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Thank you. That's all from the BBC News at Six so it's goodbye from me,


Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson and


Annabel Tiffin. Our top story. Tracey Shelvey died after a man was


cleared of raping her. Now the police operation is being


investigated. Tracey was one of seven complainants


in the case. Also tonight: Cumbria's education crisis. Inspectors raise


serious concerns about failing secondary schools in the county


Carry on drinking. But the Police hit out as Blackpool rejects curbs


on 24`hour licences. My dad Les Dawson. Now his baby s


grown`up, she's made a surprising discovery about her father's life.


And taking the plunge with Davina McCold. How the TV celebrity was


reduced to tears for charity in Windermere.


A week ago Tracey Shelvey fell to her death from a Rochdale shopping


centre. Days earlier she'd heard that the man she and six other women


had accused of rape had been acquitted. Now it's emerged an


investigation has started into the way the police handled some of the


cases. Tracey Shelvey's death has prompted


one victim of a separate rape case to waive her right to anonymity and


speak to us about the trauma of going through the legal system.


Here's Jayne McCubbin. In June 012 a number of women went to police to


make allegations of rape. In July, three of those women complained to


GMP about the way in which their cases had been handled. The matter


was referred to the IPCC and IT began an investigation. But almost


immediately it stalls. That's because in August 2012 ` 24`year`old


Patrick Hall is charged with seven counts of rape. At that point the


legal system says the IPCC can't question officers involved in a


court case. A trial and a retrial follow. Patrick Hall is finally


found not guilty of all charges Within days of that acquittal,


Tracey Shelvey is dead. Now the IPCC said they are now looking again at


the original case. The court process is traumatic. Traumatic for people


who're wrongly accused. Traumatic for the complainant. So tonight we


reveal a unique project in Liverpool to take some of the trauma out of


the court process. It has been the hardest two years of


my life. It is difficult to say the word out lied `` loud. I tried to


commit suicide in January. You feel worthless. Aimee Pye waived her


right to anonymity to speak to us. She felt so strongly that victims of


sexual assault need a voice. She felt so strongly that the court


system could make victims doubt themselves. If I have to stand up


against someone who's telling me are you sure that's right? Is your


memory correct? You doubt yourself. Frances Andrade committed suicide


during the trial of Micheal Brewer. Her husband said she was traumatised


after being accused of lying in court. Micheal Brewer was later


convicted of her sexual assault Tracey Shelvey fell to her death


last week at the end of what police described as a traumatic case for


all involved. Patrick Hall was proven innocent. Now here at


Liverpool Crown Court, a new scheme's about to be piloted. They


hope it will deal with the trauma of giving evidence. Complainants can be


cross examined on camera months earlier in the court process. And


without the alleged offender being present. We hope that the new system


will make sure the victim can give the best evidence that they can


They will be able to give it early in the process which means their


recollection will be as fresh as it can be and it will mean that they


are not in the court building, not in the same room as the defendant


and we hope that will empower them to give the best evidence that they


are able to give. Amy was supported by the rape and criminal abuse


centre will stop her attacker eventually pleaded guilty. The talk


your body. Give yourself a voice and don't let them take that away. In


the trial involving Tracy `` Tracey Shelvey, Patrick was found not


guilty. An inquest will decide how and why she fell to her death. The


IPCC are now looking at the original case and on looking at how it was


handled by the GNP. We expect further news on it this week.


The Schools watchdog Ofsted has raised serious concerns about the


quality of secondary education across Cumbria. It says too few


secondary schools in the county are good in Barrow all three


state`funded secondaries are now deemed to be failing.


The Local Education Authority admits work has to be done but says the


county has many great schools. Peter Marshall reports.


The message to schools like Walney is must do better. It's been put in


special measures following its latest Ofsted inspection. Some


parents are not impressed. I don't think the school is very good. It is


down to stability at the moment They are chopping and changing. The


school, now has a new head and says an improvement plan is already in


place. In Barrow all three state funded secondary schools are now


deemed to be failing to some degree. Furness Academy remains in special


measures but is making adequate progress. Inspectors identified


serious weaknesses at St Bernard's Catholic High School. Its overall


effectiveness ` inadequate. We want to provoke change and reaction. We


are desperate that the children get a better education. We believe all


children should go to a good school and that is what we want to haven't


all stop `` what we want to happen. The watchdog went in to 17 secondary


schools in the county in November and December after concerns about


poor performance. It says the inspections have raised concerns


over: it does paint a negative picture but I would urge people to


remember the positives. There is a huge amount of good work that goes


on in schools throughout Cumbria and I have no doubt that Cumbria County


Council says its working hard to improve those schools under its


control but stresses that 65% of secondary school pupils in the


county attend a school that is either good or outstanding. Will


continue. Ofsted says it will hold follow up inspections in the next


few weeks. A teenager who attacked a paramedic


with a baseball bat while he was responding to an emergency call in


Leyland has been jailed for eight years. Lewis Westwood, who's 19 hit


the trainee over the head last October. The paramedic sustained a


fractured skull and is still recovering.


The retrial has started of a police call handler who's accused of giving


information to the family of Dale Cregan at the time he was on the


run. It's alleged Kathryn Smith abused her position of trust within


Greater Manchester Police because her boyfriend was a friend of


Cregan. She's on trial with two other people, one of them Cregan's


mum Anita. The family of a pensioner from


Kendal who disappeared on holiday last summer held a service today to


celebrate his life. Roger Bainbridge was 67 when he disappeared on the


Greek holiday island of Anti`Paxos. His family say that although they


can't hold a funeral they wanted to give friends and family a chance to


mark his life. The North West continues to have the


the highest number of empty shops in the country. According to the Local


Data Company, more than 17% of units in the region were empty last year.


Among the worst performing locations are Morecambe's West End, Bolton and


Altrincham. Greater Manchester's Chief Constable


has pleaded not guilty to charges arising from the death of a man shot


dead by one of his officers. Sir Peter Fahy is accused of breaching


health and safety laws in connection with the death of Anthony Grainger.


He was fatally wounded during a police operation in Cheshire in


2012. His family and supporters say the legal action against the force


doesn't go far enough. Here's our Chief Reporter Dave Guest.


They say they want justice for Grainger, and they believe the


authorities are failing to deliver it. The Crown Prosecution Service is


taking action against Greater Manchester Police for allegedly


breaking Health and Safety laws But Anthony Grainger's supporters


demonstrating outside the CPS offices in Manchester today, say


that's not enough. We are after justice and not after the person


that pulled the trigger but also the commanding officers who were


involved in the operation. Anthony Grainger died at the wheel of this


stolen Audi on a car park in Cucheth, Cheshire in 2012. GMP


officers believed he was about to take part in an armed robbery. But


no weapons were found in the vehicle. The Crown Prosecution


Service decided not to take action against the officer who pulled the


trigger. Instead they've opted to take the Chief Constable to court


for allegedly breaking health and safety rules. The chief is what s


known as the corporate sole of the force, a legal status that means he


represents the force but doesn't share criminal liability. In this


case it's alleged there were serious deficiencies in the preparation of


the operation which exposed people to unnecessary risk. If convicted


the force could face an unlimited fine. In London today a lawyer


entered a not guilty plea to the health and safety breach on behalf


of Sir Peter who was not in court. There'll be a further hearing later


this month at Southwark Crown Court. These protesters say that will not


deliver true justice for Anthony Grainger.


A ban on early morning drinking in Blackpool has been rejected. The


police and local council leaders wanted alcohol sales after 3am to be


stopped to end drunkenness and violence on the streets. The


council's licensing committee has rejected the plan ` saying trouble


is more likely to be caused by people drinking before that time. So


what happens now? Stuart Flinders reports. Blackpool at three in the


morning. The police and council leaders wanted this to be closing


time to limit drunken behaviour But the town's biggest bars and clubs


won't be closing for another two hours yet. And the council's own


licensing committee has now rejected an EMRO or Early Morning Restriction


Order, saying the cause of trouble on Blackpool's streets was more


likely to be drinking before 3am. Lancashire police say they are


disappointed by this decision and they say late night drinking causes


problems for them, ambulance staff, shop and Post Office workers to


They say they want to work with the licensees to find an alternative


solution for the problem but you get the impression that the relationship


between both sides has been damaged. The relationship has not been as it


should be. Who's fault is it? On both sides. I don't know. Have the


police handed it badly? I think they have probably gone into quickly


without looking at alternatives Lancashire Police wouldn't discuss


the issue on camera. Nor would Blackpool Council, which says an


alternative solution to the problem of drunken behaviour must be found.


Visitors agree there's a problem. But what's the solution? A very good


question. I really don't know, to be honest with you. They are not going


to shut the bars at 3am. What is the alternative? You need the later


hours because if everyone is going at the same time, it causes hassle.


It is a story lots of you have been getting in touch with. We may read


out some of your comments later Still to come on North West Tonight.


A tale of two cities. The best of times, the worst of times `


contrasting football fortunes in Liverpool and Manchester.


And pedalling through the pain. Davina McCall heads for Accrington `


on the latest leg of her Sport Relief challenge.


Les Dawson was one of the greatest comics to come from the North West `


and became something of a national treasure. He was famous for his


extraordinary piano playing ` and his Sissy and Ada routines. But he


had other talents which have ` until recently ` remained a secret.


His daughter Charlotte was a baby when Les died and during her journey


to find out more about him, she made an amazing discovery. Six Music s


Chris Hawkins went to meet her for this week's Inside Out North West.


I kept getting this recurring nightmare that I was a sports car


and the wife's mother had her foot on the throttle. This is a special


place for Charlotte. She had to grow up without her dad, sharing the


memory with his adoring fans but never actually knowing him in


person. Charlotte has had to piece together her father's story for


herself. This is for you Charlotte. This is


the home video that Les Dawson made for her. Now she wants to find out


about the man and his rise to fame and the talent he kept secret. In


the North of England, we have something called learners. This is a


romantic novel I found when I was moving house. I came across the


romantic novel that he wrote. He wrote it in a woman's name. He hid


behind a pseudonym. Yes, he did I have read every book. I have had to


get to know him through all of this but I am so lucky in a way because


he has left me search an incredible legacy. At the end of the day, all I


want is my dad back. Wave to the camera. Say hello. You won't


remember any of this. He makes you laugh every time you see him. You


can see more of that at Inside Out tonight at 7:30pm.


Richard is herewith the sport. Another painful weekend if you're a


Manchester United fan. Particularly as Liverpool had such a


good result as well? Yes David Moyes used the phrase as bad is it gets


and even though they didn't lose against Fulham.. It finished 2` .


Iit was the way it ended that was so disappointing. United, who had three


quarters of the possession and put in more than 80 crosses conceded


right at the death. Liverpool thrashed the then leaders Arsenal


5`1 and as you can see it puts a completely different complexion on


the Premier League table. It leaves United nine points behind Liverpool


who sit in that crucial fourth spot...and Brendan Rodgers' side


just six points off the leaders after a weekend which couldn't have


been more different for our big two reds. Red alert at Old Trafford


This was the image that should have been on the back pages. The United


boss celebrating his comeback from a goal down. With the hard work done,


they were undone into added time. Many were scratching their heads. It


is the worst position they have been named because of that particular


thing that if they are not in the Champions League, who will come to


Manchester United? The bookmakers see them as long shots for a place.


They harp 200`1. `` are. Liverpool on 25 /1. They are now 14/1. Fourth


favourite. Liverpool are the big movers this weekend.


In the Championship. These were the goals. It could have been ten. Luis


Suarez might not have scored but this is worthy of another knock


Speaking today, his manager was still on a high. It was wonderful to


watch. The team played without concentration and organisation and


quality. Brendan Rodgers now has two look at rising expectation.


I'm sure it will turn for Manchester United. Burnley moved into second


spot thanks to a brace from Danny Ings which secured a 3`1 win over


Millwall. The visitors took the lead on the half hour mark but Ings


blasted in this equaliser. Dean Marney than put the Clarets ahead


before half time. Ings scored again in the second half to ensure all


three points. In League one. Two goals from Joe


Garner's was enough for Preston to beat struggling Tranmere and close


the gap on the three teams above them. Craig Davies provided the


cross for the Garner to nod in his first. Rovers levelled when Ash


Taylor finished from close range. A swift counter attack allowed Garner


to slip in for the winner. The Liverpool heptathlete Katarina


Johnson`Thompson made a strong challenge to replace pregnant


Jessica Ennis on the British Athletics team by winning two golds


at this weekend's Sainsbury Indoor Championships in Sheffield. The


21`year old broke the British high jump record that's stood since 997


by clearing 1.96 metres. She took the long jump title with a personal


best of 6.75 metres. I interviewed her last year and her


favourite thing is her Nan's fry up. Manchester United fans are


struggling at the minute but four of the top centre are our clubs.


Everton are not far behind. Everton slipped up a little bit


against Spurs. Liverpool was a standout results. Luis Suarez'


volley was sensational. Most of us would think twice before


swimming across Windermere in the height of summer. Little wonder then


that on a morning when many were scraping ice off the windscreen it


was an even more daunting challenge for TV presenter Davina McCall.


She was reduced to tears on the latest stage of her 500 mile run,


cycle and swim from Edinburgh to London for Sport Relief.


After being carried from the waters of Windermere she recovered to ride


to Accrington where we can join Stuart Pollitt. She has already


climbed the mountains of the lakes put Day three was the day that she


feared most. It involved swarming across Lake Windermere where their


water temperature was for Celsius. It is perishing week`old and I just


have to keep moving. I am very nervous. I literally can't stop


shaking. On the verge of tears as she prepared to enter the water her


spirits were kept up. Under an hour later and towards the


end of the swim, she began to struggle and had to climb to her


support kayak. They had to carry her to the warmth of a nearby hotel


Thankfully after receiving treatment to warm her up, she was able to


recover. I have warmed up now and have had a warm bath. I am ready to


get on the bike. She is still on the way. You have to add my her. She


looked like she couldn't move when she came out.


And if Davina has inspired you to do your bit for this year's Sport


Relief ` then log onto bbc.co.uk/sportrelief and sign up to


an event near you. I'm delighted to say that Diane s


back with us for the weather. Were you going to say an old face?


You have a new hairstyle. It is nice to be back.


We are still stuck with that very wet weather as we had through the


next couple of days. We have a drop in temperatures and it is wet and


winter re. It will also be windy. Thursday, we have gale force winds.


There is a little bit of everything in store. That's called out is


descending everywhere. Every cloud has a silver lining and this is our


live shot. What you will see is one all too clear spells tonight. You


will be able to see Jupiter and it would be a great night to see that.


There are one or two showers around. There is some good breaks


developing in the cloud but as you head towards dawn, this is the next


area of rain moving through the Isle of Man as you head towards the early


hours of the morning. Temperatures through the night are around to


Celsius. Rowley, it could be much colder and you will be looking at a


frost. `` in rural areas, it could be much colder and you will be


looking at a frost. The Met Office have issued a yellow warning for


snow mainly over the highest hills. You could be looking at up to five


Celsius `` five centimetres. For most of us, it is another wet


morning. It keeps on coming. By 11 o'clock, it should have cleared the


coast and then eventually everywhere. With that cold air


around, it will feel really quite winter re and you will see some


wintry showers. Through Tuesday night into Wednesday, there could be


more wintry showers. Temperatures around five Celsius at best.


When you come back, all you think you are going to talk about is rain


and rain. But I am bringing you rain and snow!


We were talking about the Early Morning Restriction Order order that


they have not brought in in Blackpool. Barry tweeted that they


have chosen stags and hens over families. One man says it is what


people want to do rather than what the police want them to do.


Andrew says not good for Blackpool, not good for the policing. Nigel


Jackson says, I love Blackpool but I don't visit late on at night. We


have had Kerry Hodgson who is back. Many are glad to see you back.


It is nice to be back. It is nice to return to work.


Good night.


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