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Good evening. Here are the headlines: All eyes on Manchester


as the city plays host to the biggest game in Premier League


history. A global television audience of 650


million people is expected to watch this match, among them some of the


people in this pub. I am at their Etihad Stadium for


what has become the the most expensive game for fans in football


history. Some are being asked to pay �2,300 per ticket.


Also tonight, eight shootings in nine days. Police blame a drugs war


for a spate of attacks in Liverpool. At last from the past - revisiting


the first major festival in this It has been billed as the biggest


game in Premier League history. Tonight hundreds of millions of


people from around the world will stop what they're doing to watch


the Manchester derby. After again with apps and downs the


title could be decided tonight as City and United meet in the biggest


game for regeneration. In a minute we will speak to our


reporter in that pub. First, we have a reporter at their


Etihad Stadium. It is feeling tense already.


It is the tenses ever. You said at the start of the programme it is


possibly the biggest in Premier League history. Officially it is.


The PA announcer has just shouted that in my ear. It is officially


the biggest game in Premier League history. They have named it D-Day,


showdown, based off. -- base of.


We will now go to our reporter who is in one of the City's pubs.


The atmosphere is hotting up here. Manchester is on the world stage


tonight. As well as public as a line up to watch the game, the same


is happening in Africa, Asia, a Australia.


For this city what is a long- standing local rivalry is now


global. From Moss Side to Melbourne,


Salford to Sierra Leone. The eyes of the football world affect on


Manchester. All 47,000 seats are supposed to be


sold but are still tickets on sale for fructify �1,000 per pair. If


you cannot stretch to that you'll be one of the 650 million people


watching on television around the world. 27 international channels


are reporting live from the Etihad Stadium.


In South America it is 3pm, but that is not important. The people


want to see the match. This man has travelled from Sierra Leone to be


in the crowds to ride. In one of the world's poorest countries this


clash has captured this imagination. 2 million people in my country will


be watching this clash. Every poor you go people go to the local pub.


Tickets have been already sold out for this derby at the local pub.


What is this global spotlight worth up to Manchester businesses? It


will bring tens of millions of pounds in to the local economy.


People have stayed for the weekend. People stay overnight. It will


attract a massive audience to television. People will travel for


miles to come and see this. Whatever happens between the two


team's the whole city will be the big winner.


Being in the global spotlight means it is vital for Manchester that


this event runs smoothly. The police are not taking any chances.


600 officers will be around the ground and around the city centre,


but unlike their FA Cup clash in January, they will not be wearing


full riot gear. The police are confident they have everything


under control because they have been working closely with the fans.


We have been engage with fans prior to the fixture. -- engaged with. We


will support people coming to the fixture and make sure they do so


safely. We have a whole host of tactical options it required.


us hope that the event as pass of peacefully and all the headlines


will be about Manchester on the field of play.


I thought the police officers are on neutral!


Elsewhere, tributes are being paid to an aid worker originally from


Manchester who has been found murdered in Pakistan. Khalil Dale


was killed four months after being kidnapped there. His body was found


on a road. Police say the Pakistan Taliban left a note there are


saying they were responsible. are deeply shocked and outraged. It


is appalling. He was a trusted and experienced staff member. He was


committed to the work of the Red Cross.


The impact of dangerous dogs has been under discussion in Liverpool.


Local people were given the chance to question MPs and the RSPCA at a


special parliamentary event in the city. Parents of John Paul Massey,


who was mauled to death by a family pet, have been campaigning for


tougher laws on dangerous dogs. A Madam Deputy Speaker issue has


been jailed in death that they were trying to groom young boys on the


internet. Simon Crisp pleaded guilty to charges of making images


of child sex abuse. He will serve at least five years.


Police in Merseyside say are rising shootings this month as part they


because they have been so successful at cracking down on drug


dealers. Detectives say when they take criminals of the street,


others fight for control. There have been eight shootings in


nine days on Merseyside. In one incident a teenage boy was shot in


the leg. Police say they are determined to be do stop to it.


On Friday night a 15-year-old was shot in the leg in Liverpool's


Chinatown. He was not seriously hurt. 24 hours later a 21-year-old


man was shot in the arm at Stockbridge Village. Two of eight


shootings in Merseyside in just over one week. Police say it is not


because their crime strategy is failing, it is because it is


working. There have been tensions and tit-for-tat shootings. You're


have been victims of your own success? In a way we are, but in


the right direction. Police say that in the past four weeks they


have raided 130 cannabis farms, seizing more than 5,000 plants with


a street value of nearly �3 million. Turf wars are increasingly fought


over who controls street level cannabis sales.


The age of the victim in the Chinatown shooting shows how young


some of the people are involved in all this. Police say all the


criminals act as a bit masters, persuading youngsters to carry and


even use guns. The shootings have happened across


Merseyside. In an area once played by gangs, incidents have dropped


dramatically. Staff at Croxteth Sports Centre say young people are


realising where gangs can lead. They can see the devastation


created. For a certain age who we cannot do much, but for the younger


ones we can. It is our future and their future. Police acting for the


public's help to catch the gunman. -- gunmen.


On Thursday boaters in Salford will decide who they want to be their


new city mayor. Today we have the final two


candidates. The government has accepted that their policies are


part damaging pensioners. On the well-being side we fight against


vandalism, anti-social behaviour, and crime. There are a lot of


issues around Salford youth. The need jobs. That is why I am here. I


can create them. The is a full list of all 10 candidates who are


standing for mayor of Salford on a Web site.


In the last few minutes Merseyside police have confirmed that they


have arrested the British National Party's candidate in Liverpool. He


has been arrested on suspicion of making false statements or taking


signatures on a nomination paper. Elsewhere almost 3,000 people have


signed a petition against plans to build anew by a mass power station


in battle. The a concern about the


environmental impact of the plant. Centrica, the company behind the


plan, says it will be a boost to the economy and create hundreds of


jobs. Still to come - the day the Kinks


and the Grateful Dead came to town. We look back, 40 years to when


Becker shot doubled its population. There will be plenty of this in the


next few minutes. Chewing the fat over that big-match.


Verdi is to experience. He is learning of the master. -- off the


master. There will be a lot of people who will be relieved when we


get to 8pm. It is big news. It is set to attract a massive TV


audience. One in 10 of the world's population might be watching.


Incredible. It will give the city's huge global exposure. What about


those who were here heading to the stadium?


I have never sat on a building like this.


-- I have never seen a build up like this.


I hope all the 650 nilly people watch Late Kick Off tonight.


This is the biggest game in Premier League history. De the atmosphere


is pensive. -- that atmosphere is pensive.


I was speaking to a taxi driver. He said every cab driver in Manchester


has been working the day shift. You will not get anywhere tonight


because they all want to be off to watch the big game.


We heard about the police operation. Roberto Mancini said it is a day


for football not war. He hopes supporters of all clubs can look


back that. Carlos Tevez says he wants to stay


at the club. He says he wants to stay with the club and work hard


for. He is expected to play tonight. We


are not sure about Balotelli yet. We're not sure what to expect at


all. United are three points clear. If they win or draw they have a


virtually got the title. The City when it is up for grabs. It is so


difficult to predict what is going to happen. There have been so many


twists and turns at the top of the Premier League.


Manchester United have put eight Manchester United have put eight


past Arsenal. Early on it looks like United's season. That is a


supreme goal. They will win the Premier League. Move on a couple of


months and City win an incredible derby 6-1 at Old Trafford. Going


into work the next day was not pleasant. But we have given it to


them over the years. The Christmas tree went up in her house. It was


wonderful. With City flying and United 3-0 down at Chelsea, they


showed the spirit of champions to salvage a draw. A huge


encouragement for the team, the fans, everybody. United turned the


screw. They went eight points clear. Every team will go through a patch


in every season where they are not at the best. With the title in


sight fair these men it stumbled against Wigan and at Everton --


Manchester United stumbled. Other than the first time we won it, this


will be the biggest win ever. the best. We will win it. This is


Thanks to United fans Margaret and Ben and City fans Tony and Brian.


What do the experts think? I feel confident that City will win. They


have really been on form. When City have played, our centre-backs have


nullified the other teams. Even if they don't win the game, it is


still the M1 for Manchester United. The worst result they will get is a


draw. -- it is still game on. is fall match commentary on the


radio tonight. And you can see highlights of the game tonight on a


special Match Of The Day at 10:35pm. Well, while the battle at the top


could take another dramatic twist tonight, the struggle to avoid


relegation has become equally exciting. Wigan look like they


could escape after an incredible four Neil -- four-nil win over


Newcastle. Wigan and now three points clear of the relegation zone.


Manager Roberto Mancini says the team is growing in confidence.


played really well. When you play well, you need to take chances.


Today, we had a little bit of confidence. Outstanding. But there


is more pressure on the Steve King after a Blackburn lost two-nil.


Bolton Wanderers fought hard to escape -- scrape a draw. Captain


Kevin Davies coming to the rescue scoring both goals against


Sunderland. Goal of the weekend definitely came from Liverpool's


Luis Suarez who scored a hard trick against Norwich City, his third


goal flying in from 50 yards. Everton scored four goals against


Fulham, keeping them just above Liverpool in seventh place.


Graham Alexander has been describing the fairy-tale end to


his remarkable career. He scored in the last seconds for Preston on


Saturday after a career spanning well over 1,000 professional


matches. Alexander's goal made it two-all against the League One


champions Charlton. Manager Graham Westley described it as a special


moment. 1023 matches. Macclesfield Town are planning for life outside


the Football League after they were relegated to The Blue Square


Conference at the weekend. Brian Horton has left as manager after


the team failed to pull off an unlikely escape. Sale Sharks' new


star is going to be meeting up with his team mates sooner than we


expected. Danny Cipriani was due to leave the Australian side Melbourne


Rebels at the end of the season. But he's being allowed to go


immediately which means the Englishman will now be able to get


a full pre-40 years ago the North- west's first major pop music


festival pushed -- pitched up in a field near Wigan. Good luck to both


sides here tonight. Manchester City have waited since 1968 to win the


title. Who knows what will happen? Nobody knows. Wait until 8pm.


it is set to be a wild night if your hairdo is but -- anything to


go by! He has got a good head of hair. Shall we have something a bit


different? Yes. The Bickershaw Festival in 1972 attracted 60,000


people and included performances from the Grateful Dead, The Kinks


and Donovan. Now footage of the event is to be made available on


DVD and to celebrate, today some of those who attended the festival


were reunited in the field where it It was when the Woodstock came to


Wigan. Music fans flocked to a field in Bickershaw. Top of the


bill were Grateful Dead. It was quite a good festival. A for many


of those living near, they were far from grateful for the invasion upon


the local community. Among others, the young Jeremy Beadle. Did you


sell any yoghurt before this? didn't. In 1972, 60,000 people


crowded into this field and it wasn't just a music event, it was


the mud fest. Today, in the same field, many of the organisers and


musicians gathered once again to launch a box-set of DVDs. It was


would stop in the mud, 40 years ago, Jeremy Beadle's mad idea. It was


the experience of a lifetime. I was only 14, but they really loved it.


It has stayed in my memory. remember climbing were all the


scaffolding when it was being built. They told us to get off! Now fans


can relive their muddy memories from the comfort of their sofas.


Crikey, he was brave! The weather is on the way soon. Back to our top


story now and in the build up to tonight's crash, there's been


terrific banter between United and City fans over who's going to win


and who's going to take the title. -- tonight's clash. The arguments


in pubs, shops and factories have been fierce. Here's what happened


when we found Manchester United legend Paddy Crerand a taxi driven


by a cabbie from the other side of the tracks. Manchester City.


you sure you want to go there today? We are going to win the


league they have tonight, it will be a great night. We're going to


tear your defence to pieces. United have got a lot of young kids


playing at the moment, but the team are on fire. Roberto Mancini has


learned off Fergie. We shall play Derby even Monday and after we


shall play Newcastle. It will be a tough game. Fergie is too


experienced for that. He is learning off the master. Weekend


get two results, it they can only get one -- we can get all stop your


manager has stated on more than one occasion... When a player falls out


at United, they sell them. What we do it is discipline them and they


want to play again for us! Bought demean? You send them on a golfing


holiday? -- what do you mean? on a hat trick! Anyway, if you need


a cab on your way home, give me a call. I've heard that somewhere


before! By the end, he was like, all... Good evening. April has


broken records for the number of days of rain we have had.


Specifically in northern England. In the year 2000, there was


slightly less. Yesterday, 25.4 mm and eight Celsius. Today, 17


Celsius and have no rain. I'm afraid the rest of the week will


not be dry. You can see this next area of rain working its way in.


This weather fund will be wavering far too close for comfort during


the day -- weather front. All of the cloud cover keeps the


temperatures up. Through the night, the temperatures are ridiculous,


between 7 and 11 Celsius along the coast. It is a story of cloud cover


and while that rain looks like a drop south, it is going to pursue


its way back in. Plenty of cloud cover, limited spells of sunshine.


Not as good as today but not as bad as yesterday, that is the crucial


thing. Temperatures down to 13 or 14 all over again. I was saying, I


wondered whether the rain over Manchester should have been half


read today to prove what is going on! Earlier, we asked visitors to a


Facebook paid where they would be watching the match tonight. Karen


says there are three men in my house and not one is interested in


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