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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight. Our top story:


A dark day in history. Two female officers are killed in a gun and


grenade attack in Greater Manchester. Who clearly this is one


of the darkest days and the history of our police force.


Dale Cregan, one of Britain's most wanted men, is now being held by


police on suspicion of murder. A community in shock. The residents


of Mottram try to come to terms with the tragedy. Do have spent the


day out and about, talking to police and are helping the people


here who are in disbelief at. New figures show Blackpool has one


of the highest rates of death from liver disease.


And rural schools under threat. A Cumbrian MP fears some could close


because of changes to the way they are funded.


It couldn't have been a more routine Tuesday morning police call.


Reports of a burglary in a quiet cul-de-sac here in Mottram. Minutes


later, that cul-de-sac erupted into unbelievable violence and horror.


Two woman police officers shot down by a gunman who hurled a grenade as


he fired. The reactions - grief, shock, bafflement. Tonight, Prime


Minister David Cameron described it as a despicable act, one of pure


evil. Greater Manchester's Chief Constable said the killings had


cast a long, dark shadow over his force. This report contains flash


photography. Shortly before 11am this morning,


two officers were sent to Abbey Gardens in Mottram. They were


called to this cul de sac after a report of a burglary. Soon after


their arrival, a window cleaner heard gunfire. I heard 10 shots


quite close together. I heard a big bang. That must have been 10


seconds after the shots. I got of Malaga and walks round. I saw an


empty police car with the siren still flashing. Then a car sped off.


The chief constable said later the burglary was bogus. The officers,


unarmed, had, he said, been lured to the house deliberately by one of


the country's most wanted men, Dale Cregan. They were attacked with a


gun and a grenade. We believe either he has made the call or he


has got someone else to make the call. That was for the purposes of


drawing these officers to that particular scene. Then he has come


out and killed them both. It would appear to be as if he has


deliberately done this acts of cold-blooded murder. Dale Cregan


was wanted for questioning about gun and grenade attacks that left a


father and son dead. This was the scene in Clayton after one of the


killings last month. A �50,000 reward had been offered for


information on his whereabouts. Today, the long search for Dale


Cregan ended with the deaths of two police officers, attacked with a


gun and grenades. 32-year-old Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes, who was 23.


Tonight, the Prime Minister dismissed calls that police


officers should be armed. There is no sign that anything wrong was


done. The only thing which has happened was an act of shocking


evil of this man who has taken the lives of two police officers who


were doing their duty. After today's incident, Dale Cregan


handed himself in at a police station. He has been arrested on


suspicion of murdering the two officers and the two men killed


earlier this year. A shocking and dark day indeed for


the police. Local residents have gathered to leave tributes. Our


Chief Reporter has been with the Greater Manchester force throughout


the afternoon and joins us now their headquarters. What has been


the reaction to this terrible news of the deaths of constables Nicola


Hughes and Fiona Bone? Well, this new headquarters


building was to sighted -- designed to be light and airy, but the mood


here is grey and sombre. Flags are flying at half mast. The Chief


Constable summed up the mood here during the press conference this


afternoon. Greater Manchester Police is in mourning today for the


loss of two very brave and courageous colleagues who


exemplified the very best of British policing. We are determined


to make sure that we carry out the fullest investigation into their


deaths and particularly bring to justice all those who may have been


involved in planning these awful events and in harbouring those who


have committed them. Two very young officers who were


responding to the call this morning. What more can you tell us about


them? Nicolas had been with the force for


three years. She was a very great policeman. Her colleague, Fiona


Bone, was 32 it and had five years' service under her belt. She was


from the Isle of Man. She was Scheibe when she first arrived. She


was well liked and respected by colleagues. Tragically, she was due


to get married soon. This morning, she was discussing wedding


arrangements with her fiance. She was talking about creating wedding


invitations on computers. Sadly, her family and friends are now


preparing for a funeral instead of a wedding.


We believe these officers were ambushed. It shows the risks that


officers face every day? Yes. Since Greater Manchester


Police came into being in the 1970s, they have lost six officers. One


police officer was stabbed at end 1993. His death was widely mourned


at the time. Today, sadly, Greater Manchester Police have two more


deaths to mourn. Earlier, I spoke to Our man from


the greater Police Federation and asked for his reaction. We cannot


believe what has happened today on the streets of Greater Manchester.


Toulouse two dedicated, young officers in circumstances like this


is to it -- is beyond belief. I cannot believe that police officers


on the streets of Manchester have been attacked in cold blood with


firearms and hand grenades. It is beyond belief. Can you describe the


reaction of fellow officers? Colleagues are none. The cannot


believe what we're witnessing. Police officers are resilient. We


will pick ourselves up and carry on. We have officers responding to


emergency incidents as we speak now. That is the nature of policing.


There will come a point later today or tomorrow when every officer in


Greater Manchester will reflect on what has happened today. We are


wrongly human beings. Sir Peter Fahy said it was important --


impossible to send armed officers to everyone. Are you to -- are you


satisfied enough has been done to protect frontline officers? There


was no intelligence about that address. We have to be realistic


and say that Greater Manchester Police response to thousands of


incidents every day. It is a very busy division. Two deploy armed


officers at every single incident is unrealistic and every incident


that officers have attended, they have done so after a risk


assessment. There was no intelligence on that address.


did you hear the news? I got a phone call this morning which was


met with utter disbelief. I cannot believe this sort of thing is


happening on the streets of Greater Manchester. This is a very sad day


for the police force. Probably the saddest day in their -- in their


history. Today's events follow a police


investigation that has lasted nearly four months. It began in May,


when 23-year-old Mark Short was shot dead during a party at a pub


in Droylsden. Police said this was not a random attack. This is an


isolated incident and we will put every effort into solving this.


Then, last month Mark Short's father, 46-year-old David Short was


killed in a gun and grenade attack at his home in Clayton. Police said


they believed the incidents were connected, and released these CCTV


images of the attack. They also issued a photo of a man they wanted


to speak to in connection with both murders. 29-year-old Dale Cregan.


By now, the search for him involved hundreds of officers, with some


brought in from neighbouring forces. Two weeks later, with still no


clues as to Cregan's whereabouts, police took the unprecedented step


of offering a �50,000 reward for information leading to his arrest


and that of another man thought to be involved, 33-year-old Anthony


Wilkinson. The highest reward ever offered by the force.


You don't have to go to court. Just information leading to the arrest.


One anonymous call to Crimestoppers, that is all it takes.


Then, just over two weeks ago, Anthony Wilkinson was arrested in


Openshawe. He has since appeared in court charged with the murder of


David Short. But still there was no sign of Dale Cregan. Until today,


and the tragic deaths of two police officers. Tonight Dale Cregan's


being questioned on suspicion of all four murders.


Tonight, the people of Mottram have armed police on their streets. In


some cases, the streets they have grown up on. Such a shocking double


murder so close to home is going to take time to come to terms with.


Our reporter has been gauging reaction in the area.


People living on this estate describe a close-knit area up where


many of the residents have spent their whole lives. Never has the


community experienced anything like today. You don't expect something


like this to happen on your doorstep. I feel for the families


of the police officers. They have gone to do an honest day's work and


look what has happened. This woman did not see events unfold, but says


she heard them. I did not here the gunshots, but I heard the bang. I


open my window and I could hear the helicopter. A church service will


be held tomorrow, as the community tries to come together. This is a


tragedy for the police officers and their families. But also a tragedy


for the community as often an event like this are as the community.


That is unfair on this neighbourhood. This church


overlooks the estate. The flag has been flying at half-mast. The heavy


police presence will be here for some time yet.


Our reporter mentioned the Church and we will be talking to the local


vicar later in the programme. We have had lots from the police today.


Everybody's thoughts here tonight are with those of the two officers


who died and their families. More from here later in the programme.


Now back to the studio for the rest of the day's news.


The first legal moves in the wake of the Hillsborough findings are


being made this week. Lawyers representing Anne Williams whose


son Kevin died in Sheffield are asking the Attorney General to


consider criminal proceedings, but don't believe that prosecutions


will be successful. It is always difficult with the


passage of time to get a just result looking at both sides of the


equation. I am not confident. I am confident there will be a new


inquest and some form of public inquiry.


Three people have been arrested in connection with the murder of a


couple in Greater Manchester in July. Bob and Patricia Seddon were


shot at their home in Sale. The couple's son, 45-year-old Stephen,


has already been charged with their murder.


A Lancashire MP says he has been given no guarantees about jobs


should BAE Systems merge with aircraft manufacturer EADS. Ben


Wallace, the MP for Wyre and Preston North met with the two


firms today to discuss the planned merger. Unions BAE officials said


the proposed deal would not affect existing projects.


It is claimed 10,000 jobs could be created in Lancashire over the next


decade if the UK exploits its shale gas resource. That is according to


the Institution of Mechanical Engineers who say alternative


energy sources need to be investigated. Campaigners claim the


process causes environmental damage. Plans to turn a former ship in


Liverpool into a floating bed-and- breakfast have been approved. The


Planet, which is at the city's Canning Dock, was built in the


1960s and guided vessels into and out of the River Mersey. The owner


will convert the ship into eight guest bedrooms and a bar.


Blackpool has one of the highest rates of deaths from liver disease


in the country. The North West Public Health Observatory found the


number of people who have died from the disease is three times higher


than the national average. Health officials say almost half of cases


are alcohol related and it paint a very poor picture of health.


Tony abused alcohol for 12 years. He tried to take his own life on


two separate occasions and his marriage ended in divorce. He has


overcome his addiction and now helps others to do the same. He is


not surprised Blackpool has a significant problem. A lot of


people seem to come to Blackpool to try and escape. They have ideas


that it has a holiday town, so you come here and there are no problems.


But that is not the case. Blackpool's rate of liver disease


death is almost 43 per 100,000. Compare that almost 24 for the


North West and 17 per 100,000 for the rest of England. More than 40%


of these deaths are alcohol-related and there has also been a big


increase in hospital admissions for liver disease. There is one of


licence for every 250 people here. That is driving competition and


leading to the availability of cheaper and cheaper alcohol.


Treatment centres have been expanded and specialist alcohol


nurses in hospitals and safe haven buses for revellers have been


introduced, but some say more can be done. We need to recognise that


price has an issue -- has an impact and so does marketing. Both of


those require government intervention. Today's report paints


a poor picture of liver health in the region. The tragedy is that


most of these deaths were avoidable. An MP is warning that dozens of


small rural schools in Cumbria could face closure because of


proposed changes to the way they are funded. Liberal Democrat Tim


Farron made his comments as the council set out its ideas.


John Ruskin High School in Coniston is small by anyone's measure.


Around 200 pupils. But they say it provides an invaluable service for


the local community. We are at the heart of the community and we bring


our heart to a community that is potentially a holiday village.


Government wants local authorities to change the way they distribute


money to schools to make the system fairer. Some schools will be better


off, but staff at John Ruskin say the proposals from Cumbria County


Council could leave them �180,000 a year worse off within three years.


We would try to look at the budget and see how we can make savings. In


a small school like this, we work on the brink all the time.


local MP, the Liberal Democrat Tim Farron, says Cumbria could lose


dozens of small rural schools if the changes go ahead. None of the


schools that would potentially be closed need to close. They are good


schools, some of them are outstanding. There is no question


that there anything other than completely viable, other than the


county council's rather peculiar funding formula. But the local


authority says that is nonsense. is irresponsible to suggest that 30


schools are going to close. We do not know that yet at all.


council has started consulting all schools to find out what they think


about the new proposals. Football now, and Manchester City


fans are hoping to enjoy their biggest European night for more


than 40 years when they play Real Madrid in the Champions League


tonight. The start of the group stage sees two of the world's


wealthiest clubs fighting for supremacy. Who will come out on


top? The English champions or the Spanish champions?


The battle of the big spenders. Mourinho versus Mancini. Real


Madrid's squad cost an estimated �408 million. Manchester City's,


�341 million. It is not just a clash of cash, you have to win the


mind games too. Mourinho got in first saying City will eventually


win the Champions League, but maybe without Mancini. If it is the


season are next season, sooner or later they can win the Cup.


Mourinho succeeded Mancini at Inter Milan, but the Italian is playing


down the rivalry with the man who named himself the special One. City


were knocked out of the competition early last season, and this season


their group's even harder. They not only face Real, but Ajax and


Borussia Dortmund too. I think we're more strong run last year.


But it will be very difficult for all of the teams. City could be


boosted by the possible return of Sergio Aguerro tonight. But Real


have real problems. They lost at the weekend and only have four


points from four La Liga matches. Mourinho may have had a wry smile


when City lost Carlos Tevez for half a season, but now Real's


biggest star Ronaldo is rocking the boat. He says he is sad at the


Bernabeu and wants �12 million a year.


Two controversial refereeing decisions denied Everton victory


over Newcastle at Goodison last night. The referee ruled out a goal


by Maroune Fellaini, claming it was offside. And later he failed to see


that a header from Victor Anichebe had crossed the line. Leighton


Baines and Anichebe twice put Everton ahead, but second-half


goals from Newcastle substitute goals from Newcastle substitute


Demba Ba made it 2-2 at the end. It has been lively today. We have


had some very good spells of sunshine and some heavy showers.


Temperatures have struggled. These are the showers from early this


afternoon. The heaviest showers are shown by a green. Look at the


temperatures, still quite miserable. If we are lucky, we might see 15


degrees on one of these days. Heading into the weekend, it looks


as if we might see some clear skies on Saturday. For this evening, the


rain continues to pile in. The heaviest showers will still cling


on to the coast. Some of them coming through the Cheshire Cat.


Were we have the clear skies, the temperatures will drop into low


single figures. There could be a touch of grass frost. Chilly start


tomorrow. There should be fewer showers. Tomorrow morning, we start


off with some showers floating. It is less breezy. More cloud around.


In between the showers, some spells of sunshine. Tomorrow, temperatures


will be similar to today. It will feel more mild. As we head into


thirsty, you can see the rain edging end across the West. That


rain will be light and persistent. Disappointing temperatures again.


Disappointing temperatures again. Friday will be drier but more cool.


Let's return to our main story. I don't know whether you believe in


symbolism of this type, but if you look at this guy, you can see two


rain bowls. -- the sky, you can see two rainbows. People are shot. You


do not expect to wake up to this. This was very alarming for many


people and was so before the even understood what was happening.


a community which has had knocks over the years, this is something


that they don't need. This is a great community. Everyone knows


each other. People are looking out for each other in difficult times.


You are new to the job. Is that what you have found over six


months? Very much. We have been made very welcome. People have made


a real effort to help us settle in. To have such an act perpetrated at


the centre of your community leaves people wondering why and how


someone can behave in such a manner. As Christians, we believe the world


has a broken place -- to world is a broken place and we can restore


things. But that does not takeaway from the tragedy and sadness on a


day like today. It is devastating for the families of those killed.


You have a special service tomorrow? Yes, we are joining with


another church and we will have a service of prayer for the families


and all those affected by the horrible events today. Thank you


for talking to us. This is an act which has shocked not just as


community, not just the city, but the whole of the nation. The


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