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Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson...


And Dianne Oxberry. Our top story... Driven to kill her children. An


inquest hears how a mother stabbed her two sons to death.


Jael Mullings was said to be suffering from paranoia and unable


to cope. Also tonight...


Why some of our best-known beaches could be forced to carry a health


warning. Return to the Reebok. Why Fabrice


Muamba was in tears as he got back on a football pitch. Thank you, the


support has been overwhelming. And why one man's obsession with


A big rise in tourism. And why one man's obsession with


Charlie and the chocolate factory A mother who killed her two


children at their home in Cheetham Hill had phoned her doctor's


surgery just hours before their death pleading for help, an inquest


has been told. Jael Mullings was just 21 when she


stabbed her two young sons to death in November 2008. Manchester Crown


Court heard today how she was suffering from psychotic episodes


at the time and questions have been raised over how the police handled


her case. Nina Warhurst is here in the studio with more.


The inquest has heard how the two young boys were stabbed to death at


their home in Cheetham Hill in November 2008. Romario Mullings-


Sewell was two. His brother Delayno, just three months old. They died at


the hands of their mother, Jael Mullings. She was 21 at the time.


She denied their murder but admitted manslaughter on the


grounds of diminished responsibility. She was found to be


suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and was sent to a


secure psychiatric hospital indefinitely. She's given evidence


to the inquest via a video link. Today, they heard that on the day


of the children's deaths, she phoned her doctor's surgery,


screaming and out of control. They immediately called the police and


told them that she was not very lucid, screaming at the children in


particular. Paranoid, delusional thoughts and the feeling she was


being watched and a history of self-harm. The police response was


today described by the family's solicitor as too slow. The coroner


explained that 2999 call is made, police have two options. The first


is allocated in two minutes and police must arrive in 10 minutes.


The second is allocated in 20 minutes and police must arrive in


60 minutes will stop the police chose great too. Greater Manchester


Police today admitted that their handling of the call was not


adequate. They have since put in new regulations to protect


vulnerable people. Jael Mullings's mother described her life had been


difficult for her daughter ringing up two young boys and her cannabis


use had increased. She added, it does not make any sense to me how


she has gone from being such a good, caring, devoted mother to what has


happened night. The inquest continues tomorrow.


Some of our beaches could be forced to display a health warning to


swimmers within three years. A report into water quality shows the


North West has the worst beaches in the country with sea water being


regularly contaminated by sewage and pollution from farmland. Only


eight of them have been recommended by the Marine Conservation Society,


which says agencies and councils need to do more to clean up their


act. Our Reporter Nazia Mogra has spent


the day at Blackpool. Enjoying a dip in the sea in


Blackpool today, but anyone thinking about a swim on Blackpool


Central and South Beaches should think carefully, according to The


Marine Conservation Society. They say these beaches are just not upto


scratch. If a bathing water feels for five consecutive years from


2015, by law, a sign has to be put up advising people not to enter the


water. Just imagine the impact that will have on tourism revenue. The


likes of Blackpool, for example, has invested something like �300


million. According to the Good Beaches Guide,


the North West is the worst. Only 8 out of 37 of our beaches are


considered clean. Southport, Formby, Wallesey, Castletown are among the


few who got a thumbs up. But Blackpool remains our most popular


resort, so will holidaymakers be put off by today's report?


Would you have a dip in C? Yes. I can't swim, but I will have a dip.


I would going. I have been many times. Never changed all the years


we have come. The sand is nice. The water is not nice.


Black full council say they are doing their best and are working


with United Utilities to make sure the water on its beaches is safe.


What affects the water from here is tenor 15 miles back from Blackpool.


Agricultural land, run-off and industrial areas and so on all


filter into the sea water. In tackling the problem of water


quality, we have to deal with those issues that go way back.


The North West beaches have until 2015 to clean up their act.


It looked quite inviting! Some of the day's other news...


A mass will be held in Liverpool this evening to mark the fifth


anniversary of Madeleine McCann's disappearance in Portugal. The


service is at her grandparents's parish church in Childwall, where


Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry were married. We hope to God that


Madeleine is safe and has been cared for. Of course we do. And,


please God, even though it is five years and so one, that there will


be a happy ending to this terribly painful story.


A garage in Wigan has been used as a polling station for the local


elections today, Parties in 26 council wards have been battling it


out for your vote. Meanwhile, residents in Liverpool and Salford


will vote for their first directly elected mayor, while Manchester


holds a referendum on the idea. Polling closes at ten o'clock


tonight. A pupil from a Primary School in


Manchester has been diagnosed with typhoid. The youngster, who attends


Abbott Community Primary School in Collyhurst, is said be recovering


well. Typhoid is caught by eating food or taking drinks prepared by


someone who has the infection, or when sewage contaminates drinking


water. The Health Protection Agency says it is extremely unlikely that


anyone else in the school will be affected.


Old Trafford football stadium is to host the 2013 Rugby League World


Cup Final. The event will take place in November next year. Old


Trafford, the traditional home of Super League's Grand Final, also


hosted the last World Cup Final to be played in the UK, back in 2000.


Burnley will be enjoying a special Royal honour as part of the Diamond


Jubilee year. The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles


will all visit on the same day. Their tour will involve a trip to


Weever's Triangle and Burnley Football Club. It's unusual for all


three Royals to visit one place at the same time.


Fabrice Muamba made an emotional appearance at the Reebok Stadium in


Bolton last night just seven weeks after he collapsed with a cardiac


arrest while playing. Before the match against Tottenham, which


Bolton won 4-1, he was given a standing ovation and thanked fans


for their support. Carol Lowe reports.


The sight many feared they would never see. Seven weeks ago, Fabrice


Muamba was carried off the pitch close to death. Bolton fans were


thrilled at his return last night. And his fiance was clearly moved at


the celebrations. He was overwhelmed, too, as the


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your support.


Thank you, not just the whole country, and the supporters been


overwhelming. His recovery has been remarkable.


His heart stopped for 78 minutes. A heart specialist who came down from


the stands and the use of a defibrilator helped save his life.


I am overwhelmed with the support I have got. I am just happy to be


able to speak to people again, to walk freely. I am just happy that


I'm here. So will he return as a player?


Bolton manager says not yet but he is moving in the right direction.


You cannot imagine what must have been going on inside his head last


night. You can't, but it was lovely to see


him looking so remarkably well. He did look really well and we wish


him a continued and speedy recovery. Well, what happened to Maumba has


focused attention on a campaign calling for defibrilators to be put


in all public places. It is because a bit of liberator at the game that


they were able to keep him alive. It's being supported by a family


from Liverpool who say their 12- year-old son could have survived if


one of the machines had been on hand when he collapsed. Here's


Dominic Hughes. I had run onto the pitch to see to


Jake, and then someone came up and said they needed a physio.


Rhys Bradley found herself facing a very similar scenario when a player


on a neighbouring pitch collapsed with cardiac arrest. Thanks to Ruth


and her colleagues, he survived and the third greater improved his


chances. We need one of these in every place.


Even at A-Level like best, or were none of the players are paid, it is


just a weekend team, everybody needs to have training at some


level and you do need to make sure that you have people present at all


games were able to administer CPR safely and effectively.


Inside, there is a pad, which she would open.


One place that already has them is this school in Liverpool, his


specialist sports college. They now have machines close to hand and the


staff that no doubt use them. Knowing that we have this in place,


if such a situation was to rise, at least we know we have trained staff


who can use this machine and perform when needed.


For a particularly like this one here...


The family of all the king is still trying to come to terms with the


loss of their 12-year-old son. A machine like this may have saved


Oliver's life after he went into cardiac arrest after the schools


were innocent. But there was not one available. Now, his parents are


backing an E petition to get politicians to put more machines


and the public places and spare other families the loss they have


suffered. We are suffering through losing all


other. We cannot stand by and we needs to avoid other parents going


through this. But his total devastation to the family. We


cannot let it go on. Campaigners believed that at least


a dozen children die in the UK each week from sudden unexpected heart


attacks. But they believe having machines like this in parks,


swimming-pools and schools could save hundreds of lives each year.


A good idea, isn't it? That will never be a waste of time.


It will never be a waste of time. Still to come on North West


Tonight... Packing a golden punch. The Olympic


boxer with eyes for the main prize at London 2012.


And a happy reunion for the Happy Mondays, back together and touring


again after an acrimonious split. We could still be classed as


children when we broke up. We can In if we have an acrimonious split


before the end of a programme, we could then go on tour. Now it is


they've guessed, no connection. As the days and weeks take down


towards the Olympics, it is a crucial time for the athletes


hoping to qualify in a variety of sports. For the British tight one-


day team, this week's European Championships, being held in


Manchester, are the last event where fighters can stake a claim


for London 2012. Pretty noisy, the last play-offs? Good evening. The


first day of action at the championships is just drawing to a


close. This is the final flight of the day behind me. An important


event in its own right but an important stepping stone for north-


west hopefuls for London 2012. Next week is a very big stepping stone


on the road to London for another of our hopefuls, we have been


following Natasha or on North West Tonight on-and-off for 18 months,


and this week we travel to her training base in Sheffield to for


find out that her hopes have received a boost. Natasha's journey


to London is almost complete. After years of battling friends and


rivals, she has finally become the chosen one in the lightweight


division for Britain. The division was Kay, a big weight has been


lifted off my shoulders. Next week she fights at the World


Championships in China. She needs to make the semi-finals to qualify


for the Olympics. I would love to come back with a medal.


Qualification is tea, a medal is my aim. Are you looking at her as a


potential medallist? It is down to the draw. I would love to stay here


and say she would win gold, she is a talented and lovely girl.


Natacha trains here at her Sheffield-based four nights a week,


staying at a hotel which has become a second home. A home away from


home. I say I have a work mother, my own mother, and my premiere in


mother. If she can get medals at the world championships and


Olympics, all three mothers will be delighted. A fair few fighters here


are hoping to follow in Natasha's footsteps and get a place in London.


Amongst them, Bianca, who has a chance of being in the Games


because the most popular type condo fighter has suffered a serious


injury. Her participation is in some doubt so Bianca has a chance


to step into her shoes. Another interesting competition going on


between two people from the north- west, competing for just one spot.


They actually share house, but only one can go to London. I am joined


by Steve from Great Britain tight corner. How big an event is is for


Manchester? It's is the first time we have held a Championships in the


UK. We have got 40 countries represented. All going for European


glory, but also Olympic selection. A big event for everyone. The


British team is based here but they are based just down the road to.


very big year. For a sport like this, how much does the Olympic pro


a help the sport? For many spores like ours, it is a once-in-a-


lifetime opportunity for us to really put the sport on the front


and back page. To get the profile we don't normally enjoy. Events


like this help Amnesty against just three months away, it will be a


huge bonus. Thank you very much for joining us. This event lasts until


Sunday. There are a few tickets available for action over the


weekend, you will see some of Britain's best fighters and for a


chance to see them as you point at the Olympics. It is sold out.


Whenever you bring his sport to the north-west, it is always well


attended. Always takes off. No nonsense sport that. You have to


feel for the guys fighting for one place, living in the same house!


The economy may be struggling but tourism is not. Manchester and


Liverpool are in the top five tourist destinations in the UK.


Good news for me because that is where I will be holidaying this


year. The number of visitors to beat City went up 15 per cent. It


is bringing some much-needed money into the region. Liverpool last


year. We love the Beatles. music is a Big Mac leads, as his


football. The they are not the only reasons that people come. I have


heard about nice things, like the rivers and museums. Shopping, too.


The shops are important. One outlet only open for a few weeks is


already selling overseas. resold the biggest and heaviest


piece in the shop last week, going to Canada two days later. In the


museum they have had a million visitors in nine months, from all


quarters of the world. New Zealand, California, Canada. A chap from


Brazil, who says "amazing, one of the best museums of Europe". It is


great for Liverpool and Manchester, but what is more important is what


it means to the local economy is and to jobs. Manchester, 37,000


people work in tourism, in the report it is 27,000. They want that


to grow. By 2020 we are predicting thousands more jobs in tourism in


the City because of the demands. Manchester is two big football


clubs helped attract thousands of overseas tourists in 2011, it is in


third place in the UK cities. Liverpool is up to 5th, ahead of


Glasgow. Now it is hoping the Sea Odyssey of last year means next


year's figures will be even higher. It is planning more big events in


future to keep tourists coming back. If you are going to Liverpool 1


Manchester, you can go to the Peak District, the Lakes. A I am a girl


who comes from a city running through it, even though I live in


Manchester, as a tourist I love to go to cities with a river. A bit


more vibrancy about them. When in Liverpool or Manchester, that is


the case. They were torn apart by They were one of the biggest bands


to come out of Salford until finally they decided they didn't


like Mondays after all. Twenty years on, the HAPPY Mondays are


going back on the road again. With their acrimonious split behind them


the band are going back to their roots - with a few changes. Front


man Shaun Ryder told Dave Guest his image as the bad boy of the music


world is a thing of the past. original line-up is back together


and preparing for and their first tour in the 20 years. Our eyes said


never again, then we decided, if we are going to do it, let's get the


original band back together. Not since 1994. It is no secret that


they broke up under much acrimony. Is there any tension now? Good


grief, that was a long time ago. We could still be classed as children


when we broke up. We can certainly now be classed as old men. Boring


old man. The talking of growing up, you had a reputation as a bad boy.


Are you expecting a new group of fans to come through? With the


reality TV stuff, we have all had a go at that. Each time we did, it


brought in a lot of new interest in to the band and the bands we have


been involved with. Be too kicks off in Newcastle tonight. On Sunday


they will be back in their home city. We are all 20 years older,


apart from Fabrice Muamba it seems. The whole reality thing has open


them up to new fans. Now, we've got a golden ticket to


Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. You might have thought it's in


Hollywood, but no - it's right here in the North West - in Eccles to


precise. Nick Franklin is such a big fan of the Roald Dahl story


that he's filled his spare room with items from the film


adaptations - and now it's thought to be the biggest collection of


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory memorabilia in the country. Naomi


Cornwell's been for a tour. Blair at me take you on a tour.


It's a magical world of chocolate, candy canes and gobstoppers,


otherwise known as Nick's spare room. I began collecting in 2004.


My interest in it goes back quite a long time. To the original film in


1971, I was eight or nine. It's an expensive business, with


original props costing thousands of pounds. A selection of four bars,


16 were made for the film. Does it makes you hungry? Everyone can have


a gobstopper, they are free with the room.


The films inspired Nick to become a TV set designer and have even


influenced his artworks. I thought it was a passing novelty years ago,


but it has grown and grown. It is staggering. The detail and time he


has taken is amazing. There are so many items here that


the Guinness book of records is currently verifying whether this is


the biggest private collection of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


memorabilia in the UK. People who collect this memorabilia have a


special name, David from Little Britain is a famous fan.


Nick's collection is so popular that he even rents the room out to


visiting actors. The outfits are optional. They might expect me to


be dressed as an umpire Lumpur. I This, apparently, is an everlasting


gobstoppers. That is a model. A surreal moments, would you like to


hand over for the weather. I had two poor forecasts, somebody may


Starting with the beginning of this week, it was glorious. 18 Celsius


on Monday. Look at the temperature for tomorrow. 11, if we are lucky.


Nine or 10 Celsius in some places, and over the weekend, not improving.


Getting colder still. All courtesy of a cold front which will sink


South tomorrow. It will leave lots of cold air behind for Friday and


Saturday and Sunday. For tonight, well, some sunshine across Cumbria


and Lancashire. Heading into dawn, the cloud will begin to build and


the temperature not so bad. We have got a light wind, dropping as low


as six or seven Celsius. Then the picture changes tomorrow, it will


be colder tomorrow and cloudier. A cloudy start from the word go. Some


spots of rain as it sinks south, bringing rain with it. Cloud will


break at times to bring some some, these are the temperatures. 10 or


11 if we are lucky. It will be cold tomorrow night, and on Saturday we


are down to 10 degrees Celsius. If you are travelling to Wembley for


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