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Good evening. Thousands of people turned out in Preston today to take


part in the first big event of the city's Guild year. The BBC's


Preston Passion was held at the bus station and aired on BBC One.


It was time for that hard work to come together. A modern-day


interpretation of the Easter story, televised live on BBC One, from


Preston Bus Station. I nodded. It is different, and very


nice. You loved the dancing. More than 1,500 people took part,


mingling with the crowds before us some in their roles. Three short


dramas punctuated this hour-long performance.


Intruding in moving debut by 12- year-old Aimee Leech. Tears were


dropping on my jacket!. A proud moment for all Prestonians,


and the Leyland plant. It was fantastic to play in front of 4,000


people. It was all part of the Preston Guild celebrations, held


every 20 years since 1179. I was in the 1972 Guild. I enjoyed it then


so I wanted to be in it today. expectations of these people have


been so high, and aged a wonderfully professional job.


have never entered something like this before. It is a good


experience. The Preston Passion was a chance


for everyone to take part. Those who did, are unlikely to forget the


experience. If you missed it, you can see the


whole thing on the BBC iPlayer. New procedures have been introduced


at Manchester Airport after it emerged that around 100 passengers


recently did not have their passports checked because they were


sent the wrong way. They arrived on flights from Amsterdam, Brussels


and Antwerp, and were directed to their entry point for domestic


flights. Airport staff are now supervising arrivals.


Coastguards are warning visitors to the North West coastline to expect


some beaches to be shut to vehicles this weekend due to high tides.


Some parts of the cost expect tides of more than ten metres.


Getting into deep water. The Gormley statues on Crosby beach


submerged under the high tide. Spring tides happen once every four


weeks, but this month that coincides with the Easter holiday,


and there are worries that people may get caught out. Every time we


have a spring tide we have some sort of difficulty, because the


length of our coast line we have these areas where a more extreme


weather type can come in. So Sunday will see the highest tide on our


coastline, and the advice is to check the tide times and only


venture out after high tide. Wirral's Olympic cyclist Chris


Boardman has announced he is to stand by him from his position in


British Cycling after the London 2012 Olympics. He was individual


pursuit champion in 1992. He is set to quit his role as director of


research and development in orders. Wigan claimed the spoils in their


rugby League's Super League derby with St Helens. They beat Saints


20-ten at Langtree Park. After back-to-back wins against


Leeds and Warrington, Saints were hoping for a third. They started


well, with an ugly score for Francis Meli. But Wigan turned it


round by the break took score 12-4 by half-time. Iosia Soliola scored


soon after to pull it back to 12- ten. Wigan then hit back. Sam


Tomkins scoring before Michael Shenton's sin-binning triggered two


further reading scores from Gareth Hock and Jeff Lima. Five tries for


Wigan, securing victory on their first visit to Langtree Park.


Meanwhile Warrington came from behind to beat Widnes in last


night's Super League tie. Bottom of the table Widnes had a dream start,


and got themselves into a 12-0 lead. But Warrington hit back with 46


unanswered points, including a hat- trick from Chris Riley. The final


score was 46-12 - leaving Widnes propping up the Super League.


Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini says his side can still win


the Premier League despite slipping five points behind rivals


Manchester United. City are preparing for Sunday's clash in


London with fourth-placed Arsenal, which will start half an hour after


United finish their game at home to QPR.


If they win all the games, they deserve to win this title. But


seven games to the end, I think anything can happen. The fact we


lose four points in two games, that It has been a disappointing start


to Easter. We have been sat under a blanket of cloud all day, and I


think we will see the clouds continuing over the next two days.


It will be unsettled over the weekend, lots of clients around,


rain at times. -- lots of clouds. You can see a messy picture - lots


of isobars coming in, so a windy Monday. Tonight it is probably more


of what you have seen this afternoon. Cloudy with spots of


rain. It will be a murky night. We have the breeze and the clouds, so


the temperatures will stick well above freezing. It should be frost-


free tomorrow morning, but yet again more of the same. Lots of


clouds, starting off through the morning and continuing into the


afternoon. Thickening here and there. We may see breaks in the


cloud trying to allow the sun to break through. It should be less


windy tomorrow, this breezy, a quiet day. 8, 9, ten, maybe even 11


Celsius if we are lucky. More of the same on Easter Sunday. 12


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