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The headlines: economic this aura of this for their economy? Details


of the high-speed train route are announced. This is the most


monumental decision that any government has made since 1827.


Some say that the new rate will devastate the countryside. We will


have reaction from across the region.


Searching the icy waters - rescue teams searched for a missing diver


in the Lake District. Still adrift in a winter Wonderland


- the Lancashire couple desperate for the big thought to reach them.


After months of speculation, details of the new 32 billion


pounds high-speed train link to the NatWest have finally been announced.


There will be new stations at Manchester and Manchester Airport


and journey times to the capital will be slashed. It is also claimed


that integration with the existing network will speed up intercity


journey times across the entire region. There is already opposition


to the plans under Phil scheme will not be finished until 2030.


We now know where the new high- speed rail line will be built. At


Birmingham it splits, one line going east up to Sheffield and


Leeds, the other enters our region just south of Crewe. There will be


a station at Manchester Airport and Manchester Piccadilly. There were


also be a new train line at Wigan. Trains at the moment travel at Max


novel 125 miles per ever between Manchester and London. The journey


time will be cut. In future it will take just 68 minutes. It is


estimated that it will bring �1 billion worth of investment into


the Manchester economy. Our correspondent is at Piccadilly


station. Welcome to plat form four at


Piccadilly station. The new high- speed station will be built it


right next door, and one will be built at Manchester Airport. Two


sections will be built underground at Crewe and Manchester. The new


high-speed line will have a new spur on to the existing network.


High-speed trains are common in other parts of the world, but in


built up Britain, the writ of HS2 has always been controversial. --


the route. The last seven miles into Manchester also be made.


us is the most monumental decision since 1827. It completely changes


the geography of Great Britain. Their journey time from Manchester


to London bobby reduced to 68 minutes. The cost will be �32


million. The journey time will be cut dramatically, but the price for


that will be a limited number of stops. Is that going to be a major


stumbling block? I think it is OK if it is going to be quick, because


two hours is quite a lot. potential for the north-west is


wonderful. I do not think he needs to be much quicker.


The transport minister said that the new high-speed route would take


passengers off existing lines, making more space for extra freight


trains. We think it is only right for the north-west that it is their


fair share of the economic benefits to come. Spain and France and


everywhere else has shown that has been a real club does show -- does


help region's struggling economically. We think it will


bring a great economic this to the region, it will create jobs, it


will connect us as a city much better to many other cities in the


country. There is still a long way to go


there for the plan gets off the ground, its critics will fight to


try and make sure it does not. Consultation will continue until


the end of the year, and it is likely to be the 20 thirties before


we can see the first train running. High speed is all about breaking


the North-South divide, says the government. But many critics say it


will be damaging to the countryside. We want to know what you think. It


is a huge economic boost our -- is it issued economic this are a


The high-speed rail link will cut a swathe through Cheshire from north


to south as it makes his way from Greater Manchester to the capital.


As Roger set to resort of differing opinion, Cheshire East Council has


welcomed the connections, saying it will bring a huge economic boost to


Crewe. But it has led to some opposition.


Commuters at Crewe railway station, many of them London-bound. A


journey that can often take up to two hours. High-speed trains from


Crewe more Jong -- will join the line and take just 58 minutes to


get to London Euston. As long as it does not affect the surrounding


area too much. I think it is essential. Just overran ever, does


that pit into -- is that it Crewe into commuting distance of London?


With such a big project, the government has sent the Home


Secretary to Crewe to spread the message. But further up the line


there is less support. The railway is probably worth more than my


opinion. A new branch rind words are Wigan.


HS2 is now should ensure to cross these people's land. We are not


only people who will be affected and we have not been consulted. It


is hardly democracy in action. Their rent some of their plans to


this lady, who runs a riding school. The noise, all of the work that has


got go with it. But will have a big impact on the area. I honestly


think if you do get it long term we will probably move.


For Cheshire East Council the next stop is a brand new integrated HS2


station in Crewe. High-speed rail has been considered


by the government for several years. It is expensive, controversial, and


one of the big political considerations has been the impact


on the countryside. Bigger questions are still being


asked about how it will benefit the economy and if it is value for


money. Our reporter has been putting those questions to the


Chancellor. The Chancellor was at the drawing


board this morning, but high-speed rail now looks a future certainty.


It promises a higher speed regional economy. You are coming from abroad,


you are a big international business, you might a previously


thought that you should locate your head quarters in London, but now


you may say that Manchester has great connections, not just to the


rest of England but to Europe. It is going to change the geography of


British. Right next to Manchester Piccadilly.


But the real success is to have secured a second station at the


airport. For the Manchester Airport station we had to make a very


strong economic case to the Department for Transport, I am


delighted that they have accepted the strength of that case.


Trains to London from the airport will take just 59 minutes. From


Manchester city centre it will take just over one hour, from Liverpool,


just over one-and-a-half hours. Business leaders there are


concerned. All the major city should be treated fairly and


proportionately. This proposal should not be advantage -- should


not disadvantage a major hub like Liverpool city region.


Five everyone will pay. Estimated at 1,000 pounds per household. Some


next-best do not believe it will even succeed in rebalancing the


North-says economies. Where high- speed rail links have been


introduced, the majority of the benefits have been accrued to the


major cities, To Paris, or to Madrid.


This is obviously a subject that is of interest to lots of you. Many of


you have got in touch to tell us what you think of the plans. Adia


in Southport said that the money could be far better spent on their


existing lines and trains. Another says that it would be great for the


north-west, bringing us a line with London with more jobs and


businesses. We will read out some more at the


end of the programme. Remember to start your text message worth at


NWT. The Chief Constable of Greater


Manchester Police says that the forces should be allowed to apply


positive discrimination to increase the number of senior officers from


non-white backgrounds. Sir Peter Fahy says that there is an


embarrassing lack of black and ethnic minority officers at the top


of British policing. He admits it is unlikely to happen but feels


that changes needed. Policing does need to be representative of their


-- of the society it places. But also far gathering intelligence,


using undercover officers. It is not just about political


correctness our target. A woodchip factory in Merseyside


has admitted liability for a fire which bind their great days back in


2011. -- which burned there for eight days back in 2011.


An ice-cream seller has been given a six-month suspended prison


sentence for assaulting his arrival last year. Zeheer Ramzan was also


convicted of possessing an offensive weapon and criminal


damage. He must also do unpaid work and pay �900 cost.


A campaign in memory of a Liverpool school boy to get a fair player


latest in all public buildings has reached a significant milestone --


de February eaters. An Olympic cyclist has launched a


project in Liverpool. Bad weather has forced the set to


be called off for a diver who has gone missing in the Lake District.


The man was doing a plant dive with friends but failed to resurface.


Specialist equipment has been sent to the up -- sent to the water,


because of the depth of the water. Rescuers have worked through the


night using sonar to try and find the missing diver. He had gone


diving at Wast Water yesterday afternoon. His friends reported 10


missing from the remote spot just after 3pm. Police, fire and rescue,


ambulance and mountain rescue teams as well as an RAF helicopter had


been involved. Today, the search was scaled down. The alarm was


raised as quickly as possible. There is always some danger a risk


involved, but at this moment in time we cannot say how or why the


driver has not returned to the surface. The bad conditions other


set temporarily called off this afternoon almost exactly 24 hours


after the man went missing. Wast Water's steps make it popular with


divers. But it may now have claimed 75 years ago, thousands of Jewish


children were rescued from Nazi- occupied Europe and brought to


safety in England. Now their journey, on what was known as the


Kindertransport, has been turned into a musical by the composer Carl


Davis and the Manchester Halle Choir. Tonight's edition of Inside


Out North West meets some of the children. The musical's creation


has been an emotional experience 200 boys and girls weighed a


greeting to England. They are between the ages of five and 17.


came here in 1939 with the Kindertransport. I was 14. My name


is Steve Mendelsson, and I came to the UK on the Kindertransport in


April 1939, having left my home in Germany. I was very happy to be


able to get out of Germany, certainly. But of course, one had


to leave one's parents behind. hindsight, we know that most of


these parents did not survive and the children never saw them again.


The thing about this story is that all these children survived.


It is poignant stuff. You can see more of that story on Inside Out


North West at 7:30pm. I have seen the whole film, and it is well


worth watching. And Tony will be here with Inside Out. And he is


here now. What can we start on other than a Oldham's fantastic


victory over Liverpool? And as well as pleasing fans, probably kept the


manager in a job? I think it has. It was a fantastic 90 minutes.


Latics manager Paul Dickov is staying. His job was under threat,


but after his side played superbly, the club's chairman told us he will


not be leaving Boundary Park for now. How could he, after guiding


his team to that victory against Liverpool and a fifth-round tie


against Everton? And they arrived more full of hope


and belief. They left almost in disbelief. Like nothing ever, ever


but I have witnessed. Absolutely fantastic. Just can't believe it.


Fantastic, the best victory ever. And this is why. Matt Smith almost


gave up on making it as a professional player, turning as a


young man to education and a degree in international management. Oldham


fans will be glad he did not turn his back on football. He put the


Latics ahead after just three minutes and after Luis Suarez had


restored order for Liverpool, the big striker grabbed a second to


save -- to send Boundary Park wild. Reece Wabara made it 3-1 early in


the second half and despite this Joe Allen goal for the Reds, it was


Paul Dickov side -- Paul Dickov's side who held on for his superb


wind. Fantastic. I can't even describe it. This is why we do it.


The fans were amazing. The players were incredible. The tactics were a


spot-on. These Oldham fans have not had much to celebrate recently.


They certainly do now, after a truly unforgettable match at


Boundary Park. Their next opponents, the blues of Everton, will be


hoping Boundary Park's FA Cup managed -- Magic has run its course.


Brilliant for the fans who have stayed a loyal. Everton are close


to a new signing. They have agreed a �7 million fee to sign the Dutch


international Leroy Fer from FC Twente. The 23-year-old, nicknamed


"the bouncer" because of his strength, has scored 10 goals in 29


appearances for his club. If you are a super league fan, you


will not need me to tell you there are just four days to launch of the


new season. Our top teams have been limbering up to put their case for


a big campaign ahead. But on the night, Inside Out North West


revealed that debts among Rugby League's top 5th -- 14 sides could


be as high as �68 million. For me, it is the hardest sport in the


world. So poorly drafted in a big name to get their season to gear,


but it is big debts which were the big talking point when the teams,


ready for action. The game could be on the brink of a financial abyss.


Or industries go through a tough time. Hopefully, when there is a


good product that comes out of the other side, it comes out stronger.


We do not want rumours going on about Superleague clubs being in


trouble. Times are tough. In any industry, sport or whatever. But


fortunately for myself, the club has a reasonable support base.


fragility of Superleague is personified by Salford City Reds.


Facing a wind-up petition from the taxman, the club now faces a


possible new future as a potential superpower. Underrate Kuwaiti born


businessman. We would all have been out of a job otherwise. So it is


amazing. Salford has a long tradition in the game and it has


kept them afloat. I think we are to reliant on this. It is the same for


Warrington. Coaches and captains had their say today, but the


underlying message was clear - in Superleague, more than ever, it is


money that talks. You can see the report that sport -


maxed but that concern on Inside Out North West tonight, with me.


knew about the problems Salford have had, but it seems to be


spreading. So more clubs are doing well, but some have real concerns.


Now, Dianne will be here with a full forecast in a couple of


minutes, but after all the snow last week, talk has now turned to


the problems of strong winds, heavy rain and potential flooding. But


not if you live in a remote spot high on the hills above Blackburn.


Janice Crewdson has just spent her fourth day snowbound at her home in


Tockholes, where some snowdrifts are doggedly refusing to melt.


Go on the tops at Tockholes today, the outlook remained stubbornly


Arctic for Janice Crewdson and the herd of fallow deer she keeps as


pets. She has not been able to get her vehicle through heavy


snowdrifts up to the Maine Road since Friday, and supplies are


running low. The animal feed is getting a bit low now. Just hoping


tomorrow, we can get started with that again. We are getting low on


fresh fruit like vegetables, but we have plenty of food in the freezer.


My neighbour is planning to get some bits and bobs. This is her


route to civilisation, blocked by drifts and attract a vehicle. The


hair salon she runs in Blackburn has had to remain closed. I have


done some baking, got on top of my cleaning and ironing, stuff hire


have been able to do for a day or two. I am getting a bit of cabin


fever now, a bit fed up. Hopefully, I will get to work tomorrow. There


were no home comforts for those trapped on the M6 in Lancashire for


hours on Friday night and Saturday morning, when a foot of snow


snarled up traffic between junctions 25 and 27. It is 2


o'clock in the morning on the middle of the M6 motorway, and as


you can see probably behind me, we have ground to a standstill. Now to


rescue teams called in to help say conditions there were the worst


they had seen for 30 years. BBC Radio Lancashire stayed on air


throughout the night. People were worried about running out of fuel.


People were worried about things like eating and other basic human


needs. Some were expecting to spend a night in the car. They might not


have been prepared. Back on the tops, the hope is that the drifts


will have finally disappeared by tomorrow.


It did not take long to wash away at my house. The snowmen are all


We have had lots of High Speed 2 e- mails. First, the weather.


The good news is, there is no snow forecast as we head through this


week. But what we have could cause problems. We will definitely see a


windy week, and there will be rain at times. It was heavy enough


through the day today. Through the next 24 hours, look at this warm


plume of air that comes towards us. I think the snowdrifts will be gone


tomorrow, because temperatures shoot up to 13 Celsius. After that,


we cool back down again. By the end of the week, precipitation could be


wintry over the tops. Sleet will be in the forecast towards the tail-


end of the week, but nothing substantial in the way of snow.


This big band of rain moved towards us today. Tomorrow, we will have


another one that will last for a good portion of the day. Tomorrow


is a much wetter picture. Right now, we have showers still around, and


they could continue for a few hours. But overnight, it becomes dry just


about everywhere. In the morning, the cloud cover gradually begins to


break up. The wind prevents the temperatures from falling too low.


Today on the Isle of Man, winds hit 52 mph. By the tail-end of tomorrow,


we will see that all over again. That is keeping temperatures up


tonight. Tomorrow morning, the sun is up just before 8 o'clock. But it


will not last for long, because the cloud cover thickens and the next


area of rain creeps towards us. This area of rain will be with us


for a huge portion of the day, probably lingering until 4 o'clock


in many places. Even then, it is followed by some showers. And it


will be windy. But look at those numbers. It is mild just for one


Thank you for your comments about High Speed 2. Geoff says the one


hour decrease in the train time will benefit very few people.


Improve the present system at less cost. Cathy says, I think it is a


fantastic opportunity for the north-west to prosper. Other


countries have these high-speed links, and we should support this


for the future of job opportunities for the younger generation. Peter


says, stop bringing the new -- at the high-speed link will cut


liveable off economically. Another fierce as the region's economy will


be secured for years. Craig in Blackpool says the Government


should sort out what we already have. I am fed up of standing all


the way home and being cramped. anonymous one says, wow, the best


thing for the north-west since the steam engine. Car from Bolton says


a come-on, people, this is called progress and it represents


investment in National Infrastructure. We had a huge


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