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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson...


And Ranvir Singh. Our top story... Unlawfully killed. A coroner rules


on the deaths of these women in Southport. Their suspected attacker


hanged himself. The inquest heard how Barry Morrow


invented a bizarre story about a Russian spy in an attempt to escape


justice. Left for dead in an alleyway. The


alarming rise in animal cruelty cases in the region.


Find out why this plane could mean an extra 500,000 passengers a year


for Manchester Airport. Ramblers on the rampage. 80 years


on from the Kinder Scout mass trespass, which helped open-up the


countryside to walkers. And made in Manchester - training


with the British women's waterpolo The man police believe killed two


women at a house in Southport invented a bizzarre story about a


Russian spy in an attempt to escape justice. An inquest today was told


54-year-old Angela Holgate and her mother Alice Huyton, who was 75,


were found dead at Mrs Holgate's home in December last year.


When her lodger, Barry Morrow, was arrested for murder, he claimed to


have been taken hostage by the spy. Morrow was later found hanged in


his cell. Stuart Flinders has more. Exactly what happened at this house


in Southport remains a mystery. But in December, two bodies were found


together in a bed here. Angela Holgate and her mother Alice Huyton


had been murdered. Mrs Holgate lived here with her


lodger, Barry Morrow. He'd also been her lover. When she


disappeared, Morrow told her family she was ill. Her mother, Alice


Huyton went to investigate and was never seen alive again. Morrow


drove Mrs Holgate's car to France and was arrested on his return to


Dover. Alice and Angela were both very special in our lives. They


brought much happiness to us and many others who knew them. It is


still difficult for us to come to terms with these senseless killings,


knowing we will never see them again. It still hurts. Both their


lives were needlessly cut short. Morrow claimed Mrs Holgate hanged


herself here. The coroner said that wasn't feasible.


Barry Morrow told the police say strange story about a man called Mr


Bryan, who had such links to the Russian secret intelligence


services. Brian held him hostage here, he claimed, for days on end,


before forcing him to take a package to Spain. The police say he


does exist but the rest of the story is nonsense.


A police inspector told the inquest into the deaths this afternoon both


women had been strangled. I just hope that today's verdict of


unlawful killing bring some closer to some really devastating event


for the family. -- sum closer to what has been a really devastating


event. Is there any reason why a Barry Morrow went through with this


killing? It is a day for the family and I will not comment on evidence.


The women's families have been denied the chance to find out why


this happened. Morrow was found hanged in his cell before he could


be brought to trial. It's an age old problem, but one


which appears to be getting worse. Animal cruelty. The RSPCA has today


released figures which show a sharp rise in the number of people


convicted of cruelty and neglect. Indeed, the North West is one of


the worst areas in the country. The animal victims include Hope.


She was dumped in an alleyway in Accrington on Christmas Day and was


so thin that vets didn't think she'd survive. Naomi Cornwell is at


Manchester Dogs' Home now and can tell us more.


There are around 300 animals here, all looking for a new home. Most of


them are trying to get their voices on the television! We can show you


some of the dogs at the moment, but I'm not going because they're all


rather excited to be on television. These dogs have not been neglected


or treated cruelly, but many that come here have been. Like many of


those RSPCA centres around the North West, Manchester dogs home is


one of many centres that have seen a rise in those cases over the last


year. Happy and healthy, with a new owner.


She's been named Hope. It was Christmas Day just past when I got


a call about 10am to say that she had been dumped in an alleyway in


Accrington. When I got there, she was then they collapsed, extremely


initiated state. It really was touch and go as to whether she was


going to survive. It is one of the worst of I have ever seen that is


still alive. Fortunately, she made it through.


The people who dumped Hope have never been traced. But the total


number of people being caught abusing animals has increased.


The number of people convicted for cruelty and neglect to animals rose


by nearly a quarter in England and Wales last year. And here in the


North West, there were 157 successful prosecutions.


I think the financial climate probably has something to do with


that. People are taking on animals when the temperament is not


suitable to what they want - whether the dog is too aggressive


or not aggressive enough, in many cases. The animals are then dumped.


Especially if they develop the illness.


Hope now lives with Gareth and seems to be enjoying every minute


of her new life. She is brilliant. Quite, good with


her food, good with the family - what more can you ask for? She


likes having her belly robbed quite a lot, don't you?


Be a very happy and lucky ending to that story! DC Graham is the centre


manager here, and you can see she is hard at work. This dog is


convalescing with a broken pelvis at the moment - not a result of


neglect and cruelty. But she has been keeping you busy. Just tell us


- you to have seen a rise in these cases over the last year. Yes. We


have seen a lot of dogs coming in under a weight or with a lot of


ongoing medical problems. With a lot of stray dogs, the owners


cannot save or what is wrong with them. The RSPCA has come up with


these figures, quantified the rise in prosecutions and convictions,


and you actually refer cases to them, don't you? Were will refer


cases to them. If we have concerns over owners, we will put them on to


the RSPCA. A couple of years ago, we were doing two three a year.


Since Christmas, it has been almost one a month. Cannot be put down to


the state of the economy? I don't know. I think there are many


factors. The people want to hold on to their pets as much as they can


have. Many find it difficult letting go. That is possibly wear a


lot of the low grade neglect could be coming in. One problem is when


the animal becomes sick and people realise the cost of their spells.


That is the same in this case, isn't it? Her owners brought her


him voluntarily. She came to us as a stray, but we reunited with the


owner. She had cost issues and could not cope. We have offered to


take her on. Then she will be returned to the owner when she can


afford it. What message will you have for people, given that these


cases arising? People need to reach out for help before it is too late.


There is not any one message. Pets are very valuable to humans, but


reaching for help before it gets to me it would be the most important


thing. Thank you. A couple of happy


stories that there. But the message we can all learn from this is how


expensive it can be to have a Pep. Astonishing number of dogs there.


A post mortem examination has revealed a two-year-old boy, who


died in Bolton, suffered severe injuries to his abdomen. Rio


Smedley was rushed to hospital on Sunday, after claims he'd had a


heart attack. A 22-year-old man is being questioned, on suspicion of


murder. A man has been arrested in


Blackpool because of a merger in Northern Ireland over 40 years ago.


The questions over killing a 20 its old Catholic in 1973 in Belfast.


Women from North Lancashire and South Cumbria will no longer have


to travel to Lancaster for breast cancer clinics. A �250,000 centre


has opened at the Furness General, and is already providing routine


screenings. It'll start symptomatic services next month.


It has emerged that tickets for the crucial Manchester derby next week


are on sale on the internet at some rather high prices. One website is


apparently offering a pair for �2,600 - that's �1,300 each!


It might be cheaper just to nip down to the pub and watch it on the


television. The candidates hoping to become the


first elected Mayor of Salford have been setting out their plans for


the city. The election will take place on May the 3rd. We'll be


hearing from all of the candidates over the next few days. Here are


the first two. I was very honoured about four


years ago to you check out the council. I was able to see Howard


ran and saw what their problems worse. I'd joined the Green Party.


It is a modern party and there are some great ideas there. Some ideas


could help and work with Salford and generals.


This is a chance for everybody in Salford to have a fresh start. At


the moment, be have been dominated by 40 years by Labour. This year,


we can change things around and have a woman ruling the city.


The name captions did not come up there. The first voice was Joe


O'Neill from the Green Party. The second girl was Karen could we go


from the Conservative Party. There's a full list of candidates


standing for the Mayor of Salford on our website,


www.bbc.co.uk/manchester. One of the world's most luxurious


aircraft has arrived at Manchester airport for the first time. The


Boeing 7872 minor is designed to use less fuel, which means it can


go further without making its stock. It looks like any other plane, but


it is quite special. It is the way it is made. It is hoped it could


bring an extra 500,000 passengers to Manchester Airport every year.


In some ways, playmaking is a simple science. You need a unique


selling point, something that makes you stand out from your rivals.


Impressed the crowd. Often, it is about speed your size. But not this


time. What sets this playing a part is what she has made of. Not of


metal, but of a mixture of carbon- fibre and plastic. It is normally


used to make Formula 1 racing cars. It means she is far lighter and


therefore uses 20% less fuel. That means she can fly further without


stopping. Long-haul trips will bring in 500,000 more passengers to


Manchester Airport every year. They can travel to Iraq from


Manchester to the likes of Cape Town, Hong Kong, Bangkok, all


within 10 hours. Instead of 22 yards or more for travelling to


London. Financially, that means more passengers are travelling in


from Manchester rather than Heathrow.


Inside the plane, they have made a bit of effort, too. This is the


latest in a long haul luxuries. More space, bigger windows,


controllable lighting, all to reduce jet-lag and help you sleep


better. We are not designed to sleep


upright. Ideally, we should all be horizontal. But the majority of us


cannot do that when we fly. Every little thing that you can do will


be helpful. Here to have a look around his Jim


Hawkins, a former flight engineer. The dream liner is so very


different from the claims he used to five.


It is unbelievable. Would you like to fly this claim?


I only wish I could. Today was just a chance to display


her at her best. Passengers will be You can see the attraction. I am


just back from holiday and I could hardly move on the plane.


It will still be quite noisy if you live on the flight path.


Still to come on North West Tonight:


Going down to the wire. Bolton battle a growing injury list as the


fight for Premier League survival heads to Villa Park.


And it is not just the Queen in diamond celebration mode. The


husbands and wives celebrating 60 years together in this special year.


There is no secret. You just get to know each other very well.


Football now and we really are getting to the business end of the


season. The fight for survival in the Premier League affects three of


our North West Clubs. Just four points separate Wigan, Blackburn


and Bolton at the bottom of the table. Bolton have two games in


hand. So it is crucial for them they get a result at struggling


Aston Villa tonight. A short time ago, we put it to the BBC's Ian


Winter who is at Villa Park that it is a massive game for both clubs.


It is a massive game. Both sets of supporters, I am sure, very anxious.


Bolton have five games left to play themselves to get themselves out of


the bottom three. There are six points behind Aston fell off. On


Saturday, both teams picked up a point while Aston Villa were


drawing 00 against Sunderland, there was another draw against


Swansea. Bolton have a couple of games in


hand. Yes, one game in hand against Aston


Villa. Bolton supporters will be hoping to win tonight. Wigan


Athletic and Blackburn Rovers fans will be hoping that Aston Villa can


help them. The weather tonight is foul.


Try to get some dry spells. The Olympic Football tournament


fixtures have been announced. Old Trafford will play host to many of


the matches. Great Britain will play Senegal at the stadium on 26


July. The men's quarter and semi finals will also be played here as


well as the women's semi final. Organisers of this years open golf


at Royal Lytham St Annes say they expect more than 180,000 people to


attend. Ticket sales have been strong despite the event being held


just a week before the start of the Olympics. And this time around


mobile phones will be allowed on the course.


In 2006, we had a bad experience with fans using mobile phones as


cameras and distracting players. Mobile-phones will be limited to


inside the tent. I read something saying that people


are now so attached to their phones that it seemed outdated that they


had to be left at the gate. With just 94 days until the


Olympics, you may be getting ready to cheer Team GB. But when it comes


to women's water polo, you may as well be cheering on Team North West.


Three quarters of the squad play for local clubs and all of them


train at Manchester's Aquatics Centre. So ahead of the London


games, we sent our reporter to find out what you need to know about


water polo. One of the most physically


demanding sport in the world. There is nothing ladylike about water


polo. People try to pull your costume so you get scratches


everywhere. There are seven people on each team. The game is divided


into seven minute quarters. The aim is to score as many goals as you


can. All that whilst keeping your head above water. That in itself is


a skill. This is called the egg beater. It is the basic movement.


You use it to stay afloat and get higher in the water. Impressive,


isn't it? And there is even more reason to root for this part of


team GB. 15 of the 19 strong squad are from clubs in this region. So


it is more like Team North West. am personally really proud of the


north-west and we have something to show for our sporting talent that


we haven't the region. It is nice to represent them for Team GB.


coach is Hungarian. Apparently water polo is huge there. He is


aiming high. Everybody wants to score goals. And with little to


separate the top team, who knows? An Olympic medal could be on its


way to Manchester. Hopefully there are still some


tickets left. I was never good enough to play that. Some of the


things that happen in the men's game under the water would bring


tears to your eyes. I am pitch. -- ouch.


We take rambling in the great outdoors for granted today, but


back in 1932 you could easily find yourself on the wrong side of the


law for it. It was 80 years ago today that more than 400 walkers


trespassed onto private land on Kinder Scout in the Peak District.


It has led to the opening up of the countryside for future generations.


Our Environment Correspondent reports.


Listening today, this 96-year-old man. He was 16 when he joined 400


ramblers who walked to Kinder Scout 80 years ago. As they left the path,


they were confronted by the Duke of Devonshire's gamekeepers. People


who are walking up there now should remember that all of this was done


at that meeting on Kinder Scout. To give them the right to walk


whenever they wanted to. Five of the Ramblers were arrested and


jailed for unlawful assembly. Among them, any Wrotham. -- Ben. He was


not egotistical. He was part of our movement. This iconic event we are


celebrating today was part of that movement. The arrests caused a huge


amount of anger. Several weeks later, 10,000 ramblers gathered to


voice their opposition to what had happened. It was a turning point


for access to the countryside. It led to the creation of the National


Parks and more recently the right to roam legislation. It was also a


pivotal moment in what was seen by many as an end to discrimination by


class. Everyone is united by a desire to be free and exercise


their freedom on the hills. It is like folk music. You don't get many


right wing folksongs because it is the music of the people. Alongside


the event today, there are organised walks all week and a


festival across the Peak District. Beautiful. Many a childhood spent


there. Lot of people get lost there. I went with the Scout as a teenager.


Great fun. It is a rather special Royal year.


And students at the University of Central Lancashire have set


themselves a rather special challenge. They are organising a


series of 60 community events to celebrate the Queen's Diamond


Jubilee. Today was one of those events, bringing together couples


who were celebrating 60 years of marriage. Our reporter went along


to the Burnley campus to see what happened.


When these couples vowed to stay together, they meant it. They will


celebrate their diamond wedding anniversaries today. This couple


met at a local dance. You have to trust each other. Don't have any


secrets. This couple met as teenagers. They got married in the


year that Elizabeth it became our monarch, but their trays of date


had nothing to do with royal events. You wanted to get married in March


for tax reasons, not April. It has changed now. We got some things for


free. Did you ever think you would celebrate 60 years? Never. Students


brought together a dozen couples celebrating diamond anniversary is.


We have 16 volunteer projects to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.


was a chance for generations to swap notes about love, marriage and


life. What is the secret? I don't think there is a secret. Does get


to know each other. We are sometimes told that marriage is an


outdated institution, but the students here have seen what can be


achieved. Has it inspired them to get married for the long-haul? Will


you still be married for 60 years. Hopefully. The students have


certainly been learning from the experts.


I love the realism of that. They I love the realism of that. They


can get a tax return. I have to admit I was getting a bit


bored of saying sunshine and showers. We have had sunshine and


showery weather for 10 days. We need a water in the reservoir has


and it is all going to change tomorrow. There is an area of low


pressure behind me. It makes its way it over us tomorrow. Wet and


windy. That will linger on Thursday to bring us light and patchy rain.


It will leave behind some cloud for Sunday. This evening is not looking


too bad. We will see the clouds melting away and the showers easing


away this evening. We start off with some clear skies. I think this


will allow the temperatures to fall away. It should be mostly dry


overnight. Maybe some spit and spot of rain over the Isle of Man. The


easterly wind will pick up towards dawn. Temperatures should hold up


well above freezing. They will be between four degrees and seven


degrees. Four tomorrow, a lot of rain in places. The winds will be


the pecker up. We hopefully start of mostly dry tomorrow. Cloudy in


the south with the best of the sunshine in the north. The win back


a really strong. By late afternoon it should clear away for the south


of the region leaving us with dry conditions. Generally quite


persistent rain and breezy. Highs of ten degrees expected tomorrow.


If you factor in the wind, it will feel much colder than that. The


rain will hang around on Thursday and we are likely to see some


funder, possibly some hail. By Friday, hopefully less rain around


and probably slightly cooler also. That summary out for it was just a


That summary out for it was just a ruse!


A reminder about the weekend's sea odyssey event in Liverpool.


Liverpool's Titanic Girl, a documentary about the giant weekend,


was due to be shown tomorrow night, but in a change of schedule the


programme has been moved to next Monday, 30th April, at 8:30om. --pm.


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