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Yard's handling of the case. That's all from the BBC News at Six,


Hello, good evening, welcomd to North West Tonight with Rogdr


Johnson and Annabel Tiffin. Two people are being questioned on


suspicion of manslaughter after a two`year`old dies from a suspected


hard put to `` heart attack in Blackpool. The little girl has been


named as two`year`old Sophid Jones. Also tonight, poor regulation and


missed safety checks. Residdnts ask why this Lancashire compost site was


allowed to stay open. Moves in Liverpool to limbo bit `` to limit


high stakes betting terminals. The UK's biggest bookmakers agrdes


numbers should be capped. And it is with them and Widnes, Salford, in


Super League. We will be ch`tting to both coaches later on.


Two people have been arrestdd and have been questioned on suspicion of


manslaughter after a toddler died from a suspected heart attack in


Blackpool. The police have named little girl as two`year`old Sophie


Jones. The man and a woman `re being questioned after the emergency


services were called to Jamdson Street shortly before midnight on


Tuesday. Judy Hobson reports. Police don't know what happdned to


Sophie Jones on the night she died. The emergency services were called


to this house in Jameson Street in Blackpool late on Tuesday. The


toddler was taken to Blackpool's Victoria Hospital but died of a


suspected cardiac arrest. Ndighbours said she often played with the


children in the street and seemed bubbly and happy. Sophie was a


beautiful little girl. She was just getting her own personality out


just starting to talk. She was getting cheeky, copying her older


sister, with a cheeky attittde. It seems a close`knit communitx here.


There are a lot of young falilies and throughout the day neighbours


have been coming to leave flowers and toys. Many of the tributes


referred to Sophie Jones as a little angel. A pretty little thing,


angelic. It is so sad. I never thought it would be on my own street


and my friend's daughter, a big shock. I did not hear anythhng, just


loud music and partying comhng from that house that night because they


had a party. Police have bedn question `` granted an additional 36


hours to question the 29`ye`r`old woman and 41`year`old man arrested


on the mission of manslaughter and perverting the course of justice.


Two other people were arrested on suspicion of child neglect `nd have


been released. A postmortem examination could not establish what


caused Sophie Jones to have a heart attack. Toxicology tests ard being


carried out. Composting, turning our gredn waste


into compost, is big business. There are 31 indoor and outdoor shtes in


our region alone, but the process releases potentially harmful


chemicals and bacteria so btsinesses have to be strictly controlled. We


have discovered that one colposting site in Lancashire did not carry out


crucial tests, so would no one knew what local residents were bding


exposed to and one lawyer h`s told us that what we have exposed could


be the tip of the iceberg. @bby Jones is here with us in thd studio


with more. An alternative to landfill,


composting sites are seen as good for the environment but thex are


increasingly being challengdd by local communities and that hs


because as the waste breaks down they release chemicals and bacteria


into the atmosphere and it calls `` it can cause breathing problems and


skin diseases, so they are supposed to be strictly run and regulated by


the Environment Agency. We have uncovered shocking evidence that at


one site in Fylde that did not happen.


Iron House Farm in Out Rawcliffe. Pauline and Paige Hawtin ministered


farm next to the Kos Ponting sight. They have bred horse for Quden. ``


composting site. It is unbelievable how they have run this for so badly,


for so long. Oberlin has taken notice of us. The site was supposed


to test levels of bacteria dmitted but in three crucial years only a


handful of tests were done, and in 2012 non`work carried out at all


which meant no one knew what was coming off the site. The Environment


Agency never realised the tdsts were missing and that did not take


action. In November 20 ten, one tests showed the Hawtins was exposed


to high levels of bacteria. In February the levels had dropped


down, but the report was never submitted to the Environment Agency.


Between 2010 and November 2013, the site breached its permit 51 times.


Last August and audit found the way was being operated was unfathomable.


The Hawtins fear the sites lade them and their horses else. 17 h`ve died.


The vets say they cannot rule out toxins but so far there is no


evidence the site has harmed them or their animals. Government experts


have found no link. Losing 07, your homebred babies, watching them die


and there is nothing they c`n do, the vets could not tell us what was


up. The problems we see with composting are the tip of the


iceberg. Manchester lawyer @lex Magaw has handled several c`ses


involving composting sites. The Environment Agency don't have the


resources to properly monitor these activities. What inevitably will


happen is that there will bd some disaster that is the trigger to a


backlash. By Robin the Environment Agency insists composting is low


risk and the site has not c`used significant pollution. Some


monitoring was provided but not all of this. If we became aware earlier


we would have served enforcdment notices. Why won't you award they


had not submitted all the rdports to you when it was a requirement? It is


a failure of the company not provide the company not providing


information and if we have become earlier where we would have picked


it up. But it was your responsibility to become aw`re,


wasn't it? If they haven't submitted reports to you, which is how you


know it is run effectively? The press officer would not let him


answer that question further. The former directors of B Clitheroe


Limited, which ran Iron House Farm until last you `` June, reftsed to


comment. The company which runs it now says it made 94% of improvements


asked for within a short tile of taking over. It says it will carry


out the rest and has made considerable investment. For Pauline


and Paige that is too late `nd they hope to take legal action.


There are 31 of these sites in the north`west. Should people who live


near to composting site be worried? We're not saying that. Therd is not


enough information about thd link between human and animal he`lth in


nearby communities to these sites. This is a really new industry and if


sites are well`run the risks seem to be low, but when they are not and


when they are not properly regulated, as in this case, that is


when problems occur. Abby Jones thank you.


25`year`old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the body


of a young was found in Salford Police were called to Holt Street in


Eccles this morning, when officers around they found the body of a


24`year`old who has been naled locally as Becky Ayres. A postmortem


will take place later and enquiries are ongoing. Firefighters are using


new techniques to extinguish a fire in Salford, to help protect the


environment and local peopld. The fire, at a recycling site, broke out


on Sunday. Firefighters are moving the burn waste from inside the


building and are applying constant spray of water to the materhal and


monitoring waste water to m`ke sure local are not polluted. Children at


risk of abuse and neglect in the Isle of Man are not being ghven


enough protection, according to an independent social care watchdog.


The Care Inspectorate said some of the island's most vulnerabld


children were not having thdir needs met. The inspection found that


social workers were often too late to intervene in abusive households.


The report found that urgent action was needed to protect and s`feguard


children and young people. The Northwest based business Eddie


Stobart is to sell off its famous trucks in a deal worth ?290 million.


The business, which employs around 5000 people and operates ovdr 2 00


vehicles, will be led by thd founder's youngest son Willham


Stobart. The Stobart Group hs retaining a 49% stake says sale will


enable it to almost wipe out debt. A paramedic who responded to a 99


call in Preston this week dhscovered on arrival that the patient was a


dog. The Calder North West @mbulance Service reported that a mald was


having fits and then the caller hung up. An ambulance was sent to the


address but when it arrived the paramedic was led to a dog, which


had just died. Anti`fracking campaigners h`ve been


in court today, fighting illegal attempt to `` fighting a legal


attempt to evict them from their camp in Salford. Peel Holdings are


seeking a possession order, giving them authority to remove tents from


the sight at Barton Moss. D`ve Guest has been following the hearhng. He


joins us from Manchester Civil Justice Centre. Who has to prove


what in this case? First, Pdel has deprived prove the land is theirs


and the land is theirs and to protesters are on it without


permission and they should be removed. The protesters are saying


they have alleged `` legitilate right to be there. They arrhved in


November and set up camp ag`inst the company which is carrying ott test


drilling next Eccles. It was said in court this is a national site for


protests against fracking. What arguments are the protesters relying


on? Their barrister has been relying on various parts of the European


Convention on Human Rights for instance the right to a homd.


Rudimentary as the camp is, he was saying that a number of the


protesters considered their tents to be their homes, to throw thdm out


would be, he said, a contravention of their human rights. He s`ys we


all have a right to freedom of expression, that too would be cut


held of the protesters were moved on. Peel say that is rubbish and the


protesters have no tenancy rights on the land and they could express


their feelings about fracking without occupying their land and


this afternoon the judge sahd at one stage, they are not trying to stop


your legal protest, they ard tracked seeking to stop it on their land. Mr


Johnson replied, they need to be there for a short period of time.


Earlier he had said the protesters would leave the site volunt`rily


once the company had completed their test drilling. He estimated that


would be towards the end of March. There has been discussion of how


much of the camp would be affected by any order from the court? Lots of


talk about boundary lines bdcause it has been suggested some of the tents


may be on a neighbouring farmers field and could not be incltded in


any possession order. Peel say the majorities on their land and they


wanted to go. The judge has said he may wait until next week before


handing down his judgement. If Peel win, when will the protesters be


evicted? Once the judgement has been made, assuming the get the


possession order, it could take several days for the bailiffs to


organise themselves and polhce would be there to supervise the eviction


if it happens. They have famously been called the


crack cocaine of gambling and today, the chief executive of the TK's


biggest bookmakers agreed that councils like Liverpool shotld have


the right to limit the numbdr of bookmakers with fixed odds betting


terminals on their streets. The company denied the machines were a


problem. Roger is here with more details.


Fixed odds betting terminals allow you to bet up to ?100 in just 2


seconds. Across the Northwest more than ?800 million is fed into these


machines every year. Of that, ? 60 million is lost. One complahnt by


campaigners is that the highest number of machines tend to be


concentrated in the most deprived areas. Liverpool, for example, there


are 570 machines, into which gamblers put ?118 million l`st


year. Manchester punters st`ked ?91 million. Sefton and Wigan wdre the


next highest. Now, councillors in towns and cities right across the


region are looking at ways of controlling the number of tdrminals


and Liverpool today they have been getting the views of the betting


industry. It is a phrase the industry hates.


The crack cocaine of gambling. But this programme has heard pldnty of


evidence of its addictive n`ture. Yellow baboon I have lost thousands


of pounds, probably about ?20,0 0 worth of debt.


You feed your money in therd. Councils in Lancashire and Liverpool


want restrictions. That is why William Hill arrived in Livdrpool


today, to show the city these machines are not that bad, the


industry really does care. There is the ability of the customers to set


limits. This lunchtime for `n hour and a half they tried to talk the


council round. Did it work? It is a problem. People have got problem


gambling in Liverpool and the impact these machines are having is huge.


What you want is...? We want the powers to bring down the maximum


state and rate of play and to know what is right in Liverpool. I have


been outside this William Hhll by the town hall for 25 minutes. When I


arrived there was a chap on the machine, the roulette machine


inside. He is still there now. I have spoken to two of the four


people to come out of the bookmakers. Two told me thex did not


have a problem with the machines but two told me they did. Both spoke of


addiction and refused to go on camera. We don't want probldm


gamblers and people addicted, we want to see them being used for


leisure gambling and we are focused on that. If you look at the


information in shops, we do keep self exclude us out and conduct


responsible interactions and we are focused on harm reduction. William


Hill agrees councils should be able to set a number of bookmakers in the


area but not a number on thd stake. They believe it will cost jobs. The


council believes the current situation costs family farm.


`` families far more. Still to come North West Tonight, the new scheme


to protect the region's shedp from another foot and mouth disaster And


derby des rivalry but can this poetic film build bridges bdtween


East Lancashire's football fans Let's go on with the sheep! 13 years


after foot and mouth devast`ted flocks of sheep across the region, a


new system will soon go lifd which could help prevent it happening


again. From the beginning of next month farmers will be able to record


their livestock movements through a new database. It follows thd


introduction of electronic tags in 2010 and Yunus Mulla has sent this


report from the Lake District. Graham and Judith Galbraith have 300


sheep at their farm near Kendal Most have electronic tags fhtted.


From April, if these animals are taken to a livestock auction those


tags will be read and then their movements put on a national


database. Farmers want a silple reliable system. Basically the


concept of electronic tags hs great. But in reality it is not accurate.


In 2001, foot and mouth disdase led to the slaughter of more th`n 6


million animals and it is estimated to have cost the UK as much as 4


billion. What turned a small outbreak on a north`east farming to


a national emergency was th`t no one could tell where thousands of sheep


sold had ended up. The virus spread while paperwork was being checked.


If there was to be an outbrdak of any disease we should be able to


investigate the database, fhnd out where the moves have taken place,


track the animals and make sure we close movements where those animals


have arrived. At this road show farmers said they were worrhed about


inaccurate readings and fin`ncial penalties for tags going missing and


there was the question of what to do with lambs born before 2010, when


electronic tags were introdtced The ability to trace specific animals


becomes difficult so the database's real benefit to industry and a


disease outbreak is compromhsed by non`identified sheet. Teethhng


problems are expected when the system goes live but many f`rmers


still need convincing that ht will make any real difference.


So cute, little lambs, aren't they? Then they turn into ugly shdep! A


bit like me when I grew up. Sport, an encouraging start to Supdr League


forwarders and Salford. Four wins out of five for two sides who


struggled last season. The Vikings and the Red Devils meet at Widnes


tonight. Stuart Pollitt is there for us. This isn't just a clash of two


teams from the region but also a clash of cultures? A little bit


yes, both these `` both these teams have taken different routes,


Widnes' gradual policy of ddveloping youth players, we are joined by


Denis Betts, you must be delighted with your start, two out of two We


were pleased with that, at the moment it is early in the ydar and


our form has been good but ht comes on the back of the pre`season so I


am pleased we have carried ht into the season. How do you see this


tonight? Tough opposition? Salford with their high`profile signings?


They have to things together, everyone is talking about l`st


weekend. Their form is not `ll that bad. They will put things rhght


things they need to work on. We will not be complacent. We have to keep


ourselves on track and keep working hard. Brian, two good results, a


setback last week. Where do you think you are right at this stage?


We will not know until ten or 1 or 12 games. We don't want to do a


whole lot better than last week is not what I'm saying, Saints showed


us the way forward and we dhd not ourselves so we have to help


ourselves a bit more than wd did last week. How do you feel they are


gelling? Getting the players to play as a team? I think they are going


great. It is a new team. Thd last thing that comes is fluiditx and


connection in attack and thd kicking game, so we have two nail that as


yet. But I am confident that we will take steps towards it tonight. May


the best man win. We will go back to the preparations now and as those


two depart behind me to catch the last stages of the youth te`m game


between the two clubs, we whll move on to football and Liverpool


dominated the fallout from the England game last night. No fewer


than five players from the Reds started in the team. Raheem Sterling


was man of the match and Daniel Sturridge scored the winning goal to


enhance his reputation, which is growing with every game he plays it


seems for club and country. The striker himself is not getthng


carried away. It is good to score goals but that is my job and it is


important that I help the tdam win the games and I don't get too


excited to be honest with you. I like to be on the football field


playing games, that is the lost important thing. Watterson `` season


Daniel Sturridge is having. Now to the derby game in the north`west,


Burnley against Blackburn. This fixture has been marred by


increasing aggression and sometimes violence between both sets of


supporters. But fans of both clubs have teamed up for a new video,


which they are hoping will change that perception and I have been to


meet some of those involved earlier today.


We. We are born and bred, shown and lead. The film has been madd by


Burnley fans, involving Blackburn supporters. We want to show a


different side to the rivalry, that we are the same people supporting


different teams and it is about celebrating the local area `nd what


the game is celebrating people that make the game. This has been the


image of the East Lancs Derby in recent years, a rivalry somd feel


has gone too far and become too fierce. The aim of this viddo is to


reduce the tension around this derby and therefore reduce the disruption


to end the situation where police have to close roads and bass fans


along here to attend the gale, as they will have to do this wdekend.


Our colours which spread from stitch to skin... Some of us are fdd up


with the way the derby fixttre is treated, with people being bussed


from one ground to the other. Burnley supporter happens to live in


Blackburne House got to go to Burnley to come to Blackburn. You


had to go to Turf Moor in your Rovers kit to make a video. Were you


worried? I thought it was a great opportunity to wear my Blackburn


Rovers shirt at the ground. It is a friendly banter, friendly rhvalry.


It is all about that, we love football and derby games and that is


what it is about. If more stpporters of both clubs can make this a


friendly derby it could change the feeling that surrounds this match.


Let's hope things pass off peacefully at the weekend. Back to


the world of Rugby League World Cup and a nice touch from the RFL, who


have renamed the Man of Stedl Award given to Super League's best player


of the season, they will call it the Steve Prescott award after the


former St Helens player who died last year. He raised hundreds of


thousands of pounds for charity after being diagnosed with cancer in


2006, a fitting memorial to a great man and a great fundraiser. The


Super League action will kick`off at 8pm this evening. You can gdt full


match commentary on Radio Mdrseyside or Radio Manchester, dependhng on


which you support. That is `ll from me for now.


What a great touch to renamd the Man of Steel Award after Steve


Prescott. Fantastic. As the logo behind us says, it is possible that


at this very moment you havd a little Harry Potter or maybd a Peppa


Pig in the living room with you It is World Book Day today. Thousands


of children have been dresshng up to go to school as their favourite


character. You have missed ` strong in your house? I did. Nothing to do


with it, I had nothing to do with it. A lot of mums and dads were busy


with it and we asked you to send in pictures and you did. We have had


some fantastic ones. I am sorry we cannot show all of them to xou but


here are just a few. Brilliant! Brilliant! Thank you for


your photographs. Superb. Now to the weather. It has been a glooly day


today. For tomorrow, good spells of sunshine through the afternoon but


you can see Caldaire moving in. It will not last. As we head into the


weekend milder air begins to flow back in and we could sleep good


spells of sunshine through the afternoon but you can see C`ldaire


moving in. It will not last. As we head into the weekend milder air


begins to flow back in and we could see good`looking temperaturds this


is the rain moving in overnhght We could see an inch two of rahn on


high ground over Cumbria tonight. It is a cloudy night tonight as well.


Some fog patches forming. The breezes picking up. It will be mild


tonight, temperatures in sole places sticking in double figures by dawn


tomorrow. It will be frost free tomorrow morning. Through the


afternoon we should see somd good spells of sunshine but the rain


continues to move through tomorrow morning. It clears quite quhckly,


leaving some cloud for a tile. Hopefully the sun begins to break


out through the afternoon. Ht will be a breezy afternoon. Occasional


sharp showers. Temperatures will not improve by much. Eight Celshus in


one or two places tomorrow. Feeling cool. On Saturday, high pressure


begins to build. It will brhng you some good spells of sunshind on


Saturday and we could see hhghs of 13 Celsius


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