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Good evening. Our top story: A record fine for Network Rail after


the fatal Grayrigg crash in Cumbria but a stark warning from the unions.


The court heard that systematic failures lead to the train being


derailed. Also tonight: Heated exchanges in court as the defence


gets under way in the Rochdale grooming case.


Snow brings chaos to parts of the North West with roads closed and


And She Loves You. It's back to the Cavern for a visit by one of the


Beatles' original fans. A massive Beatles fan. She told me how she


went to their concerts are. Not Margaret Masson lost her life in


the Grayrigg derailment in Cumbria five years ago. 86 others were


injured. Today Network Rail was fined a record �4 million for the


systemic failures that led to the incident.


Today at Preston Crown Court the judge said she hoped the size of


the fine would ensure such an accident would never happen again.


But that was questioned by the main rail union. Here's Jayne Barrett.


In February 2007, a 300-ton Pendolino hit faulty points on the


line near Grayrigg. 86 were injured. Margaret Masson was killed. Today


Network Rail was fined �4million. A record fine for a health and safety


breech. In finding the company -- in finding the company, the judge


said systemic failures were to blame for this, at the same


systemic failures that have been to blame for the Potters Bar


derailment. The company was not only guilty, it had relevant


previous convictions. Margaret Masson's granddaughter said because


of the way Network Rail was funded, the fine would ultimately be borne


by taxpayers and that was wrong. What would you have liked to have


happened to the people at the top of the company? I don't know. She


should still be here. This is the only man to have lost


his job over the incident. David Lewis failed to carry out a crucial


safety check. But the Masson family have never held him responsible.


am glad it has all come to an end. You are the only person who has


lost his job through this. That is all I want to say. Today the judge


accepted he and his colleagues had neither the training, the tools nor


the time to implement necessary safety standards. Network Rail


declined requests for interviews but issued a statement: we have


learnt from the accident and we are determined to recognise what we got


wrong and put it right. But have they? This man, HM Chief Inspector


of Railways, admitted he has raised safety concerns with Network Rail


on four occasions since Grayrigg. Is it good enough that you have to


step in to make sure they are doing what they have been told to do?


is our job. Is it good enough that they do this? It is not good enough


and that is why at times we have had to act.


Outside court, rail unions protested. In light of funding cuts


and rail reviews they issued a warning. This is likely to happen


again for --. A man accused of sexually


exploiting teenaged girls today described one of his alleged


victims as a loud mouthed racist. And during heated exchanges in


Liverpool Crown Court, he accused the prosecutor of being a bully and


the police of being corrupt. He is one of 11 men standing trial,


accused of exploiting young girls in the Rochdale area. All deny the


charges against them. Dave Guest followed today's proceedings in


court and he's there now. Let's turn to the man who made these


remarkable statements. What can you tell us about him?


I continue Key's 59 and from Oldham but I cannot tell you his name for


legal reasons -- I can tell you that he is 59. He is accused with


conspiracy to engage in underrate sexual activity with under-aged


girls, rape and trafficking. He describes those accusations as a


load of rubbish saying it never happened. He went on to describe a


15-year-old that he is accused of raping as being loud and aggressive,


a racist and a prostitute. He said she was like a bone in a kebab and


went on to say, her tongue is full of poison, it is all lies. I should


say that he is Asian and she is white.


That was the theme he continued due under cross-examination?


That's right. He was asked by Rachel Smith prosecutor with the he


exploited the 15-year-old to make money. He replied with the swear


words and then went on to say the teenager was arrogant and that


anyone who was not white was considered inferior by her. He said


she had managed to plant forensic evidence to insinuating and that


she colluded with the police who he said were corrupt. He said the


prosecutor was a bully and added: You have only got my people here,


where all the white people? I should say that all the defendants


in this case are Asian. Have any to have been charged


alongside him spoken today? They all denied all of the charges.


Late this afternoon 25-year-old Kabir Hassan took the stand to


denied charges of rape and conspiracy. He said he never


touched a 15-year-old in any way. The trial continues tomorrow. Some


other news now from across the region.


The jury in the trial of a baby who died in Lancaster have failed to


reach a verdict. A judge at Preston Crown Court directed them to find


Karen Irvine and Christopher Roberts not guilty of murdering


four-month-old Lucas Irvine. Both may face a retrial on other charges


later this year. Police investigating the deliberate


poisoning of patients at Stepping Hill Hospital say they're looking


into the case of another patient. It's now believed 70-year-old Beryl


Hope, who died last August, was poisoned with insulin last summer.


Police say, in total, seven deaths are now being linked to the insulin


contamination. Pontins has been fined for health


and safety breaches at its Lytham St Anne's site, which led to a


woman's death from legionnaires disease. 53-year-old Karen Taylor


died in July 2009 after visiting the site. The company's in


administration, limiting the fine to �1,000, but the judge said it


should have been �500,000. Her family say somebody should take


responsibility. There is somebody out there that is liable for my


mum's deaf and I hope they can't sleep at night because they killed


my mother! Heavy overnight snow brought chaos


to many areas today causing problems for drivers and train


passengers. Roads on higher ground in


Derbyshire remain difficult and there have been severe delays on


the M62. 2,000 homes in the Peak District are still without power.


Our Environment Correspondent reports.


The scene first thing this morning in Buxton, after six inches of snow


fell in just a few hours. High winds added to the problems,


bringing a number of trees down. The snow has been causing chaos


overnight in many parts of Derbyshire, with four to five


inches of snow falling in the early hours of the morning. Many roads


have been closed throughout the day. Police advised drivers not to


travel as they closed several roads, including the Cat and Fiddle from


Buxton to Macclesfield, and the Woodhead and Snake Passes In


Saddleworth, the M62 ground to a halt for a time as drivers where


unable to keep moving. One man decided to abandon his car in the


early hours. It seemed OK until I needed to go up hill and then it


got star. Elsewhere, the Oldham area was also


hit by heavy snow, leading to the closure of the main roads into the


villages of Diggle and Denshaw. From the air it was clear that many


drivers were beaten by the sudden snowfall. Many isolated farms and


communities have struggled to keep moving. Farmers used ploughs


attached to tractors to push a way through to animals. Back in Buxton,


Northern Rail said rush hour trains in the Peak District were cancelled


because of drifting snow at higher levels. We were sat there from


7:45pm till 10pm, nobody moving. Horrendous. Power supplies to nine


thousand homes in the Peak District were disrupted but Western Power


say 4,000 properties are back on. Astonishing after last week's


weather. Hopefully it will be a better day tomorrow. We will have


the full weather forecast later. It's deadline day for any


candidates wanting to become either Mayor of Liverpool or Salford. And


there's plenty of interest. A total of 22 people have put their


names forward. Tell us about the candidates.


12 have come forward. Liverpool will be seen as at every big


political prize on election night. People will be voting for the first


time for whoever they want to be the leader of the Council, with the


new council of City mayor. Let's What we don't have in Liverpool of


the big independent names which What I would like to do in


Liverpool is create more growth and jobs using my local business


experience to improve the economy. I am also looking to improve


council services and freeze council-tax, and make Liverpool a


cleaner, greener, safer city by cutting crime and looking after our


green spaces. That is Tony Caldeira, one of the candidates in Liverpool.


There's been a surprise name in One name stands out, one of the


Independents, Paul Massey. He was jailed in 1999 for 14 years after


stabbing somebody and wounding with intent. He stabbed a man in


Manchester city centre and almost killed him. Paul Massey was


formally known as Mr Big in Salford. There will be raised eyebrows about


this. It is true that the government wanted big and


independent names to come forward that would not aligned to political


parties but I don't think that is We all know about leaves on the


line between the rail network to a standstill, then it was the wrong


kind of snow, and now stand has been causing transport problems.


-- sand. Strong winds blew sand onto the


tracks in Blackpool today met. A day it would seem is a long time


in transport. One of Blackpool's new, modern trams, officially


unveiled just yesterday to a huge fanfare, tipped off the track at


Fleetwood earlier this morning. David Evans was amongst dozens on


board. It wasn't any panic or anything like that. It literally


just stopped and we wondered why and then we found out that perhaps


things were not as they should have been. Each of these trams costs �2


million and earlier today the Met Road ground to a halt because of


the derailment caused by sand. The irony was not lost on many


passengers at Fleetwood. I am surprised that the powers that be


in Blackpool did not realise that Sandra blow on the tracks. You get


the old trams and they never stopped, you get the new one and


the first day it is done! Blackpool Transport say all they need is the


bit of a brush out and then, they say, it will be back on the tracks


very shortly. We expect there to be issues and gremlins and we will


deal with those, as we did this morning, and we will learned from


those and we said this year will be a learning experience. While


Blackpool Transport work out a way to keep its high-tech tram system


on track, for the moment it is back to basics with brushes and shovels.


You couldn't make it up! Many people will look back fondly


on the 1960s and in particular, beetle mania, the music, the


fashion, the screaming girls. We now know that The Duchess of


Cornwall was herself one of those screaming girls. She visited


Liverpool today to mark the 50th anniversary of the formation of the


Beatles. Sergeant Pepper lookalikes


entertain the crowds, braving a biting wind at the Beatles


exhibition in Liverpool. Some were here for the fab four, some for The


Duchess. She is a real princess. quite like the Royal Family and I


think she is part of it now. Another Beatles tribute fan band


played for The Duchess. John Lennon once invited royalty to rattle


their jewellery in time to the music but here, their toes were


tapping and she knew the words. Massive Beatles fan! She taught me


how she went to the constants, not just in the UK but in Paris -- she


told me how she went to their concerts. She said she tried to


identify herself on the picture of all the screaming girls. Did she?


She said she was carried off on a stretcher but I think she might


have been joking! This August it is 50 years since Ringo Starr joined


the Beatles, hence the celebrations It we were playing the piano and


the Duchess czars and said to me, I would join a India Yellow Submarine


but I cannot. They gave Camilla an official gift,


but she also got some official T- shirts.


And snow for the sport, great news from Down Under for one of her


Olympic teams. Yes, two names that are not household names yet. Pete


Kennaugh and Steven Burke. They could be bigger names in a few


months' time. They are half of the British team that has just broken a


world record at the track cycling world championship in Melbourne,


and even better, they beat the Australians on home turf. This


Chileans were the favourites. -- the Australians were the favourites.


They will be a good bet for her a gold in London.


I am lost for words. I had been wanting this for the last four


years and it has never quite happened. Tecumseh is chilly and


beat the Australians on their own - - on their home at Turf.


What a fantastic day for them, but a bit disappointing for some of her


cyclists. Disappointment for Sir Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny. There


are beaten today but hope to be in top form for the Olympics. Rugby


Union news now. Nine years after joining Stockport County, they're


off to share a ground with Salford Reds. She stopped. -- should


Stockport County be worries? Be say that if Sale Sharks stop


moving forward they die. They have announced that they will be playing


in Salford for at least the next five seasons. Does it matter


whether you actually end sale are not? Not these days.


The will be sharing with Super League's Salford City Reds. It is


about making them more attractive to sponsors. It is also about


potential. Edge -- bigger past year is 12,000, with them potential and


the future to rue increase its two 20,000.


It has not been to bat this season, but the few years before that had


become really quite boggy at Edgeley Park. Looking at the


picture at the moment this is an and off some state.


Where does this leave Stockport County? They will have Edgeley Park


to themselves for next season, and publicly work -- publicly welcome


this as an opportunity. But the ground is owned by Sale Sharks's


owners. If the pull-out, they will have to find money fast. You're not


going to say, you have finished with Edgeley Park, now you're on


your own? No, we are working closely with them to help them


achieve the status that they want. The status of a sale was looking


bright. Back to the Olympics, and there is disappointment tonight for


two of her north-west rowers. They were dropped from the prestigious


immense's coxless fours grew. They have been selected for her another


teens. It is an event which has given


Britain some of its best Olympic moments. For the lads from Cheshire


have made up the last -- made up the men's coxless four. Last summer,


they convincingly won the World Championship. But after the British


team for the Olympic season was announced today, it is possible


that none of them will be in that boat.? Of the men have definitely


been made to the men's eight. not my decision. We are world


champions and I do not see any reason why we could not have


carried on to be Olympic champions. That was the project and the


project has been changed. That is the way that sport is an there is


no point hanging around whingeing about it. The decision will be made


in the next fortnight whether they will change -- where there he will


join them. The eight would be a really great


experience. This excess land experienced


British courts -- British court says that this is the most


experienced team he has ever assembled. But they may not be in


their preferred board this summer, they will still have a great chance


of Olympic gold. There was happier news for two


cover other law as fit -- other rowers. Olivia Whitman and Chris


Bartley were chosen for her are the events that they wish to come the


10th. Owen Coyle has been named Premier League manager of the month.


No one can argue with that after the way that he handled the Fabrice


Muamba business. Finally, preparations are well under way at


Preston North End to celebrate Sir Tom Finney's 90 birthday tomorrow.


A 40 feet mural of the great man has been erected on the glass


entrance to the Tom Finney Stand at Deepdale. It will remain a


permanent tribute to him, he paid - - he played many times for the club.


We are going to be there tomorrow. It is Guild year in Preston and


this is a very big week. BBC takes to the streets on Friday to


broadcast the Preston Passion, which includes three special dramas.


We were given exclusive access find the scenes.


We had almost no information to begin with a tall, other than to


retell the Passion story, the Good Friday story, in Preston. Very


rarely do you get a chance to write from the heart as freely as this.


The director and I had three weeks to prepare? Period films and a


contemporary film. It feels like you are stepping in see a piece of


Renaissance art. Have you nothing to say?


We were in the court interest in and I suppose that the practical


challenge is to realise that it is a day-to-day working court. As a


result, we were then shooting every evening.


I am playing Amaia from Preston in 1946 when the riots happened.


They are trying parallels with the same moral dilemma that conscious


pilot went through a during the passion. This is something that I


am very aware of of. It is set in World War I,


replicating Preston railway station. It is such a touching story. That


is so emotional and sat. So many people do not return home. I wish


you could see me in my 10 hat and gas mask.


To handle the prayer book he had the bullet hole through it is so


profoundly moving. The people of Preston are quite


heavily involved in it. You also have the lovely


contemporary piece. What is lovely about that piece is to have a young


girl play that part. She is a young girl, she is only 12. She is local


to Preston. We find Preston to be incredibly


warm and welcoming. I hope we have reflected some of that energy and


colour in the film. I hope the people of Preston will be very


proud and pleased with the entire event.


Rarely did films. We will hear more her from a young schoolgirl from


Preston he appears in one of those dramas later. You do need a ticket


to attend on Friday. There is more information on the Preston Guild


website. The address is on our news that site and you can find it on


Friday. The we are hoping for a We saw Arsenal through the day


today, it does not take a large amount of snow because disruption.


Most of us have experienced strong winds all through last night and


the day-to-day. Over 14,000 there are some places. We had trees down,


and look at this... It has to get better tonight. The worst of the


weather is Clearing. In parts of Staffordshire at 4:00pm it was


still snowing steadily. Through the night tonight it is all about the


temperatures. You have to feel for those who have no power, because


look at the Blue descending all across the region. 021 Celsius


along the coast, or you might get two Celsius here and there. In


rural areas it will be minus two Celsius or minus three Celsius.


Where there is still snow on the ground it could be minus four


Celsius or minus five Celsius. Just about everywhere sees a lot of


sunshine from the word go. It will stay that way all the way through


the day, radically different to today. We keep that breeze, but it


is only a breeze, five miles an hour. After a chilly start, the


temperatures will go to nine Celsius.


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