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Tonight with Stuart Flinders and Annabel Tiffin. Our top story: A gas


goldmine - claims of major new discoveries in the Liverpool


Manchester corridor. Yes, it is said there could be


enough gas beneath my feet to keep rates on going for years.


But opponents say we can't rely on fracking to meet our energy needs in


the long term. Also tonight: On trial for abusing a


teenage boy. A court's told Coronation Street actor Andrew


Lancel used his status to gain his trust.


Keira the breakthrough baby - the first born in the world using new


IVF technology. The stress off IVF is difficult for a man and a burly


difficult for a woman. Probably I am the luckiest man on the planet right


now. Keeping it in the family. The young


TT rider living up to the famous Dunlop name.


And scaling new heights - the injured soldiers taking on


Blackpool's Big One. I've never actually been on the right, to be


honest. You just set yourself a goal, if you work hard you can


First tonight, claims that there could be enough shale gas under


parts of Cheshire to mean the UK would not need to import gas for a


decade. That's according to energy firm I-Gas which has been given


permission to explore parts of the county. It says there could be far


more down there than previously thought. Our chief reporter, Dave


Guest, is in Cheshire for us now. Yes, somewhat better place to be on


a glorious evening and this. This place is not only about Roland


Rowell lands date, there is also a lot of industry. The petrol refinery


is just across mayor. However, it is what is under the ground, not under


the ground that is interesting. Tests carried out here and other


parts of Cheshire show there could be enough shale gas to keep Britain


going for a decade. I guess say they have survey the


vast area of 300 square miles. The company believes that patch could


contain up to 170 trillion cubic feet of shale gas. Enough to keep


Britain in gas for a decade or more. If Britain can be self-sufficient,


that is good for the country, local business, it gives people security,


con density in bed and will help a lot of energy intensive farms.


Another company hopes to extract more gas. The process of extracting


it is known as fracking is highly controversial. Initial operations


were halted when they were linked to earth tremors. Government has now


given the go-ahead for operations to resume, but opponents of remain


unconvinced. His time as into building more gas power stations


which will be around more years longer than the gas resources could


cover so we are then back to buy in from abroad. They also point out


that estimates vary widely. One geology insists that this region is


rich in the stuff. That is a significant amount of shale gas that


they have calculated and stand by the figures. Clearly there is


certainly enough of them to make the investment decision to drill and


Tess. The company says they want to carry out further work to fully


assess the Chew level of shale gas in Cheshire.


Towards the end of the year. How do they intend to do that?


Sorry about that, basically, what they want to do is think more test


running towards the end of this year to establish exactly what they


believe the reserves are shale gas. As I said, currently the estimates


vary widely. However, they say they are still in the early stages of


this project and fracking would not happen for some way down the line


and not until the planning consents have been sought and local people


consulted. Thanks very much.


A court has heard that the former Coronation Street star, Andrew


Lancel, used his status as an actor to gain the trust of a teenage boy


before sexually assaulting him 20 years ago. The 42-year-old, whose


real name is Andrew Watkinson, denies six counts of indecent


assault. Naomi Cornwell reports from Liverpool Crown Court.


Andrew Lancel is now best known for his role as Frank Foster in


Coronation Street. The offence is he went on trial or today were alleged


to have happened in the early 1990s. He was about to appear on television


in his first major role and, having filmed it, returned to his hometown


where he visited local theatre groups. It is there he is alleged to


have met the victim who was 14 years old at the time. The court heard


that over the next year, at least four times they met for coffee


before the actor invited the boy to his home where it is alleged he in


these of assaulted him. The prosecution barrister told the court


the defendant used his status as an actor to flatter and gain the trust


of the victim. The jury was shown a video of the victim telling police,


in a joking way he would say I could get in trouble for this but I would


deny it. When asked why he waited 18 years to report the assault, the


victim replied no, not at all. The prosecution claimed sexual


encounters continued into adulthood, but the court heard Andrew Lancel


told police there was never sexual activity between them. He denies all


charges against him and the trial continues.


Other news from around the North West now and the Prime Minister has


described the attack on the Middleton soldier, Drummer Lee


Rigby, as a betrayal of Islam. Two men, accused of his murder, have


made separate appearances in court today and have been remanded in


custody. Merseyside Police have insisted they


didn't break any rules, after it emerged a taser stun gun was used on


British soldier who studied for our country and our way of life. It was


a betrayal of Islam and the Muslim communities who give so much to our


country. Merseyside police say they did not break any rules using a stun


gun on a 12-year-old girl. It happened in St Helens in 2011, but


the details have only just been released. The girl, who was armed


with two knives, wasn't injured. Five men who stole thousands of


pounds worth of copper wiring in the Ribble Valley and left hundreds of


homes without power have been jailed. The men, who are from


Birmingham, were arrested in July. More than a tonne of copper was


found in their van. The Government's launched a campaign


at Knowsley Safari Park to try to help save the elephant from


extinction. With huge demand for ivory, it's estimated up to 30,000


are poached each year. Four of Knowsley's seven elephants arrived


from Africa, but the chances of future generations coming over now


look increasingly unlikely. This is down to violent criminals


earning significant sums of money, often for terrorism and we have


simply got to raise public awareness and reduced demand, otherwise there


will be a shocking indictment of our generation if we let these animals


And JLS, Little Mix and Neil Young will be among the performers at the


Liverpool International Music Festival. The event replaces the


Mathew Street Festival and will run between mid August and mid


September. There'll be a mix of classical, rock, pop, soul and


blues. A nurse cleared of poisoning


patients at Stockport's Stepping Hill Hospital is planning to sue


Greater Manchester Police. Rebecca Leighton spent six weeks in prison


after being arrested in 2011 and says Greater Manchester Police


leaked her name to the press and changed her Facebook settings so the


media would have access to private photos. Elaine Dunkley reports.


In 2011, Nurse Rebecca Leighton was at the centre of a murder


investigation following the deaths of five elderly patients at Stepping


Hill Hospital. Saline solution used in drips had


been contaminated. Rebecca Leighton was arrested. She was named and


images from her Facebook account were shown all over the media. Some


newspapers called her "angel of death".


Days later she was charged with poisoning patients. She spent six


weeks in prison before charges against her were dropped because of


insufficient evidence. Now, two years later, Rebecca Leighton is


suing Greater Manchester Police, claiming they leaked her name to the


media and gave the public access to her Facebook account so private


photos and messages could be viewed. She is now suing the force over a


breach of confidence and misuse of private information.


If it is correct that police leaked the information when they should not


and change face of settings, then of course that may give rise to a


breach of confidence and a massive infringement of her privacy because


all of these people, who she is specifically excluded from access,


have been able to do so and use that in many media articles.


If successful, Rebecca Leighton could claim up to �100,000 in


damages. Greater Manchester Police confirmed it had received a claim,


but would not comment any further on the case.


Elaine is here now. Elaine, it's almost two years now since the


deaths at Stepping Hill, where is the investigation up to now?


In the past few minutes, solicitors have sent these documents. They


claim she was kept in custody for her own safety as a result of the


negative public opinion against her. And she received abuse on Facebook.


One posting said, I hope you rot in hell. Rebecca's solicitors claim she


has been unable to find a job because of all of this and has had


to move in with her parents for a crime she did not commit.


It is almost two years since the incident, where is the investigation


up to now? We must remember that this was and


still is a major investigation. There have been many twists and


turns and due to things like medical records and underlying health


problems of patients. Another nurse who worked on the same ward,


Victorina Chua, has been arrested on suspicion of causing the deaths of


Tracey Arden, Arnold Lancaster and Derek Weaver and he remains on


Police Bail. He is due to answer that bail next month This lovely


family snapshot shows Ruth Carter and John Traverse, and their new


baby daughter Keira. She was born in Liverpool just a


couple of days ago, conceived using IVF - nothing particularly unusual


about that. But Keira is the first test tube baby of her kind in the


world because of pioneering treatment at the Liverpool Women's


Hospital. Scientists hope the technique will now give other


couples a better chance of starting a family. Andy Gill reports.


Meet Keira Traverse, born on Friday and out of her incubator today. Her


parents found it hard to conceive naturally and already have a son


born through IVF. But Keira's different because doctors knew her


embryo had a greater chance of developing properly than others.


I am smitten. I have completely had it. I will never have any money


again, she will be able to twist me completely around her little finger.


And here is the embryo that became Keira. In IVF labs there's no UV


light so it all looks yellow. Here scientists develop a number of


embryos outside the womb and then decide which one to implant back


into the mother. The method pioneered here in Liverpool gives


scientists more information about which embryo has the best chance of


growing normally. They looked very, very similar at


early cell stages, but we know, genetically, they are probably very


different. We need to identify which one of these embryos is going to


give us a successful pregnancy and hopefully a successful live birth.


The new machine takes hundreds of pictures of the embryo as it


divides. These make a video which allows doctors to see when cell


division happens. And knowing that means they can tell which embryos


are the healthiest. The new system not only tells scientists which


embryos are more likely to develop, it is also healthier because the


embryos are taken out less often. Keira'It's early days, but the


women's hospital are so convinced it'll improve IVF success rates that


they're going to offer it on the NHS to all couples. Andy Gill BBC North


West Tonight Liverpool. And he still manages to look sophisticated in


that blue hat. Still to come on North West Tonight:


Keeping it in the family. The young TT rider living up to the famous


Dunlop name. And they're used to a challenge -


but this is a particularly "Big One". We'll meet the soldiers


scaling new heights for charity. Every six minutes, someone is raped


in Britain. Recovering from the emotional trauma can take years, and


victims need specialist support. In Manchester, that's provided by a


pioneering centre which has given the BBC unprecedented access to film


its work. St Mary's Sexual Assault Referral


Centre was the first in the UK. There are now 45 other centres like


it. Our reporter, Abbie Jones, has been talking to victims and staff


and joins us now. If you report you've been raped to


Greater Manchester Police and Cheshire Police, you'll be referred


to St Mary's. But victims can also refer themselves. More than 1,200


people used the service last year. Just under half were children. The


youngest was just three weeks old, the oldest 96. Rape knows no


barriers - as Juliet found out. She was raped in Manchester and waved


her anonymity to talk to us and the documentary makers to show how


important St Mary's was in helping In this city centre alleyway one new


year's eve, Juliet was raped by a stranger as she left a nightclub.


It is filthy and awful and as vile as I remember it. Confronting what


happened, back at the scene and emotionally, was almost too hard to


do. I can't go down there. But Juliet says she found the


strength because of the support from staff at St Mary's. I would not be


the woman I am now sitting in front of you if I had not had the support


of Saint Mary's. He both in the easiest thing to do is bury it, but


it is the worst thing you can do. It eats you up inside and choose you


up. If you deal with it head on, that is part of the healing process.


When victims arrive they are listened to, medically examined and


forensics are taken. Samples can be stored in these freezers for up to


seven years. It is quite sad to open it up


because it is all these stories in the freezer.


Juliet, who was a teaching assistant, went to court and saw her


rapist sent to jail. But not everyone feels able to speak to the


police. Psychological support is just as important. Not only for the


victim, but for their significant other. You may have an incident


where it is a child that has been raped whether parents need a lot of


support helping them to cope with what happened. Both Juliet and the


centre say they wanted to speak out to dispel myths about sexual


violence. And for Juliet, talking about what happened to her has given


her back some control. There is still a huge amount of shame


attached to rape. I have nothing to be ashamed of, what happened to me


was not my fault. I don't want to be defined as a rape and Tim, I won't


let this bury me. This has helped me to make sense of it and have her


purse. And you can see that programme on BBC One tomorrow night


at 10:35pm. Sport now. Richard is here and there's a crucial match for


St Helens tonight in Super League? Yes, Saints are unusually way off


the pace at the moment after five defeats in the last six matches in


all competitions. Head coach Nathan Brown is coming under a bit of


pressure and takes his team to his former side, Huddersfield Giants. A


big boost for Saints is the return of influential hooker James Robie


from injury. But there's no doubt it'll be difficult against a Giants


team who remain second in the table. Wigan stretched their lead at the


There's no stopping Wigan at the moment. But Wakefield almost managed


a shock upset leading until late on. Josh Charnley's hat-trick and late


scores from Lee Mossop and Darrell Goulding made it 12 wins on the spin


against Salford. Ben Westwood scored his 100th career try as the hosts.


After last week's win, Brian Noble said humpty dumpty had fallen off


the wall in this one. Widnes' game with Catalan went right to the wire.


Two late tries pulled the Vikings within two points of their French


opponents. Jack Owens had this kick to secure a draw. He held his nerve


the weekend games on the super league show on BBC One at 11:20pm.


And there's full coverage of Saints' match against Huddersfield Giants on


BBC radio Merseyside on 95.8 FM, 1485 megawatts and DAB. Kick off is


at quarter to eight. Now to the Isle of Man TT where the famous Dunlop


name has once again been setting the pace. The late Joey Dunlop won more


TT races than anyone else in history and now his nephew is showing the


same habit of crossing the finishing line first with a hat-trick of wins


so far. Morecambe's John McGuinness, chasing his 20th career victory on


the course has taken part in three races himself, but is still


searching for that elusive victory. Kelly Foran reports. It's hard to


imagine doing just one lap at this speed - but 14 laps and three races


later Michael Dunlop has been unbeatable so far. Yesterday he


raced to victory in the superbike event and 24 hours later victorious


in two more. Coming here and winning the big


race, I'm excited and looking forward to the rest of the week.


Sometimes you can lose concentration after a few laps. It was good and I


enjoyed it. Yesterdays win an emotional one - it came 30 years


after his Uncle Joey Dunlop's first TT win on a Honda. The late Joey


Dunlop holds the record for the most ever TT wins - the man closest to


his tally of 26 is Morcambes John McGuinness. These cameras on the


bikes show the extraordinary speeds they travel - with an average of


131.671mph - McGuinness set a new outright lap record, but he's still


yet to win one. I said that the beginning, it would


be really competitive and hard to win. Proving there that it is really


hard, but I can only keep trying. I enjoyed that race. Nothing more to


prove, I just want to be safe and write strong. Never writes John


McGuinness offer. He is still the man. Nephew of the greatest ever TT


rider, he's got some way to go to catch Joey's record, but at the


moment he's climbing up the all time leaderboard by the day.


As Manchester City edge closer to appointing Malaga's Manuel


Pellegrini to replace sacked manager Roberto Mancini - the club's former


chief executive has told the BBC that Blues owner Sheikh Mansour


won't accept mediocrity and expects to win the Champions League.


I don't like the thought of mediocrity. I don't think the owners


of Manchester city do, but I would hope that every sport entity that is


trying to win would not have mediocrity as acceptable. They want


to win the champions league and every football club should.


Rio Ferdinand has been granted a testimonial by Manchester United.


United will play Sevilla on August the 9th for Rio who moved to Old


Trafford in 2002. He is a winner, but Manchester


city's new man will be under pressure, went to?


Yes, they are expecting naturally feed each season. It is going to be


a battle. I hope they get paid. They get a few quid. Now it's 235


feet of pure terror - and that's when you're safely strapped in to a


carriage on Blackpool Pleasure Beach's Big One roller coaster. So


imagine how scary it must be to go to the top - climb over the rail and


abseil down. Well forty volunteers, including


soldiers who've lost limbs, did just that today. All to raise money for


charity. Peter Marshall was there. If you have ever wondered what it is


like to abseil down the UK's tallest roller-coaster, you are about to


find out. This footage was filmed by Andy


Reid, a soldier from Saint Helens who lost three limbs when hit by a


bomb in Afghanistan. I have never been on the ride, to be honest, so


never dreams about abseiling off it. He faced a challenge that would


cower many to raise money for the soldiers charity. I was scared when


I first went over, I won't lie, but then it was a surreal feeling of


peacefulness and being quite free. It is hard to achieve that feeling


with this ability so it was fantastic. And he wasn't alone.


Coriander Taylor is the wife of a serving soldier from lung cancer. --


Lancashire. The climb is hard on the legs and the descent is nerve


shredding. Great. I can't wait to tell my husband and he can brag


about me to all of the lads in Afghanistan. Also on dangling duty,


88-year-old veteran from Manchester. The big one holds few fears when you


have landed on the Normandy beach. It is a good feeling once you set


off. It is great coming down the road and looking at the view. It is


a marvellous feeling. Today's plummeting will raise thousands for


serving and retiring soldiers. That really does look terrifying,


doesn't it? I don't fancy that, not at all. It


looked beautiful though, didn't it? It did, pretty beautiful day. Well


it's been a lovely sunny day so we've sent Eno outside.


we've sent Eno outside. It is still beautifully warm. A bit


of cloud around, but conditions are looking really good. Plenty of


sunshine in Blackpool today, but we had plenty of sunshine lit chilli


everywhere across the region. A beautiful, gorgeous start to the


first week of June with all of that sunshine around. The temperatures


definitely something to write home about. We saw temperatures very


close to 21 Celsius in greater Manchester and Cheshire today.


Elsewhere, we kept temperatures in the high teens and the warm air


continues to flow in from across the conflict -- continent across the


week. We will hang onto the warm air. By Thursday, we could see


temperatures as high as 21 Celsius. This evening, a lot of bright spells


to enjoy. Patchy cloud in Salford, but as we head into dawn, the cloud


will melt away. We may see mist and fog pockets forming in some places.


Temperatures may fall into single figures in some areas, but towns and


cities will have a mild night. The headlines for tomorrow is more of


the same. Plenty of sunshine from the word go. A dry, bright out


tomorrow morning. We will see lots of sunshine and feel really warm.


Very light wind around and the temperature may be disappointing in


the Isle of Man, but inland entity or 20 Celsius could be yours.


Wednesday is dry and rights. High pressure continues to build so have


a look at these temperatures, by Friday we cling onto 21, maybe 20 to


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