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Hello and welcome to the programme. The headlines: a man shot dead by a


police marksman in a Cheshire village his name to as three other


men appear in court. We will have the latest on the


weekend events which shocked the community.


Also tonight, a waste of money, domestic abuse charities criticised


a pilot scheme to identify violent partners after a woman was killed


in Salford. The Cowboys cough up. Men who made


millions from a building scamp are ordered to pay compensation.


To the tills, lost letters from Henry VII to one of his wives are


found at a Cheshire estate and tell us more about him. He was a big fat


fellow! He had six wives. I know he was very large.


It is you're around. Just look at how much a businessman is said to


have paid for drinks in a nightclub. Andy Gill is in Liverpool now with


a sneak preview of that staggering Babel.


I am inside the nightclub where it is said to have taken place. More


than �200,000 spent mainly on champagne, wine and vodka. But a


reassuringly ordinary �42 spent on lemonade. He was the man who spent


it? We will tell you what we know towards the end of the programme.


First, three men have been in court today following a police operation


at the weekend in which officers shot a man dead. The trio and


accused of conspiring to commit robbery.


Meanwhile, the Independent Police Complaints Commission have begun an


investigation into the death of Anthony Grainger. He was shot in a


car park in the centre of a Cheshire village on Saturday


evening. Our chief reporter has the story.


Flowers in memory of Anthony Grainger. The 35 Google from Bolton


was shot dead in this car park in Cheshire. -- the 35-year-old.


a gun shot being fired. It did not seem real. I thought it was like


something out of a film. Culceth forces in the jurisdiction of


Cheshire Police, but the officers on Saturday were from Greater


Manchester Police. Members of the Special Operations Branch were


investigating an apparent plot to carry it a series of robberies.


The attention focused on this car, Anthony Grainger was inside. By the


officer opened fire is as yet unknown. Our condolences we descend


to the family. We also have in mind the very difficult decisions that


our firearms officers have to make. Anthony Grainger was known to the


police. He had been a defended in a multi-million-pound drugs case in


2010. He was cleared of supplying growth -- clear of supplying drugs,


but had admitted to handling stolen cars and served a jail term. The


Independent Police Complaints Commission are conducting their own


investigation into the circumstances of Anthony Grainger


death. Three men are appearing in court


under suspicion of conspiracy to carry out robberies. When the case


of Jones they will face Manchester Crown Court.


-- when in the case adjourns. Next tonight, should a person be


able to find out if their partner or spouse has a history of domestic


abuse? If you live in Greater Manchester you will be able to do


just that. It follows a campaign from the father of Clare Wood. She


was killed by her partner, a man who it turned out had a string of


convictions for violent behaviour. Greater Manchester Police are one


of four forces piloting what is known as Clare's Law. Domestic


violence campaigners say it is a waste of time. Any moment, we will


talk to Claire's father, Michael Brown.


Clare Wood was found -- was murdered in 2009. She had been


strangled and set on fire by her ex-boyfriend, George Appleton. She


met him on the Internet, and did not know she had -- he had a


history of domestic violence. He subjected her to months of abuse


and death threats before killing her. Dot the Facebook Fugitive,


George Appleton went on be done before hanging himself. Clare


Wood's father, Michael Brown, has campaigned for this new law. The


Home Office announced they were setting up this new scheme in her


name. Clare's law will allow men and women to find out if their


partner has a violent past. The domestic violence campaign group


Refuge has attacked the scheme, saying it will do little to defend


victims and was expensive and untested. Mr Brown said that if it


had been in place earlier, his daughter may still be alive.


Joining me now from a studio in Leeds, is Michael Brown, Clare


Wood's father. You have campaigned ever since you gotta posmac death


to have close law introduced, why is it so important to you?


daughter slipped through all the nets that were supposedly in place


to catch people like herself. She was abominable and when she was in


trouble, she did not get the assistance she needed. -- she was


vulnerable. Do you think if it had been introduced before her death,


that Clare would have taken this up? Yes, that is correct. There


seems to be some misrepresentation of what I him tried to get across


here. I am not asking for partners to be able to find it welly Nellie


what their other partner has done, what we are at -- what we are


advocating is that if you are any domestic violence situation, you


should be tipped off by the police that these people who had a history


is your partner. Obviously, Clare died in horrific


circumstances. Does this pilot scheme in any way bring you any


comfort? Not at present, no. This is a trial period for nine months.


When I see it taking into law and died realise that women's lives


have been saved by it, that is when, possibly the comfort will come. --


and I realise. What do you make of the state and by the Campaign Group


Refuge that this is a waste of time and a waste of money? Strange the


enough, I was the see the whole of refuge in November, and when I left


her, I thought her and I were in accord with Clare's Law. It was to


my amazement this morning that I heard what she had said. I have the


report commissioned by the Wiltshire Chief Constable, one how


much it would have cost. Each case would have cost 35p 93p. That is of


the top of my head. -- each case would have cost �35. If a woman's


life in Britain is not worth �35, I think we had better all move out.


Thank you very much for joining us. Some more of the main stories, and


the reader of Salford City Council, John Merry, has lost his bid to


become the city's first elected mayor. After campaigning, he has


been by the former Pickles MP Ian Stewart in the fight to stand as


Labour's candidate in May. Two police stations on the Isle of


Man are being forced to close as a result of Government cutbacks.


Following the island's recent Budget, police must make savings of


�600,000 in the next year. The five current policing neighbourhood


areas will be reduced to four. The HMS Liverpool marked the end of


for 30 years of service with her final voyage today. She sailed


towards Cammell Laird, where she was built, to perform a gun salute


before heading back to the city to salute the Liver Building. -- the


Liver Building. We stay in the city of Liverpool,


because you have heard of Liverpool One, let us tell you about


Liverpool 2, the next investments and a jobs bonanza to hit the city.


Beds are being invited to build a new port terminal in the city. It


is a project that should create 5,000 new jobs with the �3 million


One of the Panama Canal, one is the Mersey. What is happening there


matters here. Why? Because this is the Panama Canal being expanded. By


2015, if bigger container ships will be able to shortcut from the


Atlantic to the Pacific, the mercy must keep up or lose out. This is


the plan. A brand new wall will be built from here, right the way over


to the far side and all of this stretch of the Mersey here will be


filled in for the new terminal. Great news for jobs, they say, but


also great news for the environment. This share tested for Antwerp is a


fraction of the size they will be able to cater for in the future.


Container ships five times the size of this, bringing an extra 700,000


containers paired you to Liverpool. This is used as significant. An


investment of around �300 million, and 5,000 jobs being created.


one to, as be revealed last week, said have there are worried. There


lodging an appeal against public money being spent on this project.


We feel confident that we have some hurdles to get through, but that


the funding will be available in the autumn of next year. -- autumn


of this year. With work completed by 2015, locals will like the jobs


created, but they will not like the 300,000 extra bodies turned on to


the roads every year. The story was that the Olympics


would give the whole country a boost, but that is not the


experience of businesses in parts of Cumbria.


Lake District companies have revealed that instead of


encouraging tourism, tens of thousands of pounds' worth of


bookings have already been lost because of the Games this summer.


Even in the bleakest of whether, at the Lake District will look


stunning. The landscape a big drop to visitors at this farm near


Hawkshead, the home of Beatrix Potter. It was hoping that -- it


was hoped that the Olympics would boost to this numbers here, but


many say that it is having the opposite effect. Since the


beginning of 2012, figures wise, we have had many cancellations.


The cancellation there happening because hotel prices in London,


where Japanese tourists stayed there for journey north, a lot to


six times the normal price this summer. Tour operators are


cancelling altogether. On Lake Windermere it is the same story.


is difficult to quantify. It is all key to measure the bookings that


have been cancelled, but it is harder to estimate the bookings


which never materialised. operator which usually brings 5,000


Japanese to the Lakes in July and August say they have voters planned


during the Games. Next month a huge TV advertising campaign begins,


aiming to fill some of the gaps left by the Japanese. The


Government hopes that the exposure of the Olympics will have benefits


everywhere. The reasons that people are coming here will be different,


but that change will have a huge opportunity wrapped up in it.


only when the Games are over that we will learn whether they have


been a winner for this part of the north-west.


As we said, that report is part of the Inside Out programme tonight,


but they will reveal just how many bookings had been cancelled and a


few weeks. That issue on BBC One at 7:30pm.


A family of a fraudulent builders who conduct elderly people out of


their life savings face their own massive bill of �1.3 million.


Investigators have uncovered a huge amount of money that this family


from Cleveland have made through shoddy practices and exorbitant


fees. It will now be forfeited to the courts in order to compensate


victims. This video shows the contempt with


which the family treated their victims. Here, fight Tommy Jnr


reveals the special chemical he will use to seal the block work on


Is a special sealant to petard. This 80-year-old woman was one of


the victims. She paid over �6,000 for her driver, and then the


problems began. The flooding of the garage, the manhole cover that went,


collapsed. It was only on wood, it should have been on something else.


I think it is bare-faced robbery. They are calling elderly people. I


am not young. The family, francs senior, and his sons, corned


elderly cases out of thousands of pounds. They were killed in


November for a total of 15 years. The bill they will have to pay back


now totals �1.3 million. To my knowledge, this is the first in the


beating, and probably the country, where all of the victims in a crime


such as this have been fully recompense. That is a significant


result. If they can get it back, it should go back to the rightful


owners. It should not be such a disaster as we thought it was. It


would give us great springtime joy. Phyllis hopes her experience will


Sport on the way in just a minute. When the National Trust took over


Dunham Massey near Altrincham in the 1970s, they knew they were


getting a beautiful stately home. What they did not know was that


they were getting a treasure trove of letters from royalty. Letters


from Henry VIII, Charles II and William III were kept as souvenirs


by the family that once owned Dunham. But the letters were hidden


away and have only now come to light.


Henry VII. We know so much about him. He had a large garden down and


Hampton Court. From lifelike portraits to not so lifelike dramas.


When it comes to monarchs, Henry VIII is royalty. Jane Seymour. Six


wides, divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.


Letters from William III, the future Charles II and Henry's wife


Jane Seymour have suddenly turned up at Dunham Massey. But Henry's


letter, demanding troops for his Scottish war, is the star


attraction. This is from Henry? this is his signature. How where


these found? We found them in the pictures stored. I found this when


getting other pictures. These letters were in there. Just to hold


things that these men, these monarchs, had held was exciting and


significant in my career. This letter is 458 years old, older than


the house itself. What is amazing is these treasures could have


remained hidden for so long. Mail the Earl died in August 1976 and he


left dead in his will completely with the contents.


It is amazing you are still finding things. Yes, but I do not think you


would be surprised that you saw some of the rooms. So some


treasures could still be found? The letters are now on show at


Dunham Massey. Expect a big rush. What a treasure to find. And


speaking of treasures. I assume that you mean me? Discontent


amongst Blackpool fans over an �11 million fee paid by the club to a


company run by its controversial owner of one Royston. -- owner Owen


Oyston. That's right. The Football Supporters Federation says the


scale of this payment is quite staggering, and is unacceptable.


Some Blackpool fans are calling on Mr Oyston to pay back the money, or


at least a substantial part of it. What was this money paid for?


was paid last year to a company called Zabaxe, owned by Owen Oyston


and his wife. It provides accountancy, tax and consultancy


services. Some fans are saying �11 million is a ridiculous amount for


those kind of services. As Richard Askam now reports, the payment is


being strongly defended by Owen Oyston's son, Karl Oyston, the


current chairman. Build gradually and steadily


without paying big transfer fees or wages. Blackpool's mantra. An


antidote to the high spend high risk philosphy of some other clubs.


But one that to some now sounds rather hollow. I think supporters


will want to know how it can be, in a season with the team only got


relegated by one point, that this money was used for this purpose,


rather than possibly strengthening the team. Owen Oyston, the club's


owner, took over in 1987. It is his son Karl who now runs it. Seen here


on the right of the picture. Speaking to me today in South


America, where he's away on business, he told me the �11


million is still available to the club if it Is needed. Absolutely.


My father has always been prepared to back the football club to


whatever tune. The family can point to great progress since taking over


at dilapidated club a quarter of a century ago. But there is


considerable anger about the size of this payment, a figure greater


than the total wage bill last CC for the players and manager.


think it is terrible. The money being brought in and we are


struggling as it is. At the end of the day, it is their club. It is


probably not fear from a fan's point of view. A sign that, despite


going well this season in the Championship, some fans feel do


short changed. The club made a profit of �20 million from the


Premier League. My father has never once refused to support the club


financially or otherwise and that remains the case. My father's


record speaks for itself. He has been with Blackpool or 25 years,


having saved it from extinction. Now, the two Manchester clubs both


won at the weekend. It left City two points ahead of United in a


title battle which looks like it will go down to the wire.


Two more wins for the top two. Whilst city's was expected,


United's was a statement of intent. Goals from Wayne Rooney and Ashley


Young sort of spires at the end of a tricky run. -- saw off Tottenham


Hotspur. We needed that. Up until then, Tottenham were fantastic and


gave us a hard time. City eased back Bolton -- eased by Bolton.


Bolton were condemned to 19th. Maybe we could have scored three


goals. City have the goals advantage, but United have the


easier fixture list against sides in the middle of the table or below.


The Blues must face Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle with one at


looming larger than other, the one between the two sides on April 30th.


United's win has put them in a stronger position. We still have


Manchester City as favourites, Manchester just behind them. It is


almost too close to call. Wigan look odds-on to be relegated after


a home defeat which saw the German criticising were better off. But


unlike home fans, his manager will not leave the stadium. -- which saw


the chairman criticising. The battle at the bottom, like at the


top, is still too close to call. It is back to the future at


Tranmere. They have re-appointed Ronnie Moore as manager after


sacking Les Parry. He lost his job after Saturday's defeat at fellow


League One strugglers Chesterfield left Rovers just one point above


the drop zone. Ronnie Moore has been brought in for the rest of the


season. He is interested in taking on the job permanently if he can


save them from relegation. And you can see a full interview


with Ronnie Moore, and the story of how Les Parry came to be sacked,


when I come back later on this evening. That is on Late Kick Off


on BBC One at 11:05pm. Finally, congratulations to Dan


Sliwinski, one of the five hopefuls we've been following on the road to


the Olympics. Dan, from Preston, qualified for the games when he won


the 100 metres breaststroke at the trials last night.


Well done to him. This is the story that has had at the one talking.


The biggest bar bill at the. I was in Spain last year but some friends.


�750. I had one potato. Most of it was for wind. Not as big as the


next one. Absolutely shocking, but not quite as shocking as a customer


at a nightclub in Liverpool. It was �203,000.948 -- it was �203,940. I


said that wrong initially. It was all for alcohol. Happening at the


Playground nightclub, where correspondent is spared. We presume


it was not you? No, the boss does not have to worry about the


expenses bill. It was a young foreign currency trader,


celebrating with friends, running up his enormous bill. Most of it


was on a single, large bottle of champagne that has 30 litres of


champagne. It weighs 45 kilograms. That was along with another lot of


bottles of vodka and champagne. Oh we do not know his name,


unfortunately. The bill was at �200,000. Is this some kind of a


record? It must be. We believe it is. The previous record was a


rather pathetic �170,000, run up by an American gambler at a nightclub


in London. This beats it by some way. In a city like Liverpool, some


people might think that a bill like this in a city which has had some


cutbacks is perhaps not been the best possible taste. There are some


interesting details on the bill. �42 on lemonade alone. If you look


at the bottom, it was a VAT free night on Tuesday, so perhaps the


gentleman picked the wrong night for his bank busting bench.


And what appear. You might have heard some exclamations. You would


not cost that much? I would not know where to start. I would like


to meet the people who order We had almost everything, including


at taste of winter. Tomorrow looks fine again, after a good one today.


Some rain moving in through Wednesday. Wednesday could be a


repeat of yesterday with wintry showers. There is no real


consistency to the weather. The low pressure implementing through the


weekend slips away. Whether France come towards us to what Wednesday.


-- weather fronts. Much more tightly-packed isobars on Thursday


and Friday, which is why the wind will pick up. Through this evening


and overnight, after a nice day, tonight is dry, clear and cold.


Temperatures down to minus two in rural areas, towns and cities just


over two. Some mist could be possible tomorrow morning. It will


feel mother called for the past few hours of delight. -- it will feel


rather cold. Some more cloud tomorrow afternoon. That will


spread everywhere towards teatime it. Then a band of rain coming in


tomorrow night. Changing the weather in a few ways to a


Wednesday. Temperatures tomorrow the same as today. Enjoy. Sold Tony,


your biggest bar bill was �750. have been out with Tony and he has


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