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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight, with Annabel Tiffin and


Roger Johnson. Our top story. Accused of rape and kidnap. A court


is told a Chester man attacked his victim just two days after being


released from prison. It's claimed Peter Watton subjected the woman to


a nine`hour ordeal. Also tonight.


Police search an anti`fracking campsite after claims a flare was


fired at the force helicopter. The former alcoholic Lancashire


woman who's dog chewed off part of her face. She says it saved her


life. I am happy to be alive, I am happy


to know I am going to live. And, the story of Sir Philip Craven,


one of the most important people in the world of sport.


A court has heard that a man kidnapped and raped a woman just two


days after being released from prison. Peter Watton was halfway


through a six`year sentence for kidnap and robbery. Mr Watton, who's


from Chester, denies 12 offences. What are the basic details of the


alleged attack? Six tall and muscle`bound, that is


how the prosecution described the man in the dock, he is 37 years old,


Peter Watton, from Chester, and it is their case that in June last year


he lay in wait for a lone female on a footpath not far from here, on the


outskirts of Chester. His alleged victim was out jogging with her dog


when he is said to have pushed her into bushes and, armed with a knife,


subjected her to a nine`hour ordeal of sexual degradation. At the end of


it, she broke free and ran to a house and raised the alarm. Peter


Watton's case is there was no life and that this was a chance encounter


followed by consensual sex over a much shorter period of time. He


denies 12 charges, including rape and kidnap. This is said to have


happened days after his release from prison. How was Peter Watton


arrested? Just two days after he had been released from prison after


serving half of a six`year sentence for kidnap and robbery. Another


detail given to the jury about his past, in 1999, the admitted


attempting financially to abduct another woman while he was dressed


as a policeman. He was finally arrested in June near a railway line


on the Welsh border after a chase, after he had been spotted by an


off`duty special constable. The police have decided they wanted to


question him quickly, within three and a half hours of the alarm being


raised. They knocked on his door, he was not there. It was after a


manhunt that he was finally arrested. Tomorrow, is alleged


victim will give evidence. Police have been searching the


campsite set up by anti`fracking protestors at Eccles in Greater


Manchester. It follows claims that a flare was fired from the camp


towards a police helicopter as it came in to land at a nearby


airfield. The protestors deny the claims. Today, they chained


themselves together to block the road leading to the site.


Power to the people! The protestors have a right to protest. The police


have a duty to ensure it's done lawfully. Today, Greater Manchester


Police revealed that's cost ?33 ,000 Police revealed that's cost ?33 ,000


since the protest camp was established here in Eccles.


The company IGas says it wants to establish whether fracking for shale


gas would be feasible here. In the bigger picture, more fossil fuels


being burned, contributing to climate change, so we are trying to


stop that. This morning, three women manacled themselves to a complex


system of tubes and concrete blocks to barricade the access road.


Specialist teams are attempting to cut them free from the pipes and


concrete. If their aim was to cause disruption to traffic flow in and


out of the site here, judging by the backlog of the road, it seems they


have had some success. The lane was also clogged by large numbers of


police, who'd arrived to search the protest camp. The pilot of a police


helicopter had reported that a flare was fired from here as his aircraft


came in to land at the adjoining airfield. Demonstrators denied any


involvement. They said they would not sanction such a move. Nobody


would look to in danger anybody's life, it is a silly action. Would


you turn in the person who fired the flare? Yes, if we found out who the


person was. The police found a small quantity of cannabis, but no flares


or flare gun. IGas say they'll continue their explorations here.


The protestors say they'll continue trying to disrupt them.


The financial regulator has launched an investigation into the


Manchester`based Co`operative Bank. The review will consider the role of


former senior managers at the Co`op, which underwent a rescue last year


after a ?1.5 billion black hole was discovered in its finances. The


Treasury has already announced an independent review into the lender's


troubles. An inquiry into a helicopter crash


in the North Sea in which 16 people died, including a man from


Merseyside, has been told the aircraft fell like a torpedo. A


seaman who saw the crash off the Aberdeenshire coast nearly five


years ago said its rotor blades broke away from the fuselage. James


Edwards from Fazakerley was among those killed.


Police investigating claims of historic sex abuse at two Manchester


music schools are considering extradition proceedings against a


former violin teacher living in the United States. 56`year`old Chris


Ling is wanted for questioning as part of their investigation into


allegations at Chetham's School of Music and the Royal Northern College


of Music. Detectives say an Oldham Athletic


fan who was stabbed after yesterday's FA Cup game at Liverpool


is refusing to talk to them. The man, who's 35, flagged down a


passing ambulance in the Anfield area after a disturbance at around


5pm. His injuries are not life`threatening.


Work to build a new link road connecting Heysham to the M6


motorway is finally under way. Last month, objectors lost their final


legal challenge to stop the ?12 million project.


It was the most brutal of wake`up calls, but Wendy Hamriding says her


dog biting off part of her face was one of the best things that ever


happened to her. Wendy was an alcoholic and says drink would have


killed her had she not suffered the horrific injuries inflicted by her


pet. Now, surgeons have rebuilt her face, and she hopes to work with


recovering alcoholics. I should warn you, you may find this


report distressing. She entails strangers' stays and


constant pain, but Wendy Hamriding says the day she woke up to find her


dog had written off half her face is the day she stopped being controlled


by alcohol and began to live again. I was a chronic alcoholic, there was


no when the left. I wanted her back. When this happened, she came back.


Would you say this has saved your life? Yes, my dog saved her life ``


saved my life. She was drunk, had fallen down the stairs and had


passed out. She knew immediately she would never touch and a big drop.


People will say, how can you be pleased that this has happened? I


would be dead otherwise. I am no good to anybody dead, I am no good


to Mike kids or grandkids dead. Incredibly, specialists teamed up


with a surgeon in Brighton who took part of her tooth and moulded it to


create a protective layer for a new fake I, and for the first time in


two years, she can see again. How happy are you now? Really happy. I


enjoy waking up in the morning, giving the birds sing, and all I


does today was shot at them because I had a hangover. I am happy. `


shout at them. I'm happy to know I am going live.


It is courageous of her to tell her story, and he very much.


Many coastal roads on the Isle of Man were closed as rain and gale


force winds moved in. Many residents spent yesterday putting sandbags


outside their houses in preparation for more flooding this afternoon. A


red flood warning was issued and gusts reached up to 60 miles an


hour. The town promenade this afternoon,


the road turned into a river. High tide and strong winds and a bad


combination. Over 10,000 sandbags have been handed out over the


weekend, some people have fled their homes. This is my parents' house,


but because they are elderly, they are staying in the hotel. They are


staying there until Saturday, till we can get downstairs emptied and


cleared and dry. With the cooker on `` on blogs, she did all she could.


We got the fridge freezer out of the kitchen, we put it up on breeze


blocks to see if we could lift it out of the water. It came in so


fast, we could not do it quick enough. Today, numerous roads were


closed, to keep people away. After Friday's storm, it took hours to


clear away the debris. There were hundreds of tonnes of silt on the


road, we were using excavators to clear it before we could sweep it.


Forecasters say it could be years before we see whether this severe


again. It is a fairly rare event. We saw a flood event like this on


Friday, but the last one was in 2002, so 12 years ago. It is a one


in ten to 15 year event. These narrow streets and again covered in


water today, residents and volunteers are clearing out what is


destroyed so they can move back home.


Let's hope there is no more rain and wind to come. We will have the


weather at the end of the programme. Still to come on North West Tonight.


From London to Rio. We meet the local man masterminding


some the world's biggest sporting events.


The Chancellor's confirmed today billions of pounds more will be cut


after the next general election. billions of pounds more will be cut


after the next general election And after the next general election. And


that means the squeeze on our councils will continue. Over the


next few weeks, many councils are publishing their budgets for this


coming year. But what does it mean in practice for those affected?


There's no doubt councils have been hit hardest by the Government's


cuts. Local Government has already lost about a quarter of its budget.


But today, the Chancellor reminded people that he's trying to balance


the books and defended the need for another ?25 billion of cuts after


the next election. When it comes to the choices we


make, I want to go on creating a welfare system that is fair to those


who need it, making sure it protect those who need it, but also fair to


those who pay for it. Take Salford City Council. It says


it's lost ?97 million over the last three years. Government funding is


being cut by ?16 million next financial year. But with increasing


costs taken into account, Salford says it will actually need to save


?25 million. So, it's stopping free social`care support for people


classed as having moderate needs, people like Betty Morris.


I have paid for a cleaner to come and clean for me. Now, that has been


cancelled. How can I add my age to my own cleaning?


Salford was the last council in Greater Manchester to still meet


moderate need. But in a statement, it said, we spend 22% of our annual


net budget of ?60 million on adult social care, yet have had to make


?25 million cuts to this over the past three years. This shows the


real, human impact of the savage cuts Salford City Council is being


forced to make. 1,000 people on moderate care are being reviewed. It


should save about ?1 million, though that's costly for those like Betty


who lose out. Tomorrow, Salford will publish its annual budget, they will


tell us who else will lose out as well.


A Manchester`based charity is warning about the increase in human


trafficking in the North West. Hope For Justice has rescued 142 victims


of modern slavery in the last two years in the UK, and says more needs


to be done to tackle a growing crime.


Last year, a couple from Salford were jailed for trafficking a girl


into the country from Pakistan. The court heard how they had kept the


girl in a cold, damp cellar with no contact with the outside world for


nearly a decade. As shocking as it is, it does not surprise those


working for Hope For Justice. I have dealt with numerous cases of the


most horrific kinds of abuse imaginable. That is always going to


be shocking to me. Predominantly, people are brought into the country


via some kind of deception, for the promises of work or a different life


in this country. We had to work every day, seven days a week, from


morning until evening. We had to live in the same room and sleep on


the same bed. I'd used to think that the UK was a place of freedom. By


setting up the charity, its founders hope they can reach out to more


people who would otherwise remain trapped. There is a strong feeling.


People talk about slavery, they imagine people being locked in


cages. Why put somebody in a physical page when you can put them


in a mental cage? You can see more on the work done by Hope For Justice


tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One. It is an amazing story.


They have got some fantastic access, they went with the police,


looking for the traffickers. It is at 7:30pm.


Diane will be there, and she will return to us next month, after


working on other projects for a while.


Richard is here now with the sport, and we start with a recurring theme,


more misery for Manchester United. Yes, a fifth home defeat of the


season, and this one sees them dumped out of the FA Cup as well.


Swansea won at Old Trafford for the first time in their history thanks


to Wilfried Bony's late, late winner. This after United had been


reduced to ten men following the sending off of Fabio da Silva.


No excuse, we had a very strong team at, just about every player we had


was an international. Nearly every player. It has been a tough start, a


tough opening period. Disappointed that we have not won more games and


played better. But I am sure it will change, I have got no doubt about


that. Manchester United fans have been largely patient after the


team's stuttering start under David Moyes.


Is that still the case, do you think?


It is hard to gauge. There were signs that certain sections of the


support were growing restless. There were boos at Old Trafford at the end


of the match. But I think, as these banners indicate, the support for


David Moyes and the understanding that his rebuilding job will take


time remains pretty solid. It's fair to say, though, that United's


Capital One Cup semifinal against Sunderland tomorrow night has now


taken on added significance. Well, earlier in the weekend, some


of our other sides made it safely through to Round Four. And for one


or two, that old phrase the magic of the FA Cup was spot on.


Rochdale made it into the Fourth Round for the first time in 11 years


in style. Scott Hogan scored the first. Ian Henderson the second an


absolute cracker that capped his man`of`the`match performance. And a


great day for the club. It has snowballed for us over three rounds,


we have got another home game now, with the tail sticking again, it is


fantastic, and it makes such a big difference. Dale could face a


Macclesfield Town side boosted by events on and off the pitch. Talks


about a possible takeover of the Conference club are progressing.


about a possible takeover of the Conference club are progressing And


a battling 1`1 draw earnt Macc a replay at the Championship's


Sheffield Wednesday. Blackburn Rovers very nearly pulled off one of


the shocks of the round, pushing Manchester City all the way at Ewood


Park. Alvaro Negredo fired City in front just before half`time. But


Rovers matched last season's finalists and earnt a replay thanks


to Scott Dann's equalizer. A phenomenal effort, playing against a


world`class team. They have restored some pride in the club today.


Preston North End also have a replay against higher`league opposition.


Kevin Davies' goal enough for PNE to bring Ipswich Town back to Deepdale.


The holders Wigan Athletic had a firm hold on their tie against MK


Dons. Leading 2`0, and then 3`2, thanks to Callum McManaman's goal.


But the Latics let it slip, and will have to do it all again at the Dons.


Bolton's Jermaine Beckford once again showed his remarkable


goal`scoring knack in the competition, this time against


Blackpool. The striker has netted in the Third Round in each of the last


five seasons. And popped up again with the winner against the


Seasiders. Roberto Martinez guided Wigan to Cup


glory last season. And there are signs he just might do the same with


Everton. His side easily dispatched QPR, 4`0. Stevenage, from League


One, will certainly have their work cut out in Round Four.


Well, it all means that five of our teams face replays next week.


Holders Wigan face that tricky trip to MK Dons, Preston host Ipswich and


Macclesfield hope to keep their fairy tale alive at Sheffield


Wednesday on Tuesday. Manchester City and Blackburn renew their


rivalry at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday. You can get details of


the Fourth Round draw on the BBC Sport website.


For the last ten years, he's been at the forefront of the Paralympic


movement, in charge of spectacular Games like London 2012. So, how did


Bolton`born Sir Philip Craven become one of the most important people in


the world of sport? We have been given exclusive access to the


President of the International Paralympic Committee on a recent


trip to Rio. We are here tonight to celebrate the


opening ceremony of the 2008 Paralympic Games.


The London 2012, the greatest Paralympic Games ever. Sir Philip


Craven has been the head of Paralympic sport for the last


decade, working to transform the Games into a global spectacle.


It's a job which has taken him to some of the most glamorous places


around. But a lot of his work is done from his home near Crewe. Sir


Philip actually grew up in Bolton, but his life changed at 16. I was


rock climbing with some friends in Bolton, I got to the top, I had put


some notes into the cracks, and out it came, down I went, ten metres, I


broke my back. Lying in a hospital bed in Southport, he had another


life`changing experience. It would be about the second or third day, I


saw wheelchair basketball played outside my window, and launched


myself into it. He competed in five Paralympics as a player before going


on to run wheelchair basketball. Paralympics as a player before going


on to run wheelchair basketball Sport at this level is available,


first`class support, on an equal par with able`bodied sport. In 2001, Sir


with able`bodied sport. In 2001 Sir Philip was elected President of the


International Paralympic Committee, presiding over a home Games. It did


not matter what happened at the closing ceremony, these have been


the greatest Paralympic Games ever, but bring gonorrhoea the junior


road! `` bring on Rio! Recently re`elected, he will make regular


chips here as he checks on preparations for the 2016 Paralympic


Games. I am looking for spirit, activity, interest, emotion. I am


going to find it. Tomorrow, we'll see what Sir Philip does find from


his visit to Brazil. I always think he speaks a lot of


sense. More from him through the week.


They'd never seen daylight and were terrified of human contact. But ten


young foals are starting the New Year enjoying the feel of grass


under their hooves for the first time after being rescued from a


research laboratory. The charity that took them in freed the horses


through negotiation rather than direct action, and says it hopes its


approach will see more animals released.


Racing around their paddock, kicking up their heels. But before


Christmas, these young foals had never seen the great outdoors. They


were just hours from slaughter. About to be put down after spending


their short lives being used for medical experiments. They work


absolutely terrified, they would huddle in the corner, in a group.


You could not see them, they could not see you, they were protecting


each other. They had never been handled, apart from to have their


tests on them. It has shocked me, how fast they have come on. At the


laboratory, the foals had only numbers. Now, they've been given


names, the first initials of which spell out the words Will To Live.


They were rescued by Unite To Care, which campaigns to end animal


testing but also wants animals used for research to be re`homed rather


than euthanized. The charity doesn't believe in violent action, but in


quiet negotiation. It reached a deal to free the foals on condition the


laboratory wasn't named. Testing is a legal requirement, so if we took


30 animal out, they would replace them, because the tests have to be


done. The negotiation, it has worked a lot better, because we now have


ten animals out alive that would not have been out alive otherwise. For


now, the foals are being stabled at the Peggy Henderson Animal Sanctuary


in Sale. Two have already been re`homed. The others are still


looking. Until then, they're delighting in their new`found


freedom. Delighting in the mud! We have had


lots of rain lately. Hopefully, improving a tiny little


bit. A disappointing start to the working week, the first working week


of 2014. We have had a lot of rain today, and very strong wind. Very


close to 50 mph recorded in Merseyside. Over that in Cumbria and


the Isle of Man. Still, a yellow weather warning, which is valid


until mid`night, for strong winds, maybe gales around the coasts. For


this evening, we have seen the flood warnings just going down quite a


lot, eight of them at lunchtime, we are now down to three. Call the


flood line number if you are concerned. This evening, we start


with fewer showers than this afternoon, but overnight, the cloud


starts to build, and the strong, starts to build, and the strong,


blustery showers sweeping in from the west. Very strong wind as well


around the coast. The temperatures are not so bad. For tomorrow, pretty


much more of the same. Not quite as windy as it has been today, but


still quite windy. We are going to see some sunshine


through the afternoon, and plenty more showers. Not as many as we have


seen today. It will not feel that warm, once you factor in the wind


and the rain. Over the next two days, Wednesday and Thursday,


hopefully it should be quieter and dryer.


Fingers crossed! A lot of communities will be


relieved, after what we had towards the back end of last week.


High pressure building on Thursday, so hopefully dryer.


We will be here with a full weather forecast at 10:30pm.


We are off home! Have a good night, thank you for watching.


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