27/12/2013 North West Tonight


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more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel. We're back with


the Good evening. The North West


Ambulance Service warned people not to go out on the Lancashire coast


today after strong winds knocked over and injured six people. At one


stage, hundreds of homes in the region were without electricity


after the gales brought down power lines. And in Barrow, a house


partially collapsed as gusts of up to 70 mph hit South Cumbria. Mark


Edwardson reports. The North West coast lashed by


gale`force winds, leading to a warning to stay away. But for some,


the temptation proved irresistible. We just drove down from Manchester


to see the waves. Why are you out on a day like this? My mum's ashes are


down there. We had a quick look and walked back. There have been


problems elsewhere. Manchester Airport says the winds have


disrupted flights to Dublin. Speed restrictions have been imposed on


motorways and exposed root is. At the Chill Factore, the roof was


being inspected after a section came loose. This is Greenhayes Farm near


Middlewich in Cheshire. Power companies have been reconnecting


hundreds of homes, blacked out after lines came down. In Ulnes Walton


near Leyland, it proved spectacular. It is like a scene out of a movie,


all the wires were arcing together with sparks everywhere. The kids


were frightened, we got them all in one room and just put the quilts on


the floor and all that. Around the coast at Barrow earlier today, I


house partially collapsed in the wind, roof tiles and bricks piled on


top of the car. Thankfully, no one was injured. But Rutland Street and


Westmoreland Street were cordoned off.


The gales are continuing to disrupt train and ferry services. Virgin


Rail report delays on the West Coast Main Line. Trans`Pennine has also


been having problems, particularly heading north. Tonight's ferry


services between the Isle of Man and Heysham will be delayed. An earlier


Stena Line ferry to Belfast was cancelled, but tonight's service is


expected to run on time. As wild weather batters the region,


spare a thought for those who've been sleeping rough over the festive


season. 100 homeless people were given some Christmas cheer today


with a party at Manchester Cathedral. It was all organised by a


local DJ, as Naomi Cornwell reports. Spreading a little Christmas cheer


to those who might not otherwise get a chance to celebrate. Jon Besant, a


Manchester DJ enlisted 100 volunteers to buddy up with 100


people, supported by the Booth Centre, a charity for the homeless.


Some are sleeping out, others are in hostels, it is a really lonely time


for people. You get the most well `` wonderful but vulnerable people out


there. We wanted to give them as close to possible Christmas Day as


we. The result was a party this morning, complete with three`course


dinner, festive jumpers for all and rucksacks full of vital provisions,


donated by businesses. They need a lot of help. I couldn't do it by


myself. It provides me with clothing, food, I am very proud of


them. Tell them thanks from me, they had a brilliant job. The charity is


now urging anyone with unwanted presents to donate them at the


Cathedral, and make someone else's Christmas special.


A 44`year`old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a body


was found at a flat in Greater Manchester. The 62`year`old victim


was discovered at Stock's Court in Walkden at 8:30pm last night.


A former footballer who was once the world's most expensive teenage


player has died at the age of 4 . Wayne Harrison was 17 and tipped for


stardom when Liverpool paid Oldham Athletic ?250,000 for him in 19 5.


But a series of injuries blighted his career. He died from pancreatic


problems on Christmas Day. A Manchester couple whose Christmas


present to their disabled son was destroyed by arsonists say they ve


been overwhelmed with offers of help. Harvey Ratcliff has severe


physical and learning disabilities. His family saved up to convert a


garden shed into a sensory room for him. But thieves stole the equipment


and set fire to the shed early on Christmas Day. Now it's being


restored, thanks to donations. Now, are the gales going to


continue? Eno's here with the weather.


It has been blowing a gale across the region today. Even Crosby and


Merseyside saw winds as high as 70 mph. Angrily, as we had overnight,


`` thankfully, the winds will ease away. As we head towards dawn, we


will have some clear skies, particularly over Cheshire and


Greater Manchester. We could see some ice formation, some mist and


frostbite dawn tomorrow. The picture for tomorrow looks much better,


brighter and just more breezy as opposed to win the. Still one or two


showers tomorrow but we will get some good spells of sunshine in


between. Six or seven Celsius at best, but less windy. It is dry on


Sunday but colder. For the next few hours, BBC Radio Cumbria,


Lancashire, Manchester and Merseyside will keep you updated on


any travel disruption. We will be back at 10:15pm, goodbye


for now. Good evening. What a week it has


been, a stormy start, a law through Christmas, then a wild end to the


week, had to keep up, isn't it?


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