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Good evening. Local campaigners have welcomed


today's news that the Second World War code`breaker Alan Turing, who


worked at Manchester University has received a posthumous royal pardon.


Dr Turing was convicted in 1952 for homosexual activity, which was


illegal at the time. He killed himself two years later. There's


been a long campaign, largely based in Manchester, to secure his pardon.


We've certainly adopted him as one of our own. He spent a lot of time


working here, he lived here, he loved the city, and the city loved


Alan Turing. That is evident in street names, buildings, statues,


bridges. For him to be celebrated today means an awful lot to


Manchester. Lancashire Police are continuing


their investigation after a man s body was discovered in a street in


Chorley. He's believed to have been aged in his fifties, and his death


is being treated as unexplained at the moment. His body was found in


Gillibrand Walks near the town centre, early this morning.


The government has given its support to a smartphone app which will allow


cyclists to report potholes. The idea was announced by Roads


Minister Robert Goodwill who has been in Oldham, looking at the


problem. It will enable the councils, particularly older which


is one of the best in terms of its strategy for maintaining roads.


"Lest we forget", the inscription on memorials dating back to the First


World War. As the years go by though, many of those named have


been forgotten. But 12`year`old Beth McGivern is determined that one man


from Liverpool, who died at the Somme, will be remembered. She's our


final Christmas star. This is a story of a kind of


friendship, a soldier and a school born a century apart. Both from


Liverpool, they never met. The soldier was Sidney Harris, he lived


in egg birth. When the First World War came along, he joined one of the


liveable battalions. In 1916, when he was 24, he died at the Battle of


the Somme. Sidney Harris's grave was derelict, until discovered by Beth


McGivern. She is 12. Bethany thought, this man is a war


hero, nobody is looking after his grave. She looks after him all the


time. These mementos on the grave. Beth has raved ?1000 towards a


memorial to the battalion in Liverpool. We would like to give


this Christmas star to Bethany on our behalf.


That is beautiful, she will really appreciate that.


We would like to say we are so proud of what you have done. Why is it


important to remember soldiers? Because they gave their lives for


us. As the centenary of the Great War pictures, Beth McGivern is


determined one`man's sacrifice will not be forgotten.


Eno's here to tell us about the Christmas weather.


Good evening. A windy afternoon but mostly dry. 12 showers sneaking


through by late afternoon. We still have four flood warnings from the


Environment Agency. And we hang onto that yellow weather warning for


strong winds from the wet `` the Met Office. Showers continue to feed


through. They will ease away after midnight. Dreyer, the winds will


fade. Clear skies. A chilly night, temperatures dropping to two


Celsius. Some frost on Christmas morning. Thankfully, Christmas Day


looks much quieter. We start on a dry and bright note tomorrow. I


don't think we will see hardly any showers. Plenty of sunshine in the


afternoon, not particularly warm, eight Celsius may be. Boxing Day


looks really good. For the time being, your local radio can update


you on travel. That's all from us tonight. Our next


bulletin's at 1pm on Boxing Day From everyone at North West Tonight,


Hello. The weather has been a little kinder today to travellers and


last-minute Christmas shoppers across England and Wales. Not as bad


as we feared across Northern Ireland. We have a warning out


across parts of Scott and for that strong wind through this evening. Up


to 80 miles an hour across the far north of Scotland for a


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