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on the BBC News Channel. I'm back with the News at Ten. Now it's time


for the latest where you Good evening. The police in Cumbria


have named a man who died in a house fire in Ambleside as Richard Durkin.


He was 58. The blaze broke out in a terraced house in the centre of the


town early today. Fire crews were called to the house


on Bridge Street at 7:30am. There was a severe fire in the kitchen


which spread to other parts of the property. You can see fire damage to


the window at the rear of the house. Fire officers recovered the


man from the fire but despite receiving medical attention, he


died. His partner escaped unharmed. Fire crews from across the South


Lakes help. Crews from the area were mobilised. They got here quickly.


The Ambleside crew were just over the road. They started tackling the


fire using breathing apparatus and hose reel jets. They had to remove a


casualty, unfortunately, a fatality from the premises. The fire was in a


house just if you yards from the centre of Ambleside. Thousands of


visitors are preparing for New Year holidays. We understand his partner


was asleep upstairs when the fire alarm went off. She tried to get him


out of the property but was unable to do so. Neighbours say he had


lived here for about seven years. They described him as kind and even


tempered. Many are clearly extremely shocked at what has happened. This


afternoon, men were carrying out repairs at the house. Cumbria Fire


Service say a full investigation into the cause of the blaze is now


underway but they say it was accidental and not malicious. The


BBC understands that a faulty heater may have been to blame.


The 60`year`old Labour MP was running with his son yesterday when


he was taken ill. He was taken to Salford Royal was little by anglers.


His family has released a statement and have asked for prayers and


privacy. He is a fighter. With the skills of the surgeons, at one of


the best hospitals in the country, he will pull through. My thoughts


are with his wife and his family. Hopefully we will get some good news


in the next few days. A stand`off between armed police and


a man, who it's alleged was holding a woman against her will in Burnley,


has ended. Officers were called to the property in Escott Gardens at


4.30 yesterday afternoon. Within the last hour police say the woman was


released unharmed. A 20`year`old man and a 15`year`old boy have been


arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment and are currently in


police custody. A minute's silence is to be held in


memory of Adam pick`up whose body was found yesterday after he went


missing on a night out in Manchester. The organisers of the


city's New Year celebrations will ask revellers to remember the


17`year`old from Stockport. A large sinkhole's appeared in part


of the Peak District in Derbyshire. The hole, on farmland near the


village of Foolow, is over 150 feet wide. It's thought the earth


movement could be connected to underground caverns and mining


activity in the area in the past. The broadcaster Geoffrey Wheeler has


died in Cheshire aged 80. He was best known for presenting BBC shows


including songs of praise. He died yesterday after a long illness.


Now, humbled, ecstatic and close to tears. The reactions of a host of


names from the North West who've been recognised in the New Year's


been recognised in the New Year s honours list. Among them is the


chief executive of Salford Royal Hospital, who's the only person in


the region to receive a Knighthood and a couple from Oldham who have


fostered more than 150 children. For 30 years, fostering children has


been a career and a pleasure for Glenys and Harold Cockroft from


Oldham. They've even spent weeks living in hospital to care for sick


children. They're to be rewarded with an MBE. It is nice. It is a


shock. We are very proud, aren't we? We don't do it for no reward, just


for the children. The reward is seeing those children happy. Just


happy. Also collecting an MBE will be the founder of the Kinder


Children's Choir of the High Peak, Joyce Ellis from Derbyshire. The


choir takes children of all abilities, regardless of cost. I am


conscious that children are typecast in many way if they cannot sing by


the time they are eight, then they don't sing at all. We don't


audition. I think that is really important. Auditioning is not


appropriate all the time. Staying with music, the Liverpool born world


famous conductor Sir Simon Rattle is awarded an Order of Merit. And Sir


Peter Maxwell`Davies, the Queen s Peter Maxwell`Davies, the Queen's


official composer who was born in Salford, will be made a Companion of


Honour. Restaurant owners, sisters Lisa and Helen Tse from Oldham, will


collect an MBE. Becoming a knight is David Dalton, the Chief Executive of


Salford Royal Hospital, which was recently named the north of


England's Trust of the Year. While in Lancashire, Blackpool nightclub


entrepreneur Basil Newby gains an MBE. For him, and all the others on


the honour's list, it's a New Year to celebrate.


Manchester's big wheel has returned to the city. Piccadilly Gardens will


be the new home for the wheel which offers rides in 42 boards. It will


host tonight 's fire display and `` firework display and will remain


there until 2015. Good evening. We started New Year's


Eve with a huge band of rain and we have two flood warnings from the


Environment Agency in force. But if you are out and about in the next


few hours, you can expect to see some hefty showers. The work `` they


are working their way in from the West. The wind is also picking up,


near gale force by Dawn. Fewer showers and temperatures will be


down to two or three Celsius by Dawn. For the first day of 2014 I'm


Dawn. For the first day of 2014, I'm afraid we are going to started with


a yellow weather warning from The Met office. We do start off fairly


dry and fairly cloudy. That rain begins to work in from the


south`west. Some heavy pulses of rain through the afternoon and the


winds will continue to pick up, particularly around the Isle of Man,


where we could see winds close to gale force. By late afternoon, we


are left with heavy showers. Temperatures close to nine or 10


Temperatures close to nine or 1 Celsius. On Thursday, it is drier,


hopefully sunnier of the first week of the New Year will bring lots of


rain and strong winds. BBC Radio Cumbria, Lancashire, Manchester and


Merseyside will keep you regularly updated. That's our last programme


for 2013. We are back at one o'clock tomorrow. Happy New


Good evening. It looks like mother nature may provide her own


pyrotechnics in the run-up to bid night tonight. We have some heavy


showers in western parts, starting to ease a bit across Scotland and


Northern Ireland. But the showers further south are heavier, with some


flashes of lightning as they move eastwards. They do get a bit more


hit and miss as we head towards midnight, but a greater chance of


getting wet in the south as we move into 2014. Cardiff and London could


see heavy downpours. Further north, you could be greeting the New Year


on a dry note. A touch of


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