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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson. And


Annabel Tiffin. Our top story: The supersize school uniforms. Why


doctors are concerned about the expanding waistlines of our


children. Last year we introduced new shirts into the range that from


stock go up to 19 inch collar for boys and think 48 inch chest in


girls' blouses. We'll talk to one of the region's top health


officials. Also tonight: Police crack down on lorry drivers who


seek distractions during long hours in the cab.


Pain for Keri-Anne - as the Stockport swimmer misses out on an


Olympic medal. Not quite what I wanted for all the crowd and for


all the people that have worked so hard to get me here, but, yeah...


And the sweet sound of Stradivarius. The lucky orchestra which has


borrowed one for a series of concerts. The school summer


holidays are well under way but unlike in days gone by many


children aren't spending their days running outside and playing with


their friends. As kids spend more time watching TV or playing


computer games, we all know childhood obesity is growing.


Now one school uniform company in Lancashire says it's having to make


more supersize clothes than in the past.


Trutex says the problem is worse here in the North West, and that


it's further evidence of a rise in childhood obesity. Here's Ian


Haslam. Based in Clitheroe, this clothing company has been supplying


uniforms for over a century. Never, they say, has there been such big


demand for large clothing. It's definitely a trend we have noticed


in the North West, our retailers are asking for these bigger sizes


that have created this demand. Last year we introduced new shirts from


stock that go up to 19 inch collar for boys. I think we go up to 48


inch chest in girls' blouses so these are large sizes. If that


sounds big, take a look at the blazers and trousers. This 50 inch


sturdy fit trouser is the biggest they have. As you can see there is


an internal waist adjuster there. The next most popular style is this


with an elasticated waste and this is a 48 inch chest jacket. Three


years ago the biggest was a 50 inch chest.


According to a recent report by NHS North West, around a third of


children in the region or half a million, are overweight or obese.


Of that 9.9% were 4-5-year-old which is slightly above the


national average. The percentage of obese children aged ten to 11 was


19.3%, again higher than the national national average. An


alarming statistic possibly, but not one that surprises this bicken


head shop owner -- Birkenhead shop owner. People are getting bigger.


Years ago we had two ranges of trousers, slim fit and regular fit.


Now we have regular fit and sturdy fit trousers. So, the slim fit


trouser has vanished. With the elasticated they're ideal for


children. Makes them feel better about themselves. It's the diet and


stuff like that. It seems despite schemes to counterit, childhood


obesity is a tkproeing problem. -- growing problem.


So why are children getting bigger? Well, that was a question we put to


Dr Paula Grey, who is Director of Public health in liverpool. I think


it's a complex mixture of things really. It's not just one issue,


it's a whole environment, culture, and the difficulty I think some


people have in accessing good physical activity facilities and


also the difficulties in eating a healthy diet. Our reporter spoke to


a clothes manufacturer who provides school uniforms for schools across


the country but he says the North West is particularly bad. He is


having to provide bigger uniforms in the North West. Why is that?


Well, our information shows that probably where the children in


Liverpool particularly are properly just about the same kind of size as


people nationally, so something like 12% of children in reception


class are obese, and something like 22% of children in year six, sort


of ten-year-olds are obese and that's pretty much in line with the


national average but that's far too much really, and I think it's a


mixture really of not enough physical activity and the


propensity to eat a lot of very dense calorie foods and fast food


and the sraeupblt of those -- availability of those kind of


things. Is that parents' fault, are they feeding kids the wrong thing?


I don't think we should blame anybody. It's a mix of the


environment we live in. Obviously, parents have a role, as do schools,


our transport system has a role. The local authorities have a role,


in terms of the facilities they offer in terms of parks and open


spaces. So, it's a mixture really. But it's certainly not something


that children can tackle on their own and certainly the kind of


things we do are trying aimed at families so parents and children


together, not just focusing on children because often it can be an


issue for the whole family and not just the child. Thank you very much.


We would love to hear your comments on that, if you have any send them


to us and if we have time we will read them at the end of the


programme. Pathology staff at Salford Royal


Hospital and Wigan Infirmary will be balloted for strike action after


talks to resolve a dispute over pay failed today. Around 60 workers


could lose up to �6,000 a year. Union leaders say it comes on the


back of a three-year pay freeze. A man in his sixties is being


treated for severe burns at Whiston Hospital after he suffered an


electric shock on Merseyside. It happened as he worked on a street


lamp cable in Kirkby this morning. Parents of children at mosques and


other kinds of schools in Lancashire are being urged to come


forward if they suspect their youngsters are being abused.


Yesterday Kurram Hussain from Blackburn was found guilty of


beating two boys - aged ten and eleven - while teaching them to


read the Koran. The police say people need to speak up. A burglar


whose accomplice died in a raid on a house in Stockport has been


jailed for ten years. 34-year-old Michael Anthony Thorpe from Heald


Green admitted one count of aggravated burglary. The home-owner


was arrested on suspicion of murder, but no further action was taken.


The bells on Kendal's town hall clock are to be silenced overnight


because council officials say they're breaking sound regulations.


They found the bells were four times the recommended limit


following complaints from a nearby tavern. The clock has chimed since


the days of Queen Victoria. You may remember some years ago a


lorry driver was caught watching a TV show on his laptop as he drove


up the M6 in Cumbria. His vehicle veered from lane to lane for 25


miles before he was pulled over by the police.


It seems it wasn't an isolated incident. Now Merseyside Police


have a secret weapon - their own undercover truck. Stuart Flinders


has been finding out more. This lorry driver doesn't know it yet


but the truck pulling up alongside him is in fact a police vehicle.


Constable Hemans films the driver as he uses his phone and relays the


information to an unmarked vehicle behind. This vehicle up ahead, the


driver's been sighted by the truck texting on his phone. As you can


see on the back of the vehicle, there is an orange board display


underneath the phone number, that means the vehicle is carrying


dangerous goods. The lorry is pulled over. Have you any points on


your licence, you are going to get three for this... This is operation


Truck-cam, the target is drivers behaving badly. Just advise you


stkoepbt be on your -- don't be on your phone again. It's common to


see them on mobile phones. Large numbers don't wear seat belts. We


have them eating food while driving. Having drinks. You have seen them


watching videos? Watching videos. It's not uncommon to see all those


things. Back on the road, a driver's not


wearing a shirt. He gets a �60 fine for not wearing a seat belt either.


The lorry isn't just cover for the police, it allows them to see


inside a driver's cab. Normal patrol cars are just too low.


he is rolling a cigarette, hold the position there, please. They've


caught drivers eating a salad, even pouring tea with no hands on the


wheel. Bit, more, please. Driver is not wearing seat belt and neither


is either of the other two passengers. These are relatively


minor offences, but if a driver were to kill somebody while using


the mobile phone or eating a sandwich, then they could be


looking at a charge of causing death by dangerous driving and a


prison sentence of 14 years. A man's been sentenced to four


years in prison for rape after his victim said a storyline in


Coronation Street gave him the courage to come forward. Daniel


Bird was today sent to prison for attacking the boy four times when


he was just eight. His victim, now in his teens, said the ordeal of


the character Carla in the ITV soap prompted him to give evidence. Mark


Hannaby reports. I was around eight years old. He


took me to my bedroom every time my mum and dad went out and just raped


me. This This 17-year-old boy was afraid to tell anyone of the


torment he suffered on being repeatedly raped by Daniel Bird. He


found courage to report the crimes after watching a rape storyline


featuring the characters car la Connor and frank Foster in


Coronation Street. Daniel Bird was found guilty of raping his victim,


an eight-year-old boy, on four separate occasions whilst


babysitting him. The rapes took place in 2004 when Bird was either


15 or 16. After each attack, Bird told his young victim he wasn't


allowed to tell anyone what had happened. He's taken away my


childhood, taken away a big part of my life which I should have enjoyed.


He's ruined it. He turned me into a horrible person. He didn't want to


cuddle, he didn't want to kiss as a young boy, there was no affection.


There was nothing. Just nothing there at all. I can't believe that


someone's done that to my child. Detective Constable Halls says


Bird's conviction should give other victims of rape the courage to


report the crime even after several years. It's important to come


forward, without victims and reports we can't do anything to


investigate it. Daniel Bird, 24, was found guilty of four counts of


rape at Manchester Crown Court. He was sentenced to four years in


prison and ordered to sign the sex offenders' register for life.


Still to come on North West tonight: Under wraps for thousands


of years. But now a rare insight into how the ancient Egyptians


might have really locked. -- looked. There's a chance of a medal for us


in the taekwondo, but Liverpool fighter Martin Stamper can only win


Olympics, and Keri-Anne Payne struggled to hold back the tears


this afternoon after narrowly missing out on a medal. During a


very tough 10 column at a race she was cheered on by thousands of


people who lined the banks of the Serpentine.


Sadly she came 4th, just failing to gain a bronze medal. The margins


between success and failure are so slim.


Yes, four hundredths of a second was how much there was between


Keri-Anne Payne and a bronze medal today. I am here in Hyde Park, full


of families enjoying themselves. You can see the Serpentine behind


me looking lovely on this summer's evening. A few hours ago it was


packed, a sea of red, rock -- White and blue, plenty from the North


West who had hoped to see Keri-Anne Payne go one better than in Beijing,


when she missed out on a gold medal by just 1.15 seconds. This is how


the story of a very dramatic race unfold at.


The shirt said it all. Among the flags and banners, some family


support. Excited! She is going to win. There is a bit of pressure on,


because we have not done very well in the swimming. Yes, but I think


she will get there. I think she will use all her rounds and then a


burst of speed. Conditions were perfect. An English summer's day,


six laps of the Serpentine between Keri-Anne and a medal. It is a


dangerous job. In Hong Kong she was swimming alongside of shark nets,


in China she had dead dogs floating pastor and in Melbourne she was


stung by jellyfish the size of dinner plates. She should be OK in


London, where the worst she might fate is -- face is a curious cooked.


Keri-Anne, who want -- who won silver in Beijing, likes to lead


from the front. 10 kilometres is about 8,000 strokes. Anybody


tempted to cheat will be watched by the referees on a boat, with red


and yellow cards. Come on, Keri- Anne! Not far from home and,


despite her family urging her on, she was in 5th place. As they raced


for the line, she moved to 4th but just missed out on a medal. Keri-


Anne just behind in 4th position. think she did really well. I think


she did brilliant. A little bit disappointed we didn't


get a medal but still proud of her and she has done her best and we


have all had a really good day. Putting on a brave face on at. But


she is not the only swimmer who has had his appointment at this the


Games. -- disappointment. No man, it is the only area where we seem


to have failed. -- no. Rebecca Adlington got two bronze medals but


funding for swimming might be cut now. And they will have a post


games review to see if it is worth funding. Keri-Anne might not go to


the next the Games in Rio. After the race, an obviously


disappointed Keri-Anne spoke to the BBC's Clare Balding.


It did not really go my way from the start. I tried to get back up


to leading but it shows that I need to do my own game. The top 25


swimmers in the world are here today so to come out 4th is not too


bad and it was really, really close as well. Not quite what I wanted


for all of the crowd and for everybody who has worked so hard to


get me here. It was a terrific effort. How much were you hurting,


particularly on the last lap? hurting most of this when. I have


always said that open-water is about making the right decision at


the right time. I missed a chance and from there I struggled to get


back in. I think I was working too hard for how would normally like to


take the race. I got back into position but it didn't happen at


the end. Is that it for you for swimming? I don't know, really. I


don't know how things will go yet. I think I need a bit of a break


from doing 10Ks but we will see. Liverpool's Martin Stamper will


fight for bronze tonight in taekwondo in the men's 68 kg


division. He made it to the semi- final but was narrowly beaten.


He made his way into the quarter- final after his victory over the


Mexican contender this morning. Then standing in his way it was the


18-year-old Serbian. He won and set up his toughest bout yet against a


bronze-medallist from Beijing. A certain absurd but his art next.


-- a certain Serbian his next. you have to be the best to beat the


best. From the first round the Turk


proved a formidable a kit -- opponent. He took a 5-0 lead. With


seconds left to Martin Stamp had tried to do something but the world


champion held on to win 9-6. He still has a chance of a bronze


medal tonight. Fingers crossed for Martin. Stuart


Bithell has to wait until tomorrow to raise the gold at the Olympic


regard to endorse it. Today's race in the 470 class was postponed from


lack of wind. If the conditions are favourable tomorrow he and his


counterpart -- his partner are guaranteed at least a silver.


Competing tomorrow will be BMX champion Shanaze Reade. She is


desperate to get a medal in these Olympics after crashing out in


Beijing, when she was hot favourite. She goes into the semi-final this


afternoon, hoping to make the final later on.


It showed me the rules of how to be an Olympic champion. I think in


that event, if I did win, I wasn't a true champion because I didn't


have all the big -- the ingredients it needs. I have assured -- matured


a lot more since then. Away from sport now, and think of a


range at -- ancient Egypt - you think of mummies and perhaps


Tutankhamun's funeral mask. A collection in Manchester is


shedding light on the ancient world with a collection of rare artefacts


found inside Egyptian tombs. They are being shown at the John


Rylands Library in Manchester. Elaine Dunkley has been along to


find out more. Ancient Egypt is full of mystery.


The identity of the mummies has long been under wraps and to --


until now. You can see the wrapping is stitched into the portrait.


These paintings are 2000 years old and were found in tombs in 1888.


These pieces were astonishing. Everybody in Europe was amazed by


the quality of these pieces. We are so lucky here in Manchester to have


this combination of artifacts but very few institutions and cities to


have. Paintings of the wealthy, soldiers and other celebrities of


the time, discovered by this archaeologist. His exhibitions were


financed by a wealthy Manchester cotton merchant.


I am blown away. It is incredible. I had seen pictures from the 15th


and 16th century and these are so much older. You are looking at


pictures over 2000 years old and in good condition. And rare documents


found near the tombs are giving us a chance to peer into the past.


After becoming a Roman province in 29 BC, Egypt was subjected to a


waiver of bureaucracy. They are pieces of writing from everyday


life, letters and contracts. I am always struck by how much


bureaucracy was going on. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest


collections of its time. The exhibition runs until November.


Fascinating. Moving on to something musical.


They are considered to be the finest violins ever made. They can


fetch millions of pounds at auction and some say the sound of a


Stradivarius can't be equalled. We were debating how to pronounce


it. There are only about 600 of the violins remaining force. One has


been borrowed for a series of The unique sound of a Stradivarius


violin. It is in the hands of the Manchester Camerata.


And Giovanni, what is it like playing a Stradivarius? This is one


of the greatest honours you can have. A piece of art 300 years old,


like a Da Vinci painting. Hand- crafted centuries ago, Stradivarius


violins are regarded as the finest ever made. It is like playing with


an old man's voice and you hear the history of the instrument.


orchestra has it on loan from the benefactor. It is very unusual.


Only a handful of orchestras in the world can say that their leader


plays on such a fine instrument. was made in 1709, during the


Italian's golden period. Only about 600 remain and last year a


Stradivarius sold for a record �9.8 million.


Are you quite careful with it?! am. But it becomes like an


extension of your arm. I will not be dropping at!


This comes at an interesting time for the Manchester Camerata as it


prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Audiences will be able


to take up their seats and enjoy the instrument for themselves when


the concert season starts in September.


Beautiful sound. It doesn't matter how you say it,


it makes a beautiful sound. They say there are various ways to


Beautiful day today, wall-to-wall sunshine after we got rid of the


mist and low cloud. Temperatures again have varied but they have


been in a High Sixties and the low Seventies. They continue like that


over the next few days. A very pleasant evening, the sunshine is


right across the North West. The picture does not change too much as


the sun goes down. Clear whether at first. I have stopped the chart at


around 10pm because if you are out and about and you want to look up,


it is a good night to see the International Space Station. It is


best to see it at 10:52pm. After midnight you will start to see a


bit more cloud drifting in. You can see it darken in the chart a bit. -


- darkening. The temperatures are 11-14 degrees tonight. Tomorrow


morning, a bit of low cloud and mist. It will be gone earlier than


today. By 8am most places will have seen it gone. Then it is just


sunshine, dry and fine. A bit of patchy cloud now and then, which


gives you a rest from the strength of the sun, but it is very strong.


A top temperature potentially of 23 A lot of you have been getting in


touch about the school uniforms. On face Burke -- Facebook, Sarah Lee


says, I know for some children there are medical reasons but


surely having to build such large uniforms should ring alarm bells. -


- to buy. This woman says, the playing fields


nearby at just empty. Cathy says, I am current --


constantly surprised by kids who are fussy eaters.


Cassie says, we worry about kids playing outdoors but if you go with


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