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from the BBC News at Six. So it s goodbye from me, and on


Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Annabel Tiffin and


Roger Johnson. Our top story. Anger from Jade Anderson's parents


as the owner of the dogs that killed her escapes jail. In absolutely


devastated. It is disgusting. Beverely Concannon was charged with


cruelty to animals, all she could be prosecuted for. Also tonight: join


George and I for the last leg of the road to recovery. But with a third


of the economy in the construction sector wiped out, what can happen?


Not in the equation. A council bans this headstone, but the family says


it doesn't add up. For sale on eBay ` the Lake District


waters which inspired William Wordsworth. And, Lancashire's


underground architectural gem that is briefly open to the public before


it disappears for ever. A woman, whose dogs mauled a teenage


girl to death at a house near Wigan, has escaped a prison sentence.


Beverley Concannon was taken to court not for the death of Jade


Anderson, but for harming the vicious dogs that killed her. She


was given a 16 week suspended sentence. Jade's family say they


feel let down by the justice system. Stuart Flinders reports.


Hiding her face, Beverley Concannon came to court to be sentenced for


causing unnecessary suffering to her dogs, not for the death of a teenage


girl. The Crown Prosecution Service said there wasn't enough evidence


for a manslaughter charge. Jade Anderson was savaged by four dogs at


Concannon's house. In a statement, a police officer described finding her


body in the kitchen as the animals tried to get back inside.


The sound of the dogs in the back yard was horrific. It sounded as


though they were ripping something to bits or fighting with each other.


I haven't dealt with anything as distressing as this incident in my


career. The court heard why the dogs became


hyper`aggressive. The biggest and fiercest of the dogs was this one.


It was kept in a cage barely bigger than itself and had to twist every


time it moved. It was inadequately exes `` exercised. Beverley


Concannon called it her baby. It had separation distress and would scream


every time she put on coat. On the day that Jade died, she had left the


house to buy wallpaper. The house is now boarded up.


Beverley Concannon has twice had to move home since Jade's death because


of threats and intimidation. But Jade's family believe she hasn't


been punished enough. I'm devastated. I am disgusted with


the justice system. Today was just regarding the dangerous dogs. I


think she should have been held responsible. We got a life sentence.


Through her in lawyer, it she was sorry about what happened. As she


left court today, she said nothing. Would you like to say anything to


Jake's family? Locked up, beaten, and forced to


live as a slave. Edward was trafficked into the North West from


Eastern Europe having being promised a job where he could earn the money


he desperately needed to support his family. According to one charity,


it's an all too familiar story in our region, which it says has a


human trafficking problem. It comes as the government announces plans


introduce a maximum life sentence for the worst cases of human


trafficking and exploitation. Now living in a safe house, Edward


was trafficked into the North West from Eastern Europe for what he


hoped would be the start of a better life. I was told about a good job in


England. But when we finished, we were not paid. Instead, we were


locked up. They would beat us and threaten us if we didn't finish the


work. Under constant threat of violence,


he witnessed his own sale as a slave.


Edward managed to be escape. He is being helped by the charity Hope for


Justice. He is rebuilding his life. I think the north`west does have a


problem with human trafficking. We find victims on a weekly basis who


have been trafficked into this area. Recently, five people were found


guilty of trafficking a vulnerable young woman from Slovakia to


Burnley, where she forced into a sham marriage. This week Ilyas and


Tallat Ashar were convicted of trafficking a 10`year`old girl into


the country and keeping her as a servant at their Eccles home.


The Home Secretary is introducing a modern slavery Bill, and this could


mean that perpetrators could get up to life in prison for the crime of


human trafficking. I hope it does cause the traffickers that are


operating in the West of England a cause for concern.


The Government's new measures have come too late for victims like


Edward. It's hoped it could help others.


More than a third has been wiped off the value of the North West's


construction sector since the recession began. House building is


down, infastructure projects stalled. In fact, we've suffered


more than any other part of the UK. While some areas are now enjoying


growth, we are still in decline But, are there green shoots? Lets


find out as we go over to Jayne McCubbin live in Knutsford for us


tonight with the Chancellor ` for the last leg of the Road to


Recovery. Enjoying a pint after a long


journey. Not yet, because I would like to buy this man a drink. For


seven weeks, we have as to his office for an interview. Last night,


they said it was not possible. We would have asked him some serious


questions. Not least, the construction sector. Look at this.


We're back on the road with Mr Osborne. Today, we're taking George


home, but on the way, we will see if the economy has been rebuilt. Today,


the biggest house`builder has made a big loss. The construction industry


has been hit by the recession. House`building down and


infrastructure projects stored. But, were driving to Warrington to


see growth. I was last here ten years ago and it did not look like


this. If you are one of 150,000 to drive down the road every day, you


will have noticed this the Omega Development I was told of thousands


of jobs and is billions of pounds of funding, but then the recession and


nothing happens. Until now. We have a story of success. It is happening


quickly. In the last 12 months, we have let a lot of space. There are


many new jobs. The builders work was doing be done here. Big companies


like Asda are already moving in You must have driven past here every day


for many years asking when and if it would happen? I was determined it


would happen, but when it would happen was the big question. We have


appeared on the map of regeneration. This is news that will thrill Mr


Osborne, but experts know we are still lagging far behind the rest of


the UK. Those big spends are important, because, for every pound


spent on this project `` products, many more are generated.


If you compare as to London and the south`east, we do not get our fair


share. The sun has started to rise above


the hill and the future looks brighter than it did. So, is it


true, and are you feeling it? We met the factory workers who are, the


retail workers who are waiting to feel it is, the unemployed who are


losing faith they ever will feel it. But there are signs that recovery is


on the way. So, is Knutsford feeling it? Are you


feeling this recovery? A mixed bag. Let me take you over to


George here. In an unscientific poll, we have asked people how they


are feeling. 30 people said yes 40 people said no, they are not feeling


it. Thank you for joining us. What you think of this? 30 said yes, 40


said no. When will it happen? I think it is close. At the start of


the week, we only had statistics, so it is great to meet real people and


see what they are saying. It is a good start. These businesses are


feeling it, and it have to filter down?


Yes, it takes people a while longer to feel it takes people a while


longer to Felix. I think people will say that they will feel it soon ``


to feel it. These surveys that we have are positive.


Tonight we were looking at the construction sector. When is the


Mersey crossing going to happen The electrification of the rail lines,


when will these happen? We would have liked to have talked to the


Chancellor about that, because that would have made a difference.


Absolutely. It is really important. We need these circulation in the


Northwest economy. Structure really drives the economy, so we need to


get this going. If one other thing changes the


economy, what will it be? I think we need more exported. So, China.


Get the success of these other countries? Yes. We need to do some


more. Thank you for joining us. I have


some things to say. On Sunday, please watch Sunday Politics. They


will be talking about China and the economy. Also, I want to apologise


if you have been singing On The Road Again all week.


It's maybe unscientific, but it is interesting to hear people 's views


on what they are thinking. It is a television device.


Here is the news. A former police Sergeant who worked


in Lancashire and Liverpool has been convicted of 20 counts of historical


child sex abuse, including rape and indecent assault. 78``year`old


Jeffrey Lake was arrested in January and extradited from his home in


Australia to face trial. He'll be sentenced next week.


A Muslim man from Rochdale, who speaks out against extremism, says


he's been targeted by members of the Somali Islamic group, al`Shabab


Mohammed Shafiq from the Ramadan Foundation says he's been visited by


the police and told of threats made against him. The hour`long video,


which praises the killing of the Middleton soldier, Lee Rigby, is


currently being assessed by police. One of the UK's guest flood defences


has been given approval. ?86,00 will be given to protect the area.


Blackpool and why councils will work together to make the improvements.


And Liverpool has been named the UK's best port of call by an online


travel review website. Cruise Critic, the sister site of Trip


Advisor, names the city as their top destination based on the warm


welcome visitors receive, the historic architecture and nearby


attractions. Two police officer from Merseyside


who saved a stab victim's life have won the North West Regional Police


Bravery Award. PC Peter Stevens seen here on the left, gave first


aid to a man who'd suffered multiple stab wounds, whilst his colleague PC


Nathan Jackman restrained the attacker. The attacker was later


jailed for ten years. When Allan Robinson died last year,


his family wanted something individual to remember him by. So


they put an engraving of a sudoku puzzle and one of a mathematical


equation on his headstone. Allan, from Farndon in Cheshire, was a


mathematician by profession and a bit of a sudoku fanatic. But the


parish council have told his widow that the memorial breaks their


rules, and it has to go. She says she'll go to court. Andy Gill


reports. A widow and a son tend their's


father's grave. Look closely, and you can see how the family has


personalised it. It has the grade of a sudoku puzzle. He worked as a


mathematician. He loved the sudoku puzzles. With the equation, it was


taken from his thesis which he did in 19 70. But the parish council has


said the stone is against regulations and has to be removed.


Other stones in the cemetery also have distinctive designs, so we


asked the council what harm Mr Robinson's stone is doing.


What happens when the next stone comes in and it is perhaps not quite


what you would hope to see? Who are you and I to judge to the family who


submitted that, it might mean the world.


The design should have been submitted to the council beforehand,


but the family said the stonemason said it would not be a problem. If


it had been rejected, Mrs Robinson said that she would be OK with that,


but now it is here, she wanted to stay. It has been very upsetting. I


have been concerned about what might happen. It has been a lot of hassle


for me and just totally unnecessary. I have been very upset.


The council will discuss the matter next month. Mrs Robinson wants the


stone to say and says that she will go to court if necessary.


Still to come on North West Tonight: The Premier League's back.


But can the man who fired England to the World Cup ignite Manchester


United's title defence? And it's amazing what you can pick up on the


Internet these days. Join me later and I will explain how a few clicks


could make you a custodian of the Lake District.


Now, have you ever bought or sold something on eBay?


Yes, I have sold quite a lot. A pair of shoes, a toy? But what


about a prime piece of the Lake District that inspired Wordsworth?


Buyers get a 15 year lease on 2 0 acres, including Esthwaite Water


which is near Hawkshead, for a guide price of ?300,000. Dave Guest has


spent the day with the landowner: as Internet auction lots ago this must


be one of the most spectacular. 280 acres of the Lake District. At


its heart, Esthwaite Water. For 30 years, Nigel has been the custodian


of this place, as leaseholder. He now plans to pass the lease on to


someone else, ask Inc it for sale `` offering it for sale and eBay. It


could be worth a lot of money. What is the best thing about being the


leaseholder on this lake? I think it is the piece of it.


We think that this in spire at Beatrix Potter to write her stories.


The only things that live around here are the frogs. William


Wordsworth is also said to have drawn inspiration from this area.


Often, when we have given our bodies to the winds, and things come


sweeping through the darkness.. In his writing, the lake comes


through the writing, reflecting on his childhood. Thousands of visitors


come here every year. Nigel offers a boat hire and nature safaris to make


his living. He hopes someone else will carry on that work.


And the auction site, they have said that there will be no postage price,


you must get the goods yourself It is very beautiful, but only 5


years. It makes we want to visit for the weekend.


Sport now, and Richard, attention turns back to the Premier League


after the international break? Yes, and for all our sides, a chance


to take stock of where they are early in the season. Liverpool will


be looking to continue their excellent start at Newcastle,


Manchester City travel to West Ham, while Everton and Manchester United


host Hull and Southampton respectively. And after seven


games, the Champions know that, compared to this time last season,


they have work to do to climb back to the top of the Premier League hit


parade. 14th with just six points last


October. Liverpool, second, with ten more, are the biggest movers. With a


lethal duo up front, and the England captain still calling the tune in


midfield. He shoots, at least cause. `` the scores.


We have had a strong season. Our best players will be back.


Down too are Manchester City. Third at this stage last season, fifth


this. But with new stars like Negredo starting to show their


worth, their manager is happy with their current position.


We must arrange the mistakes so that they are not unnecessary. We must


play well. Everton are down three. But seventh


and 12 points still marks a good start under new boss Roberto


Martinez. His band of blues have a fresh look about them this season.


We need to make sure that we develop a way of playing that will be


consistent and strong throughout the season. I feel that the squad is


ready to do that. The biggest fallers are Manchester


United. Down from second on 15 points last season, toninth and ten


points this. But, on the plus side for David Moyes, his creative force,


Wayne Rooney, appears to be back to his best. With a lot more to come


from another who appears destined for fame and fortune.


I don't think that anybody plays every week for Manchester United,


because we have many players. But he is a great player.


And with struggling Stoke and Fulham to come next, United will be


confident they'll soon be climbers once again.


As Lancashire's cricketers prepare for their return to Division One of


the County Championship, 15 players have signed new deals. They include


Simon Kerrigan ` who made his England test debut in this summer's


Ashes series ` and the captain Glen Chapple, who'll turn 40 at the start


of next season. Super League champions Wigan


Warriors have signed two more players ` centre Dan Sarginson and


forward Tony Clubb ` both from London Broncos. They'll join up with


the Warriors in November for the start of pre`season training.


Here's how the Samoan Rugby League squad are getting to know the locals


in Warrington. With just over a week until the start of the World Cup,


they've been greeting local school children with a traditional war


dance, the Siva Tau. Samoa will be based in Warrington during the


tournament. Preston's Laura Massaro, the World


Number Two squash player, is through to the final of the US Open. She


beat Malaysia's Low Wee Wern by three games to two, and faces the


defending champion Nicol David for the title tonight.


And some more success. In tennis, the Liverpool brothers Ken and Neal


Skupski are through to the final of their first ATP event in Moscow


They'd already beaten the top seeds in the quarter final. This afternoon


they defeated the Russian pair Victor Baluda and Konstantin


Kravchuk. Well done to them. The older brother


is 30 now and he is being helped along by his younger brother.


Now to the tale of Lancashire's hidden gem of Victorian


architecture. A huge underground reservoir opens to the public this


weekend so that locals can see it for a first and final time before


its disappears for good. The reservoir at Clayton Le Woods near


Chorley is being demolished to make way for new homes. Peter Marshall's


been to have a look. Outside, it is a building site.


Underground, it is something special.


Built around 1883, it's been described as an underground


cathedral. Victorian built a vault of bridgework `` brickwork of


amazing volume. It is amazing. It is very atmospheric and wonderful.


It is now abandoned, but in its day it held 3000 gallons of drinking


water. This man is one of the few people who has been here before He


took these photos of it back in 1980.


Nobody around here had no idea what treasures there were below the


ground. Many of the reservoirs are concrete columns with flat concrete


roofs. They do not have the appeal of these vaulted arches. This is


probably the last one in the area, and once this is gone, that is it.


Developers are trying to find an affordable way to preserve it, but


it was not viable. In a fortnight, it will be demolished to get new


homes. But not before the public can see it for the first and last time.


We thought it was a good opportunity to let locals look at the reservoir


and see the architecture and the heritage. It officially opens to the


public tomorrow morning, then for the next two weeks it will be open


seven days a week. The last time to see a piece of Lancashire history


before it is gone for good. Damp underground, as well. How about


the weather aboveground? Yes, it will be quite unsettled


There will be some bright spells, but you also need your umbrellas. It


is because of this. We will have this rain which will push through


and on Saturday night will have a lot of showers. There will also be


showers on Sunday. That is because of the low pressure. Tonight, we


will see some more rain drifting in from the Irish season. We will hang


on to plenty of clouds. `` the Irish Sea. The temperatures will be in


double figures in many of the towns and cities. Tomorrow, it will be a


warm day than today. There will be a lot of showers as well. In the


morning, there will be light rain. The rain eases away. We may cease


bright spells moving through the clouds, but as we head to the


afternoon, we will see some heavy showers.


Look at these temperatures. We could see 17 Celsius in Cheshire. On


Sunday, I am afraid there will be more showers and it will be quite


cold. Thank you. Wet and warm for the weekend. Yes, a hint of


everything. Have a lovely weekend. Thank you for watching. Goodbye


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