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Tiffin. We're live as the city prepares for its first major event


of this historic Guild year 2012 - the BBC's Preston Passion. Hundreds


of local people have gathered here for the final rehearsals ahead of


tomorrows live Good Friday extravaganza. Coming up tonight.


Passionate and proud - but in these recession times can Preston beat


the odds for a brighter future? A spectacular bus station show -


but how do you get a thousand people to get the moves right?


And Amy's big moment - the local girl with no acting experience


picked to star on BBC One at Easter. It is a dream come true, seriously.


Also in the programme: The Bolton man shot dead by the police: his


girlfriend accuses officers of murder.


The Christie's leading the way again with a powerful new way of


targeting tumours. And the Preston plumber with two


great feet and 187 goals for his club. Tributes to Tom Finney on his


90th birthday. Hundreds of thousands of people would travel


miles and miles and miles to see It's been two years in the planning


and tomorrow at midday, the city of Preston, its people and its


somewhat controversial bus station will star in the BBC's big Easter


production The Preston Passion. It's going to be a massive


spectacle. Thousands of people are taking part, and as you can see


just behind us here, they're about to get going on the first dress


rehearsal. This is the choir about to start singing, so we might get


drowned out. Naomi Cornwall has been watching them all get ready.


Buses have made way for brass bands. Shoppers have been joined by


singers. And the cameras are everywhere. As Preston prepares for


the Passion. There is a tutor now to be moving parts, people and


equipment, so lots of planning going into that. This is a huge


event covering much of the city centre. A thousand people have been


rehearsing here today and that figure will increase to three


thousand tomorrow. We are really just presenting a brilliant, new


interpretation of the Passion, from the North of England. We're doing


your tarot way. The flag bearers are the ones to watch. It looks


amazing. Even on the ground. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do


something like this. Tomorrow on live TV, they'll retell the Passion


story, with Preston as the backdrop - its people the stars of the story.


It's going to be great. The participants that we have worked


with four weeks are very keen and proud to be part of it for Preston.


It's meant a few changes to life in the city centre. Not least at the


busy bus station. It is confusing. We should beware the busses Taran


for the passengers have to go. exciting to? Yes, it is. Never seen


anything like it before and Preston. It is a magnificent, really. With


just hours to go, Preston's making the final preparations for it's big


performance. We are joined now by the person


that will bring all of this together tomorrow, Fern Britton,


baked you for joining us. You have been here all day, it's really


exciting, isn't it? It is a wonderful day, the producer has


been telling me about it in the last few weeks and months, and


Steve finally be here, and I opened back bedroom curtains and I could


see them putting all of the things up on the roof, which is a great


surprise! AIs in the right place, and there was sunshine. But it is a


little bit chilly. So much work has been put in rehearsing over the


last few weeks and months. plans started two years ago. All of


these people have been working for a few months working in separate


rehearsal rooms all around the place, choreographing. It is


fantastic. Have you seen art attack? It is like that to. It is


that kind of stuff. You need revision to pull this off. Yes, and


the director is brilliant. Juliet has did in at the last


minute and sounds great. Yes, Heather Small was due to sing, but


she cannot because she has a throat infection. And we had a rehearsal


this afternoon, and Jimmy and has stepped do, she sings beautifully


alive. It will all be brilliant. Thank you very much and good luck


for tomorrow. Thank you. Midday tomorrow BBC One, please watch!


Thank you, we will be back later with more of the people involved.


Let's go back to the studio now for the rest of the news.


A woman whose partner was shot dead by a police officer says she wants


that officer charged with murder. Gail Hadfield was speaking at a


news conference after hearing that the Independent Police Complaints


Commission was now conducting a criminal investigation into the


shooting of Anthony Grainger. He was killed by officers


investigating an alleged armed robbery plot. Here's our Chief


Reporter Dave Guest. Anthony Grainger was sitting at the


wheel of a stolen car when he was shot dead by a police officer. It


happened on this car park in the Cheshire village of Culcheth last


month. I don't believe he knew if this car was stolen, but I know you


should not have been murdered. Officers from Greater Manchester


Police had been following the red Audi as part of an investigation


into armed robberies. A search later revealed there were no


weapons in the vehicle. The independent Police Complaints


Commission began an inquiry and has now classed it as a criminal


investigation, saying the officer will be interviewed under caution.


At a news conference Anthony Grainger's partner welcomed that


news. The police themselves have to be held accountable for their


actions that night. I believe justice for Anthony means that the


police officer that pulled the trigger should be charged with


murder. But her solicitor said he suspected a cover up after hearing


the police were claiming there was no video evidence of the shooting


or the events leading up to it. Police cars have routinely been


kitted out with video cameras these days and it stands to reason this


kind of operation that surely, this evidence is there. Greater


Manchester Police say they refute "in the strongest possible terms"


suggestions of a cover up. They say they're fully cooperating with the


IPCC. Ultimately, it will be for the CPS to decide if there is


sufficient evidence and that officer would face a criminal trial.


The family say they will not rest until he dies. -- until he does.


Many of you will know someone - or may yourself have been treated for


cancer using radiotherapy. You'll know too well how damaging the side


effects can be. Well now "proton beam therapy" is coming to


Manchester. It targets tumours in a more accurate way, and has never


been used in the UK before. Our health correspondent Nina Warhurst


has more. A new building the size of a


football pitch, housing new technology that will change the way


cancer is attacked by radiotherapty. It is a very advanced form of


radiation therapy allowing us to accurately target these tumours in


the body. Traditional X-ray waves can destroy the tumour they're


targeting - but also kill off healthy tissue in the process.


Proton beam therapy's much more accurate - pinpointing where it


should stop - much better for treating children, getting closer


to vital organs without it being risky and protecting healthy cells.


At the moment, the NHS pays for a select few patients to travel to


America to receive the treatment. Opening two sides here in the UK


will mean up to 1500 patients every year can receive the treatment and


were better to start than here. Obviously, they are looking after


children and adults and they can put it in the context of a cancer


hospital that has access to all of the complementary therapy. To we


didn't �50 million is being spent here and that as site in London had


both will be up and running in five years.


Police have charged a man with theft after a woman was found dead


in a Manchester road. 62-year-old Sarwari Ashraf from Longsight was


killed crossing Upper Brook street last Thursday. Her handbag and


shoes were also taken from the scene. 46-year-old Marc Kirvin from


Altrincham, has been charged with theft at will appear at court next


month. One of the UK's most wanted


fugitives who fled a prison van in Salford last July, has been


arrested in Amsterdam. 26-year-old Kirk Bradley was being taken with


Anthony Downes from Strangeways to Liverpool Crown Court when the


vehicle was ambushed by armed men last July. Bradley was found guilty


in his absence of firearms offences. He's expected to face extradition.


Labour's refusing to remove a council candidate who's apologised


for making offensive comments on Twitter. Janette Williamson is


standing for Labour on Wirral Council. When the Duke of Edinburgh


was ill in December, she tweeted: "Why hasn't he died yet?" In


another tweet she said: "I'm here to reintroduce Marxism back into


the Labour Party." Opponents say her words are unacceptable. I think


they are incredibly offensive, and to say that I cannot repeat what is


said in them and to go on about militants and Marxism and bringing


this back to the council, I find this really worrying and I hope


that Ed Miliband will find it within himself to apologise for


what has been said our cities associated cell from this person.


It's a big weekend in Superleague with two North West derbies which


could have major repercussions at the top and bottom of the table.


Tomorrow, in-form St Helens take on Wigan, but first tonight,


Warrington meet Widnes. As Ian Haslam reports, it's a fixture


that's been a long time coming. Nine miles separate them - but the


distance in their recent fortunes has been great. Widnes have found


their return to Superleague tough. A win can move them off the bottom.


Warrington can go top. They're expecting a big crowd here at the


Halliwell Jones for what will be the first Superleague derby between


these two sides since 2005. They talk about Wigan and Saints, but


Widnes is the biggest derby in high-rise. For us to get back on


track and for them to start something. I think Warrington will


get a quicker sport tonight. Warrington's last home game ended


in defeat. Widnes' weekend thrashing at Catalan Dragons was


disappointing after the highly encouraging recent wins over Wigan


and the London Broncos. We have not started the greatest of seasons. I


think when it comes to derbies, anything can happen, and it would


be a good game, I think. Nathan Brown was appointed as head caught


-- coach. It is part of the Easter weekend, everything gets friends


and family here, it is a massive. The players understand that. Wigan


are two points off top spot in a desperate to make up ground quickly.


I would love to have gone there with my best team, they would be


competitive. And a Manchester City striker has


left on hurt after an accident in Manchester city centre Eugene gates


locked this afternoon. He was not injured but his female passenger


was taken to hospital as a precaution. The driver of the other


car is believed to have been on hurt.


Well it's a big week in Preston. It's the first major event of their


Guild year. Let's rejoin Annabel and Roger. We're at the top of the


bus station. At few moments ago, they were playing Jerusalem, you


can hear the rehearsal behind me. A beautiful view. You can see more


rehearsals getting under way. Not sure what they are doing, but very


intriguing nevertheless. We are very lucky with the weather because


it gives us a fantastic view of the city. You can see the river over


there and the famous Museum and Art Gallery and the town hall and the


courts. And if you are into snooker, he will recognise the Guild Hall.


Preston is a very proud city only major city 10 years ago, built on


the cotton industry in the 18 hundreds, but what about its future


in these hard economic times? How can they ensure that it flourishes?


Peter Marshall has been to meet some people that would be holding


the future of Preston in their hands.


Busy, bustling and above all, Preston is proud, but what of?


Everything. The people. The community, living together. It has


beautiful parks. It is not the football club! 10 years of city


status has not been a success, the project for shopping flopped, but


this rebuilding could be key to the future. The University of Central


Lancashire's incubation unit for fledgling companies has lifted it


into the top five universities when it comes to creating a start-up


companies. Last year it had to launch 161 fledgling businesses


where the average per university has just 28. 77 % are still in


business after three years. What has Preston got to be proud of?


This couple could have set up their creative design and communications


company anywhere. We thought of the idea of a media city and we thought


to Blackpool for a while. When we looked at Preston and the


facilities here, it seemed to make sense. One thing it has got for it


is that it is a central location and in terms of being a hub for the


north-west, it is perfectly situated for this. This woman whose


health the food products had the Dragon's den drooling is another


entrepreneur from the incubation unit. For a start-up company, there


was no where else better. There is support, there is free hot asking


in there, and a nice community vibe as well. -- free hot testing.


say it is a confident city with a positive future. Whitaker risk


investigating and investing in this new industry, and it is important


to push this method back to other people battery interested in


investing in the City and say come here, let's do business and make


ourselves proud. Lots are proud people around at the


moment, and they will be very proud tomorrow when this city is in the


focal point of the Easter celebrations. Final rehearsals


going on behind us. They are practising elsewhere in the city.


Nobody will be powered or tomorrow than 12-year-old Amy, a young


schoolgirl from the city that has a key role in one of the allegorical


movies that forms part of the Easter story and will be shown as


part of the entire play experience. I went to see her, a young girl


with no acting experience before she broke up for the Easter


holidays from school. In class, another pupil, but she is


the envy of her friends after coming through auditions to land a


starring role tomorrow in the Easter story. I did not think I


would get it, because I was really nervous. They said some of the


scary people had, so, yes, it was very frightening. Her character,


Ballack, is a contemporary representation of Jesus. My mother


is stroke. She spends all of her money on alcohol and never takes


care of her children, and I have money saved up for a smart phone


that I have always wanted. And I have to go out to the shops to buy


my little brother is some food. And then the bullies when I am walking


home, they say, how is your mother?! And a trip me up. She had


never acted before, but her horizons had just been broadened.


They did my hair and make-up and I was really shocked because I got my


own hair stylist and make-up artist and it was just like incredible!


be an actress is maybe now what he would like to do? I say to the


director, I am an actress, now! He said, you're an actor! He said that


is what they say now! It is not for boys! It is a complete surprise. It


is a dream come true, seriously. She is a star in the making! Now


the family here have three generations taking part tomorrow,


Mary, her daughter-in-law Jennifer and two daughters, Natalie and law


have. Mary, you'll be here for 50 years, how proud are you of what is


happening? We proud to be in the Guild 2012, it is really enjoyable.


I am enjoying every minute. were here 20 years ago celebrating,


is a grand mother a good singer? She is really good! She brought us


into this and I am so proud of her. What are you doing tomorrow? We are


doing a lot. We have to dance. can see some pictures that you


rehearsing will today. Jennifer, you must be delighted having three


generations altogether are. Yes, we really are, it is great to do this


as a family and it has been greater because be made new friends in the


community as well at the Abbey enjoying it as well.


Good luck tomorrow and we hope it goes really, really well. Thank you.


We can cross back up to the roof now, it is a bit warm up there,


some sunlight! A little bit warm axe back not a


lot warmer! But look at the view, spectacular! In 1922, in detail in


a street behind the over there, a boy that was born that would become


one of Preston's most famous sons. A plumber by trade and quite


possibly one of the world's greatest footballer has, Preston


North End have put up a 40 ft mural of hemp on the stand that bears his


name, well, I am of course talking about Sir Tom Finney, celebrating


I always think, he was definitely one that you could say was the best.


Two great feat, terrific in the air, brave as a lie-in, in fact, he had


everything. A one-club man, a one- off, 14 years with Preston North


End, 433 League appearances, 187 goals, 76 caps for England. He just


had this Murat, thinking oh, he has got the ball! Hundreds of thousands


of people would travel for miles and miles and miles to try and see


his skill and see him playing. seems inconceivable now, with the


millionaire lifestyles enjoyed by today's top players, but during his


career, Tom Finney continued to work as a plum are. He had a


Would and also the centre for it was an accountant. They would push


the wheelbarrow to plumbing jobs. Was it unfair to describe Preston


as a one-man team? Bill Shankly was a colleague year at Deepdale and he


said that Tom Finney would have been great in any team, in any


match and in any era, even if he had been wearing an overcoat.


Finney plays his last game for Preston at home! He may have


finally hung up his boots in 1960, but he is still revered in Preston


and throughout the game. A be a legend, happy birthday to


Sir Tom Finney. Lots more from here in just a few minutes' time, but


what they cannot guarantee for tomorrow is the weather. We hope,


we hope, fingers crossed, that it stays dry. It has been gloriously


sunny but cold, what will it be like for the rest others, and most


importantly for the performers here tomorrow, let's go back to the


tomorrow, let's go back to the Sometimes you use up all you're


lucky in one day, and I think that happens today with significant


changes. It has looked beautiful, but temperatures have not been good.


Manchester are creeping up to ten degrees. Most places struggling


with eight degrees and a chill in the air. Looking beautiful through


the evening. Easter weekend, they had lied says it all, cloudy and


some rain at times. Not a great deal of cloud cover, so before


midnight, it would be pretty chilly with temperatures down to minus one


degree. The cloud will roll back with temperatures not going any


lower. Some drizzly rain in the forecast and that is what you have


through the day tomorrow. Good Friday, predominantly cloudy. In


north-westerly airflow from time to time. Drizzly spots. Just putting a


slight dampener on the day. In a north-westerly, parts of Lankester,


not too badly affected. Sh sunshine in short supply with temperatures


up to nine degrees. The next few days, some weather fronts taking a


run at us with a north-westerly airflow pushing the cloud cover.


Not a wonderful picture. Sunshine in short supply through the weekend,


so make the most of what we have Thank you. We will keep our fingers


crossed. One man, Mark Murphy, he is in charge, he is keeping his


fingers crossed. Are you happy, is it all coming together? Yes, so far.


We're halfway through the process, tomorrow is the big day. Up until


this point it is going very well. How do you get everyone to do this


at the same time altogether? need the right spirit for the whole


project. You can make these shows in a number of ways, giving people


numbers and putting them in grids and shout at them, we prefer to


treat everyone with the same respect as human beings and you


find the collective will and energy and love for the subject is what


brings it all together. Briefly, a sleepless night tonight or will you


sleep well? Hours sleep well between four and six and that will


be it! Every success. Get back to the


rehearsal. Thank you. Is into this, I defy you not to think it is


Sorry to interrupt the choir, it is beautiful.


Absolutely fantastic, a gorgeous sound it is making, and don't


forget, this will be a live events happening to Morrel, the bosses


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