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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Tony Livesey and


Annabel Tiffin. Our top story: The 90-year-old left to crawl naked


and smeared in filth. A BUPA care home boss is found guilty of


neglect. I hope that everyone who is involved in care and involved in


looking after people takes on board what the judge has said. The How


can we trust those who say they'll look after our families?


Also tonight, marching in memory - the service commemorating six


British soldiers killed in Afghanistan, two from the North


West. The parents of Oliver petition to stop sudden-death


happening to other children. And the pensioner going Roman


across Britain, 96-year-old Doris The manager of a care home in


Liverpool has been given a suspended prison sentence for the


wilful neglect of a 90-year-old dementia sufferer. Joyce Farrow's


family found her dirty and dehydrated at the Stonedale Lodge


home in Croxteth. The judge was also highly critical of the way


Joyce Farrow was a grandmother and great-grandmother. When she got


dementia, her family put her in the Stonedale Lodge care home in


Croxteth. But she often fell out of bed and then got sores on her feet


from crawling around. Her daughter says she was often dirty and


dehydrated. There are ways to Downing, ways to go. And cold,


undernourished, underfed and bruised is not the right way. --


there are ways to die. Mrs Farrow died in hospital, though


the court heard death was unrelated to the neglect. The woman who


managed Stonedale was Karen Southern. Today she was jailed for


eight months, suspended for two years, for wilful neglect. The


court heard BUPA put her under pressure to keep costs down.


Outside court, Mrs Southern's lawyer spoke on her behalf.


wholeheartedly apologise to her family for this serious lack of


care provided to Joyce. While in my care as home manager, at Stonedale


Lodge. I fully accept that as the home manager, I should have done


more to protect Joyce. BUPA received �4,500 of public


money and personal pension for the care Mrs Farrow received. Judge


Mark Brown was highly critical of BUPA. For example, Karen Southern


had no budget for agency people if her own staff went sick. In fact,


BUPA had a policy of naming and shaming its managers who had to pay


for Agency help. The judge said Joyce Farrow's family hope


companies like BUPA will take notice of what the judge said. She


also wants laypeople to sit on the Earlier I spoke to Stephen Lowe,


the police adviser for care services at Age UK. I pointed out


that as this wasn't the first incident of it's kind, why were


standards in the industry so consistently poor? I don't think


you should say that standards are poor all across the care home


industry, there are some very good care homes. What is increasingly


happening is that funding is getting tighter and tighter, local


authorities are not increasing their fees every year and care


homes are trying to provide... Forgive me in this incident, this


was a private care home. BUPA funded. At this point, the judge


said it put profits before care. How can families just their


decisions about these? It is about whether a care home and that is


about the quality of the staff and that is what you need to look at.


Does it look like there are enough staff that are there to be able to


provide a different standard. A only recently, the Prime Minister


had to remind nurses in the NHS that caring was the prime concern


so are we confident that staff are It is a shoestring service, care


staff are employed on the lowest possible wages. They are frequently


in short supply and that is becoming increasingly a problem for


So many people facing this terrible decision about what will happen to


family members, what can you tell them if their instincts are not to


be trusted? What should they do now? Not all care homes are barred,


there are some good ones. And my advice to somebody looking for care


home places for a relative is that you need to visit them. You need to


look at where that there are enough staff. If you visit at meal times


which is when staff are most stretched, and see if individual


residents are getting individual care and attention they need. At


Age UK, we publish a fact sheet on choosing care home places which


gives you a checklist of things to look for that you should take with


you. You use more to it, thank you. -- useful tips, thank you.


Six British soldiers, killed in an explosion in Afghanistan, have been


remembered during a church service this morning. The soldiers,


including two from the North West, were killed when a Taliban bomb


destroyed their Warrior armoured vehicle in Helmand. Our reporter


Nicola Rees is in the Wiltshire town of Warminster where the


service has been held. A short time ago, I asked her what had happened


this morning. 400 soldiers marched through the centre of Warminster


and thousands of people spilled out onto the streets to see them ahead


of their deployment to Afghanistan. Some people had travelled hundreds


of miles to be there. It was a day of celebration and pride but of


course, tinged with sadness. And last week, the news that six


soldiers were killed in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb. Two of them


from the north-west. They were Sergeant Mr Speaker, from first


Battalion the Duke of Lancasters and Daniel Wade, a soldier with 3rd


Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment. The regiment marching ahead of the


deployment to Afghanistan. It was the worst loss of life since


operations began in Afghanistan and today people remembered the fallen.


They it was a very sad day. Very emotional. When it is a group of


lads like that, it is heartbreaking. The whole community answer billion


community have turned out. And the church service had already


turned out but to two recent events, it must have been much more


poignant? -- due to recent events. It had been planned as a farewell


parade for the shoulders heading out to Afghanistan. Changes were


made. -- for the soldiers. Changes included an act of remembrance to


the former soldiers and Last Post was heard and a roll of honour was


heard. Even before deploying in a fortnight's time, the repatriation


of the fallen comrades takes place Five members of a Liverpool gang


which carried out contract shootings across the city have been


jailed for life. Woolwich Crown Court heard how a grenade had been


left outside the home of Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish during a


botched attack on one of his neighbours. Two members of the gang,


Tony Downes and Kirk Bradley, escaped from a prison van in


Salford last year. Bradley is still on the run.


Warren Bradley, the former Liberal Democrat leader of Liverpool City


Council admitted perjury today following an investigation into


electoral fraud allegations. Bradley signed his son Daniel's


form to stand in last year's elections, although Daniel wasn't


present and had not yet signed the form himself. Bradley was fined


�1,000. Just over a year ago, Mark King


dropped his son off to school like he did most days, only to be called


a few hours later to be told he had lost his life. The youngster


collapsed during a swimming race and died fiom sudden arrhythmic


death syndrome - also known as SADS. It's a heart condition that often


has no symptoms and claims the lives of at least 12 children a


week. But Oliver King's parents say a defibrillator could have improved


his chances of surviving and could save lives. Today they launched an


e-petition calling for the equipment to be put in all public


places. Just over a year ago Oliver King


from Liverpool died suddenly during a swimming lesson at his school. It


was from a heart condition few of us may have heard of, but one that


can be detected. His parents are finding it difficult to cope


without him, but are focusing on a campaign to save lives. He was


courteous, well-mannered, perfect will stop people used to call him a


Ripple, because if they met him, he touched so many people. And this is


why we are striving. I cannot sit back and let another family go


through this devastation that we are still going through now.


The 12-year-old died from sudden arrhythmic death syndrome which is


caused by heart rhythm abnormalities. Today a petition was


launched at his school calling for the introduction of screening to


detect the condition, and also for all public places to have life-


saving defibrillators by 2017. someone feints outside a school,


you can get the first aid kit and rely on that and a glass of water.


I look forward to the picture when you can go into a sports centre or


School or library and find a defibrillator.


Healthy youngsters are particularly vulnerable but it can affect anyone


who puts a strain on their heart. We want the Government to look at


this and it is not just the case of Oliver, 12 people lose their life


per week to SADS. They achieve their aims -- if they achieve their


aims, that will be their legacy on Nine women and one man were


executed after the most famous witch trials in English history.


The 400 the anniversary of the -- is to be remembered. Our


reporter is in the shadow of Pendle I am in St Mary's churchyard in


Pendle. It is said to contain one of the family graves of one of


those executed for witchcraft all those centuries ago. Look at the


church there, embedded is a peculiar Stone called the eye of


God put there to ward off any evil spirits. Ins 1612, 10 people from


Pendle were found guilty of witchcraft following the trials at


Lancaster Castle. Nine were hanged and one died in prison but it


sparked a piece of history that The centuries slipped by but still


the Pendle witches caused a stir. Today the lot of this year's Pendle


witches festival, a commemoration of the 400 the anniversary of the


infamous witchcraft trials. Suddenly they were scapegoats in


society. They stood out, they were different. We can learn a whole lot


today about people who are different in society. Having


tolerance for them. It happened in the reign of James the first he


made witchcraft a hanging offence. The names entered folklore as


witches. In reality, they were victims of persecution, intolerance


and family feuding. They were poor, simple country folk. They probably


made a few pennies by selling potions. I have no doubt they were


a bit naughty but I don't believe they were wicked, evil people.


years on, you should not underestimate the power of the


story to the local economy. They see it attracts thousands upon


thousands of visitors every year. They know the story already having


read it in the history books. They come to Pendle for the story and


that Crowborough -- that represents a lot to local people. It is worth


�79 million worth to the district every year.


Festival events begin on Mother's Day, March 18th. With a walk


through which country. -- through One of the key events of the


festival will be on 18th August when they tried to set this new


world record for the greatest number of people dressed as witches


on the slopes of Pendle Hill. They are hoping to get more than 2000.


Ideally, 2012 to match the year. It is light and dark and I am in a


church yard in Which? -- in Sport Relief is next weekend and


our radio reporter set off on a tandem with special guests to join


their bit. They include comedian Ted Robbins and our very own Roger


Johnson. Roger joined them both for a little bit - and we mean a little


Ted Robbins and myself are not the finest specimens. You have got to


keep yourself in tip-top condition. You have let yourself go! Whereas


the bar? -- where it is the bar? I like my seat to be lowered to the


ground and I am having stabilisers fitted. Have they arrived? Yes.


Thank you. Keep going, I am paddling! Pilot Graham Liver has a


cycling pedigree, he went a fair distance for children macro two


If I was on the front and a small person was on the back, I would say


it it is like having a parcel. is it like with Ted Robbins on the


back was Mike I could not hold him up! She is not the only one. It


coincides with the Guild celebrations and the City will open


a 21 mile circuit. It will encourage more locals to take up


cycling. It is a great route, linking the city to the countryside.


That should be a doddle! He will cycle the glory leg to the finish


and that is if the bike is still intact after my journey from Stoke


to Salford. Come on, Graham Liver, come on Johnson, put your back into


A bit too close and personal for me, that.


If that's inspired you to do your bit for this year's Sport Relief,


why not sign up to your local Sport Relief mile on Sunday 25th March?


And if you want to help Graham and his gang as they pedal back to


Preston, go to bbc.co.uk/lancashire. Now to the sport and Richard is out


and about at Salford City Reds tonight where the Super League


champions Leeds Rhinos are the visitors. The City Reds will


certainly be hoping for a better result than Fergie's Reds had last


night. Yes, they will. It will not be easy for Salford tonight. The


visit of the Super League champions in their new stadium. The first


time I have had a chance to see it inside, an absolute cracker. This


is the under 20s much going on. A bad night for Manchester United and


City in the Europa League, both knocked out, united by Athletic


Bilbao. City won on the night but went out on the away-goals rule to


Sporting. Lots of the fans are not bothered and are looking forward to


the real battle for the Premier League title.


Out of a competition many thought they'd walk. English football's top


two ran into Europa League opposition who were far from second


rate. And after being outplayed by the side seventh in La Liga there


were no excuses from Sir Alex Ferguson. We cannot complain about


the result. They were a better team. And just like the first leg, it was


the Spanish side who hit their straps. Lorente hitting a sublime


volley to stun United, who went even further behind after the break.


Wayne Rooney's superb strike, only a late consolation. But back at Old


Trafford today many United fans feel their exit is a blessing in


disguise. I am glad they are out. We can concentrate on the league.


It was mainly a distraction, that is why we were not doing so well in


the early. Most of the blue half of Manchester expected the side to


overturn a 1-0 deficit. Very disappointed. We should concentrate


every season on every match to win it. Was not a good result, to be


honest. Not very happy but at least we can focus on the Premier League.


In a nightmare first half, City conceded two goals and effectively


the tie as over. Some fans certainly thought so. Very


disappointed with the way the game went.


Those supporters that had had enough missed a dramatic second-


half come-back that just fell short. After two goals from Aguerro and a


nonchalant Balotelli penalty, Joe Hart's last-gasp header was inches


away from giving City an amazing victory. I thought it had gone in


and I did not realise it was such a good save by the goalkeeper.


never comes through but, oh, well. Either way, it's the Premier League


both managers really want to win and the all-Manchester battle for


the title will now really hot up. Now to this weekend's FA Cup


quarter-finals, and Liverpool go into their tie against Stoke aiming


for their second trophy of the season. Having already won the


Carling Cup, fans are keen to return to Wembley. Some of them are


wondering if it might be an all- Merseyside FA Cup Final, like the


ones in 1986 and 1989. Everton manager David Moyes would love to


win his first trophy after ten years at Goodison. Bolton, who play


Spurs, want to win the Cup for the first time since 1958 but admit


that avoiding relegation is their priority. We are under no illusions,


we want to remain in the Premier League but we must also continue to


progress in the Cup. Saturday will let us know if we can reach the


final four. We must beat Sunderland, a very good form team. Martin


O'Neill has done a great job. It is a tough time for us but I am sure


he knows it is a tough time for them as well.


Full commentary on your local BBC radio stations.


There's good news tonight for FC United, the football club set up by


fans angry at the take-over of Manchester United by the Glazer


family. The Northern Premier League club has raised �1.6 million


through a supporters' share issue to help pay for a new football


ground and community facility at Moston in North Manchester. We can


see some pictures there. Boxing, and Ricky Hatton's brother


Matthew says his new baby daughter is giving him more sleepless nights


than tomorrow's opponent, Kell Brook. Matthew came face to face


with Brook at the weigh-in in Sheffield today ahead of their


British welterweight fight. Matthew's wife gave birth to their


second child a few days ago, but he says her arrival hasn't disrupted


his preparations. He's confident he'll defeat the unbeaten


Plenty of sleepless nights to come, Overall, Salford in good form,


three victories in a row. Hoping for bigger crowds averaging around


5,000. With me is a man who is helping to hope that will happen.


The head coach, Phil. Thank you for joining us. Let's look at the match


tonight. How important is it that your sight bounce-back? Pretty


important. Not the be-all and end- all of the season but we speak


about improving on a weekly basis. We had a hiccup last week in France


and we want to rectify that. will see a couple of tries from


your side against the Broncos, the likes of Maddy Smith taking this


season by the scruff of the neck. - - Matthew Smith. He has grabbed the


opportunity with both hands and his thriving off it. We are pleased


with the way he is playing a. mentioned crowns, I hate to use the


word open -- the word "Project", are you disappointed that people


are not watching the City Reds? play at a brilliant, entertaining


brand of football, I am sure people will get value for their money if


they come out. Not disappointed, I just hope that over a period of


time, the crowds will add up and we will get a respectable number four


stop let's hope so. Thanks for joining us this evening. -- a


respectable number. Let's hope so. He looked like the back of Richard


Taylor, walking away! What do you imagine you'll be doing


in your nineties, assuming you make it to that age? Most of us would


feel we'd earned the right to put our feet up. But not Doris Hancock.


Doris from Ambleside has packed a rucksack and begun an 84-mile walk.


She's got the stick. She's got the boots. Has she got much experience


of long-distance walking? I have not, really. I have never done a


walk of any kind. When I first retired, I was younger and I would


just go walking up the local hills. When I got older, people say I


should not be doing that at my age. It's a bold effort for a woman born


in the year of the Battle of the Somme.


She spotted a booklet about the Hadrian's Wallwork and decided she


must do it. She will do it in stages and will be 96 years old


What would you do in your nineties? I hope I am that fit and active.


you not think it is time to put your feet up when you are in your


nineties? Why? It would be ideal if you could still do it. I would like


to get there first. As Doris strides out along


Hadrian's Wall, she'll be joined by friends every step of the way.


will do five miles today, then five miles tomorrow. And then the family


will take over in the next month and through the next months.


Doris set off from Wallsend today. She's already raised hundreds of


pounds for charity. She hopes to Brilliant. If only the Romans


thought of putting in a conveyor belt! Good idea. And now for a look


I was folding my arms to wait for Tony to link need to Doris. I never


have a cool word to say to you. will try to think of one! Good


evening. If you are fed up of this quiet weather we are having this


week, fairly dreary and depressing, things will definitely changed


through the weekend. It will be cooler with rain at times but


crucially there will also be some sunshine. Today went exactly as


planned. Further south, the more sunshine you saw. The more north,


this line of rain moved its way in from parts of Scotland, the Isle of


Man and Northern Ireland, a few spots made it into Lancashire. It


will be over all of us tonight. If you are in southern parts of the


region, you will be fine, but on the way back it will have made its


way down. It is fragmenting and falling apart but it will not be


put -- it will be pouring down. Temperatures will not be an issue


tonight but tomorrow night, a different story. First thing on


Saturday, the remnants will be around and will move away very


slowly. Behind it, there will be some sunny spells and also some


scattered showers and as they pop up, they will happen almost


anywhere through the day. Some will be heavy and could be a rumble of


thunder included.. Temperatures depend on whether the sun is out,


but between 8-11 degrees. Over the high ground, possibly a touch of


sleet. Mother's Day looks a fine She put our Sport Relief people to


shame, they could not even get over speed bumps. It is inspirational.


Look at our lot. Speak for yourself! Don't forget, with the


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