23/02/2014 North West Tonight


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Good evening. Police are warning people not to


approach a convicted murderer who has been on the run for 48 hours


after escaping from prison staff while on day release in Rochdale


town centre. Officers say Paul Maxwell doesn't pose a significant


threat to the public, but add anyone who sees him should call them. He


was serving a life sentence for the murder of an 85`year`old in West


Yorkshire and is known to have links to Rochdale and Tameside.


I suspect that he is running out of money and our main concern is that


the public. He has previously committed crimes against elderly


people. If he is running out of money, he has defied it from


somewhere. Unless anyone is assisting him, and they will be


prosecuted. The Independent Police Complaints


Commission says it's revisiting an investigation into expenses claims


made by Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioner. Clive Grunshaw


was told in January that he would not face charges over allegations of


dishonesty. But the IPCC says it is looking into the case again after it


was contacted by the man who made the original accusations.


Members of the North West's Ukrainian community gathered in


Manchester today in memory of those killed during the recent violence in


the city of Kiev. More than 60 people took part in the demo in St


Anne's Square to show their opposition to the recently deposed


president Victor Yanukovich. Many Ukrainians who live in


Manchester have come out after the war, and they feel very


passionately. It is an opportunity to commemorate an honour the victims


and the heroes who have fallen. Also, any offence like this, we have


to stand up and say what can we do to stop it from happening again ``


event. As the Winter Olympics draw to a


close in Sochi, the next generation of athletes are already training and


dreaming that one day they'll be on the podium, .inspired by athletes


who've trained here in the North West Yesterday, all eyes were on


slalom skier Dave Ryding from Chorley. He may have finished 1 th,


but he's the number one inspiration for youngsters at Pendle Ski Club,


where he started out. Champions have been made on the


Hills of Pendle. This is where the journey began for slalom skier David


Ryding. He is a fantastic inspiration to


everybody, from the young skiers up to the older people. When he was


nine or ten years old, he was one of the best in the country for his age.


He was always very committed. Last year, David Ryding won the


Alpine Europa Cup slalom title. There were high hopes for Sochi but


it wasn't to be. I knew the course and I knew I could


be good, but I tripped up. That is life.


But despite the disappointment, there was plenty of pride in


Pendle. He is a really big inspiration,


because I know that he trained here and it is like, I found it hard to


believe the first time how someone on a dry slope could be where he is


today at the Olympics. It is great to look up to someone and have such


an inspiration, but it is not the French Alps here. I thought that it


was really good how Dave Ryding nearly fell, but then he got back up


and carried on. It may be the end of Winter Olympics


in Sochi, but for these youngsters the dreams of Olympic glory are just


beginning. As you may have just seen in the


national news, Liverpool tightened their grip on a possible top four


finish with a 4`3 win over Swansea at Anfield. All the goals on Match


of the Day two at 10:25 on BBC One. And here is the weather.


It has been a gloomy and damp day for many of us. It is thanks to this


weather front that has stopped over the North and the West. It will


eventually move along tomorrow. We should seize sunshine tomorrow


afternoon. But it will be a damp and gloomy morning. We continue with the


rain tonight. It will be heavy and persistent in northern and western


parts. There is a yellow weather warning for Cumbria, as we could


have two inches of rain. South and east, it may stay dry tonight, but


it is cloudy and windy. It is quite mild as well. Lows of six or seven


Celsius. The rain will eventually clear out of the way as we head onto


the afternoon. This guy should brighten and the wind should ease,


so it will be a drier and brighter afternoon. Temperatures up to 1


Celsius. I will be back just after 10:15pm.


In the meantime, enjoy your evening. Goodbye.


Hello. Still no sign of the weather really settling down next week.


There should be an improvement for most of us tomorrow. It will not be


as windy as it has been today, and the band of rain will slowly peter


out. We still have some rain to come through the night. This band of rain


is quite slow moving, it will wander northwards into Dumfries and


Galloway. Close to Northern Ireland, heavy rain in Cumbria and later in


the night it will turn whether in Wales and the south-west. Southerly


wind, quite strong at the moment, that will ease as the night goes on


but it should be pretty mild, six or seven degrees, typically. Tomorrow,


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