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Good evening welcome to North West Tonight, with Annabel Tiffin and


Roger Johnson. Our top story: A double murder inquiry is under way


in Southport after two elderly women are killed. Police say there


may be more bodies. I spoke to a couple of neighbours of mine, you


know, they are very upset. We will be live from the scene as police


continue to question a 43-year-old man. Also tonight: Voluntary groups


brace themselves for more cuts as councils start to set their beens.


They're not welcome here. Residents in Crewe force a council debate


over plans for a travellers site. Find out how this man, giving a


kidney to a stranger, meant his Also tonight, Tony's at Manchester


City where they are aiming to reach the last 16 of the Europa League.


We will have the sound from Tony in a moment. The game is well and


truly under way, which is what he was trying to tell you. A double


murder investigation is under way tonight after the bodies of two


elderly women were found at separate addresss in Southport.


Police say they can't rule out finding more bodies. A 43-year-old


man has been arrested and is being questioned by detectives. The first


woman, believed to be in her 80s, was discovered at a house on Andrew


Lansley last night. The second suspected victim was found a short


distance away in another home. Nina Warhurst has been following


developments all day in Southport. She joins us live now from there.


What is the latest you can bring us? Good evening, Annabel and Roger.


It's fair to say this very quiet community in Southport is shell


shocked tonight after a most dramatic 4-hours. On Monday night,


at about... A local man walked into a police station and as a result of


a conversation they had with police they came to this address almost


24-hours later. That was at around 5.25pm. They found the body of a


woman believed to be in her 0s. They continued their questioning of


the man and around six or seven hours later, in the early hours of


this morning, police moved on to a second address, less than a


kilometer from here, where the body of a second elderly lady, also


believed to be had in her 0s was found. She has been named locally


as Annie Leyland. Police say there are extra police officers on patrol


tonight. An upsetting time for people on this street. It's a


surprise. Certainly a surprise. It's usually very quiet around here.


It's unbelievable. I feel so sorry for them. I can't believe it.


honest, the area has been OK, as far as I know. It's one of those


things. I have spoken to a couple of neighbours of mine, they're very


upset. What do we know about the man who remains in custody tonight?


The 43-year-old in custody tonight has been named locally as Andy


Flood. He is believed to be a freelance taxi driver in the area.


I was around earlier in the area where he lives. Neighbours saying


he comes and goes throughout the day and all night. She a busy man


of the police are stressing tonight that he hasn't at this stage been


charged. Their investigations remain ongoing. They will have


details of the post-mortem examination tomorrow morning.


you very much, Nina Warhurst there in Southport for us. Across the


north west, councillors are facing a difficult question, how can we


save more money? Especially, after a year of deep cuts? Budgets are


being finalised by three councils tonight with others to follow. They


chopped hundreds of millions last year and shed thousands of jobs.


What will the coming financial year bring? Like it or not, councils


have to save money, and lots of. It the really big cuts came last year,


at the start of their long and miserable mission to slash spending.


Take manage Manchester, 2,000 jobs lost, as �170 million was chopped


from the budget for 2011/12. The pain's still not over. Manchester


must save �250 million over the next four years. In Lancashire,


1,500 jobs went during that first year of cuts. During the coming


year there should be no more job losses, but the council still needs


to find � 19 million worth of savings. Liverpool council has


1,200 fewer employs and have to find another �50 million this year.


In Bolton the council is meeting right now to consider how it will


find �18 million worth of savings for the coming financial years. --


year. Those who rely on council cash are worried. These children


are experiencing life in the saddle thanks to a Bolton charity called,


Bolton Kids Together, which helps autistic youngsters. Autistic find


it difficult to socialise. We started Bolton Kids Together to


help parents and families to come into small gatherings and get used


to each other and the parents can talk to each other as well. Ride


something one of various activities which the charity organises. This


is the first time he has been horse riding. When it came up as an


opportunity we thought we would give it a go. He seems to be loving


it. It has made a huge difference in our lives and Sam's life and


calmed him down and making him able to face social situations. Bolton


Council have been supportive of us. Every penny they cut, we then get


cut. That is more we have to spend filling in forms and fundraising


rather than with the children and families that need us. It's not


just jobs, it's the essential services that our members deliver,


in terms of working with vulnerable children and vulnerable adults.


This is the real concern that such huge job losses and such pressures


on budgets are going to affect thoses services. Bolton's one of


three councils finalising budgets tonight. What has been the effect


of the first round of council job losses in the region? Well, the


news is mixed according to the Centre for Cities, an organisation


that has been studying the impact of public spending cuts.


headline statistics for the north west is around 40,000 public sector


jobs were lost between June 2010 and June 2011. The second largest


loss out of all the nations and regions in the UK. There hasn't


been an associated increase in unemployment within the region


because of that. It suggests that, to date, the north west is managing


to, sort of, offset the impact that the public sector job losses have


been having. Now, a tale of two councils with different approaches.


Preston could become one to raise council tax this year. It says


charging the average household an extra �9 will help to protect


services. Even with that extra cash, Preston has to save more than �2


million over the coming four years. Wirral, however, plans to cut


council tax by 3%. It's identified �16 million worth of potential


savings. It is using some of its reserves and government grants to


make the council tax possible. It is shedding what it describes as "a


small number" of jobs. That plan goes before the full council on


March 1st. Thank you very much. A photographer from Liverpool has


been injured in an attack in Syria in which two fellow journalists


were killed. The Sunday Times photographer, Paul Conroy, who is


from Anfield, was injured in the city of Homs. His colleague, Marie


Colvin and a French photographer died when the house they were


staying in was shelled. Police say Vinny Derrick, whose bones were


found by the side of the M60, could have been demild a hit-and-run


accident. The father of one went missing after a night out in


Manchester back in August 2003. His remains were found by a workmen by


junk 3 last week. A Manx politician has resigned over cuts to pre-


school education. Dudley Butt has quit his role in the Department of


Education and Children after it was announced that all of the island's


government funded nurseries will close. The Attorney-General is


considering call force a new inquest into the death of a teenage


victim of the Hillsborough disaster. The original inquest into the death


of Mr Williams concluded that, like all the other 95 victims, he died


accidentally. His mother has campaigned to have that verdict


overturned. Today, after 100,000 people signed an online petition,


her fight for justice was debated at the Houses of Parliament. Andy


Gill is at Westminster, where he listened to the debate. Why is Anne


Williams determined to get this inquest hope? All the Hillsborough


deaths were recorded as accidental. It infuriated the families for


years. In Kevin Williams' case the coroner decided not to hear


evidence after 3.15pm. He ruled everybody who died would have been


dead by then. His mum said she had strong evidence to say that he was


alive after that. A young Constable said that he died in her arms just


before 4.00pm that afternoon. they say there is a cut off at


3.15pm where everyone died, some had died, others were badly injured.


I know Kevin was still alive. happened at the debate today?


debate was held in a small room in Westminster Hall. It doesn't have


the same impact as a debate in the full Commons chamber. Anne Williams


will be pleased that members from both sides of the House spoke up


supporting her. Her home MP said it was remarkable she hadn't had a new


inquest granted yet. A Labour MP stressed the importance of that


3.15pm cutoff for the Hillsborough families. It has been their get out


of jail... Free card. They pointed 3.15pm cutoff and claim there was


nothing that they could do. How wrong they are. They could and


should have saefd Kevin Williams. What did Anne Williams think of


what was said today? It has been a fight she has been carrying on for


20 years. She had three requests for inquests turned down already.


They thinks things could be moving her way. We are not going to go


away. It's strong in Liverpool now. People are realising something is


wrong with Hillsborough. Do you think we would waste our lives for


23 years if it wasn't to uncover the coverup and give us all peace.


It's up to the Attorney-General whether she gets her inquest or not.


He has strict legal perimeters on whether he will do that. He said he


will approach it with an "open The location of travellers' sites


is often an emotive issue, and those in crew have taken issue with


a potential site for travellers. The travellers say they desperately


need one and without it they will have to make homes on unauthorised


sites. Joe and his family have lived in Cheshire for decades. A


traveller by birth, he runs a traveller advocacy group in the


county because he says many in his community are struggling.


problem with Cheshire is not enough sides. Sides they don't want to be


on to, one or two taps between them, housing which they don't want,


really. Jo thinks this field could help, but the signs make it clear


how residents feel. The issue is that the site itself doesn't even


cater to the needs of the travellers. It is too crowded,


there have been numerous accidents, the local school is overcrowded, it


is unsuitable. Traveller sites are often caused friction within


society, but pictures now need to be supplied by law. This is the


only site in Cheshire East at the moment, of the 146 pitches in the


county, most are privately owned. The council needs to create 46 new


pitches by 2016. So far they have only created 11. The council says


this is the most suitable place for a new site. We want to create


something near local facilities, not in the middle of nowhere. This


achieves the balance. Joseph says he has travellers ready to move in.


We have a list of people, it is unofficial, we are just making a


list of people because they are asking us to. Residents have hired


a planet to help them pick holes in the scheme, and they will take


their concerns to be meeting tomorrow, with a decision expected


in March. Still to come tonight, selling the silverware, Liverpool


football legend Tommy Smith on why he cashed in on his medals. And


given a new lease of life, we will speak to the couple involved in a


three-way kidney swap. On to sport, and in a rare move, Manchester City


kicked-off their midweek home match against Porto in the Europa League


at five o' clock. So you'll not be surprised to learn that Tony's at


the Etihad Stadium tonight monitoring developments where the


match must nearly have finished. The first few fans are coming out.


If they are leaving early I think they have made a mistake.


Manchester City were 2-1 up, Sergio Aguero scored after just 21 seconds,


put through by Nigel De Jong, intercepting a Porto clearance.


Sergio Aguero scored the first, there was a second and then a third


for Manchester City. Did you hear that? They have just scored again.


A goal a rout, no idea who scored but I will try to let you know. In


the meantime, before the game, Manchester City fans were all


talking about the striker who they are wondering whether to forgive.


At this time of the season I would have him back, he could score and


win us the league. We need him, and his abilities. I would have him


back, simply because of his talent. I would say "do one." we don't need


him when we have Sergio Aguero. manager is expected to have his say


after the match in the press conference, but one thing has


become clear, he could be on the bench shortly. He has been named in


the squad for the rest of the season, it is 4-0 at the moment,


now time for some proper legends. Bill Shankly once said that Tommy


Smith was not born, he was quarried. It will not surprise you to know


that when he sold his medals at auction he did not shed a tear.


What might surprise you is that he did not get his most for the


European Cup medal, but for the 1965 FA Cup medal which raised


�15,000. He was awarded by Liverpool fans when he left the


cell in Cheshire, our reporter managed to speak to him and Tommy


said he understood the sentence and would be a bit upset, but he was


doing it for his family. I have got my family and they are far more


important than some medals. I have got memories, things that people


have not done but I have done. I scored in the European Cup. Which


means the most to you? The B19 65 Cup final. My mum said to Bill


Shankly, Liverpool have not won the FA Cup, and she said, "when my son


does you will win it." I said "mum, you will embarrassing -- you are


embarrassingly". I was only 15. won the Cup, who was waiting, Bill


Shankly. I was captain of Liverpool which I am very proud of, in 1973


we won the league and the FA Cup. Bob Paisley said "the last time we


were here was in a tank!" that was in a Rome. Everybody burst out


laughing. A policeman came over and said "what did he say?". Sometimes


it was a great laugh. A good man, Tommy Smith, some other football


action tonight, a setback for Blackpool when they played West Ham


at home and were beaten 4-1. West Ham were already 2-0 up when the


goalkeeper, Robert Green was sent off, but they went on to score two


more goals. Kevin Phillips got the consolation for Blackpool. A good


night for Manchester City, they are up 4-0. They can either play Lisbon


or Warsaw, I hope it is Lisbon. It will not be any better in Poland. I


hope it is Portugal. More and more fans are coming past, we will let


you get away. For six years a woman had been waiting for the kidney


transplant she said badly-needed. Her husband was tested but he


wasn't a match and he feared there was little he could do to help his


wife. But then the couple were told of a scheme they could sign up to,


which matches are willing donors in pairs or groups of three. And so in


a rare three-way organ swap Forgan he gave his kidney to a stranger


and in return his wife got one too. Since the scheme began there have


been just 20 of these kinds of exchanges, but doctors hope it


could boost the number of organs available. The transplant was six


months ago. You look great, how do you feel? Marvellous. I can't


explain how fantastic it has been to get the kidney. You waited a


long time. You must feel amazing, not withstanding the fact you gave


up a kidney to see her look so well. It was instantaneous. Better


straight away. A simple process, you just have to find like-minded


couples who are happy to enter a transaction. On the face of it it


looks like you are short cutting the waiting list but not the case.


It is just another option given to you. It is a very good option, I


think. You could wait for years and years otherwise. Was it something


the doctors suggested to you? He it was five years ago. But, this


has only happened 20 times, why not more? It is such a precise


procedure. Everything has to be done so politically, you are kept


informed all the way through, the consultants and Courtenay does a


very good. Did you get the call straight away or did you have to


wait? My court later rang us, and said we have got a possible match.


Lots of procedures then go on. had some false starts along the way,


didn't you? Three of four, yes. When you think you have a match and


then don't, how does it feel? feel very down. Down. You just hope


and pray there will be a match, they do it every three months.


said it felt like winning the lottery. Yes, money is not


everything and it has given me my life back. You could not help your


wife directly but indirectly you did, that must have made you feel


better. The yes, much better. Watching her every day on dialysis


was devastating, or fall. Is it an anonymous process or are you in


touch with the people who helped you? It is anonymous but we wrote


to two couples and one of them wrote back and they appreciated it


as well. Brilliant. Six people have gained from this. You would


encourage more people to do this wouldn't you? Without a doubt.


yes. You both look so well. As a footnote to this, if you want to do


it, talk to a donor co-ordinator at your local hospital. If you want to


give a kidney talk to your GP or Good evening. Tony confirmed what I


did not think, Tony said the weather was not getting better, but


it is. Much better. Tomorrow, 17 degrees could be within our


forecast. That puts us at 63 Fahrenheit. Not everywhere will get


that but it is a possibility across the more southern parts of the


north-west. It has been about the rain today which kept on coming.


This is our latest picture, the 6:00pm picture, still some rain


around. It will move away for the next couple of hours and then is


confined to the Pennine areas. As the rain eases down the rivers


continue to rise, and will be at a peak over the next few hours. If


you are concerned, in Cumbria and Lancashire, ask the Environment


Agency for guidance, this is the phone number. Rain in the Pennines


tonight, but just about everywhere else should be dry. Many places.


But there is missed and Merck around, the rain, it keeps


generating over the higher levels so the totals will continue to


mount. Temperatures through the day-to-day work at 11 Celsius.


Through the night they will be 11 Celsius. Incredibly mild. Then look


at it tomorrow, cloud and drizzle hangs around over the tops of the


Pennines, the more southern parts of the region, Greater Manchester,


starting murky, but then the sun starts to work its way through. Not


a huge amount but enough to make a big difference. If you get a bit of


sunshine it will allow temperatures to rise. Widely at 13 degrees, 15


across the more southern parts, No 16 degrees on the maps but there


Can you remember the infamous and filled cat? We did a story about


him after a dull football match a few weeks ago. He was taken to the


animal rescue centre. Guess what he has gone and done? He has escaped


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