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Hello and welcome to the programme. The headlines...


Jail for the gang leader who masterminded the smuggling of ? 00


million of drugs while in prison. This man and his network spread


across the north`west of England. We were supplying wholesale drugs to


suppliers. 22 of his accomplices, all from the


North West, are also behind bars. Also tonight...


The wheel of fortune but is Liverpool a step nearer a bigger


share of the UK's EuroMillions? This may be a little


uncomfortable... We're with Blackburn's new Chief Nurse as she


tries to turn a failing hospital around. It is the first game of the


new super league season. I talk to the Head Coach of Wigan Warriors


later. I talked to a little boy who has


given up his bed for the night to help the children of Syria.


At gang which import cocaine worth ?100 million to be sold across the


Northwest is beginning a prison sentence totalling 217 years


tonight. 23 people were involved in the drugs ring that spread across


the region. Warrington Crown Court heard it was coordinated by a career


criminal who was being held at a prison in Lancashire at the time.


500 kilos of cocaine worth ?100 million. It was imported by a


network of organised criminals spread across the north`west. At its


centre was this man Richard Brickhouse. He was already serving a


22 year sentence for importing heroin and cocaine. He used mobile


phones snuggled into prison to run his latest drugs business. When he


was given periods at home leave to prepare him for his release from


prison, he used that to hold meetings with his co`conspirators.


He was helped by his wife Diane The court heard she enjoyed an


extravagant and indulgent lifestyle, receiving expensive


handbags and a new car from him and spending thousands of pounds on


haircuts and Botox treatment, despite claiming to be reliant on


benefits. She drove him to meetings with drug dealers across the region.


Working closely with the prison service and monitoring behaviour, we


were able to track his movements and see him eating other high`profile


organised criminals. That led to a significant seizure of ?12 million


worth of socket `` gave in April last year. Paul and Stephen Harwood


from Manchester with a careers. They were stopped in Essex on their way


back from France, having used a fishing trip as a cover. Police


found 78 kilos of cocaine and two kilos of heroin. The gang clearly


supplied half a tonne of cocaine with a potential street value of


?100 million. This is a massive hole. It is a dent in the organised


criminal network across the North West. A total of 23 people have


convicted in relation to the investigation. Today, it teamed up


them were sentenced to a total of 217 years in prison. Richard


Brickhouse was sentenced to 20 years. Meanwhile two men have been


charged near after nearly ?8 million of class a and class B drugs were


seized by police near Sandbach yesterday. Man will appear before


Manchester Magistrates' Court tomorrow.


The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has today defended the


decision to take Bill Roache to court on sex charges. It's right, he


says, to let a jury decide when there's a reasonable chance of a


conviction. The Coronation Street actor was cleared yesterday. One of


his friends, Christine Hamilton the wife of the former Tatton MP Neil


Hamilton, is calling for anonymity for those accused of rape. She told


me how she felt when the she heard the verdict. I was absolutely


delighted. I never doubted him for an instant. But when you have a


court case and a jury there is always room for error. I am


thrilled. He always looked very composed when he was walking to


court but it must have been true Matic. Unbelievable. He has been


through a living hell for almost one year. He has great inner strength.


He has a wonderful supportive network of family and friends and


that enabled him to get through plus knowing he was innocent. It is


something he will have to live with for the rest of his life and that


will always be there, because unfortunately there will be people


who think no smoke without fire You have been through something like


this because you and your husband were accused of something similar


around ten years ago. We were accused of rape and we went through


the entire process and had our house searched and everything seized. We


were arrested. It was absolutely ghastly but the police fortunately


backed off before we got as far as court. Should those who are accused


in joy, just as the accused? It is a difficult question. We have two ends


of the spectrum which everyone agrees, firstly that no rape should


go unpunished and that no innocent man should have to go through what


William Roache has gone through How we meet that in the middle is very


difficult. What I would like see, up the least, is people who are accused


have anonymity at least until they have actually charged, but on the


other hand, we must not be anything to deter genuine rape victims from


coming forward. The trauma that a woman has to go through to take


something like this to court should not be underestimated. It takes


great courage. Hillsborough campaigner Margaret


Aspinall has expressed concerns about the possible introduction of


safe standing areas in the region's football stadia. Football League


clubs have backed calls for the introduction of such areas at


Championship grounds where all`seater stadiums have been


compulsory since an inquiry into the Hillsborough Disaster ` which


claimed the lives of 96 fans. If they do bring standing back, we had


our warnings. They had plenty of warnings about people being crushed.


He did not listen. We lost 96 lives and we were listen to, and brought


all`seater stadium. An investigation's underway into how


plasterboard fell from a ceiling at a Manchester nightclub in the early


hours of this morning. Around 8 0 people were inside Factory 251 at


the time and seven were taken to hospital. It's thought a screw head


in a piece of plasterboard snapped, causing a large part of it to come


free. A High Court judge says he's


extremely concerned for the welfare of a Lancashire teenager who may


have been forced into marriage overseas. Alyssa Din and her two


younger sisters were apparently sent to Pakistan last October because


their parents feared they'd be taken into care. Ilyas and Mazeley Din


from Preston are currently in prison for refusing to say where they are.


The courts took the unusual step of naming the family in the hope of


tracing the children. A motor racer from Lancashire who


killed a cyclist after talking on his mobile phone whilst driving has


been sentenced to 21 months in prison. Frank Wrathall, from


Barnacre, had been on the phone to his girlfriend for eight minutes


when he hit father`of`one Paul Fingleton on a roundabout near


Preston last year. The Chief Constable of Greater


Manchester Police, Sir Peter Fahy says he's exasperated by the time


spent by officers at the anti`fracking protest site in


Salford. Over ?600,000 has already been spent policing the site. It's


thought that could reach a million over the next two months.


The Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties have defended


themselves against accusations they haven't campaigned vigorously enough


for next week's by`election in Sale East and Wythenshawe. Labour's Paul


Goggins died last month and his party are favourites to hold onto


the seat with bookmakers suggesting UKIP could finish second. We have


large numbers of volunteers and we had large numbers last weekend. We


will be distributing leaflets. We have a very energetic candidate and


we have Cabinet members visiting. We have a large number of professional


candidates. We want to do well in this by`election and there is no


question of treating this constituency in a serious way. I


know the Deputy Prime Minister is backing our candidate and he will be


in Manchester knocking on doors and beating with residents. That is


something you would expect. We are taking this seriously.


There are a total of seven candidates contesting the


Wythenshawe and Sale East by`election. The full list is on


your screen. Polling day is next Thursday. And four of the candidates


will be joining Arif in the studio on this week's Sunday Politics. To


hear them put their case to be our newest MP, join Arif and the team on


Sunday morning at 11am on BBC One. Still to come on North West


Tonight... Six months ago, but trust running this hospital was placed in


special measures but find out what they are doing to fight back. And


the Olympic dream. We need the Northwest hopefuls as they prepare


to take on the ice and snow in Sochi. I loved the Winter Olympics.


What happened to Liverpool's missing EuroMillions. Today the Mayor


accused the Government of legalised robbery. What's more, the High Court


appears to have backed him. The High Court has ruled that a 65% cut in EU


funding via the Government, needs to be re`considered. Will they see the


cash? Here's Jayne McCubbin. Liverpool has been transformed with


European money. There have been a number of developments. Where would


the city be without it? But then in the latest round of funding, this


happened. The government passed on 65% less than the government was


expecting, and ?83 million cut. The city said it was daylight robbery by


David Cameron was having none of that.


We have done very fair assessment, not only between the regions of the


United Kingdom but also the nations. We have distributed fairly.


So Liverpool took the case to the High Court, not only to fight the


cut but also that other more affluent areas were given more.


Warrington, 157 euros per person compared to 147 in Liverpool. 1 5 in


Manchester and 182 per person in Lancashire and Cumbria. Remember,


Liverpool has the lowest GDP of any area in the north`west. The results


of the High Court ruling were published and the government has to


look again at the decision. I think it is wrong. But the


government did was take 150 million from Liverpool and give that to more


prosperous regions in the UK. That was wrong. The judge has found that


today. I asked the government about the missing Euro millions this


evening. A spokesman said the decision might have been technically


unlawful but that does not mean it is wrong. This row might involve


Euro cash but it is a very domestic political argument. The government


will look at this again, but they might come up with the same


decision. Jo`Anne Dobson still has a fight on his hands. Thank you.


An investigation into our crash in Manchester City centre involving


five bosses say it may have been caused by a faulty accelerator. The


crash happened during rush hour yesterday morning. Police and


transport providers are continuing to investigate. An investigation has


been launched on Merseyside after cannabis farm was discovered inside


a former community hall. 140 plants were seized from the building in


well nearby residents reported a strong smell.


A hearing on whether to prevent alcohol sales in Blackpool after 3am


has ended. Police have asked the council's licensing committee to


introduce a restriction order to curb alcohol`related violence. A


recommendation is due next week and the final decision expected by


March. Last July it was one of just two in


the North West put in special measures following the Keogh report.


Among other concerns it highlighted low staffing levels, high mortality


rates at the weekends, and a high number of pay`outs for clinical


negligence. In October, it was given two formal warnings by the health


watchdog the CQC and told to improve after an inspection revealed


concerns over patient dignity, care, and record keeping.


The personal touch. Today it's back to the floor Friday when senior


staff go out to the wards to catchup with how patients and staff are


doing. It gives me the opportunity to go out and sit with someone and


ask them about their experiences. Our patients receiving the care that


matters? If there are problems, I would much prefer to sort these


issues out straightaway. This is a new monthly initiative, part of a


package of measures to improve communication here. It's been a


rough few months for the East Lancashire Hospitals Trust which


runs the Royal Blackburn and Burnley General.


Last July it was one of just two in the North West put in special


measures following the Keogh report. Among other concerns it highlighted


low staffing levels, high mortality rates at the weekends, and a high


number of pay`outs for clinical negligence. In October, it was given


two formal warnings by the health watchdog the CQC and told to improve


after an inspection revealed concerns over patient dignity, care,


and record keeping. Christine Pearson took on the job of chief


nurse a month ago. It is about changing the culture, how people are


received at the front door and how they are receiving their care and in


the community. We want to provide good community services. People


welcomed the move. It is a great idea.


Make the quality of care better It is a good thing. You get to know


what is going on. It I bad nurses, then they get to know. There are no


bad nurses here. The trust knows this is not about


altering rules and regulations. It is about changing a culture and that


takes time. But they are adamant by the end of this year, the hospitals


will be the sort of place as any patient will be happy to spend time


on. It's the day Super League fans have


been waiting all winter for. The start of the new season with


champions Wigan Warriors hosting the Huddersfield Giants. The game has


been brought forward to help Wigan prepare for their World Club


Challenge tie with Sydney Roosters in Australia in a fortnight. Richard


Askam is at the DW Stadium for us. Can the Warriors possibly repeat the


success of last season? It will be very difficult. Of course they won


the double last season, and the Challenge Cup as well. But talking


to supporters there is plenty of optimism here. They are very happy


about the start of the new season. All the players that are playing


tonight, all of the supporters, they cannot wait to get going. We are


joined by the Head Coach Wigan Warriors. Great to see you. On that


question, do you think that you can repeat what you did last year? We


are going to have a great try. We had a great pre`season. We have


players who are staying with us and they are more positive. We are a lot


further on down we were this time last year. We will give ourselves a


good chance to get trophies again. We go to Australia next week. That


would be a really good match. You lost Sam Tomkins but you have bought


five new players. Do you believe you can replace him? Yes, he was a great


player. But there are different styles. But we have moved and good


players who are teaching our young children. All of our players bring


an individual quality to the team and the squad. I am happy and


confident going into this year. What about the world club challenge tie?


You fly out tomorrow. For people who do not know about rugby league, how


big a deal is this? Absolutely huge. They are the best team in the super


league in great written, laying against the best team in Australia.


`` Great Britain. We have beaten them already. It would be a very


physical game. We are going over there and we are confident. We will


play a warm up game in New Zealand and we are taking it seriously. We


are going to go over there and fight the corner for British rugby league.


What would it mean to you if you could win that match? Absolutely


everything. It would be huge. I have a lot of local people in my team and


that means a lot. I will be taking a lot of fans over to Australia. There


are lot of Wigan people in Australia. I do not want people to


think that we are not going there to win. We are determined to win. It


will be a great match. We are behind you. Thank you.


Manchester United boss David Moyes says the decision for Nemanja Vedic


to leave the club was made by mutual agreement. The 32`year`old Reds


captain announced today that he will quit in the summer when his contract


ends. The Serbian international won 15 trophies including five Premiere


League titles and the Champions League in his eight years at Old


Trafford. I want to change in time. I cannot do it overnight. That was


not the reason for this. This decision was made by mutual


agreement and he felt it was the right time for him. He has been a


brilliant player. It will stay that way until the end of the season


Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers says the individual talents of Luiz


Suarez and Daniel Sturridge will outgun Arsenal in tomorrow's crucial


top of the table clash. The Premier League's most prolific partnership


has scored 37 goals this season They both have a goal`scoring


mentality. They arrived in the same area but how they get there is


different. They have different qualities. They are both


goal`scorers. They are prolific In Rugby Union, Sale Sharks host


Gloucester tonight with 14 changes to the side that narrowly lost to


the Ospreys in the LV Cup. Jonathan Mills is the only survivor with


Danny Cipriani and Mark Cueto among the big names returning.


The dream of competing in the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi is about to


become a reality for several competitors from the North West


We've had the official opening of the Games today and for our nine


athletes preparing to take on Russia's snow and ice, this is where


it all starts to get serious. These are the region's sledders, skaters


and skiers aiming for Olympic glory. The region has a trio of bobsledders


to look out for. Paula Walker from Blackburn and Rebekah Wilson from


Manchester are Britain's leading lights in the women's two`man


bobsleigh. They won the World Junior title in 2011. Lamin Deen brought up


in moss Side is a former Grenadier Guardsman and will pilot two and


four`man bobs. With the right equipment and power and speed,


anything is possible. Kristan Bromely from Rossendale is one of


the skeleton bob daredevils ` 9 miles an hour head first. He


finished fifth in Turin in 2006 Preston's Stacey Kemp carries our


figure skating hopes. With partner David King her competition began


yesterday ` a little nervily unfortunately, but they do have


another chance next week. Knowing that we have worked so hard for so


many years, and being here, that makes it all worth it. As the first


British skier to win the Europa Cup title Chorley skiier Dave Ryding is


one to keep your eyes on. As is Zoe Gillings. The Isle of Man


snowboarder is preparing for her third Olympic Games. Which brings us


to our two freestyle skiers. Emma Lonsdale who learnt the tricks of


her trade as a youngster in Kendal. And Rowan Cheshire from Alsager near


Crewe, who, last month in Canada, became the first British woman to


win halfpipe gold at a World Cup event. The name for this is to get


there and I think the next Olympics in 2018 will be for we tried to get


medals. To get one in this would be amazing. `` will be square. Good


luck to them all. You can get full coverage on this tonight. There s


full commentary of Wigan's match against Huddersfield on BBC Radio


Manchester while commentary of Sale's game against Gloucester is on


BBC Online. Just follow the links. We have been talking about the world


club challenge tie. But is it a distraction? It is a big deal. They


will have two weeks until they play. They fly out to New Zealand


tomorrow. It is a good sign. The last time it took place in


Australia, it usually takes a seer, it was in 1994 and then, Wigan


played the Brisbane Broncos and they won. Let's hope they can do it


again. Lets hope they do it again. Now


when you are tucked up in your bed tonight spare a thought for this


six`year`old boy. He has been so moved by footage of children caught


up in the war in Syria, he is abandoning the comforts of his bed


to raise money for them. It hopes that by sleeping in a tent in his


garden he will get enough sponsorship to buy some blankets.


Dean hammered me only be six years old but he knows how lucky he is.


After seeing pictures of young children caught up in the conflict


in Syria he decided to raise money by sleeping in a tent, something he


has never done. I need my sleeping bag. I want to raise money and give


them blankets. By raising the money you can give them blankets and raise


money. It is winter there. I thought they would need clothes and


blankets. How did it make you feel when you saw the pictures on the


television? Very sad. You felt very sad. How do you feel that you are


helping? It makes me feel happy Very very happy. He has already


raised ?1800 which will buy 180 blankets for children who will not


have a sleeping bag tonight. What a lovely gesture. That is so


sweet. That is really good. Good luck to him. And your family as


well. I really hope that the role `` it will not be too cold or wet. Now


it is time for a weather update Unfortunately it will be both of


those things! We are going to see some rain and strong winds over the


next few days. The headline is that nothing will change. We will have


more rain and strong winds for most of the month. There is the risk of


further flooding. Actually, you can see why. We have a batch of rain


swinging in from the Atlantic. Tomorrow, we will see strong winds


and heavy rain. On Sunday, there will be less showers but it will


still be windy. It is not looking bad on Monday, but if you get


excited, here we go again. There is another deep area of low pressure


making its way in on Monday and I. That will bring heavy rain and


strong winds again. Tonight, it is no surprise that it will turn wet


and windy. It was a decent day today, but the changes happening.


The cloud is already building. The rain comes in from the west. It will


be quite persistent. It will not last. It will fall as snow in one or


two spots. By dawn, hopefully it will be dry with clear skies. The


winds will remain strong. The temperatures will reach around three


degrees. There was the possibility of frost. This is the headline. On


Saturday, strong winds, possibly gales. Sunday, it will remain windy


with fewer showers. We start off with a decent note tomorrow. Then


another batch of showers working its way in. It will bring heavy and


blustery showers and will fall as snow possibly on high ground. Very


strong winds, with the possibility of gale force winds. Temperatures


tomorrow will be disappointing. They will reach around seven degrees But


factor in the strong winds and it will feel much colder. Looking


toward Sunday, you can see some showers still remain. It is around


seven degrees. Still quite windy. Looking towards Monday, hopefully we


should see a slight improvement But it will go downhill on Monday and I


together. Let's hope that tent is very strong.


It is not camping weather. That he is doing it for a good cause and we


wish him well. It could be an adventure. We wish you well. Good


luck. Thank you so much for joining us. Good evening.


It's your job to keep law and order, isn't it?


It must be exciting being a policewoman. It has its moments.


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