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Good evening. Welcome to NorthWest Tonight with Ranvir Singh and Roger


Johnson. Our top story. An investigation into hospital


security in Tameside after medical fluids for patients were left


unattended in the grounds. We'll be examining what safeguards


should be in place. Also tonight.


Police release a lorry driver without charge after a badly


injured woman's body is found in the middle of a Manchester road.


A new neighbourhood watch. The Cheshire plan to help protect our


historic buildings. People power. Renewable energy


based on Ancient Greek engineering, paid for by the locals.


And dilemmas at the deep end. The problems of juggling Olympic dreams


with a busy family life. You end up being quite selfish and I found it


hard to dedicate my time to other An investigation is underway at


Tameside Hospital, after it emerged Part of a major thoroughfare in


Manchester was brought to a standstill today after the body of


a woman with very serious injuries was found lying in the road. Soon


afterwards, a lorry driver was arrested on suspicion of murder.


But within the past hour, he's been released without charge. Our Chief


Reporter Dave Guest is at the scene of where the woman was found. This


sexual of opera at Brook Street remains sealed off. This has been a


story of twists and turns regret the day. But the police are no


nearer to knowing who the dead woman was.


It was around 10 this morning that police received reports of a body


lying in the middle of Upper Brook Street. They arrived to find the


badly damaged body of a woman. It made a distressing scene for


passersby. It is scary. Especially when you do not know the


circumstances. It is mad the way the world is. That is just the way


things are now days. This road is normally a busy thoroughfare, but


it has remained closed off arrive the day. Even as officers began the


task of trying to identify this woman, and establish how she came


to be in the road, there was another twist in the story when a


47-year-old lorry driver was arrested some of miles from here.


His lorry became another potential crime scene that he was arrested on


suspicion of murder. Then at least this after them, the police


announced that the man had been released without charge. They were


keen to stress that the investigation is still in its


infancy. We have a team of detectives investigating this


matter. We have placed additional patrols in the area. This is a


distressing incident, we are getting information constantly.


priority for the investigation is to establish who the woman was the


circumstances leading up to her death. Tonight, the police have


issued a description of the dead woman. She was Asian, had black


hair, was wearing gold bangles, had a nose piercing and a toll ring.


She was wearing saffron coloured clothing. If someone is missing a


relative, if they may know who this person is, please get in touch with


the police. An investigation is underway at


Tameside Hospital, after it emerged that boxes of a medical solution


due to be used on patients were left unattended in a loading bay


that was accessible to the public. The news comes as police continue


to investigate the deaths of six patients at Stepping Hill in


Stockport, who were allegedly poisoned. Tameside General has now


apologised to patients and says security has now been stepped up.


Here's our health correspondent Nina Warhurst. If filtration


solutions from these boxes were due to be put inside your body, how


comfortable would you feel? A manager at Tameside General was


so concerned that the fluids were being left here, unattended, before


being used on patients that she contacted her local newspaper and


this reporter says he was able to go right up to the boxes. Nobody


challenged me at all. There were no patrols, no CCTV in their area. It


is just shocking that the sort of The Royal Liverpool University


Hospitals have a dedicated medicinal safety nurse whose job it


is to make sure storage and handling produceres are always


followed. The lorry drivers drop them off and the porters and lock


them away. When the wards order the medicine, the porter takes them up.


Should they ever be left unattended? Absolutely not.


Medicines and fluids should not be treated like that. Practices have


now been improved. Liquids are received into a safe and secure


area. The risk to any patient is extremely small. The trust has


initiated a full investigation into this. I the results of the


investigation are expected in the coming months.


More of the day's news now. The body of a soldier from East


Lancashire, who was killed in Afghanistan, has arrived back in


the UK. Lance Corporal Michael Foley from


Nelson was shot dead with two other servicemen by a rogue Afghan


soldier. Their bodies arrived at RAF Brize Norton this afternoon.


There's been a mixed picture at petrol stations across the region


with continuing fears of a strike by tanker drivers. Some service


stations have seen long queues, others appear to be operating


normally. The AA is urging motorists to buy fuel as usual,


avoiding stockpiling. 60 firefighters tackled a blaze in


Preston city centre today. It started in the kitchen of the


McDonalds restaurant on Market Street. A number of other shops and


businesses had to be evacuated. And a large fire led to part of Chorley


town centre being closed for part of the day. It badly damaged a


number of shops and restaurants. Candidates are starting to


officially launch campaigns in the race to become the first directly


elected Mayor of Liverpool. For the first time, voters will choose who


they want to lead the city council. Labour's candidate is the current


leader of the council, Joe Anderson, who originally decided to create


the new post. People will look at my record over the last 18 months


to see what I have done. The cruise liner terminal, the apprenticeships


we have created, the jobs we have created they will see a man of


action, a man who gets things done. And the former BBC journalist Liam


Fogarty who has campaigned for years for an elected mayor in


Liverpool is standing as an independent. I have been


professionally a reporting on Liverpool politics for 30 years and


I know how the City works. I can see under the bonnet, if you like,


of Liverpool and the way it is governed. I think we can do a whole


lot better with some new thinking, new faces and a new person at the


top. For a list of prospective


candidates standing for mayor, go to the website at


bbc.co.uk/liverpool. The route has been announced for


Liverpool's Sea Odyssey - a three day street theatre event to mark


the centenary of the Titanic sinking. A giant puppet of a little


girl who lost her father on the ship will walk a 23 mile route


around the city next month. Up to a quarter of a million visitors are


expected on the streets to watch. For more details on the route visit


www.bbc.co.uk/liverpool. It is going to be spectacular. I


thought at first that they look quite weird, but now they look


really good. The country's first heritage watch


scheme has been launched in Cheshire today. It's modelled on


Neighbourhood Watch, but the idea is that local people can help


protect our historic buildings and sites from vandalism.


Cheshire has more than 5,000 sites of historic interest. Our reporter


Andy Gill is at one them - St John's Church in Chester. Andy.


This is a magnificent churches dating back to the 7th century,


next to the Roman amphitheatre in Chester. Some people think it is


among the finest parish churches in England. But it is a building that


has CCTV because of vandalism and anti-social behaviour. Today it was


-- launch of heritage watch. A Grade 2 listed building converted


without planning permission, a building covered in graffiti. This


is heritage crime. At this parish church, lead has been taken from


the roof, windows broken. Depressed, annoyed, very upset. Half at the


time they do not realise that they are damaging their own heritage.


This is a medieval quarter of arms carved into a huge slab of stone.


It used to do have a partner. But two years ago somebody came and


took another one away. It was a planned crime. Now comes Heritage


to watch. Volunteers are being encouraged to give an eye on


Cheshire's historic buildings. hits people where it hurts. In the


sort of buildings about commemorate these important to people's lives.


That is a mean thing to do. first volunteer group has already


been set up. We have to play our part by taking care of it, by being


nosey and boarding up when you have that suspicions. One of the worst


Heritage crimes that Cheshire faces is people urinating on historic


buildings. Disgusting, and something which lots of the wood.


Farmland is sometimes dug up by a illegal metal detectors. If you


want to set up your own heritage watch scheme, get in touch with the


police or your local council. Being nosey seems to be one of the


key skills, I might a sign up! 2,000-year-old technology is being


brought back to life to generate renewable energy on a river in


Stockport. The River Goyt already has one Archimedes Screw producing


electricity from water power. Now it is to get two more costing half


a million pounds. They are being paid for by local people, but with


future Government support for green energy schemes uncertain, are they


investing wisely? Our Environment Correspondent Colin


Sykes reports. Ancient Greek engineering bought by lorry to


Stockport. The huge Archimedes screws are


being fixed into the existing Otterspool Weir on the River Goyt.


The screws turn at variable rates allowing us to go with the ebb and


flow of the river. The survey says there is plenty of water in here to


allow them to turn for most of the time. We can control them and


manage them if we need to. screws will generate enough power


for 60 homes. This is not the first time the River Goyt has been used


for Hydro-Electric power. Just a few miles upriver another scheme is


already successfully generating power. The smaller community scheme


at New Mills is already up and running. Grants and attractive


tariffs for the power have given the scheme widespread appeal but


there is a warning that reduced Government support could leave


investors high and dry. If the Government is serious about the big


society, helping to address climate change, I think it will have to


radically rethink how it supports communities to do this kind of


thing. But for its supporters, it is not all about the money. Most of


my adult life, I have been sounding off about this kind of thing and


the need for alternative sources of power. It is a chance to put my


money where my mouth is. It is small but enough small things will


add up to something that has a significant effect in the long run.


With the screws in place, the scheme should be generating


electricity by next month. Starting your own business is


always a big decision but especially so when you consider the


latest figures. For every two businesses started in the North


West, another three go bust. But Phil Littler from Crewe has done it


- he has just taken over a furniture business.


And he's one of the people who will be helping us track our economy in


the Cheshire town over this next Taking the plunge and taking a


chance in the toughest of times. Are you mad? Probably. Mad or brave.


But you're confident. I know what I am doing. Confidence is good. Sales


even better. Latest figures show that for every two businesses being


started here in the north-west, another three are going bust. What


makes you think you can buck the trend? It is attention to detail,


looking at costs, overheads, do not be flash with anything. Prices have


got to be in line with people shopping on the internet. We want


them to come into town and shop here. So far, so good. He has only


been in business for two weeks, but his is a cautious optimism. I have


a minimum that I have to have, and another where I would also like to


be ideally as well. Target wise, two weeks in, I have doubled it.


But you cannot judge it on two weeks. With a website about to be


launched, plenty of ideas in the pipeline and a long-term plan, it


looks good. In one year, I would like to still be here, having


survived the first year. The second year should be easier. That is when


you start to make some profit. Can he do it? We will check in with him


again soon. Most of us cannot even remember


learning how to read. It's just a natural part of growing up. But not


having that skill can make everyday things like reading a letter or


filling out a form feel daunting. And the statistics are quite


surprising. One in every six adults has the


reading age of an 11 year old or Let me introduce Jeff Pearce. A one


time market trader from Liverpool, now a multi-millionaire who


couldn't write his own name until he was 53 years old. As go, you


were bill of pride -- you were vilified by the teacher. They


thought I did not want to learn, but I did not. -- but I did. I had


dyslexia. How did that make you feel? I wanted to learn, but they


felt I was not learning quickly enough. With dyslexic people, you


have to be taught one it took one. Dyslexia is quite well handled in


schools, I imagine, generally speaking now. But you ended up with


no qualifications and he became a market trader with your mother.


left school at 14 and I could not read and write. But you became a


multi-millionaire, how did you manage? It was very difficult. I


lived at two lives. The life of entrepreneur businessman, but also


the life of a man in fear of being found out. Your wife help you?


wife it was my writing hand. We were in business as a team. I could


not even spell my first name which is James. I found it impossible.


You have learned to read it four years ago. How has it changed to


your life? Amazing. The first thing is to admit that you cannot read.


What I spent 54 years of blatant of anybody knowing that I could not


read. As soon as I told somebody that I could not read and write, it


changed and I was able to start learning. It is a fascinating story.


Inspirational. I am sure that people watching will take


inspiration from it. Well, all this week, the BBC has


commissioned a series of special daytime dramas on the subject and


help is available. If you want to improve your skills, call 0800 0150


950 to talk to someone about what to do next. Or text WORDS to 81010.


Further information can also be found at bbc.co.uk/secretsandwords.


Calls are free from most landlines but some mobile operators may


charge for the call. Texts cost 12- 15 pence.


Now to our Olympic hopefuls and a man preparing for his third Olympic


Games in the pool. Stockport's James Goddard, who specialises in


the backstroke, has won Commonwealth gold medals but has


just missed out when it's come to the big one.


But he hasn't given up hope of winning a medal at his home Games


in London and has been training harder than ever. Our own Olympian


Steve Parry went to find out how That is a brilliant swim up from


James Goddard. Not many people can cope with being a father and a


sports person? It is toff. As a sports person, you lived your life


of focusing on yourself. You end up quite selfish and I found it hard


to dedicate my time to other people. Would you prefer that James had a


more ordinary job? It has always been like this, so that would be


weird. I am looking forward to going out and hearing 70,000 people


going crazy. I bet your not taking her to school? Yes, I trained early


in the morning so I do not usually get to take her. James has won


Commonwealth and European golds. This time it is going to be tough


as he is up against the two greatest ever swimmers. I am very


privileged to be going to my home Olympic Games. And I am going to be


competing against of the greater swimmers of all time. What would be


a good result for you? I think this will be my last chance, added is my


best chance to try pick up a medal. I want to swim a race that I can


look back on in 40 years and think that was a race of my life. We wish


We promised you want final nice day and we have had it. Temperatures


have struggled a little bit. That north-westerly wind is bringing the


air him from the Irish Sea. These are the temperatures that we can


expect now. But it is getting a little bit hazy. It will be a quiet


night, but the cloud is returning. This cloud cover does make a


difference. I do not they may was see any frost, temperatures will be


around to five degrees tomorrow morning. Just a little bit better.


But that cloud will still be around first thing tomorrow morning. A


very different start to the day. The cloud cover tries to thin a bit.


We could see bright weather coming through after lunch time. But the


cloud is still there. It is not going to be the same as it has been


for the last couple of days. Still, the temperature so I will arise to


about 15 along the coast, and that is it for tomorrow.


That's about it for tonight. Just time for the penultimate part in


our series looking at life in one northern town through the eyes of


the people who live there. Songs from Hattersley has generated a


fair bit of feedback from you this week.


Tonight it's Jane and Bill's story and it's a lovely story - one which


sums up the power of friendship. We met at the church and Hattersley.


Bill was partially sighted and play the piano. I was a gospel singer


and he used to accompany me while I sang. He subsequently went


completely blind. In 2005, Jean's husband died. Five weeks later, my


wife Brenda died. I began to look after him. He is almost out


completely deaf as well as blind. # Me gran bought me my first piano.


# I played by ear just for fun. # But it's been my life # I'll play


for as long as I can. # We keep shuffling on. # Inching forward,


smiling. # He never lets us go. # I suppose You could say I relied


on him. # It's only fair that I do my bit.


# Offer him a helping hand. # To thank him for the music and


the friendship. # Let him know that I think the


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