15/02/2014 North West Tonight


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That's it for now. We're back with the late news at 10.40pm.


Good evening. Former Preston and England winger Sir Tom Finney died


yesterday at the age of 91. This afternoon Preston North End played


at home and Richard Askam was there. Richard, what was the atmosphere


like? As you can imagine, it has been a very emotional day. People


are still coming and laying flowers and scarves and other tributes to


Sir Tom Finney. It was emotionally charged inside the ground earlier


on. You can now see pictures of a floral tribute being given to


members of Sir Tom Finney 's family. Including his son Brian We


also had a minutes silence before the game. A very emotional day. It


has all been about paying tribute to Preston 's most famous son.


Tributes today to a former foot Baller who Preston North End


describe as their greatest. How can a man I never met, never had the


privilege to see play have such a profound effect on me? So sad.


Everybody loved Sir Tom Finney. He was about an absolutely fantastic


figure on and off the pitch. When he finished, the club sort of died a


little bit. He is a big man for Preston North End. I rank him as


bubbly one of the best sportsmen we have produced on this islands. His


contribution is just amazing. He was chair of the local health authority


for a time and he did so much for charity. A Freeman of the city, his


family have been offered a civic funeral.


We should not forget that Sir Tom Finney was a truly outstanding foot


Baller but what set him apart was his connection with people,


certainly in this city. One lady summed it up, she was in tears, she


said to me, he was a truly great player but he was an even greater


man. A 46`year`old lorry driver from


Manchester has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a man was


found dead near his car in Warrington earlier. Police are


appealing for witnesses to the incident itself or any erratic


driving on Manchester Road in Rixton around 8am to come forward.


The body of a 15`year`old boy was found in Oldham this morning. Police


are treating the death as unexplained and say while there s


nothing to suggest any wrong`doing, they can't rule out third`party


involvement. A postmortem examination will now take place


It's been Congenital Heart Defect Week and an 11`year`old boy from


Blackburn who has the condition has been raising money with the help of


his school friends. Emma Blackburn reports.


The shoelaces are tied. The new school tracksuits revealed. And


these year six pupils are ready for their sponsored walk. All to help


their friend. Walking four times around the pitch at Blackburn


Rovers, the group know just what this challenge means. The mile long


walk is the furthest he has completed. He was born with


congenital heart disease and had his hurt `` third major operation


recently. He is now stronger than ever and is raising money. It is a


great achievement because what he has got, it is very rare. He looks


normal but it is something that he suffers. I always used to get really


breathless easily. But now, I have done a mile. It is a good


achievement. And his friends think so too.


Here's the weather with Sara Blizzard.


Good afternoon. It certainly felt quite cold today. The wind has


changed direction now. It will come from the North West overnight. But


we will see the showers diminishing and the wind easing off a little bit


more. A frost will start to form across parts of the region tonight.


Gradually we will start to see clear skies. We are likely to see a frost


across parts of Cheshire. A cold start to Sunday. But it will be a


much better day. Quite a bit of sunshine around tomorrow. The wind


will be a lot lighter. Maybe the odd shower coming into the Isle of Man


towards the evening. Certainly feeling pleasant in the sunshine.


Wet and breezy again by Monday. Hello, good evening, finally some


quieter weather on the way for the British Isles for the remainder of


this weekend, also somewhat for the week ahead. More on that in a


moment. Tonight, the biggest story is the winds continuing to ease


Into the small hours of Sunday, the winds will be light. Late showers


for Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England. A lot of


groundwater around elsewhere with a wide spread rural frost predicted we


are looking at the prospect of patches of ice on Sunday. There is a


lot of sunshine to come throughout the day. With light winds it will


feel pleasant. Highs to Scotland and Northern Ireland of six or seven. To


the south, eight, nine or ten in the south-east of England. To the west,


showers will brush into Northern Ireland through the afternoon. High


pressure, as we move from Sunday into Monday, gives way to an area of


low pressure couldn't coming in from the Atlantic. This is nothing like


the bull's-eye beast we have been looking at in the last week, it s a


slacker affair. The wind will be lighter. That is what we are talking


about for the week ahead. Areas of low


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