believed that


whatever happened on that night... The need is appeared on a night out


with work colleagues in Manchester. He got into a cab and headed out of


the city centre, intending to meet a colleague at their home, but he


never arrived. On rich, he phoned to say there had been a dispute


over the taxi fare. That was the last anyone ever heard from him. In


the intervening years, his family always maintained there was no way


he would have walked out on his young wife and son. I never


believed Vinny had chosen to disappear. Eight years on, I really


thought it would be easier to deal with but it is not. I thought we


would go for years and years still hoping and praying that he was


going to come back through that door. For some unknown reason. But


I suppose in your heart of hearts, you knew that was not going to


happen, knowing of the knee as a guy, that he would never have left


home in the first place. -- knowing Binney. In 2003 the police mounted


an extensive search, including Possil Gatley, the area where the


body was eventually found. -- parts of Gatley. However today the police


are unclear as to whether the exact spot was included in their original


search. One of my priorities is to go back and look at the Parameters


and seek where was searched. they are keeping an open mind about


suspicious circumstances. What the family do not know as yet is how it


Vinny Derrick came to be down there Next, two men who previously served


in the armed forces have been jailed with another man for a total


of over 30 years for bringing heroin and cocaine into the country.


Liverpool Crown Court was told Brian Miller and another man had


served their country with distinction but had gone on to


disgrace themselves by being involved in a conspiracy to import


high-purity drugs in this to the UK. They were jailed today along with


Ian Adderley. A covert investigation tracks a


lorry arriving at Dover from Dunkirk. Concealed in this


specially adapted lorry, drugs worth at least �1.5 million. The


drivers are Kyle Robinson and Graeme Miller, both previously


served in the armed forces. Near Skelmersdale, BHB is picked up


again. Robin gets into a waiting car before transferring the drugs


into the boot. The backs are put into another car outside my's home.


The men had previously followed his routine, only this time police were


waiting. Heroin and cocaine was packed into a white back and handed


over under the M 58 to Ian Adderley, the third man in this operation.


The two men were arrested, followed later by Robinson. All three


admitted conspiracy to import and supply heroin and cocaine. The


judge told the three men that the drugs had gone into circulation --


if the drugs had gone into circulation they would have caused


further misery and addiction. They had shown a great degree of


sophistication and planning. They have played for high stakes and


lost. The men, including Miller, who had spent two years in Bosnia,


were jailed for nine-and-a-half years. Robinson toured Afghanistan.


He was charged for an extra -- given an extra three months for a


friend. The third man was given extra time for cannabis production.


It sends a message out to people who are organised by it --


approached by organised crime gangs and asked to bring commodities back


into UK. The convictions represent a significant step in tackling


crime gangs and the flow of drugs The leader of the Labour Party, Ed


Miliband, has cited the abolition of the North West Development


Agency for the lack of private sector jobs here in this region.


Earlier this week, an 8.8 % rise was announced in the number of


people looking for jobs in the North West. If you look at what we


did with regional development agencies, which have been sad be


abolished by his Government, including in the North West, it was


precisely about generating the private sector job growth. Now what


we see happening in our economy, and a welcome developments such as


the Peel development, he is that jobs are being cut in the public


sector but not replaced at the same pace in the private sector.


A year after the Libyan revolution began, more than 40 -- 30 of those


injured are up being treated in Preston. Many have lost arms, legs


or fingers and need months of rehabilitation. Their treatment is


being paid for by the Libyan Government. Staff at the unit which


is part of the Manchester teaching hospitals are working overtime or


on their days off even to make sure all their patients get the care


they need. The few would just like to put your


sock on. Mhemed was just 13 when he was shot in his country's civil war.


He lost his left eye and his right arm had to be amputated below the


elbow. TRANSLATION: I was serving water to


revolutionaries when I got shot by a sniper. I was taken to a hospital.


It was very painful. I could not resist the pain. Mhemed is one of


more than 30 Libyan patience being treated here at the Specialist


Mobility Rehabilitation Centre in Preston, one of the biggest and


best units in the country. Most have lost a limb. Allmey months of


intense rehabilitation. The All -- the aim of the programme is for


patients to be able to use their artificial limb. There is little in


the wake of prosthetic service in Libya at the moment. This man was


shot in the chest. The nerves in his right leg were so badly damaged


that four months ago he could barely stand. We I came here, I was


like someone dying. -- when. But now it is getting better. We are


just working on his steps and the way he's walking. In a few short


months, he has learnt to walk again. It is still painful but it is now


possible. All he wants to do is walk again in a free Libya. I feel


freedom. Freedom for my country and for my people. They did not die for


nothing. Gaddafi has gone forever. If there is any pain... But for


others, too, there is still plenty more to face before they can go


home. Ahmed is missing his family but he has come here to get a new


hand and fingers. When I came here I was very excited. I am so excited


to have new hands. To get them as natural as possible. All the


treatment is paid for by the Libyan Government. Staff here are working


overtime so it does not affect the care of other NHS patients, doing


all they can to help those who have gone through so much.


That is a wonderful story. They are getting a fresh start at life. Yes,


and bear has been through experiences we cannot imagine.


And the job satisfaction the staff must get.


Still to come, we will be live at the Olympic velodrome with


Manchester's cycling team. And what would you do if you found


�21,000 of these on your doorstep? That is what happened to a couple


from Lytham and I am going to find out what they did.


First, in might be impossible to peer into the future but one of the


North West's most powerful companies, Peel, plans to shake it


with a startling regeneration strategy. It is a plan called the


Ocean Gateway, made up of dozens of smaller projects, building into one


massive scheme. One element is it - - of it is Media City, where we are


broadcasting from now. Our reporter is outside in Salford Quays.


The point here is that Peel Holdings owned the Manchester Ship


Canal and you can see one of the completed projects, Media City,


where you are sacked right now behind me. That is one of the


completed projects on the Ocean Gateway. But the point at prayer is


that in a funny kind of way, Peel one to turn the clock back and get


a trade flowing here again. They are going to develop the porter at


Liverpool and Birkenhead and from there tradable come up to Newport


and Salford and Warrington. The key figure for the Ocean Gateway is 50.


It is 50 individual projects over 50 years, costing �50 billion.


Plans for the Ocean Gateway Open on the Mersey. Liverpool Waters would


regenerate derelict docks. Wirral Waters would do the same in


Birkenhead. As you can say it -- see here in Birkenhead, it is very


desolate at the moment, so anything that happens here would be seen as


a bonus almost. Will it look very different? Radically. But that is


only the start. Increasing trade is critical. We also want to make


better use of the God-given asset that John Whitaker calls the


Manchester Ship Canal, and the docks they have in Liverpool, to


open up transport, there to be another gateway into the North of


England. The Ocean Gateway is actually a series of 50 projects,


stretching along the length of the Manchester Ship Canal. It is about


modernising transport and trade, developing renewable energy and


regenerating large areas. Big plans can clash with small communities,


though. At Frodsham, Peel wants to build a wind farm, which has led to


a planning battle. I quite like Peel for their energy. The fact


that they do things and get on with things. I wished they would just


pull in their horns a little bit and isn't a bit, because there is a


number of projects around the North West which are really good project


which they spoiled by just pushing it too far. Peel stands as a


company with an extraordinary vision. If it is realised, the


Ocean Gateway will strengthen the North West and tie company's


fortunes and the region's closer together.


Quite an extraordinary project are rare. We are going to be talking to


Peel. They will be on the Sunday Politics, at 12 noon on BBC One. We


will be getting their views on that. And wouldn't it be interesting to


come back in 50 years and find out how they get on?


You have got the job! He will not look a day older!


It has been a big week for John He has helped build the new Blue


Peter Garden in between a hectic schedule running his own nursery


and landscaping business. Oh, and he has just won the first ever BBC


Young Gardener Of the Year competition. And all at the age of


just 24. He is living proof that you do not have to be of a certain


age to enjoy gardening. It was never like this in Percy


Thrower's day. Tension mounts as 24 year-old John Foley from Clitheroe


narrowly pips 25 year-old Damian Jenkinson from Wigan for the


coveted title. The brief was for a young couple who do not have time


to spend on their garden. You could have this garden done and not do


anything with it for three years. Today John had his feet back on the


ground at the nursery that he runs with his girlfriend, Kate.


oversee it together and we get on well because we have a bit of space


from each other as well! John took over the family nursery in 2009.


John has been keen on plants since the age of seven. These lovely to


primroses have just started to come through now. And in the end, it was


his knowledge that helped him clinch the title. To be good at


gardening, and you do not have to have 15 years' experience under


your belt. Just get out there. It is so it satisfying. John has been


helping out with the new Blue Peter Garden, which gets a royal opening


at Media City in Salford next week. He will be one of the guests. But


for the moment, his schedule is Richard is here with the sport. We


will tease you with a bit of a wardrobe malfunction that happened


in the sports team dressing room. We will tell you at the end of the


And we have got to talk about racism in football again, I am


afraid, haven't we, Richard? Aimed at Manchester City's black players


last night. Yes, some Porto fans were guilty of racist abuse during


their match against City in the Europa League last night. There


were complaints of races noises and chanting during the game and in


particular when this happened... Mario Balotelli's substitution.


This was the striker coming off towards the end of the match with


Yaya Touray also saying that he could hear the abuse. Uefa are


going to look into that, aren't they? But on the pitch it was a


very good night for City and United, wasn't it?


Yes, City won 2-1 in the Estadio do Dragao, coming back from a goal


down to give themselves a great chance in the return at the Etihad.


Their first was an own goal. And this was the clincher. Yaya Touray


putting it on a plate for Sergio Aguerro, who could not miss. And


Manchester's reds are in even better shape after their trip to


Ajax. Ashley Young with the first and this one from Javier Hernandez,


giving United a comfortable 2-0 victory. An injury to Antonio


Valencia that could keep him out for a month was the only downside


for Fergie's men. They get a few days' rest, with no Premier League


this weekend and attention turning to the fifth round of the FA Cup.


Bolton face a tricky visit to Millwall, with Liverpool also


facing Championship opposition. Brighton at Anfield on Sunday. But


perhaps the most intriguing tie sees Ian Holloway's on form


Blackpool travel to David Moyes' improving Everton.


We are on a decent run. We have to try to keep it going if we can. It


will be tough against Blackpool. They are a good side, doing really


well in the championship. Bake art in the chance of getting back into


automatic positions in the league. We have West Ham on Tuesday.


Fantastic games to have. The most important thing is keeping it fresh,


giving everybody opportunities, and they will grasp the opportunity. So


it makes it difficult. Full commentary on the those


matches on your local BBC radio stations - Merseyside, Manchester


and Lancashire. And full coverage of rugby league


as well, with Widnes and Salford both looking to get off the market


in Super League this weekend with the pair meeting at the Stobart


Stadium. Elsewhere, Warrington are at Huddersfield, while joint top St


Helens travel to Hull KR. And for Wigan Warriors, their visit to


Bradford is a chance to build on an excellent victory against champions


Leeds Rhinos, something demanded by their demanding head coach Shaun


Wane. I caught up with Shaun for a chat at the club's training ground.


Good upload from Goulding. Hat- trick! The players are 100 %. When


they are playing it against a team like this this weekend, they know


everything about the team. You have had a long association with the


club, being a long term and popular play as well. I love the club and I


want to make sure that in my time, and make a difference. I want to


win every single game the best way I can. What are you like when you


get home? Do you ever switch off? No. I have not had a day off since


November but I do not see it as a work. Seeing players get better


and... Not only on the field but best of people off the field.


People's perceptions of us as Wigan Warriors players and people means a


lot to me. Do you do anything for hobbies? I have two dogs, and I


love them and take them for walks every day. That is my wind down


time. I love that. I used to play golf but I do not anymore. I have a


dog so do not take this the wrong way but to talk to them and run


tactics pass them? No! But I enjoy going out. I love the fresher and


countryside. You are obviously enjoying your job. I love it. I do


not see it as a job. When I get at home -- home at night, I stay up


watching the team on TV. I cannot relax until I know that the players


are where -- are well prepared. I really enjoyed talking to him. It


is a busy weekend for the successful Manchester-based cycling


team. They are getting their first taste of the Olympic velodrome at


the Track Cycling World Cup today where the likes of Chris Hoy and


Victoria Pendleton have been in action. Stuart Pollit is there now.


Is the Olympic excitement building? Real excitement here. Olympic fever,


something we will hear a bit more about in the next few months. There


are probably 6,000 cases of it amongst the crowd here this evening.


They are here to see the team from the National Cycling Centre in


Manchester. If they had competed as a country in the last Olympics,


they would have been Des on the medals table, with eight gold


medals. -- tenth. Made in Manchester, it has become


the envy of the cycling world. A team so good that quite often their


main opponents are each other. That is the case with Jason Kenny,


colleague of Chris Hoy in the team spent his afternoon. At the weekend


they are rivals in the individual sprint. You cannot give an inch,


otherwise the other one will take it. It is good in that respect but


is just a race at the end of the day. For the last decade, cyclists


like Jason have been based in Manchester because the facilities


have been unrivalled but now because of these velodrome in


London and another one being built in Glasgow for the Commonwealth


Games in two years' time, his the city's status as a home of British


cycling under threat? It was announced this morning that the


three bedrooms would share events, and devote more resources to the


grass roots level. -- the three bedrooms. The National Cycling


Centre is the home for British cycling. We have just invested �24


million in the best on largest indoor BMX facility in the world.


So that cements that position. So we are quite confident about that.


The infrastructure has been invested in, the athletes have been


invested in, there is no reason to move from there. So it appears to


be that Manchester's blaze as the home of British cycling is safe for


the time being. -- place. Hopefully there will be many gold medals on


this track this year. Here is a question for you. What


have you and Prince Charles got in common?


I happen to know we share a love. A You are both Burnley fans. It


turns out that the future king, that is him, not you, is a carrot


as well. And apparently the club has confirmed today that a gold


season ticket is on the way to Clarence house. -- the future king


is a claret as well. Let's move on. We have no time for


royalty! If all you have had at your door tonight is the window-


cleaner demanding money, take heart from this. A couple from Saint


Anne's arrived home to find a wicker basket waiting for them on


the step. Inside was �21,000 in cash. They had no idea who left it


and after telling the police, no one claimed it. So Ian Roberts and


Pam Curtis were allowed to keep it all. So how have they spent the


money? My wife and something on the


doorstep and took it in and said to me, it is money. It was unusual


good fortune. For many, a life- changing sum. �21,480 in crisp


twenties. We put a thank-you note in the window because we knew


whoever had donated it to know that we had got it but then we had to


keep quiet about it. And this is what Ian Roberts and Pam Curtis


have decided to spend it on... The park across the road from their


home. Ian is the chair of the Friends of Hope Street Park. It is


restoring the park with Fylde Borough Council. Pam is the group's


secretary. We would like to spend the money on the pavilion. It is a


bit dated and tired. Inside it is even worse and we would like to


rejuvenate the pavilion and make it into a community space. Yet and Pam


did the decent thing and reported the money to the police. They kept


it for 28 days and as no one came forward, there was no evidence of


criminality, they kept it. -- they were allowed to keep it. Were they


allowed -- ever tempted to spend it on themselves? I would have liked a


camper van but no, it was always going to go to the park.


Friends of Hope Street Park need to raise thousands of pounds so the


�21,000 has gone a long way towards reaching the target. The couple


would still like to know if you left the cash.


What a mystery! If it was you, let Wouldn't you like to note that if


it came your way you would do some think good with it?


A bit of a surprise through this weekend. It will turn much colder


and at times there will be wintery weather, sleet and snow with in our


forecast. The Met Office have also issued an early warning, Saturday-


night through to Sunday morning. There could be ice on untreated


services. But our problem tonight will be rain. Recently it has been


about this cloud cover. If you're going out tonight, the rain will be


going out with you. It is light and patchy before my dad but after


midnight, it will get more lively. -- before midnight. The rain will


be bouncing around tomorrow morning. Overnight temperatures will be good


but will not raise much higher through the day tomorrow. The rain


is very active first thing. But by the time you get to about 10am it


should have left us and behind it, look at the sun coming out. A much


brighter afternoon. One or two wintery showers are possible and


they continue through Saturday night. They could be a covering on


the ground in parts on Sunday morning first thing but


temperatures drop away. But it will Prince Charles is a fan of the


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