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calls for UN peacekeepers to be sent in. That's all from the BBC News


Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight. Our top story: Fresh claims


of a cover up in the Cyril Smith sex abuse case ` did "higher


authorities" block the investigations? A serving MP claims


police were aware of more than 44 complaints.


Also tonight: 14 years in j`il for the spiteful road rage killdr who


caused the death of another driver. Molly's wishlist ` a visit to the


zoo for the little girl with so much to see before she loses her sight.


And red heaven. Liverpool close in on a first title for a quarter of a


century. There are fresh claims of a cover`up


in allegations of sex abuse against Cyril Smith.


It's been claimed police were aware of more than 144 complaints of abuse


against the former Rochdale MP and another man, still alive today. A


new book by a current North West MP suggests 'higher authorities'


blocked the investigations, allowing Smith to get away with his crimes


for longer. Here's Jayne McCubbin. He was a big character. But was he


too big, too important, to dxpose as a child abuser? This book, by


Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, has explosive revelations about the


scale of abuse, and about those who knew it was happening but dhd


nothing. Today we spoke to one of the police officers intervidwed He


said they were well aware of abuse. In the 80s he and his colle`gues


were told more than 144 alldgations had been made against Smith and


another high profile name. But there were no convictions. They g`ve it as


an example of just how much evidence you need to get high profild people


convicted ` people with mondy. 44 complaints would be enough to


convict a normal person but not Cyril Smith. ? Officers werd told


not to repeat that informathon. You were curious weren't you, you wanted


to know why ` so you called Rochdale Police... What did they say? They


were frustrated. They were confident the case was watertight. Thdn it


went nowhere. So who knew? Who failed to act? Who told thel not to


act? Today's headlines suggdsted a Liberal Party conspiracy. Nhck Clegg


was quick to respond. This took place well before the party I'm now


leading existed. Before I existed. Just how many boys were abused?


There are calls for a Jimmy Saville style inquiry across all police


forces. Today police confirled Smith is one of 11 suspects they `re now


investigating for abuse at this children's home. Those who were


responsible for the care of these boys ` they are the ones who have


questions to answer about why they were so badly let down. Why weren't


boys protected? A local authority report is published next month. The


police inquiry is ongoing. The former Ribble Valley MP Nigel


Evans says innocent people who are "dragged through the courts"


shouldn't face "financial rtin" after he was cleared of a ntmber of


sex assaults. Speaking on ITV's Daybreak this morning, the


Conservative MP called for the Crown Prosecution Service to repax his


?130,000 legal expenses aftdr he said the case had cost him his


entire life savings. The le`d people who are dragged through the courts


should take reasonable costs back. `` should get.


The solicitor representing Nigel Evans has confirmed to the BBC that


Mr Evans never applied for legal aid, saying he felt it wasn't


appropriate for him to burddn the public purse with his defence costs.


A paralysed woman from Liverpool ` who spent her compensation


settlement paying for care that should have been funded by the NHS `


has won a battle to have thd money repaid. Gemma Quinn severed her


spinal cord 22 years ago in a car accident and has needed round the


clock medical care ever since. Abbie Jones reports. Gemma Quinn `nd her


legal advisors have been working for this refund for two years. Hn 2 00


she won ?3.9 million in compensation. She's paid for her


care from that ever since. But she didn't know the NHS should have


covered that ongoing cost. By 2 10 the money, and her care, ran out. ??


YELLOW It was quite desperate at times. It felt like it would never


end. I didn't have any independence. For the first time in a verx, very


long time I feel like I can plan things again. She's received some


compensation for the amount she had paid out from 2004. But also, she's


now receiving a personal he`lth budget which means that Gemla is


awarded the money herself and can employ her own team of spechalist


supporters. Gemma's original compensation ran out becausd she had


to pay for daily care, like getting dressed, for her home to be adapted,


her education outside of mahnstream schooling and also for medical


treatment. Treatment at clinics like this, which hope to help her regain


some mobility. Liverpool Clhnical Commission Group, which dechded the


money should be repaid, says there were inconsistencies nation`lly in


the past, in the way care ddcisions were made. Gemma says the rdfund


will now secure her future. I feel like I can have a future, and make a


potential positive contribution to society, which is all I ever wanted.


A man's appeared in court charged with the murder of a two`ye`r`old


girl in Blackpool. Kacey Halbleton died after suffering a numbdr of


serious injuries at her homd on Granby Avenue. Connor Gibson ` who's


23 ` was remanded in custodx. A nurse accused of murdering three


patients at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport has been refusdd bail


at a hearing at Manchester Crown Court. Victorino Chua also faces 31


other charges. A new teenage cancer unit h`s been


opened at the Christie Hosphtal in Manchester. United stars Waxne


Rooney, Juan Mata and Tom Cleverley kicked`off the event, opening the


dedicated gym which has been funded by the club. It's hoped the ?12


million unit will transform treatment and care for young


patients. Disneyland Paris, Egypt and


Blackpool. Just some of the places six`year`old Molly from Manchester


wants to see before she goes blind. Molly has a genetic eye condition


which is gradually causing her to lose her sight. She's drawn up a


list of things to see beford it s too late, and today Molly's been in


Blackpool fulfilling one of her wishes. Naomi Cornwell reports.


While others watched through the glass, six`year`old Molly w`s


allowed to get a closer view of the monkeys at Blackpool Zoo today. And


their dinner. They're eating! Maybe they think I'm a leopard! This was


more than just an Easter holiday day out. Molly's parents, Eve and Chris,


hope she'll remember this for the rest of her life. I want to see


everything I can before I go blind! This runs in my family. She was


diagnosed this year. We wanted to create a bank of memories for her.


It's just one wish fulfilled from a long list of things Molly hopes to


see while she still can. Egxpt. . Disneyland... It started off


initially as my friends wanting to help. It's gone from there! We could


never have taken her on these trips. Now it's possible. All thanks to the


donations. A real character A man who caused the death of


another driver during a road rage incident is beginning a 14`xear jail


term this lunchtime. It was the second time someone has died as a


result of Colin Scarisbrick's driving. Two drivers all calls for a


calamity. `` on course. Colhn Scarisbrick was a man who I would


describe as a danger on the road. Driving the other car, a re`l family


man. Jeff urgent. He would do anything for anybody. There had been


an altercation between the two of them and Colin Scarisbrick would not


let it go. Colin Scarisbrick's vehicle clipped the other c`r. It


hit the safety barrier and then flipped onto its side and hht a lamp


post. Colin Scarisbrick simply drove off as they are the other m`n lay


dying. He was seen on CCTV driving away. What do you think of Colin


Scarisbrick? I don't give hhm a minute of my time. A J Liverpool


convicted Colin Scarisbrick of dangerous driving. He had sdrved


time for a similar offence lore than a date to go. He was sentenced to 14


years. Outside court, the woman said she was delighted with the outcome.


The horror and scale of the holocaust, in which millions died,


has been portrayed in art m`ny times. And sometimes the silplest of


art forms can pack the most powerful punch. Paintings by young children


made while in a Nazi concentration camp are on display in St Annes near


Blackpool. Peter Marshall h`s been to see them alongside one Fxlde


Coast resident who lost his family when they were sent to the camp


They're not drawn by expert hand. No elaborate frames. Just scraps of


salvaged paper. What they show is clear. Fear. To me they showed fear.


`` shout fear. Werner Conn knows where they were drawn ` the Terezin


concentration camp near Prague, a transit camp for those who would end


up at Auschwitz. It's where his father and mother, and his little


brother Herbert, were sent. It's pretty obvious they had wishes and


dreams of where they would like to be and what they would like to do.


They show life in the camp: armed guards, inmates with yellow stars,


playgrounds... 'No jews allowed . The concept is so inhuman. Werner


survived because his parents got him out of Germany before the w`r


started, in the kindertransport rescue mission. 200 boys and girls,


greeted to England. Werner's parents and brother didn't survive. And


that's why these images are so important. People who don't know


about it... They need to he`r about it. They need to know that these


kind of things still go on today. The images are on display at the


Island Cinema in St Anne's. One more month to go in the Premier


League season, and maybe yesterday's big match at Anfield was a pointer


to who's going to win it thhs year. Stuart Flinders is here with the


sport. Emotions were high at Anfield


yesterday, not least becausd this week sees the 25th annivers`ry of


the Hillsborough Disaster. @ minute's silence was observdd before


kick`off. The last ball in this season's Premier League campaign


won't be kicked until the 10th of May, but Liverpool's victorx over


Manchester City yesterday m`y turn out to have been the decisive


fixture. Liverpool are chashng their first title in 24 years, and in a


breathtaking opening half hour City couldn't keep up with them. Sterling


put Liverpool ahead. Martin Skrtl made it two. In the second half


City asserted themselves. D`vid Silva made it 2`1. Five minttes


later, an own goal brought City level. Coutinho's decider c`me after


an uncharacteristic mistake by Vincent Kompany. We need to keep


calm. There are still four big games to come. But that meant so luch `


especially when they got back into the game. We feared the worst at


that point, but I think we showed that we're going to go down to the


wire. We're going to go all the way. Nothing's won yet but that was as


big a statement as we've made so far. For some weeks now there's been


a growing sense here on Merseyside that his could be Liverpool's year.


But even after yesterday, nobody's taking anything for granted. Fingers


crossed, who knows. Chelsea have been a good side, but not that good.


It's going to be a close call. Are Liverpool going to win the title


this year? Well, we're Evertonians! But I think they are, yeah. Will


that break your heart? No! Xeah You don't mind them winning the title?


Not at all! I don't want thdm to win, but they deserve to win!


Liverpool's fate is in their own hands.


Even the Evertonians think they re going to do it. The last tile


Liverpool won the title was 199 , before the Premier League h`d


started. Liverpool's captain back then was Ronnie Whelan, who is our


guest tonight. Do you think of appeal will do it? `` Liverpool


What do you make of this incident? It would have been a penaltx but for


the fall at the end. What about Suarez? I think he could have stayed


on his feet. The dive gives it away. Maybe the problem happened hn the


first half when Suarez went down? This is the bad side of Suarez. He


has to be careful. You don't need him sent off at this stage. Let s


look at the table. Man City have games in hand but you'd rather be in


Liverpool's position. Here `re the fixtures. Everton could do them a


favour! Liverpool have to bdat Chelsea. They're capable... But I


don't know! Lots of big gamds left. And you can hear more from Ronnie


Whelan on Five Live's Mondax Night Club which starts at 7pm.


Wigan are desperately unlucky not to be on their way to another cup


final. They were knocked out of the competition on penalties yesterday.


The Latics beat three Premidr League teams in earlier rounds and were on


the verge of another famous victory against Arsenal. Callum McM`naman


was brought down for a second half penalty which Jordi Gomez scored.


Wigan held on until eight mhnutes from time when the Gunners dqualised


before going on to win 4`2 on penalties.


Tonight's BBC Late Kick Off looks back on an agonising weekend for


Burnley, so close to promothon to the Premier League, but not quite


there yet. You can also catch up on all the goals from our Football


League clubs. Late Kick Off is on BBC One at 11:30pm.


Thank you. If you're a regular viewer, you ll


know we've followed the progress of marathon runner Bryn Hughes. He ran


on the snowy slopes of The Chill Factor, and in a giant freezer, all


in preparation for the North Pole Marathon last week. Bryn was running


the world's coolest marathon in memory of his daughter Nicola. I'm


sure you remember Nicola and her colleague Fiona Bone were the two


police officers murdered whhle on duty in 2012. Bryn endured


temperatures as low as `37 Celsius to raise money for children who ve


lost a close family member because of violent crime. He made it. There


we go! How tough was it? Extremely! It was really, really cold. We


trained for lots of laps. Even though it's the same distance, 2


laps seemed like so much. What was the hardest thing? It was lhke


running on sand mixed with treacle. It drained you. Really drained you.


All with a view to raising loney to help young people in Nicola's name?


What got me through was how we would help children. I had to put one foot


in front of the other. We w`nt them to get through what they're going


through. I remember you sayhng Nicola told you that you weren't


Peter Pan! Well I wish I cotld've flown out at some stages! Any more


running for you? There are plans... Watch this space!


It's 50 years since the Britain in Bloom competition was launched, and


across the region hundreds of volunteers will be working on


transforming our public spaces. But they don't just make areas look


pretty, they can bring commtnities together. Our reporter Judy Hobson


is in Wavertree in Liverpool where two residents known as the gardening


grannies have turned a dangdrous derelict space into a community


garden. You said you were h`nging around in an alleyway in Liverpool


bu at least it's a pretty one! It didn't always look like this. It was


full of rubbish. This mail hs wonderful now. `` The smell. It has


been transformed. I am joindd by the gardening grannies! Real did this


idea come from? `` Where did this idea come from? We needed a bath to


plant things. It went on and on How is it a community asset? It has


brought the community closer together. In the summer we have all


the grill assault. `` all of the umbrellas up. You must spend a lot


of time here? Yes. It is not easy work. Thank you. These ladids have


won the Britain in Bloom colpetition for the last eight years. That is


brilliant. It was a good wedkend for gardening. I don't see you digging


in the dirt! You might be strprised! gardening. I don't see you digging


in the dirt! You might be The wind direction was not that feashble


today. `` favourable. We ard back to the high pressure but changhng wind


directions. It is a lovely dnd to the D at the moment. `` the day


Overnight there is not legally due of cloud cover around. `` a great


deal of. Temperatures could be down to zero. Tomorrow, it's a chilly


feel. Possibly a pocket of list It's patchy cloud and sunny spells.


That's the predominant feattre. A nice looking day. The whole feel of


tomorrow won't be as sharp. Highs of 15. It's not wall to wall stnshine.


Temperatures are eventually falling down.


We did not get a look at yotr middle. `` medal. You can ilagine


that at minus 37! Happy Vaisakhi to all our Shkh


viewers! Goodnight.


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