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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson - and


Annabel Tiffin. Our top story - as the owners of one dead horse say


they won't be back, we ask what the future holds for the Grand National


at Aintree. Why are our horses injured in the Grand National and


can more be done to save them? I will be finding out. Can one of our


most historic sporting spectacles survive? Also in the programme, the


quest for a cure for Parkinson's, as four local hospitals take part


in ground breaking research. The half a million pound Olympic


artwork which should be lighting up Yes! The ecstasy and the agony as


Liverpool pip Everton to a place in the Cup final. Absolutely a but the


moon. I am gutted but we will take it on the gym. -- chin. And another


fine mess. The new film lifting the lid on the early years of one of


Good evening. The future of one of the region's big events is under


renewed scrutiny tonight, after two horses died at the Grand National.


One animal rights campaigner says the race should be banned. Major


changes were made to the course before this year's National to make


it safer. Now there's pressure to make yet more modifications to the


world's greatest race. Stuart Flinders is at a centre for the


treatment of former racehorses. This is the Thoroughbred


Rehabilitation Centre just outside Lancaster. In a moment I'll be


hearing whether more could be done to save horses injured in the big


race. But first, calls for the Grand National to be made safer or


There is life after racing. Here, thoroughbreads are patched up and


prepared for a new world of the showjumping arena and the riding


club. Injuries are one thing. But in front of millions of TV viewers


on Saturday, two horses, According to Pete and Synchronised, died in


the Grand National. The owners of According to Pete are clearly


deeply upset. We wish that we still had him. We do! We will be gutted.


There will never be another one like him. When you enter a horse


again into the Grand National? not think I would, Rivett. It is


too much. They were good horses. They had to be put down. Both


horses fell at Bechers Brook. The drop on the landing side was


reduced by four inches for this year's race, one of a number of


changes made to protect horses. we have reduced it. We will see how


the horses cope. It would appear they still have difficulty.


pressure for more changes is on. But only an end to the National


itself will satisfy one campaigner from Southport. The Grand National


can never be made safe. The course will either run faster and land


with more force or if you reduce the field, they will still charge


along as fast as they can. There is only one way to deal with it and


that is to ban it. Opinion in Liverpool today was mixed. It is


part of Liverpool. It provides a lot of revenue and a lot of people


look forward to it. We should look at the safety aspect. We have got


about 40 horses running and it is organised chaos. We have to think


about setting off on the race and I think it was a disgrace. In a


statement, Aintree regretted the deaths and promised to look at ways


This is a former racehorse and trainer. Why can they not be


treated? Sometimes the injuries are very challenging. A broken leg can


be like a threatening. They cannot be -- life threatening. They cannot


be treated like you and me. But it is not simply about money?


Absolutely not. A broken leg, the severity will be life ending.


fair to put them through the Grand National? Organisers say that we


will always have a brisk but is it worth the risk? It is a high risk


sport. The industry are trying to make it safer for horses. Any


amendment and any issues that they are dealing with with the Grand


National can only be a good thing. How do we make it safer? We have


heard a report saying that you cannot and it should be scrapped.


We have to look at the number of horses starting the race. We have


got about 40. We should perhaps reduce the number racing. Tell us a


bit about this horse. He came to us in January from a syndicate. He


raced 49 times. He won �59,000 worth of winning. And the future?


We are going to work with him and find him a home as a nice, retired


Thank you for your comments about this story. We hope to read some of


Next, Parkinson's disease affects almost 130,000 people across the


country. Symptoms including uncontrollable tremors, and


difficulty moving, can make life a struggle for its sufferers. Now,


four hospitals in the North West will play a major part in the


biggest ever study into the disease. By tracking thousands of patients,


experts hope to find better He has been living with Parkinson's


disease for three years and has accepted the tremors, mood-swings


and speech problems and at 26, he is understands what the future


holds. I understand it is progressive. But you keep battling


every day. Parkinson's UK is hoping to attract 3,000 sufferers and


analyse blood changes and symptoms in a period of three years. It is


understood that it is caused when nerve cells are killed off in the


brain, leading to nervous system problems. But what is not known his


wife. They are hoping to attract the system and identified markers,


tides of protein which can help them identify Parkinson's disease


earlier and give a better idea of how treatments are working.


think this study will enable us to generate treatments and improved


treatments for fighting disease in the next few years and ultimately


identify a way of curing the condition in future. In the North


West, specialist centres in these areas will collect vital


information. It would be a lot better if we could find a cure are


obviously and I could get back to work. I would like to be walking.


It would improve their lifestyle and make it a lot better. Anybody


that has developed symptoms in the next -- in the past few years are


urged to come forward to take part in the study and make an enormous


Bolton Wanderers footballer Fabrice Muamba has been discharged from


hospital - less than a month after he suffered a cardiac arrest. The


midfielder, who collapsed during an FA Cup tie against Tottenham in


March, left The London Chest Hospital today. He will now be


treated at a hospital in the north west. A man from Manchester accused


of conspiring to murder soul singer Joss Stone will undergo mental


health tests to see if he is fit to stand trial. 31 year-old Junior


Bradshaw has been moved to a psychiatric unit in the north west.


He is charged with conspiracy to murder, Rob and commit GBH. It is


that time again. Campaigning has started for the local elections


next fortnight. They have been taking place across much of the


region and hundreds of councils have been contested. We have got an


overdue. Councils are responsible for local services, road Services,


bin collecting and social services. 26 out of 37 councils are holding


elections. Labour controls the most at 16. The Tories, two Andy Liberal


Democrats, just one. Seven are under no overall control. These are


the important ones, no overall control. These Labour Party in


particular thinks they can take some of them. Places like Burnley,


surely, Pendle and Rossendale. These places might be very


important by Mayfair. Last year, Labour victory nine councils and be


able to focus on four targets, Pendle, Burnley, Chorley and


Rossendale. The Conservatives lost four last year and this time they


will be defending West Lancashire and Trafford. Labour control more


than half the councils being contested. If they do equally well


this year, they could get up to two-thirds. That is the extent of


their dominance in the North West. For the Conservatives it is about


to fence, hanging on to West Lancashire and Trafford. -- defence.


What about the Liberal Democrats? 8 lost one-third of their seats after


a disastrous performance. They have just one council, South Lakes. But


they are strong in Burnley and Stockport. Armageddon for them at


the last local elections and this is damage limitation. They lost 100


councils in the North West and they are hoping to cut these losses.


They might recapture Stockport but is unlikely. The North West forget


their first elected city Mayor in Liverpool and Salford and


Manchester hold a referendum to decide if they want one as well.


The deadline is when state. We have a guide available online. -- the


Debt Line ease when state. Registering is the only way to


avoid disappointment. -- the Debt Line is on Wednesday. -- the limit


is on Wednesday it. Coming up, spotting the big time will stop the


local child --. The local child had legend. It was found to be very


interesting with lots of colourful I absolutely love Stan Laurel! It's


costing half a million pounds of public money and was supposed to be


Birkenhead's landmark art commission to celebrate the


Olympics, but more than four months after it should have been


flickering in the sky, it's still not there. From December, a


spinning column of cloud should have been seen over the Wirral


waterfront as part of the Cultural Olympiad. But as Ian Haslam now


reports, it might not even be installed in time for the Olympic


Torch relay next month. A spectacular art installation


projecting a spiral of steam into the sky that can be seen from 60


miles away. At least, that is the idea. The reality is different.


money could be going towards something that we need. Other


things in the region need the money. This was supposed to be a compiling


location, but the Civil Aviation Authority needs to test whether the


installation would be a danger to planes. It is really exciting and


will push forward our economic development. This delay is damaging


to that. The Olympics has been a success in terms of delivering on


time, but not this part farce on the Wirral. We tried to get answers


from representatives on those behind the project. We were simply


Local campaigners say this is not good enough. It is going ahead when


there are cuts across the board. Obviously the tax payer and needs


to see some return in a meaningful way for whatever investment is


taken forward. If it does happen, then I am sure it will be very


successful. The argument then would be perhaps that it ought to be not


just a temporary installation but something that his continued for a


more meaningful period of time. Which has happened with another


waterside artwork on Merseyside, Antony Gormley's Another Place. It


is not unusual for artistic projects of this scale to take time


to develop, but the council so they are confident that the final stages


of planning permission will be complete in the next couple of


weeks. Watch this space! Tony is here with


the sport, and there is lots to get through. Sir Alex Ferguson now


admits Ashley Young was looking for a penalty when he took a theatrical


fall during yesterday's 4-0 win over Aston Villa.


Yes, that's right. Sir Alex was Sir Alex was adamant that it was a


penalty, but he did say that Young "overdid it" when United were


awarded that controversial penalty at Old Trafford yesterday. Last


week Young was accused of diving to win a penalty during United's


victory at QPR. Now look what happened just seven minutes into


yesterday's game. Young makes contact with the left foot of Villa


defender Ciaran Clarke and appears to throw himself to the ground.


Rooney tucked away the penalty, but many people have accused Young of


diving. Let's hear the reaction of Sir Alex. He actually went down


quite easily, but defenders pay the price, and it was a penalty.


Despite all that, United are again five points clear of Manchester


City. And you could be forgiven for thinking the title race is over.


Well, City manager Roberto Mancini says it is. But Carlos Tevez


disagrees. Disagreeing with his manager again! He says of course


City can win the title if they put pressure on United. Tevez scored a


brilliant hat-trick in the 6-1 win at Norwich on Saturday. This was


the best of the three, an unstoppable shot with an incredible


swerve. As he completed his hat- trick, Tevez celebrated with a


cheeky reference to the months he spent playing golf in Argentinia


while refusing to play for City. After the game he gave a TV


interview for the first time since his return. For the people, for the


club, for the fans, for my colleagues, for Roberto, for me, we


all went through some difficult times, but it is very important,


that is where celebrated the where did, because I have my feet on the


floor. After edging city neighbours


Everton in their big FA Cup semifinal, Liverpool captain Steven


Gerrard says his team now need to go on and win the competition.


Kenny Dalglish's side of course already have the Carling Cup in the


Anfield trophy cabinet. The Reds beat the Blues 2-1 on Saturday to


set up a final against Chelsea next month. Richard Askam was at Wembley


to see the highs and lows of an emotional afternoon.


This was one Wembley triumph where there was no silverware to show off,


but for many rains, it felt even better. I thought we would get beat


today. Getting there! Before the match, the feeling was largely


good-humoured, although with bragging rights at stake, both sets


of fans had everything crossed that it would be their day. Scary.


are a red and a blow, and you are married. What will it be like


today? We might not be speaking. But for the Blues, defeat was


particularly hard to take. I am gutted, but you just take it on the


chin. Liverpool's equaliser came from mistake from a normally


reliable team. The much-criticised Andy Carroll got the crucial goal.


He missed a golden chance earlier on, that got this reaction. But he


nodded in the winner, his 8th of the season. After one of the most


anticipated Merseyside derbies in years, Everton are still waiting


for that first trophy, but these Liverpool supporters will be back


showing that once again, when it comes to the cup competitions, they


have the winning knack. That gentleman might have to set


off a bit early for the final! There will be a reduced train


service from Virgin trains on the line Street to Euston services for


the final. Three trains will leave before eight in the morning, and


other trains will leave from Crewe, Chester and Manchester. So make


sure you sort out your travel plans. Now, Wigan manager Roberto Martinez


says his side can beat Arsenal at the Emirates tonight to move


further away from the relegation zone. He says his team been lifted


by recent wins against Manchester United and Liverpool. Regular


updates on BBC Radio Manchester. Now to the country's newest


football league club. Fleetwood have finally made it over the


finishing line after nearest rivals Wrexham could only draw on Saturday.


The promotion to League Two marks the latest step in a meteoric rise


through the football pyramid. Stuart Pollitt reports.


Today it's every inch the modern stadium, fit for the football


league. But 15 years ago Fleetwood's ground, like the club


itself, was on its knees - vandalised, with knee-high grass.


In 2003 wealthy businessman Andy Pilley stepped in and spent big.


Five promotions in seven years has followed. It is an unbelievable


feeling. There is not many people in life whose big dream came true,


and it has always been my big dream that I could eventually get them to


the League. I know you don't like putting a figure on it, but his �10


million miles away? Probably not miles away, no. It has been an


expensive hobby. The years, this was the main reason for visitors to


come to Fleetwood. But they are hoping now that the increased


profile of the town's football team will attract even more visitors to


the seaside town. There are plenty of spin-offs in all sorts of


directions, employment and so on, and it is good for the town. He it


is the biggest thing that has happened for a long time in


Fleetwood. Brilliant for the town. It just seems to be really good at


the moment. It the message from those in charge at Fleetwood is


that they want to march a further still up the football ladder.


Talking of the coast, Blackpool's Keith Southern and the former Bury,


Burnley and Blackpool boss Stan Ternent are the studio guests


tonight as Late Kick Off returns to BBC One at five past eleven. We've


got reports from Rochdale and Preston as our guest reporter Andy


Ritchie went along to Deepdale to take at look at how the Graham


Westley era there is developing. We have tried to deal with the


issues and get ourselves together, and you can see where we are at. We


have put in a solid display against a side. We are progressing, we are


not at the level where want to be at, but it is coming.


Rugby League, and the draw for the fifth round of the Challenge Cup


has thrown up some crackers. Warrington Wolves host Bradford.


Salford also have an all-Super- League tie against Leeds. The


holders Wigan travel to Featherstone, St Helens to Oldham.


Swinton are drawn at Super League leaders Huddersfield and Leigh take


on Halifax. Finally, congratulations to the


four North West players nominated for the PFA's player of the year


award. Three of them are from Manchester City - Sergio Aguerro,


Joe Hart and David Silva. Wayne Rooney will be fighting United's


corner. We shall see! Thank you, Tony. I bet you are a Laurel and


Hardy fan. I love them. There have been many documentaries


and books about the life of Stan Laurel, half of one of the biggest


screen double acts alongside Oliver Hardy. But few if any have focussed


upon Laurel's life growing up in the Cumbrian town of Ulverston. The


producers of Stan's Childhood say that's a fine mess. And they want


to put it right, as Mark Edwardson Laurel and Hardy never failed to


bring the house down. Stan's Childhood looks at a lesser-known


part of Laurel's life. He was quite a sickly child, and that is why his


grandparents brought him up, because he was born in their house,


and a lot of people thought he had been bought up in Bishop Auckland,


but he hadn't, because he couldn't travel. Largely shot in and around


Ulverston, scenes recreate a town familiar to the young Stan Laurel.


The producers say it's a faithful portrayal - a playful young Stan


with a skill for slapstick with many of the mannerisms that made


him a Hollywood star. One of the scenes when he is with grande


marque, he is pulling faces in the window and doing the iconic things


with his hair, just little things like that but you can see. Here is


another nice mess you've gotten me into! A lot of research went into


it. It was found to be very interesting, and turned up a lot of


colourful characters, as is shown in the film. The producers and most


of the cast are from Wigan, and over the next few weeks its


premiere will be held there. Another nice mess you have gotten


me into! Mark Edwardson, BBC North West


Tonight. A lot of people may disagree, but I


think it's a boy thing. OK, to the Good evening. It has been fairly


sunny through this morning and into this evening, but it is all about


change. This week will be unsettled with a lot of rain. That is all


courtesy of this area of low pressure dancing around above my


head. It is going to bring that heavy rain tonight into tomorrow.


It sticks with us for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Look at how


the temperatures don't respond! 11 or 12 Celsius if we are lucky


through the week, but I think most temperatures will stay in single


figures. The cloud is already building. It is heavy and


persistent overnight, bring very strong wind. The temperatures


underneath the rain will stay well above freezing. That is good for


our plants. Tomorrow, plenty of this. He will be needing cure our


umbrellas. The breeze will continue to drive in showers. Lots of cloud


around. You can see the strong wind driving the showers through, the


April showers. In between, you will see some sunshine. Disappointing


temperatures, eight or nine for most of the region. Then look at


Wednesday. You can see it is not particularly warm, more showers.


Thursday and Friday, a bit of a washout. Sunshine and showers for


most of this week, so I hope you Thanks for all your comments on


whether the Grand National should be banned, and opinions really are


divided. Sandra Fisher e-mailed in Donal and Eileen Morrissey from


On Facebook, Marcus Kingsley-Scott Also on Facebook, Nigel Greensitt


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