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It was an issue that split the county. Should Cumbria volunteer to


has a massive nuclear dump? Supporters said it would bring jobs


and prosperity but opponents said it would scar one of Britain's most


biddable areas. Today, county council has decided against the


controversial plan. One MP said he would be taking it up at


Westminster. He is so convinced it is what the county needs. Our chief


reporter is in Bo'ness now. Was there really a suggestion that they


would ever put this there? I do not think anyone should ever dared to


suggest that they would put a nuclear dump here but this is a


county that heavily relies on two very different types of industry.


Places like this rely on the tourist trade but for many


generations further north, people have relied heavily on of the


nuclear industry when the government asked for communities to


step forward to volunteer can so during a new nuclear establishment


and their patch, Cumbria did so. But today, the county council said


it was time to step back and to abandon any idea of the projects.


As they arrived to make one of the most momentous decisions of their


last, county councillors could not help but see just how this issue


has divided their county. Cumbria is no stranger to nuclear waste.


70% of that generated by decay power stations is currently stored


at Sellafield. Supporters say the new underground facility would


bring much-needed investment and jobs to the county. When I have


travelled the world, if you asked people whether nuclear excellence


is in Britain, they say Sellafield. But would one part of the counter


benefit of the cost of others? have to concede that it would have


a big negative impact. councillors met to discuss whether


they should go any further with the idea. In the event, they decided


they would not. There is disappointment but again, I would


not say it is never say never. have had the council speak. These


are our heartfelt worries, concerns and fears. How are they going to


address them? Leave the door open. The government always said the


decision should rest with the community. We are not terribly


surprised by this decision but disappointed. The fact is, the UK


has to dispose of its nuclear waste somewhere. Internationally, almost


every country that has got ways to manage is going to manage it by


burial. The problem of what to do with the nuclear waste has not gone


away but it sees this particular solution will not now be coming to


Cumbria. So is this the end of the matter as


far as Cumbria is concerned? This morning before Cumbria County


Council had its vote, the district council voted to move on to the


next stage of the project. This afternoon, their local MP said he


would go to Westminster to see if it was possible to carry out


geological testing. The Liberal Democrat said that would not be


fair because Cumbria County Council has made a democratic decision. A


turning T suggestion was made of a site in Oxfordshire wood that has


the ideal geology. That side happens to be in the constituency


of the Prime Minister. Today's news has been welcomed by


many in the Lake District to had feared the possible impact of the


scheme on national park. Leanne Brown has spent the day collecting


opinions. Councillors in Cumbria are


preparing to make a decision about the storage of hazardous nuclear


waste... It was an anxious wait for Lake District businesses this


morning. In Keswick, there were fears of nuclear waste facility


would affect trade. We come here for the peace and quiet. A lot of


people come just from the north- east to get away from the hustle


bustle of the city's to come here and relax. They say how quiet it is


and it is not going to be that quiet. Guest house owners have been


rallying for months to gather support after what has already been


a tough year. So more of the people I have been in contact with say


that if there was a nuclear repository underground, they would


never come back to the Lake District. If I have only two guests


saying that, how many others are thinking it? A but by late


afternoon in Grasmere, news was spreading that the plans had been


scrapped. This area is renowned for its beauty and nature and it was


not a place for it. The region benefits from tourism. There were


mixed views from visitors as to whether it would have actually made


a difference. It is such a nice area. When you hear about nuclear,


do think it does not sound place in a beautiful place like this. So for


now, everyone can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the Lakes.


All the senior managers at the Conservative-run Cheshire East


Council have to reapply for their jobs, partly because of a bungled


building project would cost the authority hundreds of thousands of


pounds. Work started on a new recycling centre near FlyBe,


although it had no planning permission. If behind these


remarkable gates unfolded one of the most remarkable episodes in the


history of Cheshire East Council. Construction began on a recycling


centre three minutes before the council applied for planning


permission. The putter was later abandoned, costing taxpayers more


than �800,000. The council says it exposed serious weaknesses its


organisation and culture. It has been a significant influence to a


very large extent and has provided just the opportunity to get on with


it. Since what the council admits was the failure of the scheme,


three senior managers have gone including the chief executive. The


council's Chancellor remain suspended. Now it is getting rid of


all its top management positions. Serving senior managers will have


to apply to become part of the new management structure. It is very


important that Cabinet members work with their senior officers. They


need to know what is happening. This has not happened in the past.


I do not bring you can change attitudes and behaviours overnight.


If there is an attempt to do that there might be some significant


risks. The current leader has admitted the current system caused


confusion and poor decision-making. He said the new structure would be


more accountable and save �5 million a year. He also warned that


he could not rule out compulsory redundancies.


Some of the other stories making the headlines: The inquest into the


death of a Barrow-in-Furness taxi driver who was Teyssedre by police


has heard that the electric shock could not have caused his death.


Dale Burns died from a heart attack an hour after police have to do


with the taste during a violent disturbance. The inquest in Kendal


had a recreational drug was the most probable cause of death. --


heard. Police Everest further CCTV in the


search for missing teenager Nathan Taylor. -- have released. It is


believed the 18-year-old was walking home after leaving a party


on Saturday and has not been seen since.


This time last year, you might remember Anthony who came on to the


programme. He had lost 10 stone in 10 months in a bid to change his


life and get into the army. He did and as much fitter now but the


excess skin has stopped him passing the second stage of army


recruitment. He has now had to take on the NHS. It is to get funding


for surgery. Book would ever guess Anthony had any reason not to feel


confident? But underneath his clothes, a part of his body that is


never far from his mind. Using 10 stone in 10 months left him with


excess skin and it has taken him a year to get his NHS Trust to pay to


have it removed. For the first hour, I could not stop screaming. I have


got it! That is what I said to my dad. I broke down crying. Two years


ago, Anthony was 22 stone. When he appeared on this programme last


February, he was full of optimism, having halved his way to her --


comply with army regulations. has all paid off. You think that.


He was told he would have to wait a year before reapplying. The NHS


will pay for surgery because he proved he was in physical pain but


it will cost �5,000 and that will not please everybody. Some people


will watch this and ask why any money should go to you. You do not


deserve it because you brought your problems and yourself. I believe


everyone deserves a second chance in life. I am sorry to everyone but


most have also written myself. For a Anthony hopes that by this summer,


he will be able to take off his T- shirt and go for a swim.


You have to say he did incredibly well! Ing a former Great years ago,


50 Western was going through a tough time.


She decided she had to make a change and converted to Islam.


Vicky, who now has a different name, is among a growing number of white


British women who are converting to Islam. Tonight, she features in a


BBC Three documentary looking at why this is. It is presented by a


Manchester model. Earlier, they both joined me and asked how the


family had reacted. My mum has been brilliant. She just asked me to


teach her about it which is fair enough. My brother gave me his full


support. My friends were a bit different. They asked me to change


my mind to and moderate and not change my hair. Once they saw how


positive the change was, it was great. The point of this


documentary is that there is a growing number of young British


women now converting to Islam. Can you understand that? Have you been


able to relate? Yes. At first, I used to think that I was born as a


Muslim and dilate wondered why the do's and don'ts were applied. I


asked why it was perceived that Islam was restricted and depressed.


I wondered why people were converting and whether it was


because their partners were Muslim. I got to understand that they are


not doing it for partners but because they have chosen to give up


having that lifestyle, drinking alcohol, going out of, because they


never saw structure in their life. Watch difficulties go with


converting? I do not think it has been easy for any of the converts.


They are embracing a new religion and they are learning about it. It


is all new to them and they are trying to embrace a total new


religion. They face hardships when they go out. I wondered about that.


Have you had any negative response from people? Are sure, yes. From


everyone, really. It is not just one society of people. It is anyone.


I get it in the streets - acrid people shouting things, coming up


to me, asking what it is on my head. So there is negativity but I have


now grown to just ignore it. It has been worth it for you? Definitely,


I can't see my life being any different to what it is now.


documentary is on BBC Three at 9pm tonight.


You know they say there is a story that everyone will talk about? This


might be the one. It did not look very impressive and apparently it


smells horrible but this odd- looking rock-like substance was


found on a beach in Morecambe and it could be worth thousands and


thousands of pounds. It is thought it might be will vomit. -- vomit


from all Wales. It was discovered to, as is the way with these things,


I thought, or horror ball, put it back down. A in the back of his


mind, something kept needling away. I went on to my laptop and I put


will vomit into the laptop, in Google. It snowballed from there.


It has been called Samoyed Tudou it is highly prized in perfumery.


has known about this for at least 3000 years. At -- man has known


about this. He in if your dog pays an interest in something, you pay


any interest in it. Have a look and see what they are sniffing at. You


never know. There is gold on that beach. Apparently, a boy in Dorset


last year found some. The amounts and the report were tiny. But it is


gold. Let's move on to spot. We were talking about the mood of that


month to AC Milan. I will miss it. He we all have a story about Mario


Balotelli. He arrived in a private jet. He is having a medical and


meeting the President for dinner, all typically locate. He has


transferred from Manchester City for around �20 million also. There


are lots of dramas on and off the field. The his manager is sad to


see him leave. We are very sorry. Liverpool have completed the


signing of a 20 year-old player. Wigan fought back to rescue a point


at Stoke, to move out of the relegation zone. Franco Di Santo


got the second goal. United could restore a seven-point lead at the


top tonight. Everton play West Brom, while Liverpool have a tough match


at Arsenal. Full commentary on the radio. The the start of the Super


League season is a couple of days away. What are the fans of


Warrington and Widnes hoping for? This time, Warrington fans believe


it is not a case of if they get more silverware, but how much.


optimistic. I would be happy with two out of three, but three is


brilliant. Absolutely. You expect to win trophies now? Oh, yes.


way too early to be thinking of talking about finals. We after


improvement. Here, they have their I very much on the top of the


Superleague table. He witnessed have their attention focused on


moving away from the bottom -- Widnes. Gareth Hock's signing is a


big statement. A as long as they are away from the bottle, that is


progress. -- away from the bottom. The coach suffered last season, as


witness propped up the rest. -- Widnes. May go vans will be helping


their new ruthlessness translate to the right results -- and fans will


be hoping. Mario Balotelli has kept us in so many good headlines.


The I do not know a few member that story of him putting �1,000 behind


the bar. I went to that Bob and the landlord said, it has not happened,


but then somebody said that he does do it but they do not let people


know. If you were watching on Friday, we spoke to the Waterloo


Road actress Chelsea he about her plans to raise money for Comic


Relief -- Chelsea Healy. The one of the celebrities took an unexpected


dip. It is at the moment Darrell Green was almost let seeing stars.


He'd got a break lost and was hanging on to a tree. He was


eventually put on they crocodile- infested water after 14 minutes of


clinging to a tree. A stark illustration that this is not meant


to be a pleasure cruise. I did not think it would be as hard as it has


been. It is not only that that is difficult, but the campaign. I am


not a camping kind of person. it is a far cry from the glamour of


Strictly Come Dancing, where Chelsea was a winner or. This


success propelled her further into the limelight. It was such an


emotional thing. Knowing that is where the money went, it makes you


more determined to get through it. The celebrities know the remaining


miles will be painful, and potentially far from funny. So that


she didn't end up in the water, because she is terrified, isn't


she? You can follow the team on the website. Red Nose Day, a lot of fun


on March 15th. Diane will be here in a moment. It has been a


spectacular day of a weather. Quite a lot of incidents. Here, gusts of


up to 40 miles an hour caused this tree to fall. Luckily, nobody was


injured. David Hewitt from Blackpool centres this footage. A


We have a Met Office warning for tomorrow. That looked like somebody


put very liquid into their seats. We have been under a yellow warning.


A tomorrow, at the same kind of boat. You need to be aware. The


weather has been very mixed. A spell of sunshine every now and


again. The Shah was built and some of those have been quite lively. --


the showers built. This is the latest picture. For a time this


evening, it will be dry. You can see how the mark darkens. The next


weather front moves into the Isle of Man. It will be rattling on your


windows in the early hours of the morning. The wind is easing a


little bit, but temperatures will be about five and six degrees. The


wind is the big story again tomorrow. It will be between 50 and


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