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four x 400 m relay team. That's it. We're back with the


Good evening. It's estimated that up to 1,000 people have marched through


Manchester today in protest against fracking. Demonstrators opposed to


the controversial gas extraction method were joined by members of the


protest camp at Barton Moss who are awaiting a court decision that could


see them evicted. Yunus Mulla reports. They'd hoped it wotld be


one of the biggest protests yet ` according to police, the march


attracted up to 1,000 peopld. It's really important for our chhldren's


future. It's so harmful. Thd fall out... In terms of public hdalth...


It's dangerous. I'm here because fracking is bad. The governlent


believes shale gas has the potential to provide the UK with greater


energy, security, growth and jobs. Ministers say that studies show the


process of fracking by which the gas is extracted is safe. We nedd to be


smarter. Use our energy better ` renewable and clean energy. We need


to do it now. The technologx is there. We need the political will.


Fracking is the last gasp of the fossil fuel dinosaurs. Todax's march


comes on the eve of a cruci`l decision expected tomorrow ` on


whether protesters at Barton Moss should be evicted or allowed to


stay. Currently around 60 pdople are camping near the site where Igas is


test drilling. This man was involved in stopping lorries entering the


site. If it goes against us, we ll move to wherever else. We won't


stop. Today's protest was pdaceful and the march ended with calpaigners


confident they had sent a clear message.


A 14`year`old girl has died in a car crash on the Isle of Man. Police say


they believe she was one of eight teenagers in the car that c`me off


the switchback road near Pedl at about 11pm last night. Hundreds of


tributes to the girl, who's been named locally as Lucia Portdr, have


been made on her mother's F`cebook page. Five other teenagers remain in


hospital following the crash. Investigators are keen to hdar from


any witnesses. It's exactly a week since a fire


broke out at a paper recyclhng plant in Salford. The blaze ` which is


smouldering beneath the surface ` is continuing to give off thick smoke.


A joint investigation into how the fire started has begun. Meanwhile,


officers say the operation to fully extinguish the flames could last


another two weeks. It could take a fortnight. I'd like to think it will


take less time. Hopefully it will. This isn't unusual... It can take a


long time. There are pockets which will burst into flames when they


come into contact with air. It's a slow process to get to ground floor


level. On to sport now, and there've been


two games involving north wdst sides in Super League this afternoon.


Despite leading at half timd, Wigan Warriors lost by 31 points to 3


against Castleford at the Whsh Communications Stadium. But there's


better news for fans of Warrington Wolves who beat London Broncos by 44


points to 16. Football next, and Wigan Athletic


have beaten Manchester City ` knocking them out of the FA Cup


Jordi Gomez put the Latics `head from the penalty spot in thd first


half, and James Perch added a second after half`time. City pulled one


back through Samir Nasri but could not find an equaliser. The cup


holders now face Arsenal in a semi final at Wembley.


In the Sky Bet Championship, Burnley beat neighbours Blackburn Rovers at


Ewood Park for the first tile since 1979 this afternoon. Rovers were


first on the score sheet in the East Lancashire derby with this goal from


Jordan Rhodes 24 minutes into the first half. But Burnley equ`lised in


the second half through captain Jason Shackell, who headed hn a Ross


Wallace free`kick. Danny Ings then struck his 25th goal of the season


for Sean Dyche's side, who loved eight points clear in the sdcond


automatic promotion spot. It's fantastic. We've given the fans


something to remember. The players deserve enormous credit for


everything they're doing thhs season but certainly for today.


And you can get much more rdaction from the celebrating Clarets fans at


the East Lancashire derby ` and all the rest of the north west's teams `


in Late Kick Off. That's on BBC One at 11.20pm tomorrow evening.


Let's take a look at the we`ther forecast now. Here's Charlid Slater.


Good evening. Commiserations if you were under the coastal cloud today.


Tomorrow will be much better. Temperatures were around 16 and 17


today, and it will be a mild night. Rain clears away. This part of the


North West gets the best of the brightness. Blue skies and sunshine.


It's relatively mild for thd time of year. As you can see, thanks to this


high pressure, it's settled. It doesn't look like it wants to move


so it should be dry and settled for the rest of the working week. That's


all for now. Goodbye. Aggro in good and Wales had warm


weather today with the hotspot Gravesend in Kent.


For Scotland and Ireland, your weather will improve this week. It


wasn't there today with the cloud. Some rain in Northern Ireland


pushing across more of Scotland and the next few hours. This weather


front is moving south overnight but by the end of the night is nothing


more than a bit of cloud. Behind it, skies clear by the end of the


night in Scotland and Northern Ireland, so a touch of frost, patchy


ice and fog. Tomorrow brings a complete reversal of fortunes. The


northern half of the UK will be sunny once any patchy fog clears


away. Not much warmer numerically but in the sunshine, it will feel


warmer, whereas much of England and Wales will be cloudy and cooler


compared to today, especially along the North Sea coast, with cloud and


a brisk north-easterly wind. Where we saw 19 degrees today, it will be


closer to nine tomorrow,


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