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Thousands of protest to remain in Independence Square tonight,


Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Annabel Tiffin and


Graham Liver. Our top story: On the front line of the fracking protests


` the constant battle between police and campaigners in Salford. We'll be


joined by the police commander to discuss the dispute.


Also tonight: Facing eviction ` the couple who've lost their latest


legal challenge to benefits changes. It's put a lot of stress on us. I've


got medical problems. We're having to fight this. It's not on.


The would`be rugby world champions ` Wigan prepare for battle down under.


And the purple popster rocks up in Manchester ` fans have been queuing


all day. Legal moves to evict anti`fracking


protestors from their camp in Eccles have been put on hold. A court in


Manchester today adjourned the hearing until early March. For now,


the camp remains ` as do the protestors. They've accused the


police of adopting heavy handed tactics at Barton Moss. The police


deny that and say the cost of keeping order is rising by the day.


Today there were three more arrests. Here's our Chief Reporter, Dave


Guest. Policing Barton Moss hasn't come cheap. ?700,000 so far ` and


counting. There are deliveries to the site on four days each week And


when there are around 60 officers are deployed to ensure the wagons


can get through. Some protestors claim to be victims of police


brutality. The police say some protestors have been aggressive and


provocative. GMP have recorded 2 official complaints from protestors


` five of them apparently from one person. The force invited us to see


their officers in action today. Another day at the office for police


and protestors at Barton Moss. The police say they're here to


facilitate peaceful protest. The protestors have a different point of


view. They're aggressive. They force us up the lane and kick us in the


back of the legs. Knuckling you in the back. I'm a teacher so I'm down


more this week than usual. If you're expecting it to be brutal why have


you brought a baby? I'm not going to get involved. The internet is awash


with videos alleged to show police brutality at Barton Moss. The police


deny claims that they're routinely heavy handed with protestors. But


here, an officer is heard wrongly accusing a man of drink driving The


incident's now being investigated by GMP under supervision from the


Independent Police Complaints Commission. An 8am briefing from


officers responsible for maintaining order at Barton Moss today. Be


vigilant. How can you trespass on public land?! It's a public footbath


on public land! Eh?! `` footpath. If the protestors move, the police are


happy. If they don't, that's when an arrest would be made. Do you not


accept that the protestors have done anything to exasperate the


situation? No. They're exercising their human right. The police are


not behaving the way they normally do. They'd be pushing us. They're


saying you've changed your tactics because we're here? No. There are a


mixture of people here. We've got to recognise that. There are more


cameras here than on the red carpet at the Oscars. The protestors film


the police who film the protestors who film us. Eventually the two


trucks make it to the drilling site. Police and protestors disperse `


both sides will reconvene again when the next convoy arrives. Joining us


now is Greater Manchester Police Assistant Chief Constable Ian


Wiggett. 22 complaints so far, a YouTube video of angry scenes on


site ` could GMP be handling this better? The majority of the


complaints are related to minor pushing and people being filmed in a


public place. There are some more serious complaints which we have


here and one in particular is being investigated. This is the case of


the man who was accused wrongly of drink`driving. That matter is under


investigation. We have lots of allegations made but in terms of


substantive complaints that have come forward, but evidence we can


investigate, it is a small number. We have been the now for 90 days. We


have 60 officers there at least It is a confined area. But are a lot of


people filming. The protesters are filming all the time. Some footage


is making its way online, particularly when it has been a


confrontation, but the mood does change from day to day. Your


officers are facing a volatile situation every day ` there are


bound to be some tempers flaring ` your officers only human... We


insist that the officers behave to higher standards. We review all of


the footage at the end of the day. `` the highest standards. Are any of


the officers still on site, the ones who are being investigated? We are


investigating certain matters. The officers who work regularly down


there. We are in a very difficult situation because you can see it as


a constrained site. We recognised that emotions run high. We apply a


fair degree of tolerance and we try our best to facilitate the process


but unfortunately there are some numbers down here who are intent of


people not carrying this out. What about a 15`year`old girl? That was


trespassed. Whether it is a child or an elderly woman, we have to deal


with the situation. `` trespass It is a situation we would prefer not


to be in. It has cost us a lot of money and is a drain on resources.


We are doing our best to try to get the balance correct. Thank you.


Two officers found guilty of negligence after a soldier from Bury


was shot and killed will be allowed to rejoin the army after winning


appeals. 21`year`old Fusilier James Wilkinson died when a malfunctioning


machine gun accidentally fired. Corporal Colin Bell and Staff


Sergeant Patrick Price had their army dismissal orders quashed and


their sentences cut. Four people have been arrested over


a robbery at a Salford care home while more than 50 residents and


staff were inside. It happened earlier this month at Pendleton


Court Nursing Home. The raiders fled with cash and jewellery. Police say


no`one was injured, but a number of people were distressed.


Manchester Airport is to have its own specialist anti`slavery team.


It's part of a Home Office plan to help spot potential human


trafficking victims and disrupt organised crime gangs. The team led


by Border Force, will start work later this year.


And the future of one of the Isle of Man's red phone boxes has been


secured ` after a local bank stepped in to fund it. The kiosk at


Cregneash was one of six on the island deemed unprofitable ` but it


will now be restored. 500 people have signed a petition for Manx


Telecom to keep the phone boxes A couple from Southport say they


face eviction after losing a court battle against housing benefit


changes. Charlotte Carmichael says she's unable to share a bedroom with


her husband because she's seriously ill. But under new rules his


bedroom's treated as a spare room and the couple face a cut in benefit


payments. An appeal against what critics call "the bedroom tax" was


turned down in the High Court today. Stuart Flinders reports. Anxious


moments for the Carmichaels. They were waiting to hear the result of


an appeal against housing benefit changes. It's caused so much stress.


My health is... I'm anxious all the time. The changes are supposed to


discourage couples from living in properties big enough to house


families on the waiting list. But the Carmichaels say they have no


choice. Charlotte has spina bifida and needs to use a special bed.


Campaigners went to court, claiming the changes penalise disabled


people, but a senior judge today found against them. The relevant


legal test for a successful challenge is whether the measures


are manifest without reasonable foundation. This stringent test is


not satisfied in these cases. The appeals are dismissed. We may be


evicted. There's no guarantee we'll be able to live here. It's put a lot


of stress on us. I've got medical problems. We're having to fight


this. It's not on. The Government says the old system was open to


abuse. Campaigners are seeing if they can now take their appeal to


Europe. She's been one of the region's most


distinctive and well known MPs. But Hazel Blears, the Labour MP for


Salford and Eccles, has decided to call it a day and step down at the


next general election. Elected in 1997, she reached cabinet before


imploding in the expenses scandal. Our political editor Arif Ansari has


been looking back on a memorable political career. Her first public


appearance was as a movie extra And there's always been a little bit of


showbiz about Hazel Blears. Now she's decided to leave the political


stage... The energy and passion she shows is fantastic. It is amazing to


see how she connects with local people. The grammar school girl from


Salford was first elected in the Blair landslide of 1997. She became


a minister, introducing the five`a`day healthy eating regime and


then Police Community Support Officers. Always loyal and usually


chirpy ` Tony Blair promoted her to cabinet as Party Chair. It didn t


stop her campaigning against her own government's plans to close


maternity services at Salford Royal. Gordon Brown promoted her again to


Communities Secretary. But they fell out spectacularly. She mocked his


"youtube if you want to" moment He called her expenses record "totally


unacceptable". I've sent a cheque to the same equivalent amount. What I


don't was in accordance with the rules. People are angry. Under


intense media pressure, she quit on the eve of European elections.


Labour campaigners were furious that she was "rocking the boat". She


resigned on the eve of the local elections, weeding a badge and it


was something she regretted later. `` wearing. But she campaigned hard


and won re`election with a 6,00 majority four years ago. She wasn't


wanted in Ed Miliband's new team. Instead she helped Salford recover


from the riots and ensured the BBC chose Salford Quays to base Media


City. But family life was becoming painful. It was the brutal diagnosis


we have about in relation to cancer sufferers but he did was happening


to the people I live with. Many will remember Hazel Blears for her


expenses. Others will recognise her total commitment to Salford and her


constituents. Now to the big fuss surrounding the


smallest of Lakeland properties Bridge House in Ambleside is


centuries old and The National Trust wants to put up a couple of


handrails to help visitors view it. But that has led to a flurry of


opposition from the local parish council. Peter Marshall reports


They believe it was built in the mid`1600. Built over 400 years ago,


once apparently home to a family of eight. The National Trust wants to


put in guardrails to stop people falling off. They aren't planning


massive changes. They just want to put guardrail Cor. Also a handrail.


The steps are quite steep but the idea hasn't gone down well with the


parish council. It wants the proposals blocked. It's an iconic


building, gifted in 1926. People photograph it. They don't like


change. It has been like that for years and years. Why would you


change? It's not about health and safety. It's about letting people


enjoy it. If they can't navigate the states then that is no use. `` the


steps. I think it's ridiculous. Unnecessary. You've got to be safe


if you're claiming up to the top so I don't think it would spoil it If


it was bright pink... The decision is likely to come down to the Lake


District National Park Authority. This debate could get lively.


Sport now, and some welcome news for Manchester United and for Wayne


Rooney's bank balance as well? Yes, he's agreed a new five`and`a`half


year contract worth up to ?300, 00 a week. That makes him the highest


paid player in the Premier League. It will raise eyebrows. Chelsea


tried to buy the England striker in the summer but David Moyes, and of


course this incredible deal, the most expensive in the club's


history, persuaded him to commit his future to United. The Reds play


Crystal Palace tomorrow. Curator has charged Manuel


Pellegrini with conflict. We lost against Barcelona and we were angry.


I apologise for what I said. Meanwhile, Everton have a tough


match at Chelsea but have no intention of giving up on that


crucial fourth Champions League place. Boss Roberto Martinez has


made a behind the scenes change He's appointed iconic Everton hero


Duncan Ferguson to first team coach. The former striker scored 72 goals


in 273 appearances and has spent the last two`and`a`half years as youth


coach. He's developing into an exciting coach. I think we need him


in the first team environment. He's an Evertonian. A great influence.


He'll be a big part of the staff in the first team from now till the end


of the season. Wigan Warriors fans have just a few


hours to wait to see if their team will be crowned the best club side


in the world. The Warriors are preparing to take on the Sydney


Roosters in an annual challenge that pits our title winners against the


Australian champions. And If Wigan do lift the trophy, they'll be the


first Super League side to do it down under. Wigan Warriors are on


the brink of history ` already double winners at home, they could


become the first Super League team to be crowned World Champions on


Australian soil. Victory would also make them the first team to lift the


title four times. The coach did that himself as a player in 1987. He


still views it as the pinnacle of his career. I want these players to


understand the importance. In 2 years, when they've finished, they


want to look back and know they ve created history. I understand the


challenge. They're a fantastic team but we'll make it a fantastic team.


Wigan were successful again in 991, and caused a big upset in beating


the Brisbane Broncos on their own patch in 1994. But the Warriors also


know what it's like to lose to the Ozzies, as they did three years ago.


It's a challenge. We understand Wigan won two titles last year.


Wigan won a warm up match comfortably against New Zealand


Warriors. They won't be lacking support either ` some fans have made


the ten`and`a`half`thousand mile journey to cheer them on.


And you can hear commentary of that match on BBC Five Live Extra with


build up starting at 9am tomorrow morning.


In the Winter Olympics in Sochi we have two competitors in this


weekend's events. Former Queen's Guardsman Lamin Deen from Manchester


is the pilot of the four man bobsleigh. The former Burnage High


School pupil David Ryding from Chorley who learned to ski on Pendle


dry ski slope and competed at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver is


competing in the slalom. You can see how they get on on BBC Two over the


weekend. Good luck to them. Now, in just ten minutes the doors


are going to open on one of the gigs of the year in Manchester. Pop


royalty's come to the city in the diminutive form of Prince. He's at


the Academy. Unsurprisingly, there have been queues forming there since


last night. Gill Dummigan's there now. You're a fan? I am! It is a few


minutes until the doors open. Prince has been here four times in


Manchester. Last time at the Apollo. Will the drizzle put you off? No!


He's been filling stadiums for more than 30 years ` last time he was in


the UK in 2007 it was for a 21 night tour of the huge 02 arena in London.


So when the artist currently known as Prince did this at Wednesday s


Brit awards... The result was inevitable. Sold out in 60 seconds.


With a face value of ?70, they were soon appearing on resale websites


for many times that. Then a rumour went around that a couple hundred of


tickets were going to be available and look what happened. I have come


from Aberdeen. This morning. It took seven hours. I came from Surrey


Those tickets go on sale at 7pm but in the meantime, the fans here have


worked out a numbering system to get them. We have been here since 1 pm.


We didn't really use the sleeping bag. We just stayed up. It was a


good atmosphere. I got here before 10pm last night. I have been a


Prince fan for 20 years. He puts a show one for you. `` on. Since the


late 70s, Prince has sold more than 80 million records worldwide. His


last UK top ten single was many years ago. He has the funk. An inner


Hendrix. He will deliver. There are a few people there who think it will


be a fantastic night. They have travelled a long way. We are from


Aberdeen. We set off at 1am this morning. What about you? Venice We


came here yesterday. What is it about Prince? Here is the greatest


musician in the world. The greatest artist. We love him. Thank you. 2000


lucky people are here tonight. 000 more tomorrow. There are rumours of


more UK concerts. They are keen Tickets aren't cheap! Are you a fan?


I saw him many years ago! We are going to see some rain on


Sunday. With that in mind, parts of Cumbria and North Wales have issued


a yellow earlier let. The winds will be strong. This has been the story


of the day. Many places have managed to get away from the showers. There


was almost springlike sunshine in places. Over the last few hours the


showers have moved. I think we will see some more as we head through the


evening. If you are going out tonight you will probably see some


of them. The year is fairly cool. You're overnight temperatures are


not quite as cool as last eight We are looking at three or four


Celsius, perhaps a degree lower than that. Tomorrow, the morning is the


best part of the day. I think you will see good light of through that


period. The weather system starts to come towards us and we will see some


more showers eventually. They should be isolated and not too much of a


problem however. Towards the end of the day, the temperatures will be


seven or eight. Thank you. Just a word before we go about next


week, when we begin our coverage of the centenary of World War One here


on Northwest Tonight and on BBC local radio. All through the week


we'll be covering stories about the impact of the War here at home. I've


been filming over the last few weeks. There are some moving


stories. Those stories will be featured on your BBC local radio


breakfast shows on Monday morning at 8.15am. On my Radio Lancashire


breakfast show I'll have the story of the Butterworths minus four


brothers from Lancaster who all lost their lives in the war. `` the


Butterworths ` four brothers. We discuss a young couple. Remarkable.


That's it from us. Goodbye.


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