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George. Thank you. That's all so it's goodbye from me and on BBC One


Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight, with Roger Johnson and


Annabel Tiffin. Our top story tonight.


Claims of safety short cuts at Alder Hey hospital in Merseyside. A report


calls for urgent action. We're live at the hospital. Also tonight.


Could the Lake District join Liverpool waterfront, The Pyramids


and the Taj Mahal, after it's proposed for World Heritage status?


Thoughtless and insensitive. A Manchester United footballer


apologises after dressing as a suicide bomber for a fancy dress


party. How would he feel if I had a party that glamourised the Munich


air disaster. And there's not much call for


outdoor swimming pools just now, but campaigners are still determined to


save the Grange`over`Sands Lido. Alder Hey Hospital admitted that


urgent action is needed to avoid a serious incident in operating


theatre, it comes after a damning internal review, said that theatre


staff were overworked and taking safety short cuts to speed up


procedures, staff said they felt helpless. Tonight sources at the


hospital admitted staff had been put under undue pressure but patients


had never been harmed. Our reporter is at the hospital for us now. Jane,


this is a world`renowned hospital, but we keep hearing of problems in


the operating theatres, what is going on? We do. Can I just take you


through the time line of the problems they have had, which I


should say as you have, are isolated to the operating theatres here. This


begins back in 2009s when a whistleblower reported about safety


concerns, in the hospital. That was followed up in 2011, by a report


back from the Royal College of Surgeons. It said Alder Hey Hospital


does not supply world class care. Following those concerns raised by


the whistleblower. After that, there was an internal staff review, which


nobody really heard about until 2013, that was when the Information


Commissioner acting upon a freedom Freedom of Information Act request


said they had to publish the damning details of that staff report. That


contained things like staff in theatre fainting because they were


so overworked. That led to, that internal review


led to a report coming out, saying changes that needed to be


implemented, and in December this year, there was a status update, on


that report, given to the board. That report, which we have only now


just seen is pretty damning. Staff really are still not very happy at


all in the operating theatre, not very happy at all. So give us more


details of that report then, if you can. I can, yes. Some of details


contained in the report, which were put on line Friday afternine so we


didn't have up in time, nobody saw it until today and they have not put


anybody up for interview to discuss this, they talk about safety


concerned, leading to short cuts being taken, limited reporting of


those incident, near misses not being flagged up last year they said


no patients had been put in danger. Let us hear from one of the Clinical


Director fors at the time. We have no evidence in there, and I


am not tried to hide, but I don't think that we have seen anything


that said patients have suffered as a result of that, the children that


we treat are the most important thing, I would be concerned if


patients lost confidence in what was happening at Alder Hey Hospital


because of things that were put right.


So if the message is if anybody is coming in with their children


tomorrow, to theatre, it is safe. Staff though, who we haven't spoken


to, have gone in November to the CQC to say they are still not happy and


they want an inspection, we have yet to hear the results of that


inspection but we will keep you updated.


The Lake District is on course for the same global recognition as some


of the world's most iconic sites like the Taj Mahal and the Great


Wall of China. The Government said it was inviting the National Park to


repair a case for the World Heritage badge, but what does that mean? Our


environment correspondent reports from Bowness.


Whatever time of year you visit, the Lake District is nothing short of


breathtaking, from words worth to Beatrix Potter it has inspired


generation, today the Culture Minister described it as one of the


heritage jewel, and deserved to be recognised as a World Heritage Site.


But what does that mean? It is really important, it gives us the


international recognition that we all think we deserve, because of the


cultural heritage, importance of the lake, but also it is a real economic


driver. And this is what it is all about.


Spectacular scenery, it already attracts millions of visitors every


year, but they are mainly from the UK. Gaining World Heritage status


will put the Lake District on the global tourist map. The status is


given to places seen as internationally important, in human


history or culture, the Lake District would join other World


Heritage Sites such as the pyramid, the Taj Mahal, and closer to home,


Liverpool's waterfront, which gained the status in 2004.


Gaining world he Tang status would be good for business but there are


concerned that it would bring more restrictions. `` heritage We are


hugely restricted for planning in the Lake District, but the Lake


District National Park Authority believes that the world heritage


site will not add to that burred `` burden. We can live with it. The


area has a combination of amazing natural beauty shaped by cultural


man`made features. It inspired the conservation movement and the


National Trust movement. It is that combination, situated on the west of


the country, with amazing light and weather we get, which makes the Lake


District so inspiring, so beautiful, it attracts the 15 million visitors


get. The National Park has to prepare its nomination. UNESCO will


make its decision in four years time.


It is stunning. What might it mean then for the Lakes? Richard


Greenwood is from Cumbria Tourism. Why is this good news? Well, it is


great news, it raises the Lake District's profile on the


international stage. If the nomination is successful, the Lake


District becomes part of an elite club that will be particularly at


racktive to overseas visitor, we know the Chinese, the Russian, look


out for World Heritage Site status when they are choosing holidays and


they are high spenders. We expect to see greater numbers of them coming.


That is a problem because anyone who has been there as many of us have,


know at times it feels very overcrowded. That is a pretty


exceptional situation these days. It is bank holidays which get very


busy, the hotel, and the guest houses have considerable spare


capacity for much of year, of coursing these visitor also tend to


come out of our typical domestic UK seasons. Have you won over the


businesses? They were concerned for a time, there were worries about


extra restrictions for planning, for resident, but are you assured that


won't be the case? Well, we are part of a wide partnership that has been


having discussions about the merits of World Heritage Site status and we


have been convinced, think and we have engaged with the tourism


industry to find out just exactly how they feel about it. They are


confident it will bring benefits that planning restrictions won't


increase, because National Park status brings with it, already just


about the highest level of restriction that with we have in the


UK, we want to work with all our partners in preparing a management


plan which makes the most of the status, and brings some real


economic benefits. We will follow it with great


interest. We are grateful for your time.


A former Mr Side police officer has appeared in court accused of


misconduct in public office in connection with an alleged


confrontation with the footballer Steve Gerrard, Helen Jones was on a


career break but it alleged she claimed to be on duty to obtain CCTV


footage from a shop. He will appear at Preston Crown Court.


The detectives investigating the test of Clancy Durkin have charged


her 19`year`old daughter with murder. The body of the 55`year`old


was discovered at a house on Guildford Road on Tuesday. A


postmortem examination found she died as a result of asphyxiation.


Rebecca Durkin will appear at south Sefton Magistrates' Court tomorrow.


The owners of a travel company at the centre of a crash this which


three people died have been disqualified from running buses and


coaches. David and Tracey Hannell runs me pride travel. One of their


coaches hit a tree on the way back from a music festival, after a


19`year`old tyre blew out. Now a Manchester City `` Manchester


father is being hailed a hero after killing a dog which savaged a


teenage boy and a woman. Neil Twigg and other neighbours tried to fight


off the animal which attacked in Harphurhey yesterday. The police


have revealed the animal bit someone last year, the victim's family say


the pair might have died if Mr Twigg hadn't come to the rescue.


What happened here in Harphurhey yesterday afternoon was a horrifying


attack, but it could have been deadly where it not for the actions


of this man, Neil Twigg. Hearing screaming outside the door he rushed


out to help I seen the young lad getting dragged by the arm,


viciously by the arm. Another couple of people were trying to hit it over


the head with different stuff, but nothing was happening. It wouldn't


let go. A girl tried to get involve. We tried to get it off the young lad


and then it started attacking the girl as well. It was ripping at her


fingers, she was screaming. The animal wouldn't release its grip.


That the point people began shouting that somebody would have to kill the


dog. Neil went back in to these house and came back with a carving


knife. I got free and grabbed the girl again, so I stabbed it once


under the rib cage. The boy was 14. He suffered serious injuries to his


arm. The woman Zoe Rutledge has had emergency plastic surgery on her


hand I would like to thank my neighbours for helping out what they


did my sister, the person who owns the dog, something should be done.


Neighbours claim the dog was previously aggressivement People was


frightened of walking past, especially taking dogs out. Even was


scared of it. You couldn't come out, if you seen the dog you had to run.


Tougher punishments for owners of dangerous dogs have been passed by


Parliament since the death of Jade Anderson. She was mauled to death by


a pack of dogs at her fleedgesd. Her family are calling for dog control


notice, forcing owners to control their pets. Police say they are


investigating what happened here and will be talking to the dog's owner.


Neil says he doesn't see himself as a hero but his neighbours beg to


differ. Brave man.


A 17`year`old boy has been stabbed in what is believed to have been a


disagreement between school`children in Rochdale. Officers found the boy


with a stab wound at Further Pitts yesterday afternoon, a 16`year`old


boy suffered facial injury, five people have been arrested.


5,000 hope homes could be built in Preston in the next 20 year, a draft


plan includes new school, a health centre and walking and cycling


routes in the north`west area of the city.


The Isle of Man steam maquette company says its vessel has been


damaged in stormy weather. The Ben`My`Chree will be taken out of


action to allow it to be repaired. Lancashire's Police Commissioner


Clive Grunshaw will not be prosecuted over expenses. The Crown


Prosecution Service has decided that there is not enough evidence of


deliberate dishonesty. Our political editor has been following the story.


So is this the end of the matter? Yes, he will want to move on after


this, which has hung over him for 13 months. It has taken a huge amount


of time for this inquiry to conclude. Almost from the moment he


started as Police Commissioner, the allegations were that he fiddled his


travel expenses, and his food expenses. In terms of travel, on


nine occasions his expenses suggested he was travel big car in


two directions at the same time. So there was wrong there but the


question was was it deliberate or not. The Independent Police


Complaints Commission investigated, they said there was enough evidence


to refer to the Crown Prosecution Service. Today the CPS has come back


and said there is not enough evidence to suggest he made these


mistakes deliberately. Not enough evidence to suggest there was fraud.


He has put out this statement this afternoon, in which he says "I am


delighted with this outcome, the Ed supported my version of events,


which is that I never deliberately submitted any claims which I knew to


be untrue." So he isn't going to be prosecuted but he has he been


damaged by this? I think he has, he will argue that he has gone through


this process, and ultimately there wasn't enough evidence to take him


to court, never mind to find him guilty of anything. So he will now


move on, but certainly some senior politician, including Labour


privately believe he should have resigned over this earlier, and that


a man who is responsible for overseeing Lancashire constabulary's


budget should have been better at dealing with his own accounts.


Now shocked and outrage. That is the reaction of an Oldham father chose


son was killed in the July 7th bombings when he saw Chris Smalling


dressed as a suicide bomber. The footballer has apologised for


wearing the costume. Grabg Foulkes says Smalling was glamorising


terrorism. A mock circuit board round his waist


and bottles of alcohol strapped to his shoulder, this is Chris


Smalling's attempt as at a joke, a pun on the Jagerbomb drink. Graham


Foulkes doesn't see the funny side, his son David was killed by a


suicide bomber in London on July 7th 2005. It is hard to describe how


shocked I was, really, because he was dressed exactly the same as


Sadiq Khan, the leader of the bombing in London. In which my son


was killed. What possessed him to think that was a good idea at


Christmas, when he was having his family round, when I can't have my


family round, to have a good Christmas, and neither can 51 other


families. The Manchester United's management company have issued a


statement for an ill thought out costume. Is it any defence he wasn't


expecting this to be public knowledge? No, I don't think there


is any defence it was in the privacy of his own home. One of his friend


must have been just as shock to put that in the public domain. I would


ask him how would he feel if I had a party that glamourised the Munich


air disaster. I think they would be outraged and


that is how I am. Manchester United told us they didn't want to comment


on this story. Maybe now Chris Smalling will think twice before


holding his next party. He has apologised. We would be


interested to hear what you think. Was it glamorising terrorism or


should he have been able to the what he liked in the privacy of his own


home? You can post a message on our Twitter and Facebook pages or send


out an e`mail. They might make interesting reading.


Still to come on North West Tonight. The joy of six. Manchester City all


be Bobbing hair place in the League Cup Final by hammering West Ham.


`` booking their place. Rolling back the years, new hope for a forgot


landmark in Cumbria. You might remember before Christmas


we told you that the Liverpool Daily Post newspaper was close, 158 year,


modern times had caught one the grand old lady of print. Now the


Post's sister paper, the Liverpool echo looks like it is bucking the


trend. It is launching a Sunday edition but will it succeed in our


Merseyside reporter has been investigating.


They are hard at work prepare fog fog new new Sunday Echo, the editor


says they have been thinking about a seven day paper as long as the 20


years he has been there, but he says the growing demand for news,


especially football news in Liverpool means the time is right


for but now Heinz don't take the beans off the shelf on a Sunday, you


don't go to Dublin and say can I have a pint of Guinness and the bar


men says it is Sunday, have a Carlsberg. It is mad we don't have


one. They are not saying how many copies they expect to sell. You will


have to shop for it, it won't be delivered. The Echo sells about


80,000 papers a day, a declining number but it has 80,000 daily


desktop,users and 75,000 mobile user, the last figures are going up.


The new Sunday paper will launch a month after the weekly Daily Post


closed. Despite the closure of the Post,


despite more of us getting news on this kind of thing, The Echo say


they have done their homework, they are convinced there are enough


people out there who enjoy the feel of paper, to make a Sunday edition


worthwhile. Tonight, we carried out our own


unscientific survey. It is better there is still a local paper,


expand, so I may support it. I don't buy it during the week, so I


wouldn't buy it on the weekend. One experts says it could be strong


enough to make it week It has a news room, it has a history, it has the


staff, the journalists, so there is no reason reason why it can't come


out quickly on a Sunday. The Sunday Echo launches on January 19th.


It is interesting, will it succeed? If you think Liverpool as a city,


with so much football heritage and support, it could do well. It is a


brave move. Wish them well. Carrying on with football. Tranmere Rovers


midfielder has been talking about his battle of cancer. The


24`year`old was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma earlier this


season, he says he is conscious about the effect that it has been


having on his family. My missus has had to be strong, because it is


hard, and obviously, I know for a fact, if she could take it away from


me she would, and she would have it herself, you know what I mean? So it


is one of them, but then you think on the flip side you have to stay


African National Congress for he you know what I mean? And even though


sometimes you are struggling you don't want to show you are


struggling. Good luck to Joe. Last night I rather foolishly predicted


that Manchester City might struggle to score with my namesake playing


for West Ham. Just as well they didn't listen. Shows how much I


know. Manuel Pellegrini has described his team's performance


last night as brilliant. City hammered West Ham 6`0. The first leg


of course of their Capital One Cup semifinal. Alvaro Negredo came in


for special praise after scoring a hat`trick. This was nothing short of


a mauling. With the man they call the beast, unleashed on a timid West


Ham defence. Alvaro Negredo started as he meant to go on, scoring a


volley to open the scoring. The visitors were chasing shadows


and were soon chasing a two goal deficit, Alvaro Negredo again with a


clinical finish and the goals kept on come, Yaya Toure got in on the


act. Before the Spanish striker at the heart of everything grabbed his


hat`trick to make it 4`0. There was still time for two more goals to


dispel any thoughts of a West Ham come back, Dzeko scored them both.


The first to complete an excellent team move. The second, a thunderous


finish to put the seal on a score line that makes the second leg in


London a formality. It was a brilliant performance, not


only because we score six goals but the way the team played. Because of


the way City are playing, some Blues fans are talking about the


possibility of winning all four trophies.


West Ham looked rubbish, if we could do that in the final and the rest of


the season, who knows, we might get the four. I don't think so, but live


in hope. I think three out of four would be nice. Do you think that is


realistic? Probably. Their record has made the bookies as well as the


opposition wary. Some are quoting odds as low as 100`1 for a Cityclean


sweep. Great night for them. The New Year


is promising new hope for one of the region's forgotten landmark,


councillors are working on a funding plan to save and restore the lido


open air swimming pool in grange oversands. It has been empty for


year, local people have said that they want it to be reborn.


In its heyday the grange lido was the place to be seen. Bob is 94 and


can remember the day it opened in 1933. The day after all the public


were allowed in, and of course, I couldn't swim then, of course, just


splashing about, I could dive but I couldn't swim! Today the lido is a


shadow of its former self. It has been abandoned and derelict for more


than 20 years. It seemed as though the demolition ball might be beckons


but now there are new plans. Towards the enof last year the council


consulted with locals and asked what they would like to see happen to


this place. 91% said they wanted to see the building said and restored.


73% said they would like to see people swimming here again.


Now the council is trying to find way of carrying out their wishes.


The council plans to bid for heritage hotly money, but first, it


has to prepare a watertight case. We need to have a look on what we can


do round the pool, and we will support the running of the pool.


Because obviously, rebuilding it, refurbishing it is one thing and


making people come is another thing. In a way getting the funding to


renovate it is probably the easiest bit. Part of the vision we have for


the lido is to see swimming in the summer w the temperature of the


water just lifted, not exactly heated but lifted up through the use


of renewable energies, maybe solar panels or a base source heat pump


and in the winter to have it as a performance seven use, as you can


see it is a very large venue. The council aims to submit the bid later


in the year. Bit too cold for a swim at the


moment of course! How is it looking? Perfect for star`gazing. Star`gazing


is perfect conditions tonight. BBC Two later on at 8.00, where ever you


are in the north`west there will be plenty of clear skies so you should


be able to see the stars readily. The clouds are starting to melt


away, lots of clear skies in the south. Lots of clear skies in the


north. Occasional showers, just floating round overnight. Maybe some


frost patches, maybe some fog patches, but clear by dawn and


temperatures, as you can see, very close to freezing in towns and


cities, tomorrow morning from midnight, we have the yellow weather


warning for ice, we have a lot of moisture on the ground at the


moment. Because of the clear skies and the cold temperatures overnight,


that is likely to freeze over at time, so tomorrow morning then, a


cold start, some clear skies, but look at this, the clouds beginning


to build. The frontal system moves from west to east, dragging light


patchy rain, we will see the winds picking up in places, so a breezy


afternoon, a damp afternoon, it won't be particularly warm either,


highs of six or seven Celsius, the good news is as when he had into the


weekend, high pressure begins to build. It is first time we have seen


it for a long time. So Saturday is not looking too bad. Sunday starts


off on a accident note but we coiled see `` decent note but we could see


heavy rain on Sunday into Monday. Thank you. Lot s of you getting in


touch about the Chris Smalling story we brought you earlier. About him


dressing up as a suicide bomber. Many comment, Jackie on Twitter,


tasteless and tactless, should have known better. "He can do what he


wishes in his own home." And Antony tweeted he should be able to do what


he wants in his own home. That is probably just swimming the e`mails


and Tweets the broad consensus. You read that one out, who cares says


Noddy, he wasn't intending on upsetting peep. What he does in his


own home is up to him. Other people say it was disrespectful, "It shows


such a lack of common decency." "Could he not have privacy in his


own home? " Thank you for your comments. That is it from us. I will


be back later.


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