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to British coastlines, with winds of up to 80 mph. That's all from the


BBC Good evening. Welcome to North West


Tonight with Roger Johnson and Annabel Tiffin. Our top story.


Ten years on from tragedy on the tracks at Tebay ` questions remain


over rail safety. I saw this black object come pass me. Then it ran


over them. The only survivor tells us his story. Also tonight.


Arrowepark Hospital admits using unsterilised surgical equipment `


including in a caesarean section. Labour celebrate ` but it's mixed


fortunes for the other parties in the Wythenshawe by`election.


Just Google it ` school children in Liverpool learn the tricks of the


trade from the computer experts And we are getting up in a damp Lake


District, searching for the perfect spot to propose.


Tomorrow is a poignant anniversary for the families of four railway


workers who were killed at Tebay in Cumbria. They were crushed by a


runaway trolley loaded with rails. That was ten years ago. An official


report highlighted shortcomings which led to the disaster. Ten years


on one man who narrowly escaped with his life says safety still isn't


good enough. Our Chief Reporter Dave Guest has been to meet him.


A simple windswept memorial records the names of four men who died doing


their job. They were crushed to death by a runaway trolley loaded


with 16 tonnes of rails. It careered out of control along the main


railway line at Tebay in Cumbria, one morning in February 2004. Those


who saw what happened will never forget it. We were just stood


between both rails, and then we just happened to stand out, waiting for


the lads to knock their keys out. Then I just saw this black object


come whizzing past us and then run right over the lads. You had no


warning it was coming? No. No. If you'd not stepped out of that


moment, then you would have been killed too? Yes. There would have


been more fatalities. Gary Tindall was one of the fatalities, so too


Colin Buckley, Chris Waters and Darren Burgess. An investigation


into the accident highlighted various shortcomings that led to


tragedy. Tom Angus and others have campaigned since then to improve


safety. They acknowledge some improvements have been made, but Tom


says runaways still happen. We have had over 70 runaways in different


parts of the country. 70 runnaways since 2004? As I know about, yes.


Network Rail said today that a secondary protection system, which


basically sounds an alarm to warm crews of a runaway approaching, will


be in place across the country by June. But it will have taken more


than ten years to get that secondary warning device in place. What do you


think about that? It is disappointing. I'm hoping this time


they actually do what they said they would do. Tomorrow, family, friends


and colleagues of those who died will gather here to remember the


terrible events of ten years ago. And also perhaps to hope that


lessons really have been learnt A little earlier, I spoke to Mick


Cash from the RMT Union. I asked him whether there had been any safety


improvements in the wake of what happened at Tebay?


We have seen some improvements but it is a long time coming. It is a


sad indictment on the way beget doing on the road. We are starting


to see progress, but it has been slow and you. What would you like to


see done now as a matter of urgency? What might be about to happen? As


recent as this week we have got approval for Network Rail to extend


across the whole of the network This secondary warning system, which


the families of those affected by Tebay and RMT branch in Lancaster,


have been campaigning for a number of years now. That in itself will be


a significant help for ensuring track workers' safety, ensuring that


if there is runaways in the future, that workers get some sort of added


protection. Two men were jailed in the wake of what happened in Tebay,


because there was a criminal manslaughter case brought.


Notwithstanding that, do you think that secondary system you have


mentioned could have prevented this, would have prevented this? If it is


in place, we are confident it would have prevented it. The neglect in


the first place was absolutely astonishing, but there would have


been an added layer of protection for the workers if this secondary


warning system had been in place, which would have meant that whilst


we wouldn't have stopped the runaway, the workers on the site


that would have been able to have enough warning to get clear and


prevented the accident. Thank you. A hospital in Merseyside has


admitted operating on patients with equipment that hadn't been


sterilised properly. Nine patients at Arrowe Park Hospital were


involved, including a woman having a caesarian section. They've all been


tested for infections and found to be unharmed. Stuart Flinders has


been looking into the story. No harm done, but this is a breach of basic


hygiene, isn't it? The process of sterilising instruments used in


operations is supposed to be rigorous. But we were contacted by a


viewer who told us that on one occasion in January the normal


procedure wasn't followed. Operations were carried out on a


number of patients, including a woman having a caesarian section,


using instruments that hadn't been sterilised properly, endangering the


health of those involved. This is Arrowe Park's Sterile Services


Department. They use a machine called an autoclave similar to this


one. It treats surgical instruments under pressure and at high


temperatures to kill off any bacteria. It's a three`stage


process. But, on this occasion, the final stage was omitted. The person


who got in touch with us blamed the 'overstretching of staff', claiming


that basic indicators to show sterilisation has occurred have been


removed because of cost`cutting at the hospital. Since being employed


within the NHS the things I have seen make me ashamed to say that I


work for them, says our correspondent. The Trust that runs


Arrowe Park says staff aren't overstretched and this has nothing


to do with cost`cutting. Procedures have changed, but only because of


modernisation. They do admit that when nine of their patients went


under the knife in January, the knife wasn't as clean as it should


have been. Immediate action was taken, they say. The medical


instruments affected were identified. The patients concerned


have been contacted and tested for infection and given the all`clear. A


statement from the Trust goes on: Rigorous processes, training and


staff support are in place and a detailed investigation is on` going


to identify the cause and ensure there is no repetition. ?NEWLINE


Meanwhile, a report into care provided by the Royal Liverpool and


Broadgreen Hospital Trust has highlighted concerns over staffing.


The Care Quality Commission has warned the Trust it must take action


` to minimise infection risk, manage medicines more effectively and


improve dignity and privacy of patients. But overall, it found safe


and effective care. An Australian driver, who was high


on drugs and crashed a stolen car into a taxi killing a Manchester


scientist, has been jailed. Sean Barrett, a quantum physicist, had


just arrived in Perth in Western Australia for a science conference.


Anthony Fogarty has been sentenced to 11 years. A jury in the real


trial of the Attorney General has been discharged after failing to


reach a verdict. Stephen Harden was accused of perjury and act against


public justice. He was suspended as a government main adviser in 20 2


and has been bailed pending the possibility of another retrial.


Neighbours in a south Manchester suburb have reacted with shock and


sadness today to the news that a 20`year`old local man has been


killed fighting with the rebels in Syria. Anil Kahil Raolfi sent a


series of tweets and pictures from the front line. It's believed he was


killed just days after. His death comes as the government voiced


concern over increasing number of British Muslims travelling to fight


in Syria. Gill Dummigan reports A quiet unremarkable street in one


of Manchester's most desirable suburbs. Today coming to terms with


the fact that a young neighbour Anil Khalil Raoufi, flew thousands


of miles to fight, and ultimately die with the Syrian rebels. We knew


the family were quiet and peace loving people. I am surprised, yes.


Very surprised and very sorry. Today, only police at the home. The


family have been moved elsewhere. While we are investigating the


circumstances around the death, his family are not under investigation.


There are no suspicions attached to them. The family would like to take


this opportunity to find Greater Manchester Police for their


sensitivity. The family will not be talking to the media and want to be


left alone in peace. This is Anil in Syria. By now he'd renamed himself


Abu Layth. On his twitter feed he talks excitedly about the


thunderclap of the bombs. He compares the battlefield to a scene


from Star Wars and describes the bullets flying inches above their


heads. On January the 30th, the tweets stop. Worshippers were


collecting the Syrian refugees after Friday prayers. But the subject of


fighting abroad got a mixed response. They are doing nothing


about it. People get driven crazy, or do something. They have no


business doing that. There are charities and organisations that


help people. When it comes to fighting, I don't think,


Denbighshire be done. The comment says it is expecting a problem with


jihadi is returning to the UK `` government. It is a war thousands of


miles away, but it has been apparent that in the street it can impact at


home. Nearly 1000 homes are still without


power this evening after hurricane force storms hit the North West two


days ago. Engineers from North West Electric and ScottishPower are


continuing to work across the region to restore the supply. Homes in


Mid`Cheshire are worst affected and around 100 across Wirral, South


Cumbria, Lancashire and Manchester are still waiting to be reconnected.


We are in the countryside and there is no central heating, there's no


heating. We can't have gas or anything like that, so we can't


cook, we can't have warmth or have lights. Oh, it's horrible. When


you're older you feel the cold. That is the problem. It has come back on


just now, just this minute. That must be a relief? Yes, I can have a


cup of tea now. It's not a constituency used to


change. But early this morning the voters of Wythenshawe and Sale East


chose only their third MP in 50 years. Yes, Labour's Mike Kane won a


convincing victory in the by` election, caused by the death of the


former MP Paul Goggins. Our political editor Arif Ansari was at


the count overnight and assesses the implications of the vote.


The Labour Leader Ed Miliband was in the constituency this morning


enjoying a convincing win in a safe seat. But celebrations had started


well before the result. It is a great honour to represent your


hometown, so I am delighted. Sad circumstances with the death of


Paul, but tremendously dedicated public servant will be huge shoes to


fill. I hope the champion his causes and carry on his work. As the votes


were counted, it was clear Labour had seen off the threat from UKIP. I


think we were comes second. I'll be happy if we do. That represents


good, growth. But not the political breakthrough some in the leadership


had hoped for. Labour had won more than half the vote. But while UKIP


was well behind, it did manage to knock the Conservatives into third


place. The Prime Minister, inspect and storm damage, was dusting off


the political damage. These are times where people know they can


send a message and make a protest about changing the government, but


there messages I always listen to them closely and I will do on this


occasion. The Liberal Democrats chose to suffer in silence, after


securing less than 5% of the vote. While some are lost for words,


voters spoke out, selecting only their third MP in 50 years. . The


big question throughout this election was how well would UKIP do.


What do you make of their result? You are right. How well would they


do was a subtext. Let's look at what happened. There was a strong showing


four years ago. You could barely features but strong support for the


Tories and Lib Dems. What happened overnight, you can see that Labour


shoot ahead even further. UKIP have a substantial jump, there is no


doubt about it. They go into second place. The Lib Dems are virtually


destroyed. The Tories take a hit. If you look at that, yes you can save


UKIP second, but quite a distance to labour. They are not close and only


just ahead of Tories. I don't think they have succeeded in saying they


are the main opposition to Labour in these kinds of constituencies. This


is great for my came `` Mike Cane. We have on Sunday on Sunday


Politics. He will be one of our guests and also some of UKIP will


stop they will have a discussion if there is any thing to talk about.


Still to come on North West Tonight. Who will be getting their hands on


the FA Cup this year? It could be one of four North West teams.


And it may be wet, but the Lake District is THE place for


Valentine's Day love. Last week we had technology giant


Apple lauding a teacher from the Isle of Man, Alex Townsend, as one


of the top 30 innovators of the last 30 years. Today, one of its biggest


competitors has been in Liverpool to encourage youngsters to follow his


path. Google is supporting a project called "code club". It's been set up


to help schoolchildren learn how to programme computers and not just use


their features. Mark Edwardson went along to watch them learn the trick


of the trade. The 21st`century boys of St Margaret's Anfield C of E


primary school expertly crafting and creating computer code. Once you


locate a net it will make a sound effect. We have had a lot of


software. This is Code Club, an organisation set up to teach


children programming skills. I enjoy it because it gets you out of maths


in school. I would like to do it as a job because it is fun. Google are


supporting Code Club. The technology giant is on a nationwide tour that


landed in Liverpool today. Some of these kids are brilliant and may


well become programmers, not with the fantastic because it is a skill


which is becoming more important across the economy, not just a


Google but in other sectors. Running quietly in the background are


science and maths. We liken it to sneak and vegetables into a meal, so


they are having fun and make it exciting things. They don't realise


they are learning all these amazing computer science concepts. This


might look like fun but it is also serious. From now on children as


young as five will be taught as to programme as well as using


computers. Children have come in fresh today. They're been helped as


well. Maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks But within a decade


some of these whizz kids could be driving the digital world. Mark


Edwardson, BBC North West tonight, Liverpool.


Sport now, and the FA Cup in a moment but Richard some news first


of all on an investigation into a well known manager? Yes we


understand that the Tranmere Rovers manager Ronnie Moore is being


investigated by the Football Association over a claim he breached


betting rules. It's understood the allegation relates to regulations


preventing him from betting in any competition in which the club is


involved. I should stress we don't yet know any more about this


allegation, although he hasn't been charged or suspended. Neither the


club nor the FA is making any comment. This is Ronnie Moore's


second stint in charge of the club he played for as well. Rovers are


currently two places above the League One relegation zone.


The FA Cup takes centre stage this weekend and the holders, Wigan


Athletic, are still in there. Now a Championship club of course, not


many Latics fans will be thinking lightning is likely to strike twice.


But they face Cardiff City, who re bottom of the Premier League, and


will certainly fancy their chances of making the quarter finals. And


our three remaining top flight teams all have good reason to think their


name could be the next one on that famous trophy.


It was a victory which restored the romance of the cup. Wigan Athletic


may have gone down from the Premier League but they will go down in


history as one of the FA Cup's greatest stories. Even though they


are even bigger underdogs this time, they're not ready to wave


goodbye just yet. We go to Cardiff with optimism and confidence, and I


think we can surprise them. Wiggin's unforgettable Wembley


moment was certainly want to forget for beaten finalists Manchester


City. They're part of the quarterfinals this time could not be


easier. Premier League leaders Chelsea, who beat city a week and a


half ago standard no way. We see tomorrow best 11 starting against


Chelsea, and we have an important game on Tuesday, so we will see


tomorrow the team. There is a feeling amongst Everton fans that


perhaps this could be their year put up blue supporters have their day


out at Wembley in 2009, losing to Chelsea. Of course, they now have a


man in charge who knows exactly what it is like to win it. We are facing


a very much welcome distraction with the FA Cup. The fifth round is


always exciting. A different competition, and a different day,


but Liverpool's next opponents have certainly been warned. Arsenal. The


smarting from their recent hammering at the hands of Brendan Rodgers s


men. We want to win the FA cup. It is different for Arsenal and they


have a massive game after us. Some cracking matches. In the Winter


Olympics the 2008 world champion is 2.7 seconds behind leader from


Russia, but no .6 seconds from bronze medal. He said he was pleased


when he is weird and can only improve. Watch out for him when the


competition resumes on BBC Two. Superleague now. This week we


featured Australian Luke Walsh settling into a new life in St


Helens as he prepared for the new season. Well, he made an amazing


debut last night by scoring 18 points as Saint's demolished


Warrington Wolves 38`8. This was his try. Joel Monaghan had put Wolves


ahead with two tries. But man of the match Walsh responded by kicking


seven goals from as many attempts. Fellow newcomer Kyle Amor was also a


tryscorer. Sale Sharks Director of Rugby Steve


Diamond names an unchanged back line, and makes three changes in the


pack for tonight's home match against Saracens. Eifion


Lewis`Roberts, Marc Jones and Andrei Ostrikov replace Ross Harrison,


Tommy Taylor and Jonathan Mills And you can hear commentary of Sale s


match tonight on BBC Radio Manchester on line. Your local BBC


Radio stations will also be covering this weekend's FA Cup matches on FM


and Medium Wave. I saw you struggling into the office Web


valentines cards? They were all obviously. `` with Valentines


cards. It might have escaped your notice


but today is the day of love ` St Valentines day. And apparently


Britain's place of love is the Lake District which is currently listed


as Britain's most romantic destination. Now the search is on to


find the top spot there for popping the question. Peter Marshall can


explain. It says here he is our own heart`throb.


The Lake District where apparently there is love in the air. I got


walking a lot and there are couples hand in hand. Most hands were firmly


holding brollies today. Rain aside, the Lake District National authority


wants to find the best place for a proposal. What makes us west


romantically? We have beautiful mountains in the distance. You can't


see them today. We have lovely lakes and beautiful woodlands and glorious


places to propose. So, potential proposal locations. What about


Darling fell or Hart crag? What about not rake? He is a suggestion.


Where ever you choose, maybe you have to do it in the summer. Online,


many suggestions. Roberta says, but year. Eric says he proposed his wife


near a river. He has been happily married seven years.


May be somewhere around Ambleside or Windermere. Is of romantic? Not in


this weather. Paris. The place of love. If you would like to follow in


Bill Clinton's footsteps, he proposed here. It looks like this.


Someone put on Facebook they went to the Lake District and it rained all


week on their honeymoon. If the weather is like that, or you have


left is to be romantic. It shows that he is a loose romantic man in


the world Paris is romantic. Sunday is the best they are by far. Sunday


is drier and brighter. There will be some rain at the tail end of the day


but things will allow you to get out and about. This man arraigned today


has been very fragmented. It started to get its act together again. It'll


be a Sunday night denied. Most places will see this rain coming and


going. The wind gradually starts to pick itself up again. The only


positive thing I can say in this broadcast is that the cloud hold


your temperatures up to five or six degrees, which is quite unexpected


at this time of year. Tomorrow morning is the same old story. That


band of rain which will come and go. We have winds of gale force as well.


By the time you get a lunch time, things look a bit better on Isle of


Man. It moves in everywhere and we were seasoned brighter skies coming


through, hopefully. There will be one or two showers because the wind


is blustery and the air is chilly. They could have a wintry component,


but hopefully you won't see too many of them. The temperatures hardly


rise to six or seven. That'll be the best you get. Sunday should not be


too bad. The morning is dry and bright. We will have rain at the


end, but it is the best day of the weekend. Cumbria police have said a


number of roads have been affected by snow and pro`driving conditions


and please stick to the main routes. You will have noticed the others


change the set. It is Valentine s Day. And we have a couple of lovely


stories ` from couples of different generations to finish. James and


Gertrude Wigley from Newton`le`Willows ` married 72 years


years ago today. Gertrude's 92 ` Arthur's 94 tomorrow. Celebrations


all round! Happy anniversary. Isn't that amazing? Have a great weekend.


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