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Tonight with Roger Johnson and Eleanor Moritz. Our top story: A new


twist in the police search for missing mother of three Rania


Alayed. The murder inquiry moves across the


Pennines. Also tonight: The Prime Minister pops into a local mosque


but is he doing enough for community cohesion?


They call it calamity corner. The accident black spot prompting calls


for more speed cameras. I just heard a bang at first and they came to the


door and the car and the garden were coming at me.


And he was wearing these before he hit the big time. So who's the


global icon from Liverpool who likes Rania Alayed disappeared from her


home in Manchester two months ago. The police believe the mother of


three has been murdered and they have charged two suspects. One of


them is her husband. But what they don't have is a body. Now they've


launched a fresh appeal for information. And their search for


clues has stretched into North Yorkshire. Our Chief Reporter, Dave


Guest, has the story. This is Rania Alayed, the missing mum who's now


believed to be a victim of murder. Some people do disappear for one


reason or another and we have done a lot of inquiries to establish that


she has not done that. The evidence that we have is that she is dead so


we are looking for a body. Rania had been living in this house in


Cheetham Hill before she vanished. Neighbours have described a quiet,


unassuming woman who hadn't lived here for long. Rania was last seen


around 7pm on June seventh. But she wasn't reported as missing until


second July. Two days later the police went public with the case and


announced they'd made some arrests. Today they made a fresh appeal for


information. They believe this camper van may have played a part in


her disappearance. We have had a camper van from the start of the


inquiry. We believe Rania may have been in that camper van when she was


taken up to the area that we are searching. The area they're


searching is miles from Manchester. The camper van was spotted in a


lay-by on the A19 near Thirsk on eighth June. As yet they don't know


exactly where the van was parked but it's a busy route and detectives are


sure someone will have seen it. Detectives believe this area will


prove to be crucial to their case. We believe that is the area where we


will find Rania. They also want to hear from anyone who saw Rania


anytime after 7pm on seventh June. Dave, you mentioned that arrests


have been made. Tell us more. Rania's husband and brother-in-law


have been charged with her murder. Other members of their family have


been questioned on suspicion of assisting an offender. They are on


police bail facing further inquiries. It is unusual but not


unheard of to have a murder inquiry without a body. Detectives are


confident it is a case of when they find the body, not if.


The Prime Ministers been visiting a mosque in Manchester this afternoon,


his first since the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby from Middleton.


Since the killing, there's been a backlash against Muslims in parts of


the country and some Muslims have criticised David Cameron for not


speaking out more strongly. Our political editor Arif Ansari is live


for us outside the Jamia Mosque in Manchester. Did you get a warm


welcome? Yes, the Prime Minister did. The killing of Lee Rigby


uncorked a range of emotions, deep sadness, anger and in some cases


violence. There was a feeling among some within the Muslim community


that while the Prime Minister and the Government rightly condemned the


killing, they were slightly more hesitant when it came to condemning


the backlash that happened against some parts of The Prime Minister


arrived soon after afternoon prayers.


The Muslim community. He met members of a community, many of whom feel


he's been too disengaged. The murder of Lee Rigby by Islamic radicals


stretched community relations. In Bolton one man had his car


vandalised outside a mosque. I wanted to know how much life has


returned to normal. It is better now. It has calmed down but we hope


and we pray. We prayed throughout the holy month of Ramadan to have


peace and mercy upon everyone and all mankind and the world. Rashid


Mogradia is involved with various Islamic charities and community


groups. He feels somewhat let down by the Prime Minister. The murder of


Lee Rigby, how much an impact that have on community relations? A huge


impact. Murder of that and profile was a tremendous blow to all


communities. And also because the words Muslim and Islam were used.


For us as a Muslim community that is a shocking act, heinous act, one


that was condemned by everybody. Have you been satisfied with the


response from the Government? have been happy with the response


from the local authorities and the police. I think that as much could


have been done can be done, in terms of the Prime Minister, his task


force and his policies, not just for this region but the whole of the UK.


So the man who appointed the first Muslim woman to Cabinet has been


trying to rebuild bridges. The Prime Minister will be hoping his visit to


one mosque resonates more widely. So a fairly warm welcome for the Prime


Minister here. Let's pick up with this Labour councillor, the former


Lord Mount of Manchester. This is your ward. How valuable and


important was this today? It is good to have them coming to the ward, but


the real issue is whether there is any substance here. That is why am


concerned. I do not see any substance. There were issues at


another mosque, and frankly he has done nothing on that front. Surely


the point is this is symbolic? People are criticising him for not


having condemned things enough and he is trying to respond to that by


symbolically coming to a mosque and showing support? I said that I


welcome to the Prime Minister coming to my ward, that is fine, but why


would have expected him much sooner and at the place that it happened.


-- I would. It was a major umbrella it organisation that had to come out


and say that they should have done more. It is not acceptable. Did you


feel the response from the Government was not good enough at


the time? Yes, I did. There were extreme elements wanting to hijack


the whole thing. The Government needs to be firm on both sides.


Nobody could have been in any doubt that the Prime Minister did not


support the attacks on mosques and parts of the country. I agree. They


think he should have come out. As far as my memory goes, he was asked


and he did not condemn. He should have been more forthright and more


should have been done. It is in everybody's interest if we all get


on with each other. This is where the future lies, if we have hope and


work together to make things better. There are extreme elements hijacking


this and making discord that we do not need and that is not the way


forward. Thank you. The Prime Minister said that part of the


solution is for mosques and the Muslim community to reach out to the


wider community, just to pick up on one point.


A man from Merseyside wanted by the Spanish authorities in connection


with the murder of a father of two has been arrested in North Wales.


Darren O'Flaherty, who's been on the international most-wanted listed for


three years, was arrested by armed police at a restaurant in Caernarfon


last night. The 39-year-old from Kirby is also suspected of two


attempted murders. A man who lived at a Rochdale house


which was destroyed by an explosion last week has been found dead in a


car. The 57-year-old escaped the fire but was found dead in Heywood


the next day. Police say there are no suspicious circumstances and are


still appealing for witnesses to the fire.


Patients on the Isle of Man who need pacemaker surgery can now have their


treatment on the island. In the past, they've had to travel to


Liverpool. They can now have the surgery and after-care locally,


thanks to improved facilities. It's known as calamity corner and


Gordon McConnell from Manchester has had no fewer than seven cars crash


into his house in the last few years. Despite road safety


improvements there was another accident on his road in Blackley


this week. Residents are now calling for a speed camera to be installed.


Stuart Pollitt reports. Clearing up what used to be their front garden.


A car crash has left bricks, rubble and red tape on their doorstep.


just heard a bang at first and I came to the door. My car and the


garden, it was all coming at me. My started shaking and they don't think


they stopped for about three hours. I was just an absolute wreck.


are not the only ones living here used to picking up the pieces of car


crashes. 50 yards away is Dave Reeve from another accident. And if you


don't -- And a few doors further down Gordon's mismatched wall shows


how many unwanted visitors have ended up on his driveway. They have


been knocked down several times. This one is the most recent. That


was last year. They have been through it so many times and it is


unbelievable. After dozens of incidents, residents certainly have


the evidence for a sustained campaign of improvements. The


council says it is listening and points to the fact they have


installed new pollard and a slow sign on the road. Residents say that


is not enough and they fear it will take a death before a speed camera


is in school. How do you get that to happen? Speed cameras are considered


as a last resort. They are put up if there have been consistently high


average fees -- speeds, and deaths or serious injuries in recent years.


But these residents are worried that unless drivers slow down, they may


not be so lucky next time. We are interested in your thoughts on that


one. Maybe there is a road near you that is similar.


A bigamist from Manchester who was caught out on Facebook could face


jail. Brian Frain told Tameside magistrates he'd assumed his brief


marriage to Anne-Marie Sim in 1999 had been annulled. But when she was


later looking for a divorce she found photos of a wedding to another


woman in 2009. He'll be sentenced next month.


Bahrain has expressed an interest in buying some Typhoon fighter jets.


The Government is in early stages of the talks and hopes that any deal


could secure new jobs in Lancashire. Motorists in South Cumbria facing


for mile tailbacks and severe delays because of roadworks are calling for


better planning. The Highways Agency is replacing the T-junction at the


A590 Greenodd with a roundabout and says the situation should improve


from next week. Did you know the city of Chester was


once completely powered by water? That was a hundred years ago, but it


looks like hydroelectric power could be back. The council and the


University of Chester are hoping to transform an old pumping station on


the River Dee. If the project gets the go ahead it would be used to


power part of the university, as our Environment Correspondent Judy


Hobson reports. This used to be Chester's


hydroelectric station. It was set up to power the city through the First


World War and continued producing electricity until 1948. But now


there are plans to bring it back to life. We are hoping to install


turbines into the former archers to generate power for the University


and the wider city. This is the sort of turbine which will be used,


although all you'll see is the ends poking out of the arches. If this


project gets the go-ahead, it would produce enough electricity to power


this building. It belongs to the university which is in partnership


with the council on the project. It believes the hydroelectric station


could help reduce its carbon emissions by around 12%. And they


recently won a grant of a million pounds towards funding it. More than


anything, for me, behaviour change and understanding that we can no


longer rely on fossil fuels is very important for the university to


start spreading that message as part of learning and dissemination. This


is an important project by which we can do that. Permission hasn't yet


been given for this project, and there are environmental concerns


surrounding the grade two listed building. The area around it is also


used to monitor salmon stocks. a real opportunity for the


community, local businesses and the council to come together and have a


really good project and bring this forward. If the project gets the


go-ahead, hydroelectric power could be back in two years. Judy joins us


now in the studio. This is a major project if it happens. Yes. There is


a bit of a way to go. The consultation process has just


started. All kinds of agencies will have to be approached. And it is


important for the people of Chester to know what they think. This


project is an area of special scientific interest, particularly


for salmon. It is one of four rivers in the country where salmon are


closely monitored. Their breeding and movements are monitored every


few months. That is vital to be kept going. Some will automatically flow


towards where the water is flowing fastest. So if you introduce these


turbines, they will flow that way, said the Environment Agency will


want to know what precautions are being taken to make sure that salmon


are said to another area so that they can still be counted. -- are


sent. All of this will have to be considered before the green light is


given. Fascinating. Still to come on North West Tonight:


Hunt hit the volley into the net. The stars of Shankly's Reds give


their verdict on a new novel about the Liverpool legend.


And he's still hitting all the right notes but who was wearing these


before hitting the big time? He said, will they fit you? I said I


don't know. He said take them. Have them.


Next to a real-life treasure hunt which has perplexed three


generations of a Derbyshire family for almost 70 years and it's finally


been solved. Back in 1945, the then 19-year-old Peter Harrison was about


to take over Treak Cliff Cavern in the Peak District when the retiring


miner gave him a tip-off about a rare find of a valuable mineral


known as Blue John. Beccy Meehan takes up the story.


They are miners these three. Miners, not of coal, not of industrial


metal, but of Blue John. Of what? You might say. Let Peter Harrison


point it out. Blue John is a semi-precious mineral prized for


ornaments. In 1945 Peter Harrison took over this Derbyshire mine from


John Royse who was retiring. "Peter," he said standing almost


where we're standing now, "Peter, I have found Blue John". I would like


you to help me get it out. Unfortunately he died before we


could get it out. He never dies oldest where it was. Almost 70 years


later, Peter's daughter now manages the mine and his 21-year-old


grandson is also following in his footsteps. I was told by my granddad


that if I stayed at Treak Cliff Cavern long enough we would


potentially find the vein that he ought to have found. And find he


did, hidden by the old miner decades before under bits of old carpet and


wood for safekeeping until he could pass on his secret. Turns out it was


here all along. It was under a ladder. They had been walking up to


a higher reach of the system to mind the stone and it is right underneath


it. I was absolutely amazed. We had looked for it for years and years.


This find was more than the conclusion to a family mystery. With


Blue John bowls going for up to �2000, it is good news for the


family business. It is nice to be in the same family finding the same


things. Once we actually find what the vein contains, we will have a


really big smile on our faces! Wonderful discovery. I think that


you had a paperweight made of Blue John, like me. Yes, I had a little


piece. Lovely. I am sure someone will send Richard one! You are here


to talk sport. Louis Suarez has upped the ante in his bid to leave


Liverpool. -- Luis Suarez. What deliverable make of this latest


statement? Their position hasn't changed. Liverpool insist he is not


for sale and if he is it'll take much more than the 40 million and


one pound bid from Arsenal. The footballers' union the PFA are


understood to be acting as mediators in the dispute. For his part, Suarez


says that he was promised he would be able to leave Anfield if the club


failed to get into the Champions League. He hasn't travelled with the


squad for a pre-season match in Norway because, we're told, of a


foot injury. Wigan Athletic are close to making


another signing after talks with the Sunderland winger James McClean. He


could join up with the rest of the squad in time for Sunday's Community


Shield at Wembley. A chance, says the clubs chairman, to bask in the


glory of winning last season's FA Cup. These were the scenes of course


when the Latics showed off the famous trophy to their supporters in


May. And ahead of the showpiece against the Premier League champions


Manchester United, Dave Whelan says, it'll be an occasion to enjoy


without pressure. This is a great day. We are playing for the


community Shield, which we would love to win, but you have to enjoy


the day. It is not the FA Cup final and it is not a league match. It is


a match we can celebrate in. And we are playing the great Manchester


United. A couple of our sides took notable


scalps in the Capitol One Cup last night. Accrington Stanley stunned


Middlesbrough, winning 2-1 at the Championship side. Piero Mingoia


with the winner for Stanley. And their fellow League Two side


Morecambe came away with a fantastic 1-0 victory at home to Wolves. What


about this for a strike? Ryan Williams with a cracker of a


free-kick, the only goal of the game.


Bill Shankly is of course one of the legendary names of British football.


There are countless biographies about the iconic Liverpool manager


and now there's a novel. It's called Red Or Dead and has been written by


the same author who wrote the fictional account of Brian Clough's


short time at Leeds United. Mark Edwardson has had a sneak preview.


Head of the author's appearance at Anfield, one by a player who has


made more than any other. He crossed to Hunt, and he turned and hit the


ball into the top of the net. I think probably flattered that


somebody has written a novel about it. Bill Shankly paved the way for


poorly performing Liverpool to dominate European football.


story of Bill Shankly is bigger than Liverpool and bigger than football,


dare I say it, and one for the whole country. Stephenson scores! Willie


Stevenson was instrumental in sending the Reds to Wembley in 1965


for their first cup final victory. He spent a week tackling 700 pages


of Red Or Dead. He has probably got 85% right, which is not bad. It is


almost as if he knew him. That is how good it is. The stories in the


book come from message boards. Walking round the ground and meeting


a young lad and giving him his Liverpool football club tie, his


badge. Those stories are inspiring. The Lovell about Brian Clough's 44


days at Leeds United was made into a film. -- the novel. So who should


play Shankly? I think Paul McGann. Someone who could work on his hair


and Scottish accent. Everybody knows the ending to this story. A


hard-nosed Scotsman lays the foundations for one of England's


most successful football teams. Makes you wonder who might be next.


What a character he was. He was a walking quote. He had banter with


Everton. He said if they were playing in his back garden, he would


draw the curtains. Very nice. Stick around, because we have a pair of


trousers for you. We have been teasing you about leather trousers.


One of you will probably have guessed who we were talking about


and if not that gives it away! During their early performances in


hamburg, the looked designed by Taylor helped to define the Beatles.


-- the looked designed by Taylor. Then Brian Eckstein changed the


look. One lucky man ended up with a pair of Paul McCartney's trousers.


These other trousers that Paul McCartney used to wear. It is


written in there, his name. Mike was in the Yorkshire Jazz band that


supported the Beatles on many occasions in Liverpool. He became


good friends with their manager. The -- they would look around.


trousers were hanging up and they said, take them. Have them. They


decided to get them into the suits that they had organised. From then


on, the Beatles started wearing smart suits. It was very hot in


leather gear anyway. We decided we did not want to look ridiculous. We


did not want to appear as a gang of idiots. Brian suggested that we just


were ordinary suits. A leather jacket owned by George Harrison


recently sold for �110,000. His custom-made boots, �60,000, and the


Beatles guitar �40,000. They are highly collectable. The greatest pop


band ever, the Beatles. There are fans all over the world and they


really do go to auction to get the choice pieces when they come up for


auction. Looking back at photographs, the unique style of the


trousers is clear to see. This was taken at the Cavern in XT one. You


can see creases that are indicative of the way the person might wear the


trousers. It is like a fingerprint, almost. Exactly the right inside leg


measurement and waist measurement. They went to a small independent


Taylor in Saint galls in hamburg and commissioned the trousers to be


made. -- Saint Paul's. The family hope that the trousers can go to a


museum so that everybody can enjoy the story that they have to tell.


I wonder if they still fit him. could not get one of my legs in!


They looked quite tight around the waist. Are they worth more if they


are not washed or would you get them cleaned? I have no knowledge! I do


cleaned? I have no knowledge! I do have some We talked about a greater


risk of showers through the afternoon compared to yesterday, but


if you look at this combined picture, there was rain in Scotland


and the South West but for us a couple of showers turned up very


fleetingly. This is the latest picture with nothing to shout about.


Once again we give it another go. Tomorrow there is a greater risk of


showers, particularly after lunchtime. There may be a shower


over the next couple of hours, but then the risk reduces. We are into a


dry, clear night with light winds. Cool in rural areas. Temperatures


overnight work 20 degrees recently, but very different tonight. Seven or


eight in rural areas. Towns and cities could be better, maybe up to


15. The air is cooler and you will notice that first thing tomorrow. It


is also a nice start to the day, dry and bright. Sunshine around, just


like first thing this morning. Like today, as the day progresses, cloud


cover builds again, and once you get past lunchtime, with cloud cover


building, showers might break out. The risk is greater than this


afternoon, so they could pop up everywhere. If you are lucky, you


will dodge them all over again. With light winds, temperatures could be


up to 24, which will be nice. But rain is waiting in the wings, moving


through the Isle of Man. As the sun goes down tomorrow, it could be


everywhere. Eventually it will pull away. Tomorrow should be dry and


fine but look out for the showers in the afternoon. You could wear the


leather trousers as Commissioner Mark you will never get them off.


always wanted a pair of leather trousers and thought I would look


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