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Tonight with Jayne McCubbin. And Roger Johnson. Our top story. Was


Minnetta et down on her deathbed? Carers criticise the treatment of


one of the country's oldest people. Never ever have I come across such a


bad service, which is opposed to provide a service to vulnerable


people. We will here for Daschle from a charity who says carefully


elderly is in crisis. Also in the programme. The convicted bigamist,


awaiting sentence after being caught on Facebook, tells us why he didn't


divorce. Rubbish is piling up in Liverpool because of a strike from


street cleaners about possible redundancies. Facing extinction. Why


this local might not be seen in Lancashire for much longer.


Remembering one of the Beatles most extraordinary concerts. How they


were smuggled into this park for the Urmston Show at the height of


country, Minnetta Webb, died in the early hours of this morning. She was


107. Two weeks ago we reported how her family had been threatened with


arrest after taking her out of hospital, insistent she would spend


her final days at home. Which she did. Well, after that threat,


Manchester Social Services agreed that the right place for Minnetta


WAS at home. They promised on this programme to review her care. So did


they? Well, a new care package was agreed. Just hours before her death.


In a minute, we'll hear from Age UK on the impact of cuts to care


budgets. First this. Minnetta Webb died peacefully in the early hours.


Her family by her side. They were too upset to appear on camera today.


But her carers were not. I've worked in many fields of the care industry


and never ever have I come across such appalling behaviour via service


that supposed to provide a service to vulnerable people, the caring


industry. The family had gone through hell over the last couple of


months. They needed to fight what was right. They have been given


nothing. A month ago Minnetta was here. Manchester Royal Infirmary.


The hospital used a controversial power to try and keep her in, in her


best medical interests. But the family were insistent she should


come home. And when they did, they were accused of abduction and


threatened with arrest. Right now, Manchester Social Services has to


make �40 million of cuts. Two weeks ago, they promised to review


Minnetta's care. They said the situation had nothing to do with


money. But no new care package was agreed. Until yesterday. That was


when a GP agreed Minnetta was dying. At that point, the NHS pays for what


is now deemed medical care. Not social care. Her family were offered


24-hour care from a team of on-call carers. The family declined, wanting


Minnetta's own familiar carers. This was accepted. Hours later the great


great grandmother died. I think they wanted to put Minnetta into a


residential home. I think it's because of the funding. It's a


cheaper option. To do that for her, it would have been cheaper than


having carers at home. I'm totally disgusted with them, how they have


treated Minnetta. In a statement from Age UK who told me cases like


this were increasing. It is. It has grown worse over the past couple of


years. Due to restrictions on local government funding. And what we're


finding is that particularly people with slightly lower levels of need,


to avoid being isolated for example, aren't getting it. We're talking


about not low-level care, but Minnetta was in her final days. The


council say this is not about money. But do you think there is any


evidence that, even in those extreme need situations, carers are harder


to come by? That's always been the case local authorities are reluctant


to provide older people with expensive care packages at home.


They prefer people to go into care homes. That's often to do with


savings. Even social services here tell me this is difficult. Who pays


what, when? It's very complicated. Is there any help people out there


to navigate their way through this? They ought to be. It depends on


locality. What would've happened to the lady if she had had no family or


relatives to fight her corner? That's often the case with older


people. Stephen Lowe from aid UK, thank you very much for your time. A


man awaiting sentence for bigamy has told North West Tonight he's sorry


for what he's done. Brian Frain married two women at Tameside in


Greater Manchester ten years apart without getting divorced. He's one


of only four people prosecuted for the offence in this region in the


last two years. This week he pleaded guilty and today he spoke to our


Chief Reporter Dave Guest. This is Brian Frain marrying his second


wife, unfortunately, he was still married to wife number one at the


time. Both ceremonies took place at this town Hall ten years apart. You


were in the registry office where you had been married ten years


earlier. You knew you'd never got a divorce. Did anything ring inside


your head to say it was a problem? It was in 1999, I thought it would


just be, like, dissolved, the marriage but my first wife. He says


that's because his first wife and he separated after just a few months.


But that first wife tracked him down through Facebook and wanted a


divorce so she could remarry. And then she saw this picture on the


social networking site. It landed Brian Frain in court on bigamy


charges which excepted. You tell the court your first wife knew about the


second wife but the judge described you as a liar. Yes, he did.Do you


feel any regrets? Yes, I feel regret doing it. I should've gone down the


right channels. He now lives with his new partner Donna on the east


coast and she says she will stand by him no matter what. He's not tried


to deny any of it and excuse himself from it, so he's held his hands up.


Because got found out. He genuinely didn't know, you generally didn't


know he was still married. bigamy, whilst rare, is still a


serious one according to lawyers. terms of his excuse, he didn't


realise that he wasn't divorced, I'm afraid ignorance of the low is no


excuse. -- law. In a month from now, Brian Frain will leave Cleethorpes


to face a Crown Court judge and discover what his sentence will be.


The maximum penalty for bigamy is seven years in jail. Brian Frain


says, whatever his punishment, he is now ready to accept it.


Some more of today's news now. The Liverpool footballer Raheem Sterling


has been charged with assaulting his girlfriend after an incident Huyton


in Knowsley last night. Sterling appeared at Liverpool Magistrates


earlier today and pleaded not guilty to assaulting Shanna Halliday.


Friends and family of Linzi Ashton, who was found dead at her home in


Salford, said their final farewells at her funeral this lunchtime.


Hundreds of mourners wore pink and released balloons with a message


attached in memory of the 25-year-old mother-of-two. Michael


Cope has been charged with her murder. Thousands of people have


been attending the Isle of Man's Royal Agricultural Show. The two-day


farming celebration showcases the best in Manx farming, produce and


crafts. Animals from across the island will be entered in


competitions. The other attractions include stunt shows. Rubbish is


beginning to pile up in Liverpool because of industrial action by


street cleaners and refuse collectors. The workers are in


dispute with the company, AMEY, which runs the cleaning services


under a contract from Liverpool Council. AMEY says it's offering the


unions a pay rise above the national agreed rate. But workers say the


company's refusing to negotiate. Here's our Merseyside Reporter, Andy


Gill. Overflowing, filthy and unhygienic. Bins in Liverpool city


centre haven't been emptied since 4am When street cleaners began a


24-hour strike. There's some sympathy for the workers. And some


disgust at the effect of their action. All the money that's been


spent in Liverpool, reinvested, it's a shame. It's absolutely disgusting,


all the rubbish today. The people should take it home instead of


throwing it all over the place. not good in peak tourism time.


contractor AMEY is offered less than 2% and the unions have concerns they


may be up to 60 compulsory redundancies among the street


cleaning staff. Street cleaners were picketing the contractor's depot


today. We won't accept any compulsory redundancies whatsoever.


The company are failing to talk to us. We've asked for talks with the


company since Monday. In a statement But they are on a work to rule. And


that means a backlog. These bins in south Liverpool should haven been


emptied on Tuesday. Another one-day street cleaning strike is scheduled


next Friday. Two years on from the rioting which broke out in the


region, Greater Manchester's Police and Crime Commissioner says the


government needs to do more to tackle problem families. A panel set


up to look at the causes and solutions gave 63 recommendations,


but only 11 have been accepted by the coalition. The main argument is


please tell us if you intend acting on these recommendations, because


they have not responded to the report. The government's response


has ignored the recommendations of the panel. Now, that's silly. Maybe


the government doesn't agree with everything so let's have a public


debate. The government says it hopes to electrify the rail line linking


the Lake District and the West Coast mainline within the next three


years. Upgrading the ten miles of track between Windermere and


Oxenholme will cost �16 million. Engineers are installing the final


pieces of a temporary bridge across the River Weaver in Cheshire that


will carry 20,000 vehicles a day. It's part of a multi-million pound


restoration of the Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge and has been built to


help reduce disruption for drivers. The temporary bridge will open to


traffic in September. Complaints about maggots in a bin and a man


wanting "pregnancy pills" are just some of the 999 calls that Greater


Manchester Police have dealt with in the last few months. The force says


the number it received went up by 19% in July and nuisance calls could


stop them getting to real emergencies. Elaine Dunkley has this


report. Good afternoon, can I help Police deals with over 4,000 calls.


Some are real emergencies but increasingly operators are having to


no other way to describe it. They are not even calls for the police.


The month of July has seen an increase in this sort of call. And


it's having a serious impact on police getting to genuine


emergencies. If you are ringing 999 four something like, I can't get


through to Dancing On Ice, my girlfriend is on Facebook and I


can't get a hair off, those silly calls coming to the police. If you


tie up the line, and someone has a real need for the police, they won't


get through to us. Police are reminding residents to only ring 999


if there is an immediate threat to life or property. Or if a crime is


in progress. To report less urgent crimes, members of public should


dial 101. Bonkers. They are one of our rarest birds of prey and used to


be found in Lancashire. But now the RSPB has warned that hen harriers


are on the brink of extinction. For the first time since the 1960s,


breeding pairs have failed to produce any chicks. Ahead of the


grouse shooting season, which starts on Monday, the charity has accused


gamekeepers of deliberately shooting hen harriers to protect the grouse.


Naomi Cornwell reports. I've been watching the hen harriers for nearly


40 years. They have a very graceful gliding flight, low over the ground


when they are hunting and they can twist and turn on a sixpence.


birdspotters like Tony haven't seen any Hen Harriers here for a while.


We keep detailed computerised records and if we look at the


records each year, we can see how the number increased and in the last


few years, decreased quite dramatically. This part of


Lancashire will be busy next week as parties come to shoot grouse. But


the RSPB fears that gamekeepers trying to protect those grouse


numbers could be targeting the hen harriers. They are being shot


because they will take grouse. We haven't had any breeding hen


harriers so we are deeply concerned about that. This has always been a


stronghold for hen harriers. Today the British Association for Shooting


and Conservation told us it condemns any illegal persecution of any bird


of prey. And will not tolerate such behaviour from its members. Adding


that the dynamics of the hen harrier population are complex. And it's too


simplistic to point to an absence of nesting pairs as proof of


persecution. In many areas, gamekeepers and conservationists are


working together. But the RSPB has warned that the actions of a few


could be jeopardising the survival that is already up and running. The


Premier League is still a week away. Are we going to hear the end of Luis


Suarez? It's an ongoing saga but the owner says he's not going anywhere.


Sorry to talk about it again. He has left himself much room for


manoeuvre. This is what John Henry said. "Suarez won't be sold, even if


a foreign club comes in, because we do not have time to sign a suitable


replacement". The head of of the PFA Gordon Taylor also said it's


practically impossible for the Uragauyan to leave Anfield in this


transfer window. Suarez is currently training alone after trying to force


through a transfer. Wayne Rooney is also linked with a move away, with


Chelsea bidding for him. Is that a distraction for manager David Moyes


ahead of this weekend's Community Shield? Yes, it's been a distraction


for him, Jane. We don't expect him to play in the community Shield


against Wigan but it hasn't gone to plan for United in the transfer


market. Their key target Cesc Fabregas says he's staying at


Barcelona but a man who is observed David Moyes up close this summer has


been impressed by what he seen. dealt with it well, enjoyed his time


away with the players. Enjoyed the opportunity to begin to feel what


are being manager of Manchester United is about and you get that


when you go abroad because it can be a bit crazy. Next in Moyes' diary is


that 2.00pm kick-off at Wembley on Sunday. Another big occasion for


their opponents. FA Cup holders Northern Soul music, Wigan seemed to


discover its football identity with that magnificent FA Cup win in May.


And now the man whose has put his heart and soul into the club is a


pairing for another proud day at Wembley and only the Premier League


champions stand in their way. For another bit of history. We can


celebrate we won the FA Cup and we are playing the great Manchester


united so our lads will enjoy it. It's going to be a great day. Go on


the pitch, and enjoy yourself. proud moment for you as well?


magnificent moment for town of Wigan, yes. Wigan 's squad has been


strengthened by the arrival of ten new signings, the latest James


McLean, from Sunderland. We've tried to do some good business and, given


what we will cope with the season in terms of the games, the Europa


league, the community Shield, the domestic cup, addition, we are set


for huge programme. Wigan sold 6000 tickets for the community Shield on


Sunday but it shows where the priority lies for supporters.


tickets are the same as last season and they took a healthy following of


more than 2500 to the opening game at Barnsley. A number of that will


sell before Sunday. They've got behind the club and it's fantastic.


Regardless if you are the biggest club or not, you have the fans who


want to see the team playing at a good level, quality football.


won't be another victory parade if they win the committee Shield but


for the chairman, it will certainly put a shine on a remarkable few


months. Manchester United kick off tonight when they host Seville in a


testimonial for Rio Ferdinand. The pick of tomorrow's Football League


matches is Bolton-Reading in the Championship. Wanderers play a


number of promotion favourites in their first six games. But that's


fine by the boss. These teams I believe are very strong. We have got


to make sure that the ambition shown by these teams are matched by our


ambition in signing players and the desire on the picture will tell us


that. Rugby league now. Wigan Warriors welcome a number of key


players back into the squad as they try to regain top spot in Super


League tonight. Sam Tomkins, Pat Richards, Liam Farrell and Gil


Dudson all return after missing last week's win over Hull KR for the


visit of current leaders Huddersfield. The Giants have a


point lead over Shaun Wane's side at the top of the table. And there will


be full match commentary from the DW Stadium on BBC Radio Manchester from


8.00pm. Finally from me, good luck to Chester FC who are back in the


Conference after three successive promotions. They start their season


at Barnet tomorrow. Good to see them back. It's a great example of the


fans refusing to give up on their clever. Have they still got a


sloping pitch at Barnet? I think, they do, yes. On the Hill.


Thanks very much. They played at Shea Stadium and the Hollywood Bowl.


Performed for huge audiences in Hamburg and Tokyo. The world had


never seen anything quite like the Beatles. Less well known is their


appearance at the Urmston Show exactly 50 years ago. It's an


extraordinary story. Stuart Flinders is in Urmston to tell us all about


it. Autograph hunters were out in force when the Beatles were there.


Stewart has been signing a few. right, thanks very much. There's a


band rehearsing for tomorrow's concert to mark the anniversary of


the Beatles are parents here. What an extraordinary story. 1962, the


organisers of the Urmston Show booked this up-and-coming band the


Beatles to play here and they said, next, do you fancy coming back and


they said, yes, we will do, but in the next 12 months, Beatlemania


really kicks in and the question is, will they honour their contract?


They did and it turned out to be a heck of a day. There's some flash


photography coming up in minutes time. Preparations for an


anniversary concert in Abbotsfield Park. It was here in 1962 that a


little-known band called The Beatles performed at the Urmston Show. By


the time they returned a year later and tried to disengage them from the


contract to appear. The council insisted they honour the contract.


It is a myth that they were smuggled in in a council dustcart. I can say


that was not the case. They got changed in a shared on the parks


premises across the road from the park and were then driven over in a


van. The stage for tomorrow's concert is being built exactly where


the Beatles performed 50 years ago and on that occasion it was all too


much for some. My sister said I fainted and got taken out but I


don't remember that. I was stood right in front of Paul McCartney all


night, so close, all I could see was his legs. I saw the bottom half with


legs and that was it. It was brilliant. This weekend the Beatles


are back. Well, a tribute band anyway. Amongst the other


performers, Rain Band. They performed at Glastonbury this year


with the Rolling Stones. Now they get to play with The Beatles on the


very spot where it's thought they performed their latest song, weeks


before its release. It's difficult to find details of the set list but


I think it's coming out a fortnight before, any band would tell you they


would at least have a couple of outings, so maybe it was played


here. The Beatles were too busy to return the following August. They


were performing at the Hollywood Bowl. Pauline was there on that


incredible day. What do you remember? It is very exciting. Of


course, the show was very big event. You told me earlier they were


appearing in the dark tent? Yes, there was Gymkhana, rabbits, all


sorts of things. Did they go to the pub beforehand? Somebody told they


went to the Bird in hand. Maybe it was a landlord who said that?


probably was, actually. They were all in their, in their original


beetle suits. It was brilliant. We had the tremor lows, and quite a lot


of us remember them. Very exciting. It must've been an incredible


atmosphere and a day to remember. Thank you for joining us and you can


relive us that this tomorrow at the show which is on all weekend. Sounds


like it's going to be pretty good. Thank you for that, Stuart. They


Saturday night. Today, well, it didn't really get going. Some places


saw some good sunshine but for most of us, more cloud cover than you


would like and at times, it's been fairly blustery out and about and


it's felt fairly cool. The forecast that doesn't change too much from


that. Showers from time to time and it is going to get a little bit


cooler. As we start the working week, next week, we could see


temperatures of only 16 degrees. Remember, earlier in June and July,


it is up to 30 degrees, so it's not what you want. A rain band on


Saturday night and Sunday night but it's all about our wind direction,


north-westerly 's, bringing showers and cooling things off. After a


breezy day today, the wind eases down tonight. A very settled affair.


You could once again see temperatures around 8-9dC but for


towns and cities, 12-13. Tomorrow morning, cloud cover for many places


but it's not long before it starts to break up. Brighter skies come


through every now and then. There's a risk of showers and the most part,


they will stay away. There is a risk of showers. You might be lucky and


dodge them, but as you head to the afternoon, one or two places will


see some. It's not brilliantly warmer. 18-19 at the very best. The


rain pushes in Saturday evening through to Sunday morning. Then we


are back to that combination of patchy cloud, sunny spells,


scattered showers but look at the this from 26th of July which you


bought in Bolton or Blackpool, the millionaire raffle, there are two


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