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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Ranvir Singh and Roger


Johnson. Our top story. BAE workers celebrate losing a


day's pay every month, so colleagues can keep their jobs.


Why is everyone euphoric about the pay cut? We have just saved 150


jobs. A court hears a four-month-old twin


boy is murdered, but his mother and her boyfriend deny killing him.


Giving Elbow a hard time - our School Report youngsters grill the


Bury group about their Olympic theme song.


And Manchester's Michaelangelo going begging - an empty ceiling is


needed to save the mural based on the mastery of the Sistine Chapel.


Who'd have thought that a pay cut would ever be reason to celebrate?


But today, staff at BAE Systems in Lancashire voted overwhelmingly to


take a pay cut to save the jobs of colleagues. It was the boat that


was greeted with a round of applause. Here's our Economics


Correspondent, Jayne Barrett. They arrived at Blackpool's Winter


Gardens to make what you'd imagine would be a tough decision. Take a


pay cut, or face compulsory redundancies. In fact, not such a


tough decision at all. Out of 2,000 staff, only six voted against. A


sacrifice made by all for people like Alex Watson.


I was the first to get redundancy, it was hard times. It means an lot


to me. It was a sacrifice later celebrated


in Blackpool's pubs. Why is everyone euphoric about taking a


pay cut? Because we have just saved a minimum of 150 jobs.


This was a defining moment. The site of a Nimrod being broken up at


Woodford two years ago. Defence reviews in the UK and elsewhere hit


the company hard. Staff here have faced four rounds of redundancies


since 2009. The feeling was that all those happy to go voluntarily


had already gone. Today was about saving jobs. Saving jobs and skills.


Components for this, the joint strike fighter, are already being


built at Salmsbury. It's a 30 year programme that today, key


contractor Lockheed Martin said would be ramped up in the future.


BAE want to make sure they have the right people with the right skills


in the right place, to deliver that order when it arrives.


It is the sacrifice in the near term but it will stand us in good


stead for the future of. Other companies should take a lead from


BAe's systems and we could a Reddick -- eradicate redundancies


in other areas. Around 300 jobs in other areas at


BAE in Lancashire are still under threat. Other unions may well


decide to vote on a similar model to save those.


A doctor at a private clinic in Manchester has been told that she


must not carry out a portion work. It followed allegations in a Daily


Telegraph that she carried out illegal abortions based on the sex


of the unborn child. A government source has denied


press reports that the family of Oldham engineer, Chris McManus, had


paid towards a ransom to secure his release, before he was killed in


Nigeria. Mr McManus and an Italian hostage died during attempts to


free them. Baby Lucas Irvine was only four-


months-old when he died a violent death. A jury has been told he had


been shaken so hard that he suffered severe brain damage and a


spinal injury. Preston Crown Court was also told his mother and her


boyfriend were responsible. They both deny harming the infant.


Our Chief Reporter Dave Guest join us now from Preston. Tell us more


about the circumstances of Lucas's death.


While locals was one of twin boys born to current events in 20th July


10. She was just 17 at the time. Soon after she turned 18 Lookers


was dead at eight months. It is the case for the prosecution that she


and her boyfriend Christopher Roberts were responsible for his


death. Mr Roberts was not the natural father but the couple were


living together at the time in Lancaster. And it was to that home


that paramedics were called in 20th November 10. They found lookers


unconscious. He died four days later in hospital. A post mortem


revealed he have suffered brain damage consistent with having been


shaken. The couple both denied the charge of murder. You heard some of


the prosecution case today, what did they have to say? They say that


their inconsistencies in the accounts which the couple gave to


medical staff and to detectives. They say the couple were on their


own with the boys in the house at the time he died. They also say


there were previous records of injuries to Lucas. In 20th August


10 he had a shoulder injury. The following month he seemed to have a


graze on his head. That was explained by saying that he had


fallen from pull up pushchair. Who have the jury been hearing from


today? They heard from a neural pathologist who said that the


injuries which Lucas had suffered were consistent with him having


been shaken. He could not find an accidental explanation for the


injuries. But a woman who met Karen Irving said that she had appeared


to be a confident and a caring mother.


Five homes in Reading were evacuated when a fire threatened to


affect neighbouring properties. It started in the bedroom and then


spread through the loft. Campaigners against the cult of


committed piece in winded we're saving would pay for a new study


into how to control the number of the keys without killing them. The


protest was held at the weekend. �30 million of savings for the


Mersey crossing scheme are to be discussed by councillors in Halton


tonight. The cross-river link, which already has planning


permission, would connect Runcorn with Widnes and provide an


alternative to the existing Silver Jubilee Bridge. The scheme was


initially expected to cost �600 million. The culture secretary


ahead revealed that new legislation will go before parliament to


secured television licences for a number of regional broadcasters in


the area. There's no doubt about the demand on the part of consumers.


But what we have not been able to do previously is to get the cost


low enough to make local television viable. We had a huge response from


the industry. It shows that they feel it can work this time for a


stock next the mother of a teenager wrongly accused of rape after a


delay blood test criticised the police investigation was dropped


charges against Michelle Scott's son Adam were dropped after it was


revealed that in -- there had been a mistake in a Laboratory.


The 19 year-old was never at the scene and is now taking legal


action. A number of cases are all - - also being reviewed. Michelle


Scott is glad that the truth is out but angry that her son Adam has had


the stigma of a rape charge for months. The 19 year-old was


arrested and spent eight weeks in custody after a woman was raped


last October. His DNA was introduced by mistake into the


victim's sample in a Laboratory. She says that other evidence was


overlooked. They did not check telephone records. There's no way


to prove that Adam was there but there was no way for Adam to prove


that he was not there. The police could have done a lot more to help


Adam. Although Britain's biggest friend six signs provider has since


taken steps to avoid a similar mistake, there are calls for an


inquiry. DNA is compelling evidence. It persuades juries. And it is


reasonable to assume that at a trial he could have been convicted


on it ever since. A forensics investigator from the Home Office


is working with Greater Manchester police but until the review is


completed a force cannot be certain that other cases have not also been


affected. One former detective superintendent admits that there


are pressures on police forces. of the problems with own inquiry is


that if you have DNA evidence, that powerful scientific evidence, you


can turn your back on other evidence. The company once


described DNA profiling as well as but this case shows it is certainly


not infallible. Still to come on North West Tonight.


Manchester City have a wobble at the top. Tony is here with the pull


bound up shortly. And the girl with the golden touch. Fran Halsall


feeling on top of the world. Bury Grammar School is one of over


1000 schools reporting the news as part of this year's BBC News School


Report. The students create reports. Elbow have been chosen to record


the official soundtrack for the official Olympic coverage for the


BBC. Here is the report from Bury Grammar School.


A research began with the bands, Elbow. They have recorded the


official song for the BBC coverage of the Olympics.


The music we have made over the years has always lend itself to a


sound track. The songs grow and evolved and develop. That is


perhaps one of the reasons why we were considered for the Olympics.


It was an honour and a Challenge. Do you feel you're giving a voice


to what many critics have claimed is predominantly a sudden event?


People can make up their own minds once they have heard it. We stuck


to the brief and to what we know as musicians. And how we craft are


songs. We tried to make its as Olympic as possible. Everyone is


excited about it. In particular in the north, we're proud to be


representing the North of England. I think the whole country is


buzzing about it. We're just pleased to be in full. The Olympics


will be an important cultural legacy. It is encouraging writers


and musicians. The benefits are To see more of the students' work,


log onto bbc.co.uk/schoolreport. Sport now. Tony, is the Premier


League title slipping away from Manchester City now that United


have taken over top spot? At one stage, City were seven points clear,


but yesterday United went back to the top for the first time since


October after beating West Brom two-nil. Wayne Rooney scored both


the goals. First he sprinted into the path of a shot from Javier


Hernandez and volleyed it home from close range. And when Ashley Young


was pushed over in the area, Rooney put the penalty right in the corner.


The bad news for City is that Rooney is really hitting form. He


now has 15 goals in his last 14 games. It is a great win for us


today and especially city dropping points. We need to make sure that


we stay focus. So City are a point behind United


now? That's right, and have a look what happened when Swansea scored


the goal that beat City one-nil yesterday. A terrible error by


Stefan Savic just seven minutes from the end led to Luke Moore


heading Swansea's winner. It was all too much for this City fan.


Well, City's manager Roberto Mancini now says the title will be


decided when City play United at the Etihad stadium on the 30th of


April. That could now be the derby match to end all derby matches!


While United have taken over at the top, Bolton and Blackburn have


moved away from the bottom. Wanderers climbed out of the


relegation zone with an extremely controversial victory over QPR.


Rovers escaped the drop zone with an easy win at Wolves. But Wigan


are still propping up the table after their draw at Norwich. Peter


Marshall reports. All hail Junior Hoilett, for giving


the Rovers faithful reasons to be cheerful. The 21-year-old Canadian


put his team ahead just before half time. His second was the best of


the brace. Left foot, thunderbolt, three points.


I am delighted for the travelling fans. We had a great display from


our side. At Ewood today, a slight spring in


the step of supporters. Are they going to survive? Just about.


It was over the line by a country mile. But officials decided it


wasn't a goal for QPR - and Bolton made the most of being let off the


hook, Darren Pratley giving them the lead eight minutes before the


break. And Ivan Klasnic coming off the bench to net the winner in the


86th. 10 games to go and we feel we have


our destiny in our own hands. A fighting draw for Wigan against


Norwich at Carrow Road, secured by Victor Moses with a well-taken


equaliser. So Blackburn climb to 16th, with Bolton just below them


in 17th and Wigan propping the rest of the Premier League up.


Meanwhile Everton got a timely boost before tomorrow's Merseyside


derby with a one-nil victory over Spurs, Jelavic with the game's only


goal. Liverpool's defeat at Sunderland


mean the Reds have lost their last three league games. Kenny Dalglish


has called on the team to end the slump against Everton tomorrow.


Well, that was Liverpool's third defeat in a row, and there could be


more bad news for Liverpool if reports from France about Luis


Suarez are true. The Uruguyuan striker is reported to have told a


French TV station that he would love to play with his international


team-mate, Diego Lugano, at Paris St Germain. But better news with


regard to Steven Gerrard. He's recovered from a hamstring injury


and is expected to start in tomorrow's Merseyside derby.


Superleague, and the Widnes coach Denis Betts has been praising his


players after their dramatic and unexpected win over Wigan. Bottom-


club Vikings won 37 points to 36, thanks to Lloyd White's calmly-


taken drop goal ten minutes from time. Former Wigan player Shaun


Briscoe scored two tries against his old club. Warriors rested four


key players, including Sam Tomkins, and threw away a 12-nil lead.


Warrington also slipped up at Leeds, St Helens lost to Hull, and Salford


were beaten at Catalan Dragons. And you can see all the action from


those matches in the Super League Show on BBC One at 11:35 tonight.


Now with just a matter of months to go it's crunch time for the


region's Olympians. This weekend was a big one in a number of sports


as the race to reach London gathers pace. Stuart Pollitt rounds up the


action starting with swimming success.


She looks happy and no wonder. Fran Halsall's reaction to qualifying


for a third Olympic event. The Southport swimmer set the fastest


time in the world this year to win the 50 metres freestyle. It has


just proved I am swimming fast and I am in good shape.


Liverpool's Michael Rock also qualified joining the likes of


James Goddard, Keri Anne Payne and Dan Sliwinski.


A leap of 4 metres 70 earned Holly Bleasdale a bronze at the World


Indoor Championships in Istanbul. Further proof that the Lancashire


pole vaulter is a genuine medal prospect come August.


Meanwhile the medal hopes for Cheshire rowers Ric Egington, Matt


Langridge and Tom James are in the balance. The trio are World


Champions in the men's four, rowing's premier event. But at


least two of them could lose their spots when coach Jurgen Grobler


decides the squads next month. It is difficult, he has a wealth of


talent to marshal in those three boats. We have the strongest rowing


team in the world and that has been proved.


It's still touch and go for Bolton's badminton ace Jenny


Wallwork and her on- and off-court partner, Nathan Robertson. They're


competing with another British pair for just one mixed doubles spot.


It's honours even after both made the quarter finals of the All


England Championships. It is a tense environment as everyone is


competing against each other. If we're not competing in London we


will probably be in the Caribbean some work!


Like many others, they'll know within a few months whether they'll


be spending the summer here or not. Don't forget to join me tonight for


late kick off. If the square root of nine is three


and an octagonal object has eight sides, what is seven times six?


There are still working on that now!


That is advised past 11 on BBC One. Just going back to that Man City


fan seen crying after Swansea scored, the stick he's been getting


on Twitter today is incredible! you help find a new home for the


famous ceiling painting from the Sistine Chapel? Not the original


work by Michaelangelo, but the next best thing - a copy at an Italian


restaurant in Manchester. When it was painted in 1994, it


caused an international sensation. Now the restaurant's closed and the


artwork may be lost forever. Stuart Flinders reports.


God and man. The mystery of creation.


Images that have inspired cardinals choosing a new pope and diners


choosing a pizza. Michael Brown painted this copy of


Michaelangelo's work on the ceiling of an Italian restaurant in


Whitworth Street nearly 20 years ago. What do you remember about


painting it? Being stood on the scaffolding for 10 hours a day!


took longer than used bought? took me two years. You do not often


see a copy done in oil paintings anywhere. I am proud of it. Good


paintings remain good paintings over to time.


Michael's work was an international sensation. American tourists come


especially to see it. Paverotti called in and gave it his blessing.


The restaurant's owner was blessed. Michael took a photograph of me and


I felt very proud. Now the restaurant has closed and the


painting, on panels, will be taken down and stored in boxes. Unless a


new home can be found. What would be suitable as a venue


for their is? I would love to see it in a public place, perhaps a


shopping-centre or even perhaps the church. It is quite sad to have a


Manchester feature, which it was, just to be forgotten about. While


we were filming, a passing art student spotted the ceiling for the


first time. She says it's a masterpiece in its own right. If


things don't work out, that could turn out to be the Last Judgement.


It is stunning, I have seen it in real-life. Let's take a look at the


real-life. Let's take a look at the weather.


Good evening. This is the only a sparkling think you'll see for a


while - a view from our studios here at media city. We're still


under the influence of this high- pressure sell everything continues


to be quiet until the Tain -- the tail end of Thursday. The price to


pay for that is a huge amount of cloud cover. This has made


temperatures struggle. On the other side of the Pennines where the


sunshine was out, it was an entirely different story. Through a


busy evening and tonight we hang around to that cloud cover once


again. The wind is light, they could be a little bit of mist


towards the very early hours of the morning. Temperatures not much


different in the overnight period. For many places, as seven or eight


degrees. Tomorrow morning it is the same picture all over again.


Against that wind is very light. Close to the Pennines is where the


best of the sunshine will be tomorrow. At this time of year that


temperatures will really respond if the sun does come out. So it is hit


and miss, there will be the odd break every now and again. And


those temperatures come up we go for a high of 12 degrees but if the


sunshine comes out things will feel better than that. We hang on to the


cloud tomorrow night and eventually it starts to move away in the next


it starts to move away in the next few days.


I think the answer is 42! Do not spoil it, you will have to watch


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