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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson. And


Annabel Tiffin. Our top story: Paying their


respects. Hundreds answer a call to arms and


attend the funeral of a war veteran they never knew. It is very


poignant, especially today. I just had to come along.


We look at how social media made Harold Percival's death a national


news story. Also tonight: commuter chaos on the


motorway, a high`street `` high`speed pursuit ends in tragedy


as a man tries to run a police officer down.


13 years after it sank off the Isle of Man. Works starts preparing the


Solway Harvester for scrap. The man just didn't know when to say no He


never stopped, he was fantastic Tributes to a rugby league icon


Supreme charity fundraiser Steve Prescott loses his battle against


stomach cancer. On your bike. Dave Myers leaves


Strictly, having had the time of his life.


In life, Harold Jellico Percival was an unassuming man who shied away


from fuss. But his death created an almighty one. When it seemed as


though few would turn out for his funeral today, a rallying call was


sounded through social networking sites. People were urged to show


their support for a World War II veteran, due to be laid to rest on


Armistice Day. And, as our Chief Reporter Dave Guest explains,


hundreds answered that call on a rainy Lancashire morning.


They never knew Harold Percival But that didn't matter. Because I was


not able to go to my own fathers 's role I'd decided that he was a war


hero as well so I would come to this one and remember what they all did.


I am a next service by myself and it is very pointed, especially on the


11th of the 11th so I just had to come along. Harold died, aged 9 , in


a Lytham care home. With few surviving relatives it seemed as


though the congregation at his funeral would be sparse. In the end,


it was anything but. The funeral director had highlighted


Harold's story in the local paper. He said it was a shame if a few


turned out to say farewell to a man who served with bomb come during the


Second World War. It got picked up and put on Facebook and it has


escalated from there. So, as he arrived at the eleventh


hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, people gave a


rousing welcome, before observing the Armistice silence. Thank you for


coming. We marvel at the power of the printed word, be it on paper or


string `` screen, the word brought you here to give thanks for the life


of Harold Jellicoe. The crematorium was filled within minutes but many


more have stayed out of the rain. They cannot hear or see the service


but they say the important thing is they are here to show their For


Harold's family it was all a little overwhelming. Support and show they


care. It is just outstanding. It is amazing and it takes your breath


away. It has been a fantastic turnout. It is more than we could


have ever dream before. What would Harold have made of it


all? Well, apparently he was never one for a fuss, but perhaps he would


have been moved by this one. Thousands of commuters were caught


in chaos on the region's motorways this morning after a man died


following a dramatic 100`mile`an`hour police chase on the


M6. The motorway was closed for 11 hours following the incident, which


began when a car was deliberately driven at a woman in Blackpool last


night. Ian Haslam is at Standish, close to where the man died while


crossing the motorway on foot. So Ian, how did this all begin last


night? Things are back to normal here on


the M6 but it was a far different story 24 hours ago. This is what we


know so far, details have been coming through to us all afternoon.


We know a woman was deliberately hit and injured by a car in Blackpool at


around 9pm last night. Minutes later a police pursuit began of the car,


which was a grey Ford focus. That took them to Preston new road where


officers tried to stop the man with Sting and he tried to run over one


of the police officers but he was not injured. They then went on to


another motorway and a police car forced it off the road, thankfully


none of the police officers were injured. It made its way to the M6


and hit a `` another Ford Ka and the motorist was uninjured. They pulled


up on the hard shoulder close to Charnock Richard where the driver


got out and crossed the motorway and was hit by a car coming in the


opposite direction and was pronounced dead at the scene. We


have had a quote tonight from the Lancashire Police saying...


An investigation's been it was all very dramatic and it had


a knock`on effect for thousands of motorists. Yes I have been speaking


to people and one man said it took two and a half hours to get from


Liverpool to Manchester this morning which something is up. We have


pictures of the scene at 9am this morning where it is virtually at


hand still `` standstill. It is much heavier than normal and it meant a


very busy morning for those in charge of bringing the information


to people across the region. The closure extended into the morning


rush hour and there were stories of it taking two and a half hours for


people to get to work and we saw that journeys were taking double


what they should have done. I spoke to some of the people caught up in


the tailbacks this morning. I think it delayed us by about one hour


Traffic was horrendous. We were stationary for at least half an


hour. My daughter was taking photographs with a mobile phone to


show her boss that it was really bad. She was running one hour late.


That is what the motorists had to stay after a morning of congestion.


Lancashire Police have confirmed an investigation is now underway by the


Independent complaints commission. An investigation's been launched


after the body of a woman was discovered following a house fire in


Merseyside. Crews were called to Village Road in Wirral on Sunday.


The victim was found after the blaze had been put out. It has since


emerged that batteries from the smoke alarm had been removed. Both


Merseyside Police and the Fire Service are investigating.


The former Manchester City Youth player Courtney Meppen`Walter, from


Greater Manchester, has joined Carlisle United on a two`week trial.


The 19`year`old player was sentenced to 16 months in prison in February


after a road traffic collision which led to the deaths of two people The


defender's linked up with the League One side after being released from


jail. A scrutiny panel to oversee the


progress of the new enquiries into the Hillsborough disaster has been


announced. Members will have access to material and information that


were gathered by previous investigations. They will have the


power to publicly voice any concerns that they have about those two


enquiries. For more than a decade, it has been


a memorial to seven fishermen who lost their lives off the Isle of


Man. But today the process of scrapping the scallop dredger The


Solway Harvester began. The families of the Scottish crew were told their


deaths in 2000 were a tragic accident. And, although the vessel


has been kept for ongoing legal action, it's been decided it is no


longer needed. This rusting wreck in Douglas


Harbour is a chilling reminder of one of Britain's's worst wishing


tragedies. Seven fishermen from neighbouring Scottish villages are


now believed to have drowned after the wreck of their trawler, the


Solway Harvester, was found... The entire crew lost their lives,


claimed by the very season which they made their living. Rescuers


searching for seven missing fishermen believe they have located


the wreckage of their boat. The isle of man kept their promise to the


families by recovering and keeping the Solway Harvester, due to the


possibility of continuing legal action. The captain was involved in


salvaging the wreck and his job now is to scrap it. There needs to be


closure because this has been a very sad and macabre recite in the


harbour for 13 years. It is always a reminder of the tragedy that


occurred. The move is reckoned `` the move is welcomed by the public.


I do not think it is nice for any fishermen for this to be the last


place that people say. I would prefer it to go back to where it was


bound and left at the bottom of the sea but it should be removed. It is


a good idea, it is long past time it was done. The scrapping of the


Solway Harvester will be done as quickly and as sensitively as


possible. It is just a closure for the Isle of Man and also for the


families of the deceased. The opportunity and the time has come


and we believe it is appropriate `` we believe it is appropriate to move


on. The vessel is expected to be gone by the time of the 14th


anniversary of the sinking in January.


Cleveley's last market will close to make way for a new Poundland store.


Traders had fought a public campaign to keep it open ` with support of


the local MP. But today they moved stock out and dropped plans for a


civil court action. It is the last of three markets to close in the


town. Councillors in Blackpool will vote


this evening on whether to close the organisation set up to promote the


town. Marketing Blackpool, which is partly funded by the council, lost


?375,000 on this year's Illuminations switch`on, after


introducing a charge for tickets. When Kelly Griffin from Oldham was


diagnosed with breast cancer her world fell apart. She feared the


disease might rob her of seeing her three children grow up. But, two


years on, Kelly is back at work and has even got married.


Kelly is part of a clinical trial at Manchester's Christie Hospital. Her


handprints, and those of other cancer survivors, are now being


included in the design of a new research centre. And, as Abbie Jones


reports, it's hoped treatment there will offer new hope to more patients


like Kelly. Push nice and hard. Purple paint. One way to leave a


lasting impression. Kelly Griffin's handprints will now be immortalised


in the windows of Manchester's new cancer research centre. But she says


the treatment, including a new trial drug, she received at the Christie


hospital has left an equally positive mark on her life. I have


had positive scan results. We have holidays and me and my husband both


work and we are able to take our children to school so everything


really continues as normal which is fantastic for us. Without new


research into cancer, 10`year`old Amber Irvine's family say she might


not be here today. Amber, from Ashton under Lyne, nearly died from


leukaemia, but is now in the clear. It was a bit scary. I did not know


what was going on but my mum and dad explained and then it was all right.


Amber dug the first piece of ground for the new Manchester Cancer


Research Centre which opens next year. Funded by Cancer Research UK,


The University of Manchester and The Christie, it hopes to make more


breakthroughs in treatment. We want to have more trials so patients will


potentially benefit from potential new treatments. We want to really


understand the disease in more detail.


Lily Beswick was diagnosed with cancer just after her first


birthday. She tragically died a year ago. But her mum Clair says advances


in research still helped them. We had those nine months with her that


probably 20 years ago without the research that has happened, we would


not have had that. Kelly and her family are now slotting the pieces


of their life back together. She hopes her story and the new centre


will give others hope that they can do the same.


It is a milestone day for the Christie and BBC Radio Manchester is


raising money for them all year Still to come on North West Tonight:


It's that time of year again, how you can help Children In Need.


The children of today remember generations gone by as hundreds get


together for an act of wartime remembrance. We will get straight


with that story. Remembrance commemorations have taken place


across the region today and hundreds of schoolchildren have been getting


a stark reminder of the horrors of war. They've been taking part in an


act of remembrance, based on a host of wartime events including the


blitz, dam`busting and D`day. It's being performed to raise money for


the Royal British Legion. Peter Marshall went along to see


rehearsals. Don't let there be a gap! Keep it up.


Lest we forget. A vivid reminder of history's horrors for today's


schoolchildren. The rise of the Nazis, evacuation, sacrifice. All


acted out by youngsters from a dozen Lancashire primary schools. If we do


not learn about it then it could all start again and it is not very nice.


People gave their lives for us and we are giving something back to


them. Sometimes it makes you want to cry. If we remember how horrible it


is that we will learn not to start another war in the future.


The Forget`Me`Not act of remembrance has been created by head teacher


Simon Wallis, based on memories from his own family. I have had tears


rolling down my cheek at times because it strikes a chord because I


am thinking about my family and people who are no longer with us.


Its poignant and powerful. In the D`day reconstruction, children are


given a number which decides if they survive or die, the lottery of life


and death in war. There are limits of entertainment am from within the


performance, there has to be to keep the children engaged, but above all


it is about remembrance, reminding young and old about the true horrors


of armed conflict. It ends with scores of


schoolchildren creating that blood red symbol of remembrance, the


poppy. Money raised by public performances earlier today and later


tonight go to the Royal British Legion.


The North West has long been one of the most generous regions when it


comes to donating money to Children In Need and it is hoped that this


year will be no different. Friday is expected to be bigger and better


than ever. Expected to be?


It will be! You are taking part of course.


The venue for us this year is in Manchester. I will meet some heroes


who have raised thousands of pounds over the years. What does the


charity do with all of that money? Carol is integral to the campaign


and you have some facts and figures for us.


BBC Children In Need is one of two official BBC charities.


BBC Children In Need is one of only two official BBC charities. We're


consistently one of the most generous regions. Last year you gave


more than ?2 million. Now while we give a lot, we get a lot back. The


charity is currently funding 31 North West projects totalling ? 3


million. Each year a board of volunteer trustees sift through the


applications to decide which projects to fund. But there's never


enough money to go round. Children In Need can only fund one in every


three projects. And every penny you give goes towards helping children


and young people. That's because Children In Need invests your


donations and pays its running costs from interest it makes. Now, I've


been to visit three projects this year The Boathouse, a youth project


for children in a deprived area of Blackpool.


Pulling Together, an arts project in Manchester which is creating a


puppet show to raise awareness about forced marriage among young girls.


And Oakleaf, a bereavement service for children in Liverpool. Your


donations pay for specialist children's counsellor, Joan Brennan.


She uses techniques such as play therapy to help youngsters and their


families come to terms with loss and separation. She says the service is


invaluable. First of all I would say an absolute thank you for the money


that we have had so far to build this service. The service is very


new and we are doing so much. We have a whole waiting list of


children to come in here and see us, children and families and


schools that have really desperate for our full service `` about are


really desperate for our service. So, the big night is this Friday.


Joining Roger will be the Children In Need choir, Hacker T Dog and


Chris from CBBC and most importantly, our fundraisers.


Roger, have you been airbrushed on that?


I think it is an old photo! How old? There is some


conversation, there are two things about going to work with no make up


on all wearing your pyjamas to work. Can you get away with it? I


would wear my pyjamas to work. I would love to be brave enough to go


barefaced. Richard will be here He is here for the sport and he might


wear our pyjamas if he is very lucky.


It is shaping up to be one of the most exciting title races in years.


Liverpool are just two points off the top after another convincing


win, this time over Fulham, while Manchester United are also finding


their feet after a huge win over leaders Arsenal.


It was United's big names that made the difference in that game.


Yes, Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie both drew praise from David


Moyes after the 1`0 win. And they combined for the


all`important goal as well. It was Rooney's corner that was met by the


Dutchman midway through the first half, as United moved to within


three points of Liverpool and five of The Gunners. We defended well.


That was tough teams and Arsenal moved the ball really well. We


defended well and created the better chances so I think we deserved the


win. All good for United then, but a sorry Sunday for Manchester City.


They really are having problems away from home this season. After


surprise and costly defeats at the likes of Cardiff and Aston Villa


already this season, it's now four points from 18 away for City, after


this loss at lowly Sunderland. Manager Manuel Pellegrini has


admitted he's concerned and says they must start winning if they re


to retain their Premier League title hopes.


One of our most inspirational sporting figures passed away at the


weekend. Steve Prescott, who played for the likes of St Helens and Hull


FC, raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity despite being


diagnosed with terminal cancer seven years ago. Since then Steve has


driven himself to run marathons row across the Channel and take on


countless other physical challenges. A man to be truly admired.


An inspirational figure who battles to the end. Few people have touched


as many lives as Steve Prescott As a rugby player he did have equals


and I think it is safe to say that everybody knew him as a person, he


did not have an equal and never will. Messages and tributes have


flooded in and a book of condolence has been opened. He was such an


inspiration, truly wonderful human being. The man did not know when to


say no. He never stopped, he was fantastic. He will not be forgotten


in this town, that is for certain. Steve, Saint Helen 's double `` St


Helens born and bred, made his name with his home club and this was his


finest hour scoring two tries to lift the challenge cup. He did not


just inspired a rugby league community, he inspired everyone


Typically he often spoke about what others had done for him. This was


him after a charity match. The rugby league community has got together


and it is fantastic. Despite his condition he ran marathons, climbed


mountains and swam across rivers to raise more than ?500,000, much of it


for cancer research in Manchester. He took his challengers on


headfirst. He led them from the front and I took pleasure on being


with him on many of the challenges and he was always there, no matter


how poorly he was. You could not keep count of the charities and the


things he was doing. I would pick up the paper up and he would be


climbing something or rowing something and I just could not


believe it. More than inspirational, `` more than inspirational, probably


mostly `` the most exceptional person I have ever met. Steve


insisted after he died at his foundation would carry on and


continue raising money. A true man of steel.


He really was a tremendous fellow and I could have picked any number


of examples to illustrate how far he went to raise money. In 2012 is he


started a tremendous fellow and I could have picked any number of


examples to illustrate how far he went to raise money. In 2012 is he


started challenging Harle and ran across the Humber Bridge and swam


part of the Humber estuary and then cycled to Liverpool. He swam the


mercy, he got out and ran to witness and then the next day he got in a


canoe for 27 miles to Old Trafford and he delivered the match ball


A real man of steel, you are absolutely right.


If you watch Strictly Come Dancing, you'll know our very own Dave Myers


was voted off this weekend. The Hairy Biker from Barrow failed to


impress with his tango which was described as stompy. But he's


certainly been one of the most entertaining contestants on the


show. Afterwards he said it had been a spectacular privilege to take


part. Judy Hobson reports. Their dance was described as a


little rough around the edges but Dave Myers definitely deserved full


marks for entertainment. Let me tell you, you are unforgettable,


unpredictable and for me you are on Mr. But his dancing was not


unmissable. He was the sixth celebrity to be


voted off this series. US jumping around like a beast of burden,


dragging that poor girl. It is like John Sergeant all over again. And


although disappointed, he said he'd had the time of his life. It has


been like being part of the best party ever. There is a strictly


family. People ask if it is really competitive but the early person you


really compete with it yourself My only thoughts were moving my feet


one in front of the other. There are two things we really love


in this world, biking and baking. He is best`known as a hairy biker


but his roots remain firmly his hometown of Barrow. We have got a


dance Academy and a lovely theatre and I am looking forward to going


back there tomorrow. I am a middle`aged man with two left feet


and I got halfway through Strictly Come Dancing and my last dance was


my best dance. I thought it was all right. If you are a fan, can see


more of his stomping steps on the Stricly Chrsitmas Special, although


he insists his dances arent supposed to be funny, they just come out that


way. He gave hope to dad dances like me


everywhere! Well done. Today was a completely


different day to yesterday. Yesterday there was plenty of


sunshine but it has been very disappointing today. Cloudy with a


lot of rain on and off all day. In the next few days you can see the


warm air is just starting to flow away so it will be chilly for the


next few days. We go from 13 degrees today down to 10 degrees tomorrow


and for the rest of the week we keep the temperature is in single


figures. Tonight plenty of cloud around. Look at this, the rain will


ease the way and it will be drier by dawn. We hang onto clear skies and


it will be murky by dawn and temperatures could fall to two or


three degrees. Cumbria will be the coldest place to be by dawn.


Tomorrow, what a difference a day makes, conditions will be better. It


will be drier and brighter from the word go. We hang onto clear skies


first thing with sunshine through the morning. It will be a breezy


day. Chile despite the sunshine Hardly any rain around tomorrow


Look at these temperatures. They will be in single figures in parts


of Lancashire. Over the next couple of days there is plenty of clouds to


come as we head into Wednesday. Look at this. A lot of cloud. The


temperatures will just about stay in double figures and from Wednesday


into Thursday we expect rain and a weather front so it will be colder


again by Thursday. It is all up and down, isn't it


Thank you very much. The excitement of Children In Need


is building already. The one show is live in Bolton after


this with a rickshaw challenge. We are wearing pyjamas?


Hope so.


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