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Good evening. A woman has died in a house fire in Wirral. Fire crews


were called to the property in Village Way in Wallasey just after


four o clock this morning. They have described the fire as intense. It's


thought the noise of smoke alarms going off in the house alerted


neighbours, who then rang the fire brigade.


A man's been charged with attempted murder following a serious assault


in Buxton on Friday. And police are investigating the


death of a man found in the street in Bolton. They were called to Mount


St Joseph's Road in Deane at about two o'clock this afternoon. The road


is shut both ways between Wigan Road and Kylemore Avenue. A police


spokesperson would only say they're investigating the death of a man and


"can't release any more details . A man's been charged with attempted


murder following a serious assault in Buxton on Friday. Officers were


called to a disturbance on Fairfield Road in the town, and found a


36`year`old man with serious injuries. He was taken to


Wythenshawe Hospital, where he is in a serious but stable condition.


23`year`old Jake Grimshaw, from Buxton, has been remanded in custody


and will appear before magistrates tomorrow.


It's been announced that proposed changes to school transport funding


in Lancashire are to go ahead. These include a change in the level of


subsidy the County Council makes towards transport to faith schools,


a rise in school bus fares, and a reduction in the number of pupils


who qualify for free transport. However, families on a low income


will still receive support. Hundreds of Christmas trees in


Lancashire are currently being buried along the Fylde coast as part


of an environmental project. It s part of a council and wildlife trust


initiative to protect the coast from ongoing storms whilst recycling the


trees. Emma Blackburn reports. Christmas trees on a beach in


February. Not a sight you normally see, but they have a purpose.


Donated by residents, these recycled trees are being planted along the


Fylde coast near St Annes by volunteers and members of Lancashire


Wildlife Trust. Once buried, the trees will create sand dunes, which


will eventually form part of a flood defence. Christmas trees ` it is a


great recycling method. It will only go to landfill or chipped if not


here, and they are perfect for this region. The recent months of rain


and high winds have meant protection between the land and sea is as vital


as ever. During stormy weather, the sea can get right up here to the


bottom of the dune, wearing it away, so by planting Christmas trees, a


new dune is created to stop this one from disappearing. These Christmas


trees were planted last year, and the benefits are already being felt.


It is really important, what they are doing to the sand dunes. It


means a lot to me personally, and it means a lot to local people who use


this beach. The beach is very special. People are very proud of


our beach. They also see value in the sand dunes for the flora and the


fauna. Many residents are thrilled that we are using their trees to


protect the local environment. Hundreds more trees will be planted


this month, and it is hoped the scheme will continue to grow each


year. A Spitfire plane that has been a


long`standing feature at the Museum of Science and Industry in


Manchester has moved to a new home today after 19 years in the city.


The World War II aircraft was broken down into smaller parts in a


painstaking operation so it could be loaded onto a lorry and transported


to an exhibition at the RAF Museum in London.


Months of planning has gone into this move. We have had to close the


road outside. We've got low`loaders coming in. It will be lifted on to


the truck in a minute. So lots of work has been involved, and we have


had a crew here from the RAF Museum dismantling the plane for two days


this week. It is going to this exhibition for a year, maybe longer.


It is an important exhibition about aerial photography in Britain. This


type of Spitfire was used for that purpose, so it is appropriate that


it is going on to that exhibition in London.


Both Premiership matches today involved teams from the North West.


Everton passed up the chance to close on the top four with a 1`nil


defeat at White Hart Lane. The result also let Spurs leapfrog


Everton into fifth spot. At Old Trafford, the game between


Manchester United and Fulham is in its dying minutes. It was Manchester


United two, Fulham two. So, has that avocet arrived too


early? Here's Mel Coles with the weather.


And you might not believe this, but spring could be in the air `


according to staff at the Martin Mere Wetland Centre near Ormskirk.


Good evening. After a showery day, as temperatures start to drop away


tonight, our next concern is ice. The Met Office now has a yellow


warning in place. It lasts until tomorrow morning. There are still


one or two showers around. Some of them may turn wintry as we go on


through tonight, particularly through the Pennines. Elsewhere


largely dry with clear skies, so we are expecting to see a touch of


frost in places as temperatures drop to or just below freezing. A cold


night, really, on the cards. Tomorrow, a much more settled day on


the cards. The winds will be fairly light, and we'll still see one or


two showers. Though not quite as potent as we have seen today. You


can see from the isobars, the winds are light as we go through Monday.


More settled conditions. Still some showers around. They will tend to be


light, but there may be some sleet in them from time to time. There


should be dry spells around, but it will feel cold, with highs of around


five or six Celsius. There is more wet and windy weather on the way for


Tuesday, so it does remain unsettled this week, and it will feel cold.


And foremost. We will be back at 10:30pm.


Good evening. We have a significant number of severe warnings out. Most


of them have been issued on the River Thames today. Now, of course,


with more rain due this week, that is not good news, and as well as


that, we are expecting some gales as well on the coast. But this week,


perhaps an increased risk of some snow as well. At the moment we are


in a quiet spell of weather, with fewer showers around, this evening


and overnight. There is a risk as temperatures get close to freezing


that there could be some ice first thing in the morning. Temperatures


will be lower out in the countryside. We could even have a


smattering of snow tonight and first thing in the morning over the hills


of Wales, the Midlands, up into northern England and Scotland. But


tomorrow will be quieter, once again. Still scattered showers


around. For the east of England perhaps chilly and grey for Match of


the Day. But on Tuesday, the next Atlantic low rushes


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