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Good evening. Welcome to NorthWest Tonight with Roger Johnson and


Ranvir Singh. Our top story: From Brookside Close to behind bars


- the actor jailed for five years for lying to police as three others


are convicted of murder. A jury accepts that Brian Regan was


a cocaine courier but not a killer. Also in the programme:


Hundreds of jobs and millions of pounds for Cumbria as the Prime


Minister welcomes plans for a new drugs factory. It is a massive


boost of confidence for Olveston and the wider community.


We thought we were dead - a family's dramatic rescue after


their car plunges into a canal. And showing their passion for


Preston - the Easter spectacular to First tonight - he found fame as


Terry Sullivan in the soap opera Brookside. Now, after spiralling


into drug addiction the actor, Brian Regan, is behind bars for


almost five years for lying to police about his role in a gangland


killing. Regan was cleared of murder but three others were found


guilty after a jury heard he drove the gunman to a pub where a bouncer


was shot dead. Andy Gill reports. Brian Reading in happier days as


Terry Sullivan, in Brookside he played for 14 years. But with fame,


came cocaine addiction. A former colleague says glamour and crime


often mix. Actors and gangsters, but some reason almost get off on


each other. There is a strange attraction, it is a mutual


attraction. I think the hard man gives the act of the kind of


security out in a public space. And the actor gives the gangster kudos.


Reagan started making deliveries and bagging up cocaine for his


supplier. Last year, this man was shot dead outside a Liverpool pub.


Brian Regan was charged with murder. The police say he was the getaway


driver. His red Ford Escort was seen near the scene and CCTV


tracked it across Liverpool last night. Police think this may have


been so the gunman could collect the weapon. Brian Regan admitted


driving the gunmen to the scene. But he said he had no idea what he


had in mind. He parked some distance away and was snorting


cocaine when the shooting happened. The jury believed him and clears


him of murder. But in police interviews, he lied about where he


was that night. He is now serving early five years for perverting the


course of justice and drugs offences. I can only assume he was


trying to give a legitimate reason for he and his vehicle to be in the


area at the material time. gunman was convicted of murder, as


was Simon Smart, who use a mobile phone to your the victim to the


scene. Brian Regan said he lied because he was scared about what


might happen if he talked. those years ago he was top of the


tree and the world was at his feet. Because of cocaine he ends up


behind bars. Next tonight - some much-needed


good news on the local economy. of the world's largest drug


companies is to pump hundreds of millions of pounds into a new plant


in Cumbria, providing hundreds of new jobs. Ranvir has more.


GlaxoSmithKline is the world's third largest pharmaceutical


company and it's had a plant in the South Lakeland market town of


Ulverston since 1948, contributing to the company's turnover last year


of more than �28 billion. 240 people currently work at the site,


manufacturing ingredients for antibiotics. Now, after seeing off


competition from plants in Hertfordshire and Teeside that


could more than double to 500. And, depending on the speed of obtaining


planning consent, construction could start in 2014. Dave Guest has


more. The Prime Minister meets the new


generation of staff. McVeigh were in buoyant mood after hearing their


company was to spend �350 million in expanding the site. This work


force has been with us through thick and thin. I wanted to make


sure we were investing in a community who had stood by the


company so well. It is a massive dose -- vote of confidence. It is a


boost for the wider community in the Investment it brings. It means


South Lakes is a place small and large businesses can thrive and


survive. This has been a part of the landscape since 1948 and makes


the active ingredients for antibiotics. 30 years ago 5,000


people work here. Now it is down to less than 250. The new investment


won't bring the numbers up to anything like the good old days,


but it should more than double the workforce on this site. It is part


of investments worth �500 million. The company said they had been


encouraged to invest in the UK known as -- thanks to a tax break


known as the pattern box. incense advises us to not only


discover the drugs in Britain, but make them in Britain. We will get a


lower tax rate if we do more work in Britain. That concession was


confirmed in yesterday's budget. The company are complimentary about


the pattern box scheme, was its Aqua incidents they announce their


investment today or was there some Prime Ministerial pressure on them


to do that? I hope it is no coincidence because we have


aggressively cut corporation tax, made Britain a more business-


friendly country. Whatever the reasons for than Investment, the


people of all this and are happy to see more money and jobs coming to


the town. If we have more funds coming into the town, it is


brilliant. Great for the town, great for the people in the town.


Planning permission permitting, work should start in 2014.


And Dave joins us live now from outside the plant. Dave, some good


news on the jobs front finally? Work should start on the building


in 2014 and another six years after that it is up and running. But


other jobs will probably come to the area. What are you doing as an


authority to make this happen as quickly as possible? It is clear


the economy is one of the corporate priorities of South Lakeland


council. As the planning authority we will make sure we will make this


opportunity into a reality. So you won't stand in the way of them


getting permission to build it? Certainly not, we will continue to


work hard with them to make what is an absolutely incredible investment


in the area come to life. Good news for the people who work at the


factory, what about the wider impact on South Lakeland, briefly?


It is clear to see over the coming years there will be a great deal of


confidence, not just in this area, but within South Lakeland. This is


an area people can come to an find high-value, good jobs and that is


what we want to see. Thanks very much. The chief executive of South


Lakeland District Council. For once we are outside a factory with some


good news. The FIFA president, Sepp Blatter,


has hailed Fabrice Muamba's recovery from a cardiac arrest as


"a miracle". The Bolton midfielder's heart stopped beating


by itself for two hours after he collapsed during Saturday's game


against Tottenham. Bolton play their first match since the


incident against Blackburn this weekend.


Chris McManus, from Oldham and an Italian colleague were murdered


during an attempted rescue after being held captive by Islamist


militants. The Foreign Secretary William Hague has been meeting his


counterpart in Rome. Work started today on a temporary


cruise liner terminal which will allow journeys to start and end in


Liverpool. The baggage and customs building at Princes Dock will


provide full turnaround facilities until 2015, with the first liner


expected at the end of May. A government decision on a permanent


facility is expected by Easter. And a former favourite on this


programme, Stuart Hall, has received an OBE for his career in


broadcasting, which stretches back 50 years. Stuart's also worked for


ITV and says he has no plans to retire, comparing his physique to


that of a Ferrari engine. Understated as always!


A man who saved the lives of his passengers after driving his car


into a canal has been describing the moment he thought he would


drown. Nic Seddon, repeatedly dived into the Bridgewater Canal near


Altrincham to rescue his parents and teenage nephew. The fire


brigade arrived just in time to get Nic's mum to safety. But the family


say police officers bound by health and safety rules, simply watched


the family struggle. Stuart Flinders reports.


Two days after the event, Nic Seddon relived the trauma today.


This narrow stretch of road in Timperley is where he drove his car


into the canal. His parents and teenage nephew were inside. When we


tried the doors, that was not happening. At that point, I decided


the only way out of it is me smashing my way out.


Nic smashed his way out with a steering wheel lock then used bear


feet to kick in the window where his dad was sitting. By then, he


was exhausted and thought he would drown. I said to my dad, wait. I


swam back to him but I had ran out of steam. It was like a two run


with your swim in cold water. I look at his face and I thought I am


going down. He grabbed me and held on to meet. I held on to the car


and got my second breath back. did get his father and nephew to


safety. Then there was his mother. She said, please get me out. I said


he will be all right. As Nic struggled to rescue his


family, he says police officers looked on from the canal bank


waiting for the fire service to arrive. We were losing our temper


saying help us. Why were they just watching? My dad thinks it is a


health and safety. Greater Manchester Police say the


fire service are officers specially trained in carrying out rescues in


water. Police officers assisted the people who got out of the vehicle.


A fireman finally rescued Nic's mother. I am not the hero, I save


people who I love. That is what you do. A fire fighter does in an saved


a completes -- stranger. Still to come on North West


Tonight: Taking it to the wire - the late comeback that keeps City


in touch with United. And the volunteers coming out in


colour for the Preston passion. might be my last Preston Guild Hall,


it is my 4th and next time I think I will be too old to join him.


It was a brutal armed robbery that left a Manchester art dealer and


his family traumatised. In 2007 Lowry expert, Ivan Aird, was tied


up in his own home as robbers made off with more than �1.5 million


worth of paintings. Well four years later they turned up as part of a


surveillance operation in Liverpool, and today two men from Bootle were


collectively sentenced to ten years in prison for their part in


handling the paintings. Ivan Aird had grown up with Ellesse


Larry coming round for tea and teaching him how to paint. He loved


his that's friend and work hard to build up a collection of his work.


In 2007 it led to a terrifying ordeal. I kept thinking about my


daughter, the No 1 priority and my wife. I kept shouting, and they


were threatening saying they would kill my daughter if I moved. More


than �1.5 million worth of paintings were taken. Four years


later they turn up in Liverpool and two day two men were sentenced for


their part in handling the paintings. Kevin Marlowe from


Bootle, also on drugs charges transport of the paintings and


received 6.5 years. He collected them from Jered Starkey, also from


Bootle. He had been storing them in his container and receive just over


three years. The judge told the men I accept you did not know the


violence circumstances in which the paintings were taken. But if you


were organisers who facilitated viewers. I believe you knew they


were original Lowry's and you knew they were very valuable. Happier,


content. Just glad it is over and done with. And you are reunited


with the paintings? Yes. They are in The Lowry centre now. There has


only been one convictions for the gang who committed the robbery. The


story of the stolen paintings, how they got to Liverpool and where


they could have ended up remains an incomplete picture.


Now, we've already had some good news on the local jobs front


tonight and all this year North West Tonight is going to be


tracking the economy - the good times and the bad through one town


- Crewe in Cheshire. We've chosen it because it's a town like many


others in the region. Over the next 12 months we'll follow the


unemployed as they try to find work, speak to families feeling the


squeeze and keep a close eye on businesses there doing what they


can to survive and grow. Laura Yates is at a factory in Crewe to


tell us more. Good evening. This is what's made


here - the ice cream van. And it's actually the UK's biggest


manufacturer. Been doing business here in Crewe since 1962, so 50


years. And they tell me that right now things are thriving at the


moment. More on that later but first let's have a look at some of


Crewe's vital statistics shall we. Population - 50,520. The average


income in Crewe - a very healthy �32,600 pounds. And the average


house price is �132,873. But don't go thinking this is super wealthy


area - it has its share of deprivation and low income too. The


unemployment rate last year was 7.3% That's higher than the North


West average. Two years ago Crewe had the highest average debts


outside London �23,553. So here we are and we've gathered together a


group of people who live and work here - who are going to help us


track the economy over the next year. So let me introduce you to


them. Out of work and out of luck. Chloe


is 16, Joe is 18 and Laura is 16 and they have been rejected for a


job at a job. I have looked for about a year. Every time I send a


CV out, I don't get a response. Having a job keeps the day-to-day


routine out alive and gets you something to get up for. There


isn't anything to replace it with. Do you want that one there. Wayne


and Toby are struggling. Not enough money coming in and too much going


out. Saving is impossible and making ends meet hard. We are a


family with just myself working. Fuel prices and food prices have


gone up. It is incredibly difficult. While Phil is a brave man, he is


taking the plunge and taking a risk, starting a business in tricky times.


Are you mad? Probably, yes. Mad or brave. No, mad. And Sarah and Wendy


are at the helm of the family business. It started small in a


farmhouse kitchen. But it is now booming in a purpose-built factory,


but can they take it global? We are talking to the US, China. We had


just got a new wholesaler in New Zealand and an importer in Canada.


This is our panel, they will be tracking the economy for us this


year. We will learn more about each of the next week and see how they


get on in the months and weeks to come.


Let me also introduce you to the manager of this factory. They say


things are going well into Times, or why is that? We produce a very


special product and it encourages a lot of businesses to come to


ourselves. Prices going up, it has affected do but you are keen not to


push that on to your customers? Prices are going up everywhere and


it is important we absorb as much as we can. Yesterday's Budget,


lowering of corporation tax, something you welcome isn't it?


great thing for business. Nobody has a magic wand. If we can do


things step-by-step, slowly we can improve the economy. We would like


to hear from you as always. It you live and work in Crewe, please e-


mail us. I am sure she won't let those ice-


creams go to waste. After what I have been doing today,


I fancy an ice-cream. We will hear more about Roger has


been doing, Lycra was involved. Football: The Manchester City


manager, Roberto Mancini, says Carlos Tevez can play a crucial


part in helping the team try and win the Premier League. The striker


came off the bench to set up the winner against Chelsea to take City


back to within a point of neighbours United at the top. Tevez


had been in exile for six months after refusing to warm up during a


Champions League match. With that and a bad night for Liverpool,


here's Richard Askam. Better late than never seemed to be


the feeling amongst the city faithful, as Carlos Tevez made his


long awaited return. And with no problems with his warm-up or the


manager's instructions, his late arrival of the bench had the


desired effect. With a little over 10 minutes to go and Chelsea 1-0 up,


sitting as a feared their title chances were slipping away. But


after this equaliser, Tevez made his mark. Not with a goal but a


clever pass which set up Samir Nasri. And he was very much back in


the city fold. But not quite back in everybody's good books. It he


makes the difference, he has already lost us the difference, we


are out of the Carling Cup, Champions League and the Europa


League. We have dropped 14 points. Welcome him back. Liverpool


supporters were left scratching their heads after watching their


side throw away a two-goal lead at QPR. How about that from a


defender! And a move that could have been finished several times


before Kirk I'd put it in, but the Reds in charge. But at the poor


defending allowed QPR to get one back, but they were on the charge.


Liverpool old boy levels. And then they got the winner. At Goodison


Park, Everdon came back against Arsenal but went down to an early


goal. In just over two weeks' time,


people will gather in Preston. It will involve drama, singing and


dancing and takes place in Preston Bus Station. It is not too late to


get involved, here is Peter Marshall.


Slowly, stunner me, the Preston passion is coming together. Keep


them up into a new place them. Volunteers have been rehearsing


every weekend for several weeks. Among them, a retired shop


assistant, Gloria. It might be my last Preston Guild because this is


my 4th and next time I think I will be a bit too old to join in. I


would say it has been one of the best things that has ever happened


to me. I would do it again, and I will decide when it is over.


Rehearsals have been hard work and not everything is going to plan.


Mark is the man charged with making sure around 1000 volunteers are


perfect at noon on Good Friday. How do you think this is going to look


on the day? Spectacular, epic. Also moments of intimacy and it will


look like real people doing something very special. Three


generations of this family are taking part. I feel like I am at


home with everybody. In nice smile, and enjoy it. We will enjoy every


minute. Anthony Leadbetter has little experience of performing in


front of the sort of audience that is expected, but is enjoying a


once-in-a-lifetime experience. shows I can do stuff like this.


Because I am in the bottom set at school, it does not mean I cannot


do anything. You are enjoying this? I am. All those taking part are


keen and determined to make this unique for Preston, and it will be


spectacular. There is still on opportunity for other people to get


involved. Volunteers, young or old are needed to join in the last two


weeks of rehearsals, as Preston puts the final touches to its epic


performance, the passion. So excited. It looks great.


You can visit the website at for more details on how to get involved.


Keep going Gloria, you will get it! We have an exciting visit to


tomorrow, her Majesty the Queen will officially open BBC North.


Here she is in recent times unveiling a statue of Eric


Morecambe. The Duke of Edinburgh will be here to open Salford


University's building across the Plaza. The Queen will visit the UK


media City studios. She will be here and then she will start but


the Sport Relief Mile. Or we will bring you all of that coverage


tomorrow. It will be buzzing tomorrow.


I will need a lie-down. You will see some pictures in a


moment. I wish she had come today because


we could have given her aim warm It was a beautiful day. Tomorrow,


is a day of two hearts. It will be cloudy to start but the sun will


come out in the afternoon. Through the day, most places saw some nice


temperatures. It looked and felt wonderful. If you were out and


about you'll notice the breeze was stiff from time to time. It could


even be a better day tomorrow. Outside of your window there is not


a huge amount of cloud a round but it will thicken as the night goes


on by midnight. It won't be as cold as it was last night. Temperatures


down to around five Celsius. Many places 6, 7 and maybe and eight.


You will notice in the Irish Sea, particularly for parts of the arid


-- Isle of Man, there is some rain moving towards us from the south-


west. And there will be some drizzle so when you get up bursting


tomorrow morning, there will still be a bit of that around. The rain


could still be around in parts. It will move away late morning and it


will dry up and the sun comes at. If you have got good eyes, you will


notice in parts of Merseyside, there will be a shower here and


there. Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside could see them. Some


places could miss them entirely and they are not a big threat. As the


sun comes out, temperatures could equal today or they could be better.


We could be looking at 17 or 18 degrees. Tomorrow night there is


nothing to trouble you. For the weekend, it is not often we can


bring you of forecasts that has high-pressure in charge in a


high-pressure in charge in a positive way. Look at the outlook


for the next couple of days. It is time to get your own back on


Roger. You know how he likes to see you in Lycra? I don't think he


likes it, I force it on him. I did Stoke to Salford and this is


when we got to the finish. Did you enjoy it? Loved it, they


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